Riverstone 2056 Opening Ceremony

2056 Greenleaf Olympics
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The Games of the I Greenleaf Olympiad

DISCLAIMER: I am going to put songs on here that were sung in many different olympic/multi sport games, most notable Sydney 2000, Melbourne 2006, and most likely London 2012. I do NOT own any of the songs I post, the most I did was change around the lyrics to make them sound more Warrior like. At the end of each chapter, I will either post the video or video link that will have the music/actual footage of what I am trying to show you.

ALSO, I HIGHLY recommend watching some parts of the Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, or Barcelona 1992 Opening Ceremonies to get what I'm trying to do.

Part 1: The Artistic/Cultural Displays

Prelude and Countdown

Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony Part 01„G-Day Moment" The Man from Snowy River HD
I recommend watching the first 20 seconds of the video after reading the first chapter, then watch the rest after the second chapter. Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony Part 01„G-Day Moment" The Man from Snowy River HD
The sound of 110,000 other cats made Nettle's ears ring. Tonight is the night he thought, the night to show to the world how great my country, ForestClan, truly is.
It was only 10 years ago that the cat species had discovered the two-leg past time. Every 4 years, many two-legs (called "humans"), joined together to compete with each other in peace. When the cats had found it, it was soon brought up that the cats should do that themselves. So in the next 2 years, it was decided that the cats would join together every 4 years in what would be known as "Greenleaf Games" or "An Olympiad".
The next year, Riverstone was chosen as the host city for the historic celebration. Nettle wasn't even born then, but his father was there in the city center, celebrating with about 85,000 other Riverstonians who watched the announcement live on TV.
And it was only last year that tickets went on sale. The world had never seen anything like it. The internet (Cats had discovered and invented many human things) almost collapsed because of web traffic towards the official website of the games, and lines for the five ticket counters throughout the country, stretched for many miles. And Nettle's family was one of the lucky ones. His mother, through her powerful connections, managed to get tickets for his whole family for both Ceremonies, three Mossball games, a netball match, and to the finals of the Field Athletics. However, the whole thing costed them about 30,000 dollars. It wouldve costed them much more had the games been in Vidtabia, the rival of ForestClan throughout the bidding process.
Now, here he was, sitting with his parents and two younger siblings, one of 110,000 people here in the ForestClan Olympic Stadium.
"Ohhhh I can't wait until it starts!" squeaked Berry, his younger sister. His other younger sister, Blossom, nodded in anticipation.
Nettle looked at the items he was given at the ticket counter. He was given a pamphlet that had all the info on when the ceremony would start, explaining different cultural elements. Also, he was given a glowstick that glows different colors, so he could wave it when it gets dark.
"Dad, when will it start?" He said in a complaining voice.
"Be patient!" he warned, "I've been waiting for this moment since before you were born, so you could wait for a little bit longer!"
Suddenly, the stadium lights dimmed, which illuminated the screens. Nettle joined the deafening roar of the crowd as they cheered in absolute delight. The countdown started on the screens, showing numbers on top of great sporting achievements throught the history of the Cats.
The whole stadium was counting down alongside the beating drum that accompanied every number. These moments are some that Nettle would never forget.
He joined in to roar the number 9 with the 110,000 others.
8! 7! 6! 5!
Almost there, he thought, the moment when the whole world will see just what your country is made of.
Four Blue fireworks shot up in the air from the roof of the stadium. The crowd cheered and roared, while simultaneously counting down.
Three Yellow-ish fireworks this time.
This time the fireworks were white.
The countdown culminated with red fireworks exploding all alongside the edge of the roof of the stadium. It lit the stadium red, illuminating the field and the massive crowd. Nettle was defeaned by the cheers and the applause.
"Hylenatas ode Hylenukoren, Boavälkomyn tar Ois Spelen ave Riverstone 2056, ave A Primöra Folblada Gração Olympiada!" Some of the crowd responded in loud cheers and whistles.
"What was that?" Nettle asked, confused. He'd never heard that language before.
But his father didn't hear him, he was too busy cheering. But he didn't need an explanation.
"Toms and She-Cats, welcome to the Riverstone 2056 Games, of the First Greenleaf Olympiad!"

Introductions and National Anthem

Nettle cheered and waved his glowstick around, a bright blue bulb in a sea of darkness that had stretched over the stadium, the darkness being only broken by the brightness of the thousands of camera flashes going off everywhere.
Over the cheering, which was starting to die in anticipation, he could hear the sounds of birds chirping over the PA system. At first it was one, singing a sweet melody, then one became two, and then three, then six, and soon enough, more than a dozen birds were chirping the same melodic tune.
Nettle watched, somewhat confused, as he couldn't see anything happening. Then, the birds gave out a very long, harmonious tune, the same sound one makes when they wake the forest up at dawb. It sounds so pretty! he thought.
Then, out of the corner of his eye, in what seemed to be coming from the skies itself, a bright, orange fireball came hurdling towards the stadium from right behind one of the giant screens. Except it wasn't a fireball, they were birds. The birds didn't even look real! They were sparkly and golden- making them appear to be on fire- and they were giving off a trail of what seemed to be stardust.
The birds came so close to hitting the stadium floor, but they did a massive swoop, and formed a huge bird outline. Then suddenly, the stadium brightened.
On the stadium field was the symbol of the Olympics- the 5 rings. Except it was birds that formed the circles, each according to their color.
This caused a massive roar from the crowd, and Nettle felt like he was cheering the loudest. He waved around his bright, now red, glowstick. While the spectators were cheering, the giant bird outline did a sweep around the stadium before lifting off into the vast, dark, star-studded sky. Nettlepaw swore that he saw the outline cross over the moon.
He looked down at the rings- the stadium was still cheering. The rings then slowly disintegrated, from the outside in, as the birds were flying away in different directions. The Green birds flew towards Nettle's part of the stadium. Nettle squinted and saw that they birds had decorated leaves in their mouths, and they were dropping them onto the spectators! One of the leaves, a long, thin green leaf with sparkly dew-drops (mysteriously not moving) that formed the word Riverstone 2056. His sister Berry caught one.
"I caught it! I caught it! Look mother, look!" she screamed in delight.
"Yes, it's very pretty!" said his mother, Fawn.
It took about 10 more seconds after that for all the birds to clear away. Then a voice on the PA system said,
"Hylenatas ode Hylenukoren, Boavälkomyn parfälla Leti Honoråssa Hawk Greeneye, o Ministro Prymeri ave Le Forestclan, ode Dove Falcon, Lidera ave A Kommita Inter-Clan Olimpysko."
The same cats cheered as before, but he did hear the Prime Minister's name, so he and many others decided to cheer when the announcer said his name.
"Toms and She-cats, please welcome the Honourable Hawk Greeneye, the Prime Minister of ForestClan, and Dove Falcon, President of the Inter-Clan Olympic Committee."
This time, the whole stadium cheered- and not only that, but they stood up. Many ForestClanners are nationalistic, so they will give a standing ovation to the leader who allowed for these games to happen in the first place.
After about a minute, the cheering was replaced by a wooshing sound. The stadium went dark, which illuminated 110,000 bright green glowsticks. Nettle started to chear, along with everyone else. A spotlight shown on a single circle in the center of the field.
On that circle, a young she-cat was sitting calmly, with a microphone attached to her cheek. Suddenly, the circle she was sitting on started to rise, and with each foot it rose, so did the loudness of the cheers.
The circle stopped rising, making it look like the she-cat was on a circular platform.
"Hylenatas ode Hylenukoren, parfälla Gryhan pära A Sång Nacynial ave ForestClan."
Nettle saw that some thousands of cats started to rise, so he guessed what was next.
"She-Cats and Toms, please rise for the National Anthem of ForestClan".
The audience cheered respectfully again; Nettle and his family stood up. Then, the stadium became quiet as the music started playing from the live orchestra, which was located at one end of the field. Nettle stared intently at the young she-cat, who began singing in a soft, yet strong, voice:
"O Cats of the Forested Land
Rejoice in all your deeds!
We've saved the lives of all the Cats
Our home triumphs, indeed!
We are so blessed with natures gifts
She gives us prey and wealth!
In the world's page, let them all say:
Lead on, proud Forest Cats!
In between the happy-filled cries
Lead on, proud Forest-Cats!"
Nettle happily cheered, as did every other spectators, yet didn't give out full ones since the anthem wasnt over. Now Nettle heard the drums, trumphets, and almost every instrument he could think of, beginning to play his national anthem!
The young she-cat was joined in by another chorus, along with the instruments, who all began to play and sing louder and with absolutely all their heart and soul.
"O Cats of the Forested Land
Rejoice in all your deeds!
We've saved the lives of all the Cats
Our home triumphs, indeed!
We are so blessed with natures gifts
She gives us prey and wealth!
In the world's page, let them all say:
Lead on, proud Forest Cats!
In between the happy-filled cries
Lead on, proud Forest-Cats!"
Lead on! Proud Forest-Cats!"
This time, Nettle roared with all the other 110,000 spectators. It was absolute euphoria. Cats were screaming, waving their tales, cheering, and even brandishing their glow-sticks, which glowed gold, which made the stadium seemed as if it was filled with many different spotted gold stars.
The young-she cat gave a bow, which caused an extra cheer, as she descended on her circle beneath the stadium field. Nettle was so happy that he missed the next announcement, that the National Anthem was performed by the Riverstone Symphony Orchestra, and sung by Gale Nighthawk.

The Prey-Filled Forests

Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony Part 02 Deep Sea Dreaming
If you see this, you might get the just about what happening in this part...just replace the ocean theme with a forest theme. But the childrens choir singing in the background is like the choir in the story.. Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony Part 02 Deep Sea Dreaming
Nettle and the rest of the crowd calmed down by now. The stadium had gone dark, not pitch black like during the countdown, but more of a soft dim, where you can still see the field in a hazy sort of blur.
The sound of more birds chirping started to play. But these were different; they weren't some soft, melodic bird chirps. These were very realistic, fast paced, and stopped abruptly.
Then came the performers. Nettle saw that cats dressed as Tall trees were starting to assemble themselves randomly onto the field, as to represent the forest in which their ancestors had lived. Nettle then saw a spotlight fixed onto a cat that was wandering through the forest below. It looked like a young she-cat, wandering serenely through the forest. With the spotlight still on her, she settled down in the center of the forest, "looking" tired, curled up into a ball, and seemingly fell asleep, all the while, the apprents choir was singing a a melodic tune that fit the setting.
After she "fell asleep", Nettle saw some very magnificent floats started to appear and run around the forested stadium floor. The crowd started a slow cheer that gradually got louder as the floats of mice, voles, rabbits, and just about every prey one can think of scurried around the floor, and with the aprrents choir singing in the background, the setting was perfect. Nettle waved around his green glowstick while he was blinded by the thousands of picture flashes that were going off.
The choir and musical instruments culminated and stopped at a high, somewhat cliffhanging note. Nettle wondered why it stopped, when the young she-cat suddenly rose out of the forest, suspended by the wires, and was now floating above the other performers.
The crowd gave a delighted gasp and applause filled the stadium. The music started again, at a faster, more perilous sounding pace, as the she-cat looked as if she was flying like a bird. And then Nettle understood why.
While some of the other prey-floats went off the floor, floats that symbolized birds started to appear. Nettle saw hummingbirds, sparrows, blue-jays, and even Ravens, all "flying" around the tall trees.
Nettle cheered and waved around his glowstick, looking like a leaf in a dark sea that was the stadium.
The she-cat continued to "fly" with the birds, when a new pair of floats appeared on the forest floor. They were bugs! Nettle saw smaller floats of beetles, hornets, ants, and ever a bright red worm float, starting to scurry around the floor. Most of the earlier prey floats had left.
It was at this time that, Nettle noticed, the Apprents choir started to sing this slow paced, mesmerizing tune, that was still following the sound of the music which was also beginning to sound slower, and in a way, more perilous. It was amazing, though Nettle had no idea what they were saying.
Eeh, why, oh, ray, eeh, why, oh, ray, Eeh why ahh, foo-ree...What are they even saying? he thought, Oh whatever, it sounds awesome either way!
The crown whistled and clapped in response to their melodic singing, and waved their green glowsticks.
After about a minute or two more of the prey, birds, and bugs swarming around the floor, the Apprent's choir started to sing a different tune. It sounded as if they were ending the segment on, literally, a high note, and the music started to play higher as well.
Soon enough, everyone in the stadium noticed this, and they all cheered and waved their glowsticks, in appreciation for the performers who were actually still swarming around in a circle. But they did one full circle-turn, then started to exit the stadium; the music getting softer as they did.
Finally, it all stopped, and the stadium gave another cheer. He noticed his glowstick turned into a sort of reddish-orange color. I wonder what's going to show up next...? Nettle looked down at the pamphlet and saw the next segment: Dawn of the Clans..

Dawn of the Clans

Suddenly, a loud thunderclap made Nettle and many others jump in shock. The stadium became instantly dark; the only source of light was from everyone's red-orange glowsticks. A blood-curling yowl made the fur on the back of Nettle's head stand up. The only other light was on that young she-cat, who was acting like she was looking at something very peculiar.
The Olympic Orchestra's drummers started to play their beat. Dum...Dum...Dum, Nettle heard, with each drumbeat a second-and-a-half-apart.
The drumming paused. Nettle stared blankly in the dark, the silence almost roaring in his ears.
The drumming suddenly got louder and faster, which caused some of the crowd to cheer. It was still very dark; Nettle was so confused to the point that he was wondering if the lights had broken. Oh no... he thought.
The drums were beating louder and faster. So much so that it made Nettle's heartbeat match the drums', Nettle waited in the silent dark in anticipation for what was coming next.
Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum.
Nettle noticed a small, firey glow starting to light in the center of the stadium.
Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum.
The glow was still quite dim, but visible enough to see that it was in a cirle.
Dum. Dum. Dum. DUM."
The stadium suddenly lit up, glowing orange as the enormous fire raged in a circle, which was being ritualistically circled around by tribal-looking cats. Nettle recognized this as the first cats of the Four Original Clans. The audience started a slow cheer as their eyes adjusted to the new scene.
It was still quite dark, but the stadium was lit well enough to see everything, with an orange glow.
The cats were circling the fire, but were facing each other. Through the glow, Nettle could barely see the distinction. Some were wearing a mask with a cat face, with a lightning strike through it, and the others with river-like lines, half circles, a tree, and a very swirly, wind like line.
From what Nettle learned in his Academy, he guessed what would be happening next.
"Dad, I think they're going to do the First Battle!" he said to his father excitedly. From what he learned, the First Battle was a long struggle between the first cats of the Ancient Forest, who weren't even in Clans back then, as they fought ferociously for prey and shelter. Only the appearance of their mythological Warrior Ancestors stopped their civil warring and divided them into Clans.
"It looks like they are, son." his dad replied, not taking his eyes off the spectacle that was unfolding in front of them.
Then, along with the drumming, some dramatic music started to play as the cats started to "fight" with each other. Some pre-recorded battle cries filled the stadium. It made the fur on the back of Nettle's hair stand up.
But when it seemed that all of the cats would "die" after fighting each other, something very big and bright started to illuminate the stadium. For the first half-hour or so that the ceremony has been going on, the spot above one of the screens, where the comet of birds came out, has been completely dark, and now Nettle and the World knew why.
The thing was a bright as the sun, and it was the same yellowish-white color too! It was huge, almost as big as the screens themselves. It couldn't be heavy, Nettle thought, because it was being held up and controlled by thick wires that were themselves being controlled by machines on the stadium roof. The statue looked like it was made of this wood-material (though he thought it was unlikely), with wires wrapped around it, with white light-bulbs on it. It was, so far, the greatest thing he'd ever seen, and the stadium cheered in delight at the appearance.
The dramatic music had hit a high note when the statue appeared, and when it did, the performers all looked up fast, and slowly walked towards it, including the young she-cat, who looked out of place, wearing nice clothes while surrounded by cats who weren't wearing as much. They stared at it for a couple of seconds before the statue opened its mouth and said some words.
"Peace, Harmony, Co-existence." It said in a booming voice that echoed throughout the stadium. Nettle barely noticed that his glowstick turned a glittering, flashing white that flickered very fast.
Once the statue said his bid, some "clouds" (Dry Ice, Nettle thought), covered it up, and it retreated back to the screen, where the lights slowly dimmed until they were no more. The audience clapped in appreciation for that part. The stadium then turned on its normal lights, the fire in the middle extinguished.
The Cats should be in Clans now, so next comes the..." though Nettle, following the segment in accordance to his History Classes.
The cats, immediately after the statue left, happily ran around with each other, mixing and inter-mingling with different clans. This, he thought, probably represented the forming of new friendships within the clans. The music was also happier and sounded more easy going, with the sounds of different nature going on in the background, with the Apprent's choir singing a harmonious, but again non-sensical, tune. The change of song type caused some of the spectators to cheer.
After they were done inter-mingling, all the performers, as a climax to the segment, gave a happy shout, like a kit would while having fun on a playground, and ran towards the outsides of the stadium floor. They all made it to the end and stopped at the same time. After that, they then, in a peacefully symbolic way, stood on each others paw, Paw in Paw. After about Ten seconds, they exited out of the stadium, leaving a roaring crowd cheering in delight at the beautifully crafted segment.

Foilage of the Old and New Worlds

Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony Part 05 Nature (The best segment in the Opening Ceremony)
This was inspiration for my segment, the music is exactly like it is in my story. But only half of the video was used. Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony Part 05 Nature (The best segment in the Opening Ceremony)
After the crowd stopped cheering, Nettle looked at this Program and saw that the next segment would be called Foilage of the Old and New Worlds.
A serene like music from the Orchestra started to play. Just then, many different plants and medicinal type herbs started to appear onto the field. They weren't real plants, Nettle realized, but cats dressed up in costumes!
There were about Five performers, along with the young she-cat, from the First Clans segment standing in the middle of the field. All of them were looking at the plants wonderously, and a few were even guiding the she-cat, looking as if they were showing her the plants of their time.
Nettle saw bright blue plants, which represented Borage Leaves, white and yellow ones, which were obviously Daisies, and saw many other colorful arrangements, such as Sunflowers, Roses, Coltsfoot, Lavender, and even Snakeroot!
Nettle thought this scene was so beautiful, not only because of the flowers, but because of the setting as well. The lights in the stadium projected a very sunny Yellow, while the lights that projected onto the floor were a clean-cut green, and the glowsticks were a sky-blue color. It gave the feeling of one strolling through a flower field on a bright, clear sunny day.
The combination of music, setting, and performers made the whole stadium start up a slow cheer that got louder and louder.
More and more different types of plants, that grew in both ThunderClan's old homes and ForestClan's current home, started to appear onto the field, where they separated into groups and would twirl, spin, and dance around in place, while the First Clan cats walked throughout them, gazing in wonder.
This went on for another five minutes or so, but it didn't get old or boring. It was way too beautiful.
After the five minutes, the music started to culminate, and the choir, who were singing a soft melody, ended on a high note. The dancers stopped and froze, and the drums started to play again, but along with the music this time. It was like they were preparing for a big suprise, which Nettle then found out.
The stadium turned dark once more, the glowsticks glowed orange, and to Nettle's and the Crowd's suprise, the Plants and the Performers glowed their original colors! The plain blue of the Borage became a vibrant, glow in the dark Blue, and same with the yellow for the Sunflowers and the Red for the Roses. The stadium erupted in a shocked and cheerful roar, with thousands of camera flashes going off.
Most of the dancers were still, as to not disrupt the glowing effect, but some of the Sunflower ones were still twirling. The five First Clan cats and the young she-cat, with the bright spotlight on them, walked around the glowing plants, gazing and aweing. This seemed to disturb the plants, who then started to scurry out of their way, and out of the stadium. Soon enough, the plants were gone, the music died off slowly and quietly, and the beautiful segment ended, leaving only the First Clan cats and the young she-cat alone on the stadium once more.
The crowd gave a big cheer once more, as thousands of cameras went off and many in the stadium whistled and clapped for this segment.
"That was beautiful!" his mother exclaimed to his father, who nodded in agreement.
"I loved it! I loved it!" Nettle's two younger siblings chirped. Nettle had to shush them up as the next segment was starting.
The spotlight was on the five cats and the she-cat. One representing each the old clans who settled into their current Continent, I guess, and One cat representing the present and future..., thought Nettle. The she-cat and four of the cats then turned around and left the stadium, leaving only one left.

The Building of ForestClan and Riverstone

The cat looked around, looking somewhat desperate, but couldn't find anyone. He was completely alone. The sound that was coming out of the speakers was a whistling wind, like the wind one would hear while traveling alone through a windy desert. Tail drooping, the cat got up, and was just about to leave when a he heard the sound of a drum.
He looked, but couldn't find it. Shrugging, he turned around again, but the drum gave off two beats this time.
The Cat turned around fully and squinted at the direction at which the drum was heard. He kept looking and looking, and just as he was about to give up, the drum beat once more, but didn't stop. It sounded as if the beginnings of a song was about to play, which it was.
The drum was playing an upbeat tone, while the rest of the band started to play more modern-day music.
New sets of performers came on the field. There were so many! Thousands of Cats dressed as Tools and Metal and iron started to appear. They all came out in four straight lines, coming from the four tunnels that come from next to the first rows of stadium seat, and ran in a circle around the Lone Cat, with each row of performers going in the opposite way of the ones next to them, but all still going in a circle.
The Lone Cat then started to rise, on the same stage the she-cat who sung the national anthem was lifted on. Then, he looked as if he was giving directions to the tools and different types of materials.
The performers gave out a loud shout that sounded like "Yahh!" and ran into different directions. The Lone Cat was lowered off of the circular stage.
Nettle was kind of confused during this segment. While the band was playing their modern music, the tools were dancing, and were lined up in square formations, with the Materials dancing around them also.
What are they supposed to be doing? he thought. I mean, so far I think what's happening is that the Lone Cat needs help doing stuff, and the tools are going to do it. But why are they dancing?
Nettle looked around at the other spectators, but their eyes were so glued to the performance that there was no way he'd get a response from them. So he decided to go through the motions of this segment and see what happens.
The segment only lasted five minutes, but Nettle thought it turned out to be just as great as the others.
After he decided that he didn't get anything, The tools and materials started dancing to the beat of the drums and music. They'd play a long Dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, then the performers and musicians would pause in their tracks for a second, then do another Dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, to which the dancers would move and keep in pace with each dum. But at this point, the stadium lights went from normal, to grayish-blue light, but still looked somewhat normal. The change in lights, and the way it slowly changed, gave Nettle the impression that something was about to happen.
The music stopped, with the only instrument left playing was a violin, which was still playing on its note when what occurred next happened.
The Materials, who were still twirling and dancing, got up onto the Tools, who hoisted them up onto each other. Soon enough, the tools and materials made a pyramid, like Academy pep-squads did, except this was in the formation of a square and everyone was stacked on top of each other. But the crowd gave a shocked gasped, because it just occurred to everyone what the whole segment was about.
The scene in front of Nettle made him cheer loud at the sheer cleverness for the producer of this segment. The materials, dressed as they were, looked exactly like a replica of downtown Riverstone! It got down all the skyscrapers to the last detail! And look, they even imitated the stadium that everyone was currently in!
Next, about another Thousand performers dressed in blue started running in a swirly motion throughout the buildings and skyscrapers. Nettle guessed that this represented the river for which Riverstone was named after, which also happened to run right through downtown.
The spotlight then returned to the Lone Cat. Now everything was quiet, the performers were still, not even the crowd was making any noise, for it had settled down after they realized what they were seeing earlier.
The wind started to play again, and it gave the impression that, though his city was built, he was still lonely.
"What he needs," Nettle whispered to himself, "is more cats to fill his newfound city and country..."

The Arrivals

Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony Part 07 The Arrivals
Only the first five minutes were used..so yeah. And the last like 20 seconds were used at the end. Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony Part 07 The Arrivals
With the crowd still cheering, the music started to play as the skyscraper replicas descended into the field. Nettle noticed that it sounded a lot like the cats from the continent Calidersica would play.
First, the young she-cat came out of the tunnel, waving her tail, and joined the Lone Cat who "built" the skyline of Riverstone.
The, from one of the tunnels, as many as two hundred or so performers dressed as somewhat stereotypical Calidersicans came out, lead by one of the five First Clan members who left the Lone Cat a while ago. The peformers were dressed in all white robes, and they came in dancing traditional dances from their respective regions. They continued to dance as their float, which was black colored, stopped in front of the tunnel, then went on to go in the center of the field.
Next out of the tunnels were the Terrigesian representatives. They were dressed in yellow and blue fur-coats that covered their whole bodies. The music changed too, it sounded more frosty and natureous, in a way, and they were doing their traditional dances too, like pounding on one paw rhythmically while dancing in a circle. They too, stopped for a little bit, then continued. Nettle noticed that there were also cats on the Terrigesian's blue-and-yellow lighted float.
One of the Terrigesians gave out one last traditional yell to the skies, which, after that, signaled for the Salterrans to come out, dancing to the up-beat, sort of pop music, with pianos and drums playing.
The Salterrans were dressed in all green, sort of wild costumes. Along with dancing, they twirled and bounced, pranced, and even pounced. It was the perfect dance for the music they were performing too. They had about Twenty cats dancing on top of their float, which was illuminated with green lights.
At their appearance, Nettle and the stadium cheered, because Salterra was home to ForestClan and Riverstone.
Throughout this whole segment, all the cats in the stadium, as it appeared to Nettle, waved their glowsticks, which were green for Salterra at the time, in tune with the beat. It was so beautiful! Nettle thought. The whole stadium felt united as every single cat waved their, now red glowsticks, in short and fast beats, for the Impartericans.
The Impartericans came out in all red, and the music, while still up-beat, went from being pop, to more of a dancing rhythm. They too, like the Salterrans, twirled, jumped, and popped.
They took their place next to the Terrigesians, who, along with the Salterrans and the Calidersicans, lined up along the center of the field.
Wait a minute, thought Nettle, All the colors of the olympic rings are lined up right now...they must be forming the olympic rings, which means the only color left is...
The music became, in Nettle's mind, somewhat more tribal, in a tropical, island sort of way. There were many drum beats, and there were actually people chanting some mysterious and beautiful traditional chant.
The appearance of the blue float represented the Gensulesians, the cats from the tropical island area of the planet, caused the Stadium to cheer, because many Gensulesian descendants live in Salterra and Riverstone today.
They performers were all dressed in blue, though many weren't dancing, they were instead waving their tails in the air in a ritualistic way.
Soon enough, they took their place next to the Salterrans, which then completed the olympic rings. The different colored floats surrounded the Lone Cat and the young she-cat, who were standing, alone with the five original First Clan cats, on the circular stage.
The music culminated with the very loud, Gensulesian sounding drum beats, and the segment ended. The stadium cheered and waved around their yellow glowsticks even more.

Under Forest Lights

Under The Southern Skies
Nothing much to say...except this is the FREAKING best part of the whole ceremony :D enjoy. Under The Southern Skies
Almost immediately after the last Gensulesian drumbeat, a very sweet and melodic, yet modern song started to play. The field and stadium dimmed, as to illuminate further the young she-cat, who looked as if she was about to sing. Every glowstick turned an orange color, and already, because of the rhythm of the new music, some cats were starting to wave theirs slowly. Nettle watched as the she-cat opened her mouth and began to sing.
There's a place in our hearts
And a hope in our paws
We're a family in nature
We come from many different clans
Our time is just beginning
Our wish is yet to rise
But if you could help us learn this
Then we have already won
There was a pause, in which Nettle noticed literally everyone in the stadium waving their glowstick back and forth, almost in unison.
Under the Forest Lights
Together in this Clan
Every cat in, celebration
A whisper in the breeze
Under the Forest Lights
As a one we turn,
All our eyes to see,
All the wonder of our planet in
A land of hope and peace
The performers from the segment before this were standing in a welcoming way, but as soon as the she-cat finished that stanza, many of them descended from their floats to form a giant, filled in circle around the singer, who was herself slowly descending from the circular stage as she sang:
There's a great spirit rising
From the River to the Trees
As it sweeps across this wond'rus land
It comes for you and me.
You're the leaders and the leading
You are idols to everyone
Every kitten can be a hero
If we all live Peacefully
The stadium became fully dark now, but was lit by dark blue lights. Yet everything was still visible, especially the spotlighted young she-cat, singing to a crown in which, without exaggeration, all 110,000 cats were waving their orange glowsticks back and forth in unision.
Under the Forest Lights
Together in this Clan
Every cat in, celebration
A whisper in the breeze
Under the Forest Lights
As a one we turn,
All our eyes to see,
All the wonder of our planet in
A land of hope and peace
She started to sing a little higher now,
Under the Forest Lights
Together in this Clan
Every cat in, celebration
A whisper in the breeze
Under the Forest Lights
As a one we turn,
All our eyes to see!
All the wonder of our planet in
A land of hope and peace!
The she-cat trailed her words on the word peace. The performers around her, while she was singing the last part of the stanza, ran to form the formation of the outline of ForestClan, clearly visible because of the dark suits and the bright lights which the performers were holding, so when she said peace, the outline of ForestClan glowed around her.
All the wonder of our planet's in,
This land of hope and peace.
She stopped singing, but the music was still going, which gave the glowstick-waving crowd a little bit of time to admire the awe-inspiring scene before them. Finally, the music stopped playing.
The crowd gave their biggest roar yet for this performance, and also because it was the final artistic/cultural act of the night, according to the program. Nettle and his family cheered, clapped, whistled, and even waved around their orange glowstick for the she-cat, and for the performance of the night as a whole.
The crowd was still cheering, though not as loudly, as all the performers left the field, leaving it completely empty for the first time since the ceremony started. Slowly, the stadium light's turned to normal. Nettle looked on his program to see what was next, and saw The Parade of Athletes.

Part 2: Opening of the Games of the I Greenleaf Olympiad

Parade of Athletes

Hylenatas ode Hylenukoren, Welkomen parfälla i Ois Spelen Olympiada ave Riverstone, Os Atlarnes ave Mondel!"
"She-cats and Toms, please welcome the Athletes of the World to the Riverstone 2056 Olympic Games!"
The stadium was cheering before the announcers were even finished. For Nettle, this was perhaps going to be his favourite part, because he always got so inspired watching athletes in other minor competitions. But seeing them all at once in the biggest event ever held, had the potential to make him cry of happiness.
Some music started to play, but it was modern music, as in songs one would hear on the radio. There was no singing, just the sound of computerized instruments, as the athletes started to walk into the stadium.
According to old human tradition, the founders of the Olympics, a place called "Greece", marched in first. So that honor went to WindClan, because it was people from their Clan who first discovered these games.
"VentClan!" the female announcer yelled in the Vidtabian Language
"WindClan!" the English announcer yelled.
A delegation of about 380 WindClan cats walked into the stadium, trailing behind an athlete who was carrying the flag of WindClan, a blue base with white four stripes going horizontally down the middle. The mostly running-based athletes were dressed in light blue clothes.
The stadium respectfully cheered.
Up next came a delegation of about 250 frosty looking cats, who walked behind a red and dark blue flag with yellow stars.
Again, the stadium dutifully cheered for the Mountain-Nation cats.
For the next hour and some minutes, Nettle cheered, whistled, clapped, and even roared for the countries that were marching into the stadium. They ranged from the far north Byelistravan's, who came in a delegation of 76, to the western Pineland, whose strong sporting culure made them have almost 400 athletes. They weren't the only ones to have a large number of athletes.
Nettle noticed that about 7 nations, besides ForestClan, had extremely large teams. Those were ThunderClan, who looked about 480 strong, Pineland, Vidtabia, who almost had 500 athletes, Tyskella, who had about 440, ShadowClan, who had almost 390, Hawthornes, who's geographical isolation by the Wonder Mountains made their training secrets hard to ponder, brought about 500 cats as well. Lastly, ForestClan's pioneering and high-tech neighbours, Falling Ashes, brought 460 cats to the Games.
They were almost to the end of the Parade now.
A small delegation of only about 20 walked for their country, Woestyn, a small landlocked country, located right in the center of the Great Bone Desert, in western Calidersica.
"As Skogeras!"
"The Woodlands!"
The delegation came out, in a semi-strong team of 150, representing their densely forested country located in northern Salterra. The team took their place onto the field, next to the other 74 nations lined up on the field.
The music came to a techno-sounding high, then made swooshing sound, yet still maintained its beat. Now, along with the techno-sounding music, trumpets started to play, somewhat royally. Nettle and the crowd started to realize what team was gonna come out of the tunnel next.
"Ode nura!"
"And now!"
The sound of mass cheering and yelling and whistling happened before the announcers even said the country name, as the whole stadium could see the flag emerging from the tunnel, and behind them, more than 670 cats.
The cheering was deafening. People were yelling, whistling, clapping. Nettle thought he would be blind as well, because the flashes of thousands of cameras were going off. It was absolute euphoria, Nettle thought. He never experienced anything like it. Everyone was so ecstatic, the air was electrified with the awesome Nationalism that everyone was feeling. And the best part, Nettle thought, was that the cheering never stopped. It kept going and going, having the same amplitude and excitedness, even when the did a full lap around the track and took their place in the field, all 670 of them, easily the largest team at the games.
Now everyone waited to see what would happen next.

Together We Are One

Delta Goodrem - Together We Are One @ The Commonwealth Games
I just changed the lyrics to fit the cats' world...I hope this inspires you :D Delta Goodrem - Together We Are One @ The Commonwealth Games
With the athletes all packed onto the field, and the spectators finally calmed down, everyone was waiting to see what was gonna happen next. All was quiet, the stadium lights still on, and only the buzz of quiet whispering could be heard.
Then, the stadium lights dimmed. The crowd let out a quiet cheer. There was a spotlight glowing on the circular spot in the center of the athletes. Nettle realized that it was the circular stage. Also, he just noticed that faint, yet visible, stars were being projected like lights onto the athletes.
Music started to play as well. It was nice music, Nettle thought. It sounded like violins were playing. They played for about ten seconds, then the violins slowly stopped, and a piano was started to play. It was a slow song, he thought.
All the while, the stage was being slowly lifted up, right from the center of the athletes, with a she-cat on it, looking like she was ready to sing. She started to sing a couple seconds after the piano started to play:
Here we are
Standing so proud
We worked so hard, to get here now
Though we’ll compete, between each other
No matter what, we are still one.
But now we’ve come so far
One chance to reach the sky
We need to, give our all.
Follow all your dreams and your hopes
You can make them all come true!
All you need is that certain spark
That will shine, throughout you
But we all must work together,
So put aside all your doubts
See what we can become?
Together we are One.
You’ve proved yourselves, you young heroes
That spark sees all, your heart and goals
In every step, with every chance
You’ve gave it all, to reach that one goal
You seeked the strength to win, with no chance of giving in
Reach further, and further!
Follow all your dreams and your hopes
You can make them all come true!
All you need is that certain spark
That will shine, throughout you
But we all must work together,
So put aside all your doubts
See what we can become?
Together we are One.
At the beginning of the Stanza, Nettle noticed that the stars that were shining on the athletes were swirling around crazily. And at the end, small blue and white fireworks went off around the edge of the elevated, circular platform. This all caused some cheers from the crowd.
Follow your,
Dreams and Hopes
Dreams and Hopes!
Follow all your dreams and your hopes
You can make them all come true!
All you need is that certain spark
That will shine, throughout you
But we all must work together,
So put aside all your doubts
See what we can become?
Together we are One.
Follow all your dreams and your hopes
You can make them all come true!
(Together we are one!)
All you need is that certain spark
That will shine, throughout you
But we all must work together,
(Must work together!)
So put aside all your doubts
See what we can become?
Together we are One.

Heart of a Warrior

Vanessa Amorosi Heroes Live Forever
Same, just read the lyrics and listen to this song. Vanessa Amorosi Heroes Live Forever
The crowd cheered happily as a series of white and gold fireworks illuminated the stadium from above, acting as a finale to the song.
The crowd was still cheering when the next piece of music started to play. It sounded like the same instruments as the song before, except much higher and faster. And there were trumpets playing. The trumpets beated out a last beat, then the singer, another she-cat, who was on the stage where the orchestra was playing, started to sing:
You are the light, that shines through every heart
The troop, that's there for all to see
You are the guide, that leads us to our dreams
You're the warriors, we'd all like to be
You are the dreams, that lie in all our hearts
Your spirit, inspires us all to
Be the best that, we can all be
And we'll always, be by your side
The song then became faster
And all the Clans will join in celebration
And every cat will see the hope you bring
In all your power, your hope and great spirit
In all that glory, the clans will join to sing
Heart of a Warrior
Heart of a Warrior
Always, and forever
the Heart of a Warrior
Another choir started to sing as well
Since the beginning of our Clans
(Since the beginning of our Clans)
In search of all our hopes and dreams
(In search of all our destinies)
Warriors, forever being
(Warriors forever being)
Heart of a Warrior!
Heart of a Warrior
Always, and Forever
the Heart of a Warrior, oh!
Heart of a Warrior, yeah
Heart of a Warrior
Always, and Forever
the Heart of a Warrior!
Ohhhh, Ahhhhhhh, Ahhhh!
Towards the end, the she-cat prolonged her "oh's" and "ah's", as well as a lot of her "warriors" in the last stanza. Immediately after she finished, if not during her final words, bright, circular, white fireworks went off above the stadium, and formed a dove, the symbol for peace. Then, in all the colors of the Olympics, formed the five Olympic rings, causing the stadium to cheer and whistle even louder.
Nettle clapped and whistled loudly for the she-cat and the fireworks, who was probably the best singer he's ever heard. Aside from that, the song had been so inspiring! This song, along with the song sung before, made Nettle want to be the best that he can be, so that he can inspire many other cats to do the same.
The crowd cheered loud and clapped too, when the announcers announced that the last two songs were performed by Dove Bluestripe and Moss Petalcloud. Massive amounts of camera flashes then went off.

The Flags/Opening Addresses

"Hylenatas ode Hylenukoren, Boavälkommen parfälla faro grandor atlettaras, sko askomhar A Bandeke Olimpyska im."
"She-cats and Toms, please welcome four great Foressian athletes, who will bring in the Olympic Flag."
Nettle and the crowd cheered a little bit.
"The flag is carried in by, Gray Dawnview, Kestrel Forestfur, Mouse Breezewillow, and Thorn Shellnest"
The stadium respectfully cheered for the four athletes, who were given a huge honor in bringing in the olympic flag, in front of at least a 2 billion cat TV audience.
The cats brought the flag to six national guard members, who took the flag, and then hoistened the flag up the flag pole, which was towards the far left corner of the field, from Nettle's view. While they were slowly raising the flag, the orchestra was playing a soft, opera-like tune, which he guessed to be the Olympic Hymn.
Finally, the flag reached its height, and was then left to flow in the breeze. The stadium gave a huge cheer for this, because it symbolized how official the games in Riverstone will be soon.
"Hylenatas ode Hylenukoren, Hawk Greeneye".
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Hawk Greeneye".
The stadium cheered for their Prime Minister, who was almost popular with the whole population. Nettle guessed that he would be the one to officially open the games.
Hawk Greeneye stepped up onto the stage near one of the four major stands, with the orchestra behind him. He stepped up to a microphone and started to recite a speech. He spoke about how proud he was of his country, and how he knows that Riverstone will host the best Greenleaf Olympiad ever. It was rather short, only about 30 seconds, and all that was left was to give the official, fifteen word sentence.
"...so, on behalf of all Foressians, I declare open the Games of Riverstone, celebrating the First Greenleaf Olympiad of the New Era!"
The stadium cheered in happiness once more, because now it was official. Riverstone is officially hosting the first Greenleaf Olympiad, after over ten years of thoughts and preparations.
The stadium was still cheering as new music started to play.

Dare to Dream

This new piece of music seemed softer than the others, and had a more uplifting tone to it.
Two cats- one tom, one she-cat, were standing on the stage where the previous singers sang. The spotlight illuminated them against the darkness as they started to sing.
Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony Part 10 Dare to Dream
Same thing, just read the lyrics to the sound of the song. (It's really beautiful and uplifting, btw) Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony Part 10 Dare to Dream
We are our own believers
In our hearts, the reasons
How to listen to all of our soul
We're not afraid of weakness
We're gonna feel that glory
Of the power, not to give up
Oh I will see it through, I believe
This is our moment of truth
Dare to Dream
Dare to Fly
Dare to be the air,
The chosen one to reach the stars
Dare to Be,
The one true Hero!
To find the heart within each one of us
Dare to Dream
There was a pause in the song, the music was still going but they weren't singing. Thats when, once they started singing again, they walked off the stage, to walk in a path that seperated the field, and the athletes, in two. They sang to the atheltes, and touched their paws together with them as they slowly made their way down the path. It was very personal and touching, Nettle thought.
I will go the distance, feel the resistance
I will give my soul for the gold
When we have given our best
When we have proven our strength
All our hearts will shine for the gold
Oh, I will see it through, I believe
This is our moment to prove
Dare to Dream
Dare to Fly
Dare to be the air,
The chosen one to reach the stars
Dare to Be,
The one true Hero!
To find the heart within each one of us
Dare to Dream
And our souls will be at your side
Every cats voices together as one:
We believe, We believe, We believe,
We believe!
Dare to Dream
Dare to Fly
Dare to be the air,
The chosen one to reach the stars
Dare to Be,
The one true Hero,
To find the heart within each one of us
Dare to Dream
Dare to Dream
Dare to Fly
Dare to be the air,
The chosen one to reach the stars
Dare to Be,
The one true Hero!
To find the heart within each one of us
(Find the heart within each one of us)
To find the spark makes us, who we are,
(Who we are!)
Dare to Dream,
Dare to Dream
The music and singing slowly faded away. But before the music fully faded away, the singers spoke directly to the athletes.
"Good luck everybody!" the she-cat said in her sweet, encouraging voice.
"Have a wonderful time in Riverstone!" the tom said.
This caused massive cheers from the crowd, because it was a very touching and personal gesture to the athletes to do that, especially after singing the uplifting song to them, and getting up close by walking down that path, singing straight to their faces and touching their paws in encouragement.
The stadium cheered loudly and waved around their silver glowsticks.

The Flame/Lighting of the Flame

More music started up again, this time it was the sound of trumpets coming from the band. The whole band then followed suit and played a small piece of music, which somewhat sounded as an introduction to a more grander piece of music.
"Hylenatas ode Hylenukoren, Cinder Talonstorm, ode Les Lärlicen Koron ave Riverstone."
"She-cats and Toms, Cinder Talonstorm, and the Childrens Choir of Riverstone."
The crowd half cheered as the song started to play. The spotlight then shined onto the she-cat, the very attractive she-cat, Nettle thought, as the stadium slightly deemed and everyone's glowsticks turned to a red-orange, almost flame color.
The music paused for a second, and resumed when the she-cat started to sing:
The Flame Tina Arena
The Flame Tina Arena
Is this the hope, of the clan in my paws?
I'll take the moment, to be all that I can
Look to you to see the future
And destiny
Today, we will show our true strength
We are the Clans, and we're together always
We're friends, so we'll help light the way!
We travel on, guided by the flame
There was a pause in the singing, and by this point, Nettle noticed the stadium screens showing footage of the Torch Relay for the Olympic Flame. Besides that, it would also show shots of the stadium's spectators, who were waving their glowsticks around in a slow, synchronized fashion as they all did when Under Forest Lights was being performed.
The Hero within you reaches out for the gold
You'll be the one that, bring out all our hopes
The Clans in need of inspiration
Looks t'you, and me
Today, we will show our true strength
We are the Clans, and we're together always
We're friends, so we'll help light the way!
We travel on, guided by the flame
Like Ancient Clans, we're here together
In the light of the Flame
Standing Paw to Paw in peace!
Cats will reach to you for greatness,
Be all you can be! Yeahhh, yeah!
The apprents choir then began to sing,
Today, we will show our true strength
We are the Clans, together always
Today, you will show who-oo, you are!
True Warriors! You unite the world in hope and peace,
My friends, you have brightened the way!
Look in your hearts, you will find the Flame!
Wooaah, Oh!
Look to your hearts!, sang the apprents choir.
You will find, the Flaa-aamee!
The crowd cheered and clapped for the she-cat as orange, red, and white fireworks shot up from the edge of the stadium rooftop. They illuminated the sky to a firey, orange-mixed-with-midnight-black color, most likely symbolizing the arrival of the Olympic Flame.
The crowd's cheers were starting to die off when the Vidtabian Language speaker spoke. Slight audible music was playing in the background, similar to the music playing before The Flame was sung.
"Hylenatas ode Hylenukoren, A Chamme Olympiska ertes antraron O Estadion!
"She-Cats and Toms, the Olympic Flame is entering the stadium!"
The crowd roared in delight and waved their blinking blue-and-gold glowsticks as the stadium darkened. For a couple of seconds, no one could see where the Flame was.
Then it entered. Entered in the most fashionable way possible. The crowd was screaming in delight.
A cat was sky diving out of a helicopter, one painted and styled to look like a flame, while holding the Olympic Flame! The she-cat, unrecognizable in her helmet, released the parachute, and eased onto the track, on the side opposite of the orchestra.
She took of her helmet as the Announcer said:
"Kestrel Sandwind,"
The stadium erupted in cheers for one of the most decorated athletes in ForestClan
"Winner of the 2054 Pawnit World Championships!"
The crowd continued to cheer their loudest cheer yet as the she-cat, whilst carrying the torch, started to run around the track. By this time, some soft music started to play as the crowd settled down. She ran half-way around the track, to end up completely opposite of where she started, and ended up in front of the orchestra and their stage.
Kestrel then turned around, looked out into the stadium, and lifted her torch in a dramatic fashion. Then, she turned and ran up the orchestra platform until she reached the top, before turning around and lifting her torch in another dramatic fashion.
She crouched down to light the floor around her, which ignited some sort of thin fuse that formed a circle around her, which then caught fire, making Kestrel surrounded by the flames. She lifted her torch again and stared straight ahead of her into the stadium, with a slight smile on her face, as the stadium somewhat cheered.
Nettle then noticed that, after a few moments, the flamed fuse was moving towards the stands from behind her. What's going on? he asked himself, Is that suppose to happen?
As Kestrel still looked forward with the torch held high, the fuse, which seemed to lead towards the border of the upper deck of the stadium's stands, started to light, not with flames per-say, but more with a orangey-firey glow. At first it would light slow, but as it moved from the bottom border of the stand towards its sides, it started gaining speed. Once it reached the top border of the stands, it reached full speed and was moving very fast, added by wooshing sounds played over the stadium's speakers.
Previously, the top of the south stand, where the orchestra was during the entire ceremony, had been shadowed, which Nettle guessed in hindsight was so they could keep the olympic cauldron design a surprise. So when the glowing fuse finally reached the top of the stand, and seemed to swirl around in thin air, Nettle knew why.
It swirled for only a few moments before nothing happened, and the music went silent. But, a second later, the music played a loud, dramatic note as flames erupted seemingly in mid-air, as light was thrown onto the cauldron.
It was in the shape of a tree! Nettle put it all together: The fuse, which traveled around the edges of the upper stand, gaining speed along the way, ended up swirling around the "trunk" of the cauldron, and ended up lighting "leaves" on top of the cauldron-tree, which all looked like they were burning as one once they were all lighted. It was very fitting that the ForestClan cauldron would be in the shape of a tree, Nettle thought.
The Stadium screamed and clapped in delight as the flame glowed brighter and brighter, as it was also the climax of the ceremony. As they were cheering, the ceremony's biggest firework display was lighting the sky green, orange, blue, and many other colors. Nettle and many of the crowd oohed and awed, as they noticed that the fireworks formed shapes that were familiar to ForestClanners: mocking birds, stars, and even the Olympic rings. The stadium was filled with camera flashes as spectators and athletes took pictures of the fireworks for next minutes that they were shown.
But finally, the ceremony was at a close.
"Hylenatas ode Hylenukoren, desta consluvtui A Ivbertura Cerimonia avois Spelen ave A Primöra Folblada Gração Olympiada. Obriga, ode gott natte. Laise começaröra Ois Spelen!"
"She-cats and Toms, this concludes the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the First Greenleaf Olympiad. Thank you, and good night. Let the games begin!"
Nettle and the crowd gave one last roar of cheer.
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