This is the second book in the Apprentice Queen, if you haven't read it, go here: Apprentice Queen.


"Willowshine!" Greeted a silver she-cat, with stars in her pelt, purring.

Willowshine gazed at her sadly. "I've died too soon." She kicked up dirt, sighing. " Now Smokepaw and Rushingpaw are along-with newborns! "

The other cat sighed. "Blackstone will help them, even when he threw Chestnutkit."

Willowshine pawed her throat. "My-My scar!" She hissed, " It's growing black! " her scar on her throat was indeed growing, and was turning pitch black.

The she-cat sighed. "They must find the tom who killed you, or you'll soon crumble into dust, slowly, but surely."

" Please, Rivershine! Help me! Send me back! " Willowshine meowed, tears brimmed her brilliant blue eyes.

Rivershine shook her head. "They must find him-before it's too late."

Willowshine shrieked, "I don't even know who he was!"

" Silver fur, start there. " 

Chapter one

Smokepaw padded to ShadowClan's nursery, it had been two moons since her kits were born, and ShadowClan had welcomed them.

Rushingpaw sat beside their kits, lapping at thier pelts.

Rushingpaw was a good father, and loved being one.

"Smokepaw!" Yowled ShadowClan's leader, Pollenstar.

Smokepaw dipped her head to the yellow she-cat, whose belly was risen with kits.

"Hello, Pollenstar, fine day, isn't it?" Smokepaw purred.

Pollenstar nodded, smileing. "Winds are high, hu? Or is it just your kits?" She joked, nodding towards Smokepaw's pelt.

Smokepaw shrunk in her pelt, then saw the friendliness in her friend's eyes.

Smokepaw quickly lapped at her mottled, silver-grey pelt.

Pollenstar raced down her rock, in which lead to her cave, Smokepaw hadn't gone in, but knew it must be nice.

Pollenstar greeted her with a kick to the muzzle. "How's your day been?"

Smokepaw smiled, "Great!" Her long, feathery tail whisked the sandy grownd .

Pollenstar nodded, her long tabbied legs twitched. "I'm scared." She confessed, leading Smokepaw into her den.

Her den was cozy, with pebbles littering the floor, a fresh mossy nest in the cornor, and herbs in tiny holes in the wall.

"What are you scared about?" Meowed Smokepaw, tilting her head.

" The birth! " hissed Pollenstar, wailing. "I didn't want to be pregnant! Me and my mate just mated! I didn't want kits!"

Smokepaw sighed, "well, kits are a blessing. "

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