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I am Rockstar, my friends call me Rockleap. I have a long interesting story and I will tell it if you have the patience. I am no normal cat, you see, I am a gifted cat with powers beyond anyone’s imagination. It’s up to you if you choose to believe…


I was just a moon old when I realized I was special. My kin was normal and so were my clanmates. Then why could I visit StarClan whenever I wanted? How? I will explain soon.



Ironstar was our leader. He was large, muscular, and smart. He was also kind. He was my father, Silkfur was my mother. My siblings were Tigerkit, Firekit, Ironkit, and Spotkit. I was Rockkit. The other kit in the nursery was Sparrowkit and his sister had died of greencough. I was the largest and strongest kit and was also a bit crazy. I could also visit StarClan in my dreams and play with Heatherkit, Sparrowkit's sister, and Mosskit, a kit from many many moons ago.

When I played, I was always the strongest fighter and won every game. It was a care-free life between real life and playing with my friends in StarClan.

I never told anyone about it.

The sad truth of being unusual

One day:

"Hey Rockkit! Wanna play?!" Sparrowkit mewed.

"I can't, too busy." I replied.

"With what?"

"Can't tell ya!"

The truth was that I was going to visit StarClan to play with Mosskit and didn't want to explain to the furball.

Sadness washed over me as I watched the other kits play.

I was unusual, yet I didn't feel special.

I worried that I couldn't become a warrior if I spend half my days asleep.

I shook the thought away.

The other side of the sleep

I ran into the nursery and curled into a ball...

"Hey Rockkit!" Mosskit mewed.

"Hey" I mewed to the tiny kit.

I had once been her size, but I had grown.

"So, I found this awesome place!" she mewed.

"Cool! Where!"

"Over here!" called a black and white she-kit, Heatherkit.

I followed the two kits to a large rock with long claws scored across it.

"I call it Sun Rock!" claimed Mosskit

"Nuh-uh! Heather Stone!" Heatherkit argued.

"How about-" I tried to say, but the kits broke me off.

"What?! Rock Rock?" Mosskit piped.

Laughing, I lunged at her and the fight started.

I was barely aware of a silver tom with clouded blue eyes watching me play.

Wake up!

The three of us played all day until Silkfur awoke me.

"Rockkit! Rockkit! Are you okay?" she purred.

"Yeah, I'm tired. Up all night again." I replied.

"Ironstar wants you at High Rock." she said.

I knew what was coming! I was so excited.

Welcome to your training, now tell me all your secrets!

"Rockkit from this moment on you will be known as Rockpaw, as my apprentice,"

WOW! I thought. It was an honor to be apprenticed to the clan leader.

"Rockpaw, Tigerpaw, Ironpaw, Spotpaw, Firepaw, Sparrowpaw!" ThunderClan chanted.

I bursted with pride.

One step closer to becoming a warrior!

Ironstar looked at me and we touched noses.

He nodded to me and pulled me to the side.

"Yes, Father?" I asked.

A look of suspicion appeared in his eyes.

"Now, my daughter, tell me: Who are you visiting in your dreams?!"

I gulped, not knowing how to explain.

HOW DID HE KNOW?! I wondered in horror.


The question with no answer


"I know well, Rockpaw, you have not fooled me." he replied calmly.

"I have been visiting StarClan father. I would never go into the Dark Forest, Father!" I replied.

"I know that. I knew you weren't. Who in StarClan?"

"Mosskit and Heatherkit." I answered.

Ironstar nodded.

He looked away, thoughtfully.

A new light shined in his eyes.

"How?" he challenged.

"Excuse me?"

"Normal cats can't just visit StarClan. How come you can?"

"I have no clue."

I turned and remembered that I wasn't normal and wondered if it was for the better or for the worst.


I never had so much fun in my life.

Training was hard, yet I got true satisfaction out of it.

I started to grow stronger and started to be able to outfight the other cats my age.

Strangely enough, I had grown muscular and broad like a tom, though I was a she-cat.

I was intimidating and no one wanted to mess with me!

No need to go into every detail.

Moons passed and I grew.

I was aware of new kits in the nursery, but it never meant anything to me until Sandkit, Dustkit, Icekit, Thornkit, Birdkit, Spicekit, and Badgerkit joined the training sessions as 'paws.

Sandpaw was unusually drawn to me.

He was obnoxious and wild, but I felt protective of him.

One word: Uh-oh!

One day...

"Hey Rockpaw! Come here!" Sandpaw mewed.

"yes?" I asked.

"Come!" cried Thornpaw.

I slinked over.

"We're going to ShadowClan tonight, wanna come!"

"What!" I stood there in shock.

"Thornpaw, Dustpaw, Badgerpaw, and I. Wanna come?"

"No! Are you crazy?!"

"No, just brave."

With that the younger apprentices ran off, giggling.

They were going to get themselves killed!

Fight for life and loyalty

That night, I lay awake.

The young ones had left hours ago.

I worried.

Finally, I gave in, I got up and followed their scent trail.

At the time I was nervous that the merciless clan would kill my friends.

I found them at the border.

"Come home." I whispered as they crossed the border.

They didn't listen.

I repeated, but they scoffed.

Then the warrior came.

He swiped them with fury and set Badgerpaw let out a yelp and collapsed.

With rage, I watched him charge over the border.

I turned to get help, but stopped.

The ShadowClan cat had Sandpaw and was clawing him franticly, wanting to kill the small apprentice.

I lunged at the tom in fury, but Talonflame, the mighty deputy lunged in the way and took the death blow meant for me.

I watched the gloating tom with disgust and with a lunge, snapped my jaws around his neck.

I bit down until my mouth couldn't hold any more blood.

The tom gave a gurgle and feel down, dead.

I panted and sank to my knees.


"Sim moons of hard work, you three." Ironstar hissed.

"Me too?" I asked gazing at my father.

"No. You showed honor, not disobedience. I will reward you."

He turned to the younger ones.

"Because of you, Talonflame and Badgerpaw are dead. Look at Rockpaw!"

Slashes lined my pelt and blood stained me.

"I'm okay." I replied.

"Thank you for saving my life." Sandpaw mewed.


"Rockpaw, do you promise to uphold and defend the warrior code, even at the cost of your life?!"

"I do."

"From this moment on you will be known as Rockleap. Thank you for defending our clan."



Many moons passed and the six moons of punishment did as well.

My siblings became warriors (Tigerstripe, Firestorm, Spotpelt, and Ironheart).

So did the others (Sandclaw, Sparrowwing, Duststorm, Iceshard, Birdflight, Spicemoon, and Thornpelt).

I was not looking for a mate or kits.

But Sandclaw wanted me, so we became mates.

"Well, I really don't want kits."


"You're okay with that?"

"Anything, Rockleap, anything for you."

He nuzzled me, purring.

The deadly battle

My green eyes flashed as I plunged into the tall grass.

You're mine! I thought slyly.

I raced after my mate as he leapt into a rabbit burrow.

No fair!

I took off after him.

Lunging, I pinned him to the dirty ground.

"Huh?! Oh man! I thought I lost you long ago!" Sandclaw hissed, playfully.

"You can never loose me, Tomcat!" I spat.

He nuzzled me and I sighed and let him up.

"Well done, apprentice." I sneered.

"You ain't my mentor! I'm a full warrior!"

"Yeh? Prove it!"

I took off towards the light and out of the burrow.

He took off after me.

He was very fast.

But I was faster.

I ran on until I crashed into a stray ShadowClan warrior!

"Off my land!" I yowled.

"Murderer." he replied.

"Heh? Who'd I kill exactly?"

"My brother! Many moons ago at the border."

"He killed my friend, Badgerpaw and our deputy, Talonflame! He attacked innocent apprentices and he deserved to die!" I spat, rage overcoming me.

"I'm just a distraction. Your camp is being attacked right now." the warrior replied with a shrug.

With a yowl, Sandclaw and I charged towards the camp, yowling carrying through the breeze.

To my horror, my beloved sister and friend, Tigerstripe was on the ground, blood pouring though her soft pelt and her eyes staring blankly at the sky.

"Noooooo!" I screeched killing one of the ShadowClan warriors with a slash to the throat. I had done it without realizing.

My clanmates and I drove the warriors off with rage filled screeches.

When it all was quiet, I nuzzled my dead sister and wet to look for my father.

Horror that I'll never forget

"Ironstar!" I called.

Four warriors were dead: Tigerstripe, Firestorm, Spotpelt, and Spicemoon, three were my siblings.

They wanted Ironstar's bloodline dead! I realized.

I padded into the leader's den.

"F-Father?" I stammered as the old cat sat hunched over, coughing.

"Whitecough. It's here." he rasped.

I could tell that he was lying.

His neck was torn and I could see his crushed windpipe, the cause of his rasping.

His chest was blood-covered and his rear left leg was twisted and broken.

"Six of- cough- them. All- Cough Cough! - of 'em were- Cough Cough Cough!"

He burst into a fit off hacking, blood spraying out of his mouth rapidly.

"I'll go get help!" I cried, my vision blurry and my body shaking.

I ran to the medicine cat den.

"Crystallake! Crystallake!" I cried to our medicine cat, who was treating my wounded clanmates.

"I think Ironstar's dying!" I screeched.

"Father!" Ironheart gasped, looking up from grooming his siblings' bodies.

The three of us returned to Ironstar laying in a heap in the corner.

He turned to my brother and said a blessing over him before turning to me.

Just beyond his series of hacking, I could understand him:

"My Rockleap. My brave, brave Rockeap. I should of told you long ago. Don't think of me as a traitor when you look back. I'm not really your father. You were-" he cut off, wheezed, and died.

"His last life." Crystallake sighed.

I was stunned! Not really my father?! Who am I then?!

Grief and horror overcame me.

The deputy would become leader.

Hopefully Snakefang would be a leader worth respecting...


Let's just say my worries were confirmed!

Snakestar belonged in the elders den!

His brother Cranestar is currently leader of ShadowClan. Because of that, he thinks that he can just forgive the clan that killed his former leader and give them all of our land.

Well, that's ol' Snakefang for ya.

One day, Sandclaw and I realized how much our clan had fallen.

"Spritz", the new "deputy" lay snoozing in the corner. He was a former kittypet who had been to the cutter and never really did much for the clan.

Our ribs were shown through our pelts and we went on a hunt.

Spritz was supposed to be organizing patrols, well, he hadn't in all 6 moons of Snakestar's leadership.

"The lazy tom." Sandclaw spat.

"Call Snakestar a leader?!" I agreed.

"Spritz? Spritz? Who Spritzfang? Spritztail? Spritzuglyhead?! What in StarClan!"

"I know. Don't pick on his name though. I heard about Millie, a good warrior. How about Daisy? WarriorClan?" I said.

"That was the past! Millie was dead for hundreds of years before my kitting! So was Daisy, and WarriorClan was just Monkey's group of kittypets pretending to be warrors, and he's long gone!"

"Monkeystar is part of clan history! She helped Graystripe return to our clan safely!" I retorted.

Cursing, Sandclaw didn't agree.

"Hey! Ya mind keepin' it down! Weeeee're tryin' ta hunt here!" called a voice.

ShadowClan stench filled my nose.


I knew at once that Snakestar had agreed to let ShadowClan warriors hunt on our land.

Turning away, the two of us headed towards camp, where Thornpelt and a pretty she-cat named Moonwillow sat.

"Hello friend!" I called to my good friend.

"Hey!" Thornpelt called back.

"What's up bro?" Sandclaw mewed.

"Moonwillow and I are planning to be mates!"

"That's great!" I replied.

"We're planning to have kits next season." Thornpelt purred.

"When are you going to have kits?" Moonwillow asked.

"I'm not." I declared.

"Why?! That's the whole point of being a she-cat!" Moonwillow gasped.

"Then call me a tom then." I growled. "Everyone thinks I am anyway."

I flexed my muscles.

"C'mon mate." Sandclaw decided and I followed him.

Back in camp, I heard Snakestar's lazy voice.

"Rooooooockfoot come."

Huh. Can't even get my name right.

I arrived in his den.

"You're medicine cat apprentice now. Don't question me."

I hissed.

"I have a mate!" I reminded him.

"Ehhh. Fine. Never Mind."

Thornpelt arrived in the den.

"You. You medicine cat." he replied lazily.

"But I want to have a family with Moonwillow." Thornpelt gasped.

"Eh. I wanna have wings. No challenging leader."


"GETA OWT!" he spat.

As we left the den, Thornpelt told Moonwillow the bad news while I stood there in shock.

If its going to be this way, I have to leave this clan soon!


"Curses." I spat as I paced in my den.

"Curses." Sandclaw agreed.

"Curses." Ironheart repeated.

"Curses." Moonwillow sobbed.

"Curses." Sparrowwing replied, bored.

"Curses!" Iceshard yowled.

Soon the entire warrior den was filled with 'Curses!'

I could faintly hear Thornpelt moaning "Curses." in the medicine cat den.

"Curses! Curses! Curses!"

"Curses. Curses to Snakestar." I closed.

We all thudded down with a sigh.

Then we started to sing (Oh my gosh, this night was Strange!)

"Clan, Clan, we stand as a clan, Clan, Clan, we are!" Sandclaw started, recalling an old ThunderClan nursery song.

"Forever we stand, clan over all, in this land of StarClan!" Moonwillow continued.

"ThunderClan! ThunderClan! See the crashing lightening! ThunderClan! ThunderClan! We make a crashing sound!" us warriors joined in.

"To the Smallest kit. To the loyal leader!" we tried not to laugh at the last line.

"We sing this song of joy to ask for many seasons ahead! ThunderClan! ThunderClan! We make a crashing sound!" I could hear the kits singing in the nursery.

"Training young ones!" the apprentices joined in.

"Caring for old ones!" the elders sang.

I laughed because the entire camp was singing now.

"Leader, Deputy, Warriors, apprentices, Queens, kits, and Eldeeeeeeeers!"

We held out our voices, our yowls carrying into the night.

Soon the only sound left was "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" coming from Snakestar's den.

We blinked at each other as the old cat's scratchy, opera-worthy, voice held out for about ten minutes.

Then we all went to sleep.

So that's that cat watching us in "The Other Side of the sleep"!

I returned to StarClan after moons of being on Earth.

"Look who's finally came back. Hello, Rockpaw!" Mosskit sneered.

It was then that I realized that they didn't know I was a Warrior.

"Rockleap!" I corrected.

"Eh." Heatherkit grunted.

"So... like, we're not friends anymore?" I asked, confused.

"Just kidding!" Mosskit mewed, and lunged at me.

I easily batted the paw-sized kit to ground.

"Oof. You're getting a little big for me, warrior."

"Yes, I'd say so." said a deep voice.

A silver tom with clouded blue eyes was standing behind me.

"Y-you're blind?!" I stammered.

"I was when I was alive, Star." the tom cooed.

Star... a strange feeling of memory pulsed through me, though I couldn't remember why.

Was it the name or the voice that triggered me.

"My name is Jayfeather, a former medicine cat of ThunderClan." he proclaimed.

He's one to be full of himself...

"I've heard of you! You saved the clan!" I piped up.

"Oh sure... that's how they tell my tale. I am also the first StarClan cat to mate with a Tribe of Endless Hunting cat and also the first to have a kit as well!"

Ignoring his bragging, I asked him a serious question.

"Jayfeather, a-are we kin?"


"Do you know who my true parents are?"


"Who are they."

"Half Moon is your mother."

I had never heard of her.

"My father?!" I growled, annoyed at the hinting.

"I am." he mewed.

My jaw dropped.

"Uhh... Didn't you live like a hundred years ago?"

That was my question.

"Yes. However StarClan works in interesting ways." he replied.

"Oh." I mewed.

"After I died, I realized that in StarClan, I would need to search for the cat who loved me hundreds of year before."

I blinked "How long did you even live to be loved hundreds of years before?!"

"Ahhh, It's a long story" my father said. "However, it wasn't easy and when I finally found her, I'd left StarClan behind and was walking with the tribe."

I nodded "So that's why I've never heard of my mother!"

"Yes and we had kits, no longer forbidden in this wonderful place. However, it was never done before us, and we had to keep them hidden. Unfortunately, well not so unfortunately for Half Moon, she too two kits to raise and I took one."

"Me." I realized.

"Yes, and I watched you grow on this starry ground and soon I realized that you'll never know what it means to grow up and be a warrior in StarClan, so I sent you here, where Crystallake found you and Silkfur pitied you. They named you Rockkit, but I will always know you as Star." Jayfeather concluded.

Change of winds

I stood proudly out at the Sunset.

My father is out there.

I was not angry at anyone except Snakestar and Spritz.

"Hey Rockleap." Sandclaw purred as he strolled up.

"Hello." I replied

"The clan's getting bad." he sighed.

"I know, that's why I'm leaving." I replied.


"So are you?"

"You can't leave me here, I'd be jealous."

"Yes." I laughed.

"Where are we going?"


I hadn't planned that far.


Thornpelt stared at me thoughtfully.

"Go ahead." he said.

I stared down the twisted slope, marked with old pawprints.

The whispers filled my ears and I strained to hear them.

"You won't hear them. Hurry! Before we get caught!" my old friend panicked.

I strolled to the edge of the round pool, not knowing what to think.

I let the cold water wash over me.

Then I looked up and was in StarClan once more.

"You could've just dreamed yourself here again." Heatherkit mewed, laughing.

"I'm not one for the easy." I remarked.

Then I saw Ironstar and Jayfeather walking up.

"Fathers." I greeted.

Ironstar chuckled.

"Father I am not." he said.

"Yes, you are, so are you, Jayfeather."

Jayfeather grunted.

"I know why you're here. I have a solution."

"Y-You do?" I asked.

"Run away and start a clan of your own. It shall be called StormClan."


"Thunder will strike and Shadows will come, Rivers will flood and Wind will blow. The Sky will open and the Storm will win. The Storm herself is unlike the rest."

"A prophecy!" I gasped.

"Yes, about you." Jayfeather said.

Time to go

I decided to set off the next day, Snakestar didn't care.

"Loser." was all he said.

"What? StarClan told me to do it!" I had replied.

"StarClan lie. No challenge leader." he had snorted.

Spritz had put up more of a fight.

"Traitor! You took advantage of your own leader just because he's old."

"'Cause he's dumb!" I spat back.

Spritz's eyes widened.

"There! I spoke the truth!" I hissed and slunk off.

That day had come when we would leave and I stood on the high rock.

"StarClan has spoken! I was told to start a new clan far away, called StormClan. Who is coming with me?"

A few cats stepped forward: Sandclaw, Thornpelt, Sparrowwing, and Duststorm.

"Well then, we are setting off today. Thornpelt, are you sure?"

"Yes, StormClan needs a medicine cat, I will be that cat." he replied.

So we ate and took traveling herbs and set off.

The Journey

Dang, Duststorm is deep

I took the lead.

"Oh mighty she-cat leader who looks like a tom, can you tell me where we're going." Sparrowwing sneered for the seventh time.

"Aye! For the seventh time, I DON'T KNOW! And just because I'm muscular doesn't mean I'm a tom!" I groaned. "Sparrowwing, our leader is full of authority and as sharp-witted and classy as the invigorating canine of the night." Duststorm said.

I blinked.

"It is not easy leading a group of cats to a better life and as we saw with Snakestar, leading when not up for the job takes its toll." he continued.

"Thank you, smart, handsome, invgorating tom." I said, mocking his deepness.

Sandclaw's jaw had dropped.

"Don't be jealous. I still love you more than any other tom." I told him.

At least our playfulness would keep us going on this journey.


I still can't believe that he's gone...

Poor Duststorm gave his life to save his clanmate.

Sparrowwing had been showing off, standing on the edge of a cliff.

Then there was the crack.

Next thing I knew, splintering cracks covered the rocks!

We all turned to run but a rock crushed Sparrowwing.

"Help!" he wailed, but he knew well enough that it was over.

I tried to get there, but Duststorm was faster.

He grasped the black and white tom's neck and tried to pull him upwards.

But the rock under Sparrowwing broke and he started to drag Duststorm with him.

"NO!" I cried and I tried to run forwards to help, but my mate held me back.

I couldn't stand feeling helpless.

With a swift movement, Duststorm traded places with Sparrowwing.

The golden tom attempted to hold on, but the rock cracked and the brave, deep tom fell to his death.

Sparrowwing soon followed, face matted in blood and jaw twisted to the side.

"No..." I croaked in disbelief.

But worst of all, Sandclaw and Thornpelt had lost their brother and friend, and that was a grief I knew too well.

We started down the trail to the bottom of the cliff.


It was a sad few days.

We had been unable to save Duststorm.

When we had arrived, the two toms: Sparrowwing and Duststorm lay motionless on the ground.

We knew that Duststorm was far gone when we saw his shattered neck.

Sandclaw gave a wail of grief and ran to his brother's side.

Thornpelt, being a medicine cat, tried to find a cure, but knew deep inside that there was none.

Sparrowwing was gasping for breath, laying in a puddle of blood.

"RcklpRcklpHlpMPlsPlsMHrt!" mumbled the injured tom.

His ears were cut from the sharp rocks and his jaw was shattered and broken.

My stomach dropped as I remembered how we had laughed and joked the day before.

I was mortified.

We sat vigil for our good friend and buried him in a beautiful meadow.

Carry on

We continued on.

Sparrowwing was badly injured, however he could still travel.

Thornpelt had decided that his jaw would heal, however it would always be shattered in a way.

We continued on.

Mountains and fields passed until we reached highstones.

That would be our new home!


Nine gifts

So we made our home there.

Sparrowwing renamed himself Shatteredjaw.

We made friends with the local rouges and we built a large clan.

We thrived and soon they started calling me Rockstar.

I needed my nine lives, so I found a place with a shining cave and visited StarClan (Using my skill, remember that) and I saw my father.

"Dad." I said, gazing at Jayfeather's clouded eyes.

"You came, Star." he said.

"I'd like my nine lives." I said.

"Nine lives?! Haha!" Jayfeather laughed.

I blinked.


"You don't need nine lives! You already have unlimited lives!" Ironstar said, slinking out of the stars.


"You were born with it." said a voice like silk.

A wonderful white she-cat with green eyes gazed at me.


"Hello Star." she purred.

She had my eyes.

"Mother?' I asked.

"Yes Star, I am Half Moon."

"Mom!" I whispered, trying out the word for the first time.

"We will give you nine gifts." Jayfeather said.

I blinked and looked around the place that I now called the MoonCave.

A pretty she-cat named Dovewing stepped forward.

"I give you the gift of sharp senses. Use it well."

I felt the power surge through me.

Then Lionblaze gave me the power of not getting hurt in battle.

Then Ironstar gave me the power to speak to all creatures, except twolegs (I could understand them, however).

Then Flametail gave me the power to breathe underwater.

Next, my father gave me the power to walk in dreams.

After that, I got the power of seeing ghosts from a cat called Tree.

After tree, I got the power of stronger muscles from kind Duststorm.

I spoke with my dead friend for a minute.

Then he stepped back.

Then a warrior named Lionheart gave me the power of sharper claws and teeth.

Finally a large tom with amber eyes and dark fur loomed over me.

"My name is Tadpole, I live here in StarClan, though I wasn't a warrior. I lived many moons ago and my mate was a warrior. I was respected and loved by RiverClan. My father was the dictator, Tigerstar. I freed myself from him. I give you the power of Timetravel. Use it well and take care, Rockstar." he said, before stepping back.

I was dizzy and wary as my whole body vibrated.

I was weak but strong at once.

"we will give your clanmates powers too, but none as powerful as you." Tadpole said.

"Go in peace." they said.

I awoke next to Thornpelt.

"You look different, are you okay." he asked

"I'm fine." I said, flexing my muscles and trying out my strong senses.

I could hear the cats at camp and replied "yes, yes, I am 100% fine. Better actually."

Then I returned home as Rockstar.


I realized that I could save Duststorm.

I practiced my timetravel.

Now to five minutes and now again.

Now to ten minutes and now again.

Now to an hour to ten minutes to five minutes to two hours to now.

Then I was ready.

I went back to the day Duststorm died.

Then at the moment Sparrowwing reached the end, I called to him.

Then he slipped, I lunged for him, but he fell anyways and Duststorm reached his doom anyway.

I scrambled for a hold.

I knew about my unlimited lives and told the others to not interfere for me.

But Sandclaw didn't listen and suddenly we both fell to the cliff below.

I sniffed him.

He was dead.

I gave a wail of grief.

This was my fault.

Fix your mistake

I knew what I must do

I had to go back to the event and relive Duststorm's death and not interfere.

It was terrible, and I can't describe the pain I was in.

I will close this chapter here.

The last chapter.

I returned home to my time and Sandclaw was alive and well.

I was happy to be Rockstar of StormClan.

I still missed ThunderClan, but I know Snakestar has them under control now. (I hope...)

I was the leader and I was a good friend to all my clanmates.

I even let them call me Rockleap and not Rockstar.

It made them feel like I was an equal.

Then a queen gave birth to kits and let me name two of them as a 'thank you' for letting her join our clan.

I named them Lightkit and Snakekit (yes, after Snakestar, I kinda miss the old guy, it was funny before he was leader).

Their father, Shatteredjaw looked at me with pride.

"Thank you Rockstar." he said.

"No problem." I said.

Then there was Lightkit's discovery of his time traveling powers.

But that's a different story.

The end.

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