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A brown tom stepped forward. "Pepper?" He mewed. A gray she-cat stepped forward. "Yes, Chilli?"

Chapter 1

"This one Pepperkit, and this one Woodkit." Mewed a she-cat. A little gray it mewed. "Mom?" It mewled. The she-cat looked down at her. "Yes?" "What is your name?" She asked. "I`m Stormfrost." She mewed. "Your dad is Mistygorse." Pepperkit looked at her brother, Woodkit. "Is he alive?" She mewed. "Yes." Replied Stormfrost. Woodkit opened his eyes. "Huh?" He mewed, looking up. "I`m Pepperkit, your sister." She mewed. Woodkit looked at her. "Lets go play!" He squealed. "No." Mewed Mistygorse. "You can`t come out until your apprentices!" He mewed. Stormfrost looked at them. "You can." She mewed, half hissing at Mistygorse. They sprinted outside. "Oh, hi." Mewed a voice. Pepperkit looked behind her. "Who are you?" She mewed. The other kit walked over to her. "I`m Snakekit." He mewed. Another kit scampered out of the nursery. "New sister!" Purred Stormfrost. "Her name is Eclipsekit." She mewed. Pepperkit looked at her. "Join the fun!" She meowed. Eclipsekit looked at her. "Me?" She mewed. "Yes you." Purred Pepperkit. Woodkit looked at Eclipsekit. "Come over here." He mewed. Eclipsekit walked into the soft grass. "What?" She mewed. "Were rouges at heart!" Inturrupted a cat. The tom stood over them. "I`m Sharpfur." He mewed. "I used to be a rouge. You are my kin, so you are a rouge at heart." He mewed. Pepperkit looked surprised. "Does that mean we are becoming rouges?" She mewed. "I hope not." Meowed Sharpfur. Woodkit looked at Sharpfur. "Are you sure?" He mewed. "I`m sure!" Meowed Sharpfur.

Chapter 2

Pepperkit looked at Sharpfur. "I want to be a rouge!" She complained. "Your a kit." Meowed Sharpfur. Pepperkit sighed. Kits aren`t allowed to do anything! She thought. Stormfrost walked out of the nursery. "Don`t be bothering Sharpfur!" She meowed. The kits tumbled back into the nursery. "But Stormfrost!" Mewed Pepperkit peeked out. "No! Don`t go back out!" Meowed the voice of a tom. It was Mistygorse. "That`s right." Mewed Stormfrost. Another she-cat looked at her. "Stormfrost!" Meowed the other she-cat in surprise. "Oh, Treeheart!" Meowed Stormfrost. "It was just a joke!" Meowed Stormfrost. Treeheart shook her head. "Go on, kits." Mewed Stormfrost. "No!" Argued Mistygorse. "Woodkit! Eclipsekit!" Whispered Pepperkit. "What?" Whispered the other two kits back. "Follow me!" Mewed Pepperkit. They ran out of the nursery. "Wait right there!" Meowed a voice. It was Icystorm. "No!" Squealed the kits, running out of camp. "This was a terrible plan!" Mewed Woodkit. "Just give yourself a name!" Hissed Pepperkit. "I name myself Pepper." The other two kits nodded. "I`ll be Chili." Mewed Woodkit. "I`ll be Calypso." Mewed Eclipsekit. "Ok." Mewed Pepper.

Chapter 3

Pepper raced ahead of the others. "Bet ya can`t catch me!" She yowled. "Oh, I can." They played, going farther down the path out of camp. The air was getting colder, and it was growing darker. "P-Pepper! I-I'm S-scared and C-c-cold." Said Calypso. "Well, you will find a den. Like a real rogue." Said Pepper. They were searching, lost and cold. No cat's scent seemed to tangle with theirs. They were probably on another Clan's territory, or maybe out of the area. They grew more scared as the sun set. But little did they know, someone was there. Not evil. But someone who could help.

(This cat will be canon. This will probably be taking place in A Vision Of Shadows.) A tawny colored she-cat watched as the ThunderClan kits strode up to ShadowClan territory. "I smell something." She heard the brown one say. "Oh, Chilli. Don't act so-" She was cut off when the tawny she-cat stepped out. "I am Tawnypelt. And what are you doing, here on ShadowClan territory?" She said. "Oh, nothing." Said the gray one. Her voice shook. "You seem to do no harm." Said Tawnypelt. The white and gray kit nodded. "Calypso, it is not your turn to speak." Said the brown one. Tawnypelt laughed. She had never seen or heard such smart kits! "Smart." She said, smiling. These kits could be a great use to ShadowClan.

Tawnypelt was looking at them like she was thinking now. "Would you like to join ShadowClan?" She asked. Pepper looked startled. She had not wanted to be in a Clan, or offered. "No. We are rouge kits." Hissed Pepper. "Ok, die if you want." Tawnypelt said. Die? Thought Pepper. She shook it off. Surely, no cat would kill a kit for no reason?

Chapter 4: Wrong

As Pepper walked on through the forest, she got this chilling feeling. Something was lurking. A fox? No. I don't think so, Pepper thought. Why hadn't she accepted Tawnypelt's offer? Just for some shelter, and to be defended until they were at least apprentices.

Tawnypelt worried deeply for the kits. She tried not to show it, but she was wriggling in her nest that night. The kits could have been hurt, or worse, killed. Tawnypelt got up. She would find the kits, and tell them they need to come to her camp. She saw the exit and walked right out. She followed the kits' scents. They didn't seem to have gone far.

Tawnypelt's scent seemed to be brought back to Pepper as she was nearing shelter. "T-Tawnypelt?" She called into the night. "We need her, don't we?" Asked Chilli. "Right now at least." Said Pepper. "Well, I need you to come to our camp, at least for the night." Said Tawnypelt. "I will go!" Squeaked Pepper. Her tawny pelt appeared, and she picked them up. They didn't wriggle one bit.

"Are you hurt?" Asked Tawnypelt once they got back. "No." Said the gray one. "Good. I thought you were eaten!" Said Tawnypelt. She was glad they didn't have to go to the medicine cat. She already loved these kits, but she didn't have milk to nurse them. "I think you will be able to be raised." Said Tawnypelt.

Chapter 5: Warm and Fed Again

Pepper, now Pepperkit again, suckled hard on milk. "Now, take it easy." Said their foster queen, Dappleflower. "I haven't had food in a whole day!" Squeaked Pepperkit. "Yeah!" Said Calypso, now Calypsokit. "Ugh! Don't cry to me when you get a bellyache." Said Dappleflower. "Ugh! We won't get one," said Pepperkit. Was she going to be treated like a pampered kittypet? Ugh! "Calm, calm now." Said Dappleflower.

Tawnypelt had learned that the kits' names were Pepper, Chilli, and Calypso. She was calm, now that they had a Clan. There had also been a new kit- Littlekit. Littlekit had teased the 3 kits. She was worried they were going to retaliate. "Littlekit!" Yowled a voice over all the rest. It was Littlekit's mother, Frostheart. A patch of nettle in the nursery roof was going to fall- On Littlekit.

Pepperkit noticed the loose patch of nettle. She had no care; because it was Littlekit. The one that was disloyal to her, and most likely his Clan. "I don't give a care." Said Chillikit. "Me neither." Said Pepperkit. Calypsokit was not there. Maybe she was hungry and suckling. Pepper walked outside, enjoying the bright sun on her pelt. She rolled. She got bored, and decided to play with her friend, Thornkit. "Thornkit! Thornkit!" She called. The familiar smell hit her nose. Thornkit, but with her sister, Skykit. "I was forced to take her." Snarled Thornkit. Clearly, in her opinion, Skykit was annoying. And right she was. She wanted to play little kit games, and that disgusting stuff.

Tawnypelt had no idea what to do. Littlekit bullied her friends; But Littlekit was a Clan kit. Pepperkit was watching, a taunting gaze lit her face. Tawnypelt ran, her instincts telling her. "Littlekit! Look out!" She yowled. It was to late. The nettle was falling.

Littlekit was on the ground, still. But breathing. Death was way more then he deserved. Thought Pepperkit. And hedgehogs fly! She also thought. She shook herself. She had only gotten some stirred up debris. Littlekit was bleeding, the light flickering from his eyes. He had lost to much blood, to an... an... Herb! Pepperkit was named after an herb. Littlekit didn't look so good. His mouth opened. He was going to say his last words. "Mom... I.... I... Love... Y.... You..." He said in a shaky voice.

No! He couldn't die! The medicine cat was there, what was wrong with her?