A brown tom stepped forward. "Pepper?" He mewed. A gray she-cat stepped forward. "Yes, Chilli?"

Chapter 1

"This one Pepperkit, and this one Woodkit." Mewed a she-cat. A little gray it mewed. "Mom?" It mewled. The she-cat looked down at her. "Yes?" "What is your name?" She asked. "I`m Stormfrost." She mewed. "Your dad is Mistygorse." Pepperkit looked at her brother, Woodkit. "Is he alive?" She mewed. "Yes." Replied Stormfrost. Woodkit opened his eyes. "Huh?" He mewed, looking up. "I`m Pepperkit, your sister." She mewed. Woodkit looked at her. "Lets go play!" He squealed. "No." Mewed Mistygorse. "You can`t come out until your apprentices!" He mewed. Stormfrost looked at them. "You can." She mewed, half hissing at Mistygorse. They sprinted outside. "Oh, hi." Mewed a voice. Pepperkit looked behind her. "Who are you?" She mewed. The other kit walked over to her. "I`m Snakekit." He mewed. Another kit scampered out of the nursery. "New sister!" Purred Stormfrost. "Her name is Eclipsekit." She mewed. Pepperkit looked at her. "Join the fun!" She meowed. Eclipsekit looked at her. "Me?" She mewed. "Yes you." Purred Pepperkit. Woodkit looked at Eclipsekit. "Come over here." He mewed. Eclipsekit walked into the soft grass. "What?" She mewed. "Were rouges at heart!" Inturrupted a cat. The tom stood over them. "I`m Sharpfur." He mewed. "I used to be a rouge. You are my kin, so you are a rouge at heart." He mewed. Pepperkit looked surprised. "Does that mean we are becoming rouges?" She mewed. "I hope not." Meowed Sharpfur. Woodkit looked at Sharpfur. "Are you sure?" He mewed. "I`m sure!" Meowed Sharpfur.

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