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Authors Note (Hope)- This is about three kits destined for greatness. They were separated when their mother died. One lives in RiverClan, one in ThunderClan and one in ShadowClan. Hope you enjoy Rise of the Three! The character list will change as story proceeds.


Leader: Heronstar

Deputy: Wavecrash

Medicine Cat: Puddlesplash













Kits: Sunkit, Featherkit (Adopted kit)


Kits: Otterkit, Ripplekit


None yet


Leader: Frondstar

Deputy: Acornleap

Medicine Cat: Juniperleaf

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Skypaw



Apprentice: Hollypaw




Apprentice: Goldenpaw


Apprentice: Rosepaw










Leader: Wispstar

Deputy: Echomist

Medicine Cat: Fallenfeather

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Dreampaw













Kits: Ravenkit (Deceased), Darkkit (Adopted kit)



The three kits huddled near the lifeless body of their mother. They were weak, pitiful creatures. 

The three cats watching from above knew they had to do something. 

"They need a clan." A sleek, silver tabby she-cat commented. 

The others nodded. "But which clan, Minnowstrike?" A burly, black tom asked. 

"Watch, Badgerclaw." A quiet, brown tabby tom spoke up. 

They all looked once again at the cats. "Of course."

The first one, a light gray striped she-cat was drenched in water. Her stripes formed lines that looked like currents. 

The second one, a black tom, was lying in the shadow of their mother's body. 

The third one, a dark smoky gray she-cat, had jagged black stripes that looked like lightning strikes.

"I'll take the RiverClan kit." Minnowstrike said. 

"I'll take ShadowClan." Badgerclaw said curtly.

"ThunderClan." The thoughtful brown tom said. They nodded at each other. 

"They mustn't learn of each other's existence until it's absolutely crucial." 

The three cats closed their eyes, sending out a prophecy that would doom or save the clans. 

The kits squirmed, as if they knew a giant weight had just been placed on their shoulders.

Chapter One - RiverClan (Silver)

"Featherkit!" A voice jarred her out of a trance. "Huh?" Featherkit asked, distracted.

"I said, do you want to explore camp with me?" An exasperated voice came from above her. She glanced up at Sunkit standing over her.

"Oh, uh, sure..." Featherkit mumbled, standing up. There were snickers from across the nursery. Featherkit glanced at the far wall, where Ripplekit and Otterkit were smirking at her.

"What?" Featherkit asked, miffed. "Nothing," Otterkit replied sweetly, her eyes betraying a secret. Featherkit's pelt burned with embarrassment.

"At least I have a head on my shoulders," Featherkit retorted. Otterkit's eyes widened in mock anger. "At least I have parents who want me!"

Featherkit recoiled. How dare they bring that up? Ungrateful toads. That's what they were.

She turned back to Sunkit. "C'mon, let's go do something useful."

She shot a glare at Otterkit as they padded out of the nursery.

In the middle of camp, Sunkit looked around. "Want to check out the medicine den?" She asked.

Featherkit nodded. "Y-yeah." She wasn't paying attention, but was back in her trance.

Sunkit sighed and started towards the medicine den. Featherkit followed her slowly.

She wanted to be out of the camp. She wanted to swim. She wanted to eat fresh fish, feel the reeds and mud underpaw.

She sighed. Soon.

Inside the medicine den, Featherkit was shocked back into reality. There were herbs everywhere. A small puddle for keeping herbs wet.

A muddy brown she-cat was sitting with her back turned to them, sorting herbs.

"Um, excuse me?" Sunkit asked tentatively. She turned, smiling.

"Hello there! I'm Puddlesplash, the medicine cat."

"I'm Sunkit, and this is Featherkit." Sunkit explained bossily. Featherkit didn't mind, she was to busy looking around to notice or care.

"I was just sorting herbs. Is this your first time in camp?" Puddlesplash asked, cocking her head.

Featherkit nodded absently. "Yeah..."

Puddlesplash laughed. "That's great! Do you like it?"

"We've only seen the medicine den so far," Sunkit admitted.

Puddlesplash smiled. "Well, you'll love it!"

Sunkit looked around, wide-eyed. "I really like it here. Do you have an apprentice?"

Puddlesplash shook her head. "Not yet, although Otterkit seemed to be interested."

Sunkit groaned. "She hasn't talked to Heronstar yet," Puddlesplash winked.

She gasped. "Featherkit, can we-"

Featherkit nodded eagerly. "Yes! Hurry!"

They dashed outside, scanning for the leader's den. It was between the roots of a willow tree.

Sunkit and Featherkit dashed inside. "H-Heronstar?" Sunkit squeaked.

The large white she-cat turned to stare at them in amusement. "Yes?"

"She'd like to be a medicine cat," Featherkit explained. Sunkit nodded.

Heronstar surveyed her. "Well, are you sure?"

Sunkit didn't hesitate. "Yes, Heronstar!"

Heronstar chuckled. "Very well."

Featherkit and Sunkit cheered. They walked out of the den gaily, chattering.

"I can't wait to see the look on Otterkit's face!" Sunkit crowed.

Featherkit laughed. "Sadly, I'm going to have to put up with her."

Sunkit smiled."At least one of us gets a happy ending."

Those words rang in Featherkit's head.

"Yeah," she echoed, "one of us."

Chapter Two- ThunderClan (Hope)

"Rosekit, I beat you again!" exclaimed Hollykit.

"No, you cheated!" protested Rosekit.

"It's getting late you two. It is time to go to bed." explained Dovestorm.

"But mother!" whined Hollykit.

Rosekit trotted over to Dovestorm. Hollykit followed, albeit reluctantly.

Rosekit's tortishell fur brushed against Hollykit's when they snuggled closer together. Hollykit put her head on her paws and drifted off to sleep.

"Hollykit, wake up!" yelled Rosekit.

Hollykit opened his eyes. "It is so early Rosekit!" complained Hollykit.

Hollykit got up and stretched her back. Hollykit followed Rosekit out of the nursery and into the clearing. Hollykit squinted as the sun shined in her eyes.

"Race you to the apprentice den." yelled Rosekit. Hollykit set off. Her legs move das fast as they could. She ran and suddenly she collided with another cat. "Hey watch where you are going you pesky kit!" hissed a cat.

Hollykit realised it was Adderheart! "I'm sorry Adderheart."

Adderheart let out a grumble and then padded off. Hollykit walked the rest of the way so she didn't want to bump into another cat.

Rosekit was waiting by the apprentice den when Hollykit arrived. "What happened Hollykit? I was getting worried!" asked Rosekit.

"Well I bumped into Adderheart during the race." explained Hollykit.

Rosekit nodded and the two of them padded off slowly to the Elder's den. "Hello young ones." said Hollowbranch.

"Hey Hollowbranch!" said Rosekit enthusiastically.

Rosekit loved Hollowbranch and the Elder's den,

"Would you like to hear a story?" asked Hollowbranch.

Rosekit curled up into a ball and nodded her eyes beaming with happiness. Hollykit followed. When Hollykit lay down she lay her head on her paws. She listened very well to Hollowbranch's story. It was about a rogue who gave birth to three kits. It sounded a lot like her real mother. Hollykit's mother, Hawk had died when giving birth to her. But Hollykit was told she was the only kit. Did she have brothers or sister's in a different Clans.

"Wow Hollowbranch that was a great story!" exclaimed Rosekit.

"Thank you young one!" as Hollowbranch bowed his head to show his appreciation.

"Thank you Hollowbranch but we have to go now because mother will be worried." explained Hollykit.

Hollowbranch nodded and the two kits ran to the nursery. All Hollykit could think about was, "Do I have a lost brother or sister?"

Chapter Three - ShadowClan (Moon)

Darkkit woke up in the pitch-black of night. The place next to him was cold, deserted.

"Ravenkit?" He asked hoarsely. His sister was gone.

He stood up shakily, and looked around, his eyes adjusting to the dark immediately.

He was still recovering from a bout of greencough, usually fatal for kits. The sickness had swept through the camp, and Darkkit wondered how he had survived when his father, Thrushpelt, had succumbed to the darkness.

He padded out of the nursery, eyes narrowed.

He caught Ravenkit's scent, it was stale. He opened his mouth, scenting.

He caught the scent trail leading out of camp. Darkkit cursed and crept past the sleeping guards, wondering what his sister was doing.

His scent caught up with another cat's scent, which completely masked Ravenkit's.

He followed the strange cat's scent, not knowing what else to do.

Darkkit reached a clearing, the light from the moon barely giving him enough light to see.

He squinted. Ravenkit!

He padded over, ready to scold her, when he stopped suddenly.

He had found Ravenkit. But she was dead.

She lay in a pool of blood, ebony fur soaked. Her weak kitten-claws were extended, but they were no sharper than thorns.

He choked back a wail. Who had done this terrible thing to a kit? And why?

He grabbed her by the scruff, gagging at the taste of cat blood. He finally reached the sleeping guards, and prodded them awake.

"Darkkit? What did you do?" One of the guards asked. Graywhisker. Her voice was shocked, her eyes wide.

"She wasn't in the nursery, so I followed her scent! I found her like this! There was a strange scent near her!" Darkkit wailed.

Graywhisker lay her tail upon the small kit's shoulders. "I'll wake your mother. Go find Fallenfeather or Dreampaw. Get some poppy seeds."

He nodded numbly. He rubbed his jaw to Ravenkit's for a final time. He would say his goodbyes in the morning.

He padded into the medicine den, poking Dreampaw awake.

"Huh? What do you want, Ravenkit?" The crabby tom snapped.

"It's Darkkit. My sister is dead." He managed to say.

Dreampaw's expression hardened. "She's dead?" He asked.

Darkkit nodded. "Sh-she was killed."

Dreampaw sighed. "Here. Eat it in your own den."

He passed some seeds over and curled back into a blueish white ball.

Darkkit picked them up in his teeth, but didn't chew them until he was curled up in his den. His mother was outside, grieving.

Two deaths in a moon, Darkkit thought. My poor mother.

He extended his claws... and saw them stained with blood.

Chapter Four - ThunderClan (Hope)

Hollykit couldn't stop thinking about her lost brother or sister. Could it be true? Surely not. "Hollykit you have been very quiet today! What is wrong?" asked Rosekit confused.

"I don't know?" replied Hollykit.

Hollykit was starting to get tired. Her black pelt had been soaking up all the sun which made her drowsy. She padded over two the nursery and curled up. She felt comfortable in the nursery. Like all her worries drifted away. Hollykit closed her eyes slowly and drifted off to sleep.

"Hollykit, wake up." whispered a voice calm and soothing.

Hollykit opened her eyes to see a sleek grey she-cat with eyes a blue as the river.

"Who are you?" questioned Hollykit.

"Hush now little kit, there is something I must tell you!" explained the grey she-cat.

Hollykit's ears twitched as she listened.

"When times are tough on each and every clan, the three will rise.

When the clans fall apart, the three will stick them back together

Three murders. Three murderers.

The clans these three will preserve or raze."

"What do you mean?" asked Hollykit.

The she-cat faded away and all Hollykit could hear was Rosekit.

"Hollykit wake up!" yelled Rosekit in Hollykit's ears.

"Rosekit!" whined Hollykit.

"Hollykit its morning! You were asleep for ages!" explained Rosekit.

Hollykit slowly opened her eyes and closed them due to the sun. She opened them quicker this time so her eyes could adjust. Hollykit arched her back and yawned. She slowly started to walk out of the nursery.

"Hurry up!" yelled Rosekit as she waited for Hollykit.

"I am going as fast as I can!" explained Hollykit.

That was a lie, although Hollykit didn't really care. Once her leg muscles had finally woken up, she started to run after Rosekit. Rosekit's tortoiseshell fur was easy to spot, especially when Rosekit was hiding in a bush.

"Oh, you found me!" purred Rosekit.

Hollykit let out a mreow of amusement. Even if Rosekit wasn't her real sister in Hollykit's heart she was.

Chapter Five - RiverClan (Moon)

Featherkit pounced on the moss ball that she and Sunkit were playing with.

She batted it toward Sunkit, thinking about a dream she had had. A strange cat had come to her, speaking in riddles. And... did she actually have siblings that she didn't know about?

She took a breath. That had been a moon ago, and it her ceremony was tomorrow. Nothing was going to go wrong.

Just then, something went wrong.

Wavecrash stormed in. "Where is Daisypetal?" She snarled.

"W-why?" Sunkit squeaked.

Wavecrash narrowed her eyes. "You'll find out soon enough. Where is she?"

"The medicine den," Featherkit replied. "I think."

Wavecrash nodded, storming out.

Sunkit turned to Featherkit. "Why did you tell her? She's going to do something to my mom!"

Featherkit began to speak, but Sunkit interrupted her. "Even though she's not your mom doesn't mean you don't care about her. I care about her! You- You're a monster!" She spat, running out of the den.

Featherkit's eyes widened, and she sat down numbly.

She grew cold. She was going to find her siblings. She had to.

And maybe, just maybe... they would let Daisypetal live. So Sunkit wouldn't hate her.

She flexed her claws. Just one more day. And then she could start looking.

Chapter Six- ThunderClan (Hope)

"We are going to be apprentices." exclaimed Rosekit proudly her eyes shining with confidence.

"I wonder who my mentor will be?" asked Hollykit.

The two she-cats pelts shone with excitement. They had waited six moons and the occasion had finally come.

"My beautiful kits, I will miss you not being with me every night." explained their mother, Dovestorm.

Hollykit rubbed her cheek across her mother's silky grey pelt. She would miss not having her mother with her but the Clan would need her one day.

"From this day forward Hollykit you will be known as Hollypaw and your mentor will be Lilypetal." announced Stormstar.

"Rosepaw! Hollypaw!" chanted their fellow ThunderClan cats.

Hollypaw ran up to Lilypetal and the touched muzzles. Lilypetal's pelt was sleek and black just like Hollypaw's.

"Hollypaw!" exclaimed Dovestorm.

"Yes mother!" replied Hollypaw

"There is something I must tell you!" whispered Dovestorm

"What is it?" questioned Hollypaw curiously.

"You have a brother and a sister and they are alive." explained Dovestorm

Hollypaw froze. She knew she had a sibling but she didn't know they were alive.

Chapter Seven - ShadowClan (Moon)

Darkkit glanced up at Wispstar numbly. He was suffering from the loss of his sister.

Who had done this?

"From this day forward, you shall be known as Darkpaw! Your mentor will be Echomist!"

He nodded, and stiffly tapped noses with the deputy.

They cheered his name, but he didn't hear it.

He glanced at the assembled cats, realizing that Fawnbelly was trying to catch his eye.

The cats dispersed, and Darkpaw padded over.

Fawnbelly cut to the chase. "You have two siblings. And I'm taking you to meet them."

Darkpaw stared at him. "W - what?"

Fawnbelly let out a hiss. "You heard me!"

She turned to Echomist. "I'll take him hunting!"

Echomist nodded, before starting to announce the patrols.

Fawnbelly started out of the camp, Darkpaw having to trot to keep up.

He blinked, wondering what his siblings would look like. How they would act.

He gazed around at the territory in awe.

He thought of Fawnbelly, and of Ravenkit. She hadn't survived six moons.

The grief weighed him down, but he knew one day he would find who had done it.

And he would kill them.

Chapter Eight - RiverClan (Moon)

Featherpaw stood at the border. Alone. Wavecrash had exiled Daisypetal. She wouldn't even explain why.

She shuddered. Sunpaw had been angry and cold lately. She was gone from Featherpaw's life. Permanently.

She stared at the three shapes, coming from the distance. She had snuck out of camp, pretending to go hunt. Not like anyone would really care, she thought savagely.

There were two apprentices, and one warrior.

One reeked of ShadowClan, the other of ThunderClan. She sat down, wanting to get it over with. The warrior muttered something to the ShadowClan cat, before stalking back to their hellhole of a camp, Featherpaw assumed.

The three stared at each other. "I'm Hollypaw," ThunderClan said. "Darkpaw," Mumbled ShadowClan. "Oh. Featherpaw." She said bleakly.

"Why are we here?" Featherpaw asked. Darkpaw looked at them, eyes hollow.

"I don't know."

Featherpaw scoffed. "This is a waste. I'm leaving."

Her view of life, of happiness, of everything had changed. She was now sullen and remorseful, preferring to retort than report.

Hollypaw looked shocked. "Wait! You can't leave!"

"Why?" Darkpaw asked. His shoulders were slumped, something was off. Sadness, Featherpaw could tell.

"There's a prophecy..." she mumbled.

Featherpaw laughed sarcastically. "Yeah! A prophecy! When hedgehogs fly."

Hollypaw lowered her head, hurt, and began to recite.

"When times are tough on each and every clan, the three will rise.

When the clans fall apart, the three will stick them back together

Three murders. Three murderers.

The clans these three will preserve or raze."

Featherpaw's eyes narrowed. "You can spit poetry at me all day, but I don't give a frog's leg. You probably made all of this up."

Darkpaw nodded at Hollypaw, although his eyes were apologetic. "I'm sorry. But you don't have any proof."

Hollypaw looked at them shrewedly. "Three murders. Three murderers."

Darkpaw's eyes widened. "My sister-"

"Is dead." Hollypaw finished.

"Two to go," Featherpaw admitted grudgingly. "Okay. If there are three murders, one per clan, I'll believe you."

Hollypaw nodded in satisfaction. "Alright."

"Can we meet tomorrow night?" Darkpaw asked.

Featherpaw cocked her head. "Why?"

The dark tom shuddered. "Just a feeling." He said.

Featherpaw nodded. The tom was lying. Of course he was.

But little did she know she was worse than right. She was wrong.

Chapter Nine - ThunderClan (Hope)

After the three mewed their goodbyes they began to pad back to their own territories. Hollypaw was still in shock after meeting Darkpaw and Featherpaw. What was she going to tell Rosepaw? That I found my real brother and sister and it is not you! Hollypaw could never do that to her. As soon as he saw the ThunderClan border Rosepaw was there, waiting for Hollypaw. Hollypaw sprinted up to her sister. Her black fur rustled in the wind.

"Hollypaw where were you?" asked Rosepaw with worry shining in her eyes.

"Ummm well I kind of met my lost brother and sister!" stammered Hollypaw.

Hollypaw didn't want to tell her sister. But she couldn't lie. She must tell her sister the truth. As soon as Rosepaw heard lost brother and sister her face dropped. Rosepaw glumly looked at the ground.

"Lost brother and sister?" Questioned Rosepaw.

"Yes Rosepaw, I was an adopted kit!" Explained Hollypaw.

"But I thought we were sisters!" Said Rosepaw sadly.

"Rosepaw just because I met my blood relatives doesn't mean we aren't still sisters. I never grew up with them so they don't really mean that much to me. But you, on the other paw, you were always there for me. You are my sister Rosepaw and nothing could ever change that!" Explained Hollypaw.

Rosepaw looked at her sister. Rosepaw's eyes shone with happiness. Hollypaw rubbed her face against Rosepaw's soft tortoiseshell pelt. The two she-cats let out a purr as their pelts touched. Even if they weren't blood relatives that never changed the fact that Hollypaw and Rosepaw were sisters.

The two she cats ran back to camp seeing as it was getting dark. They saw Dovestorm waiting for them. "I was worried about you." exclaimed Dovestorm as she ran up to the two she cats.

Dovestorm licked her heads. "Mother! We are not kits anymore!" whined Rosepaw.

"You will always be my kits!" explained Dovestorm.

Hollypaw snuggled into Rosepaw. They were in the apprentice den. Skypaw and Goldenpaw were there too. Hollypaw couldn't help but notice Goldenpaw's beautiful pale ginger pelt. Hollypaw snuggled in closer to her sister and drifted off to sleep.

"Hollypaw wake up!" screamed her sister.

Hollypaw opened her eyes to see Rosepaw glancing down at her.

"What is the matter?" asked Hollypaw.

Hollypaw turned around to see Goldenpaw leaning over Skypaw. Hollypaw rushed over to see Skypaw lay there, motionless. Then he spotted a pool of blood that led to a huge cut on Skypaw's underbelly.

Goldenpaw' eyes filled sorrow and hurt as she explained "Skypaw is dead... he was murdered!"

Only later would she realize that her claws, and hers alone, were covered in blood.

Chapter Ten - ShadowClan (Moon)

Darkpaw crouched down, low.

He extended his claws, padding through the underbrush.

He pounced, landing squarely on the mouse he had been stalking. He sat up proudly, his catch dangling in his jaws limply. Darkpaw was a natural klutz, so any catch was good enough for him.

Echomist nodded proudly.

"Great job!" She purred, relieved that he had managed to catch something at all. She remembered yesterday, the fiasco with the rabbit. She shivered, remembering how it could have blinded her.

He flexed his claws, thinking.

The rabbit had practically leaped into his paws, but his reaction had been to slow. It bounded away, just out of reach.

Darkpaw had raced after it after a nod from Echomist.

He had it cornered, pinned down, but he was reluctant to kill the scrawny creature.

The jackrabbit had kicked with his hind legs, pushing back Darkpaw, before leaping away.

Echomist had told him to be quick, so she chased after him, worried.

She had proceeded to pin it down, and was about to kill it before it swiped it's hind leg at her, clawing her eye.

She had snapped it shut. "Come, Darkpaw. It's okay."

The she-cat shuddered, her cuts were stinging in the fresh morning air. Oh well.

"We should take it back to camp, so we can continue our duties," She recommended finally.

He nodded, and walked back to camp at an even pace, wondering about the next murder. He had a feeling something bad was coming, but he didn't know what... And what would the three victims have to do with each other?

He snapped out of his thoughts, and hurried back to Echomist.

They sped through the lesson, and soon it was night. He dashed towards the border. Hollypaw and Featherpaw were already there.

"Skypaw's dead." Hollypaw blurted out, her eyes wide.

Darkpaw shuddered. "Ravenkit and Skypaw. What would those two have anything to do with each other? And," he glanced at Featherpaw. "Who's next?"

Chapter Eleven - ThunderClan (Hope)

"You both have bees in your brain! Do you actually believe their is a prophecy?" lectured Featherpaw.

"Yes we do Featherpaw!" exclaimed Darkpaw as he flicked his tail angrily.

"Featherpaw all we are saying is just keep on the lookout if you see anything odd keep it in mind." explained Hollypaw.

Featherpaw nodded and waved her tail to she was leaving. Darkpaw and Hollypaw said their goodbyes and the walked off. Hollypaw was walking back to camp when she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. There was a rustle in a nearby bush. Hollypaw swerved around to see a flame coloured pelt.

"Fox!" screamed Hollypaw as she ran.

The she stopped she couldn't lead it back to camp. She had to hide. she saw a hollow tree and began digging. She knew she wasn't a dog but she may as well try. She made a small opening that only an apprentice could fit into and hid. She heard paw steps. The fox must be coming. She saw dark paws and she tried not to yelp. The black paws walked past and didn't stop. The fox must have not smelled her. As soon as she didn't hear paw steps. Hollypaw ran out of the opening and ran back to camp.

She saw Rosepaw sitting in the sun, her tortoiseshell fur glimmered as the sunlight bounced off her beautiful pelt. "Rosepaw!" Panted Hollypaw.

"What happened Hollypaw, why're you out of breath?" asked Rosepaw

"There was a fox! But it didn't follow me back to camp!" She added.

"We must tell Stormstar!" Ordered Rosepaw.

Hollypaw didn't have to be told twice. They ran off to Stormstar's den. There they found a snoozing grey tabby. "Stormstar," Whispered Rosepaw.

Stormstar's head jolted up. He opened his eyes, looking really confused. "What are you doing, young apprentices?" asked Stormstar calmly.

"I spotted a fox close to our camp!' answered Hollypaw.

Stormstar's face turned from calm to alert.

"I will send a patrol out right away!" exclaimed Stormstar.

He got up and ran out of his den. Hollypaw and Rosepaw padded off to the apprentices den. Goldenpaw was still weeping over Skypaw's death. Skypaw was Goldenpaw's brother. "He hunts with StarClan now, Goldenpaw." said Hollypaw softly as she cuddled up to the ginger apprentice.

"I just wish he was here!" explained Goldenpaw.

Rosepaw and Hollypaw nodded as they sat in both sides of the Goldenpaw.

"Rosepaw can I speak to Goldenpaw for a moment?" Asked Hollypaw, not unkindly.

Rosepaw nodded, a bit miffed, and ran out of the den.

"Goldenpaw, there's something I have to tell you!" Said Hollypaw, her voice calm and soft.

"What is it?" asked Goldenpaw.

Hollypaw took a deep breath and blurted out, "I like you!"

Goldenpaw's eyes widened, shocked.

"You like me?" Asked Goldenpaw.

Hollypaw nodded. Did Goldenpaw even like her? She probably liked toms, not she cats. Then, Goldenpaw's facial expression changed from shocked to happy.

Goldenpaw let out a mew of happiness and said "Hollypaw..." She broke off. "I have liked you since you have been apprenticed. I was just to afraid to say because I didn't know what the Clan would think. But now... I know that it doesn't matter."

Chapter Twelve - RiverClan (Moon)

Featherpaw snuggled in the apprentices den.

Otterpaw and Ripplepaw were snickering in a corner. She rolled her eyes, they were just stupid.

She thought about the prophecy, and couldn't suppress a shiver.

Who would be next? Puddlesplash? Heronstar? Sunpaw?

She closed her eyes. No. Not Sunpaw. No way.

She had to stay awake. And alert.

But she found herself drifting to sleep...

A scream pierced the air. Her blood froze in her veins, and she stood quickly.

Ripplepaw ran up, yowling. "Otterpaw's dead! Someone slit her throat!"

Featherpaw froze. It had happened. Three murders. Three murderers. But who?

Featherpaw ran out of the den, yowling to the whole camp, "OTTERPAW IS DEAD!"

They brought out her body, and mourned her until dawn.

Then they dragged her away.

Featherpaw tried, she really did. She tried to forget what she'd been dreaming about. But it didn't work.

The blood on her claws which she had expertly hidden.

The guilt looming over her like a shadow.

The absolute certainty that everyone in this camp except for her was innocent.

It was obvious. Featherpaw had killed Otterpaw... but she didn't remember it.

Something scary was going on. Something that Featherpaw realized was outside of StarClan's control.

She blinked nervously. Tomorrow she would tell them. She had to tell her siblings.

Chapter Thirteen- ThunderClan (Hope)

That night Hollypaw, Rosepaw and Goldenpaw slept together. Hollypaw felt so sorry for Goldenpaw's loss. She snuggled up closer to Goldenpaw. Hollypaw felt safe when there pelts touched. She felt like there was nothing in the world to worry about. Hollypaw couldn't stop thinking about Goldenpaw's confession. Before Hollypaw could think anymore she drifted off to sleep.

Hollypaw opened her eyes to see darkness. She tried to see but she couldn't. Then a bright light, as bright as the sun appeared. Hollypaw squinted. A grey tom stood in front of her. She recognised that tom! It was Skypaw.

"Skypaw, who killed you?" asked Hollypaw

"That is something I must not tell you." explained the tom.

"Skypaw please!" begged Hollypaw.

Skypaw shock his head. "There is only one thing that I can tell you. I approve of your love for Goldenpaw. Seeing as I am not there to protect her you must. Take good care of her Hollypaw."

"Skypaw don't leave." she whined.

But it was to late. Skypaw was gone and darkness surrounded Hollypaw again. Hollypaw awoke suddenly breathing heavily. She looked around to see Goldenpaw peacefully sleeping. Hollypaw relaxed but then noticed Rosepaw was gone! Hollypaw got up and ran out of the apprentice den. She looked everywhere. Rosepaw was nowhere to be seen. The only place that she didn't look was Stormstar's den. She quietly crept up to the den where she heard murmuring and growling. "Kill Goldenpaw!" yelled Stormstar his voce filled with anger.

"No I will not!" growled Acornleap .

"Do you want a path for destiny or not!" hissed Stormstar

"No I was reluctant to kill one so I will not murder another apprentice." screeched Acornleap.

Hollypaw couldn't believe what she was hearing. Acornleap was a murderer and Stormstar forced him to be.

"If you don't I will kill your only daughter!" ordered Stormstar

There was a muffled yowl. It was Rosepaw.

"NO!" yelled Acornleap.

Hollypaw ran as fast as she could. She had to get Dovestorm.

"Where do you think your going?" asked a dark voice.

Hollypaw turned around to see Stormstar standing right behind her.

Chapter Fourteen - ShadowClan (Moon)

Darkpaw's eyes were wide.

He remembered now.

The blood on his claws.

He had been alseep. But he had dreamed.

His dreams were violent. And in his sleep...

In his sleep he had killed Ravenkit. His own sister.

Darkpaw shivered.

He stood, glancing around.

He padded out of the camp. He couldn't sleep here.

He reached the border, coming face to face with Featherpaw.

"Did they-"

Her ashen expression confirmed the worst.

He stared at his paws.

"Something's going on," he mumbled.

She nodded. "I dreamed about Otterpaw. I dreamed I killed her."

"And when you woke up... she was dead?" Darkpaw suggested.

Featherpaw stared at him. "How did you..."

He closed his eyes. "Ravenkit."

Her eyes widened. "Your sister?"

He nodded. "Something is going on here..."

She blinked. "But what?"

"That," he gritted his teeth. "is what we are going to figure out."

Featherpaw nodded, clenching her jaw.

They were in this together.

Chapter Fifteen- ThunderClan (Hope)

"I well…?" stammered Hollypaw as her eyes met Stormstar's.

"You won't tell anyone about what you heard will you Hollypaw? Because you don't want Rosepaw to be killed do you?"

Hollypaw let out a sigh of relief. Rosepaw was alive.

"Yes Stormstar I promise." whimpered Hollypaw.

Stormstar nodded and shot Hollypaw an icy glare before running off. Hollypaw was still filled with fear. She ran back to the apprentice den to see Rosepaw and Goldenpaw sharing tounges. "Hiya Hollypaw" chirped Goldenpaw.

Hollypaw padded over to the two she cats. Rosepaw didn't say anything. "She must still be in shock." thought Hollypaw.

Goldenpaw stood up and started to lick Hollypaw's ears. Hollypaw let out a purr. Then Rosepaw padded over and licked Hollypaw's black pelt clean. "Hollypaw and Goldenpaw you are coming on a hunting patrol with Gingertuft and I." ordered Lilypetal as she padded into the apprentices den.

Goldenpaw and Hollypaw stood up and said goodbye to Rosepaw before following Lilypetal. The two she cats ran out into the forest ready to catch some prey.

"Look there is a vole. whispered Goldenpaw.

Hollypaw nodded and stalked it. Hollypaw struck the killing blow and picked the vole up in her mouth. "Well done Hollypaw!" exclaimed her mentor, Lilypetal.

Goldenpaw ran off and came back with a rabbit in her mouth.

After the hunting patrol the fresh kill pile was huge. Hollypaw had to go and meet her siblings. She said goodbye to Goldentail and ran off to the forest. "There you are Hollypaw we were getting worried." exclaimed Darkpaw.

"Sorry I was on a hunting patrol." explained Hollypaw.

"Hollypaw have you had any strange dreams about you killing cats?" asked Featherpaw curiously.

"No." answered Hollypaw

"Because both Featherpaw and I have had a dream about killing the murdered cats and woken up with blood on our claws." explained Darkpaw.

Hollypaw stood there. She was both shocked and confused.

"But how?" questioned Hollypaw.

"I don't know." said Featherpaw.

"Well I know who the murder of Skypaw is. It is-"

Hollypaw stopped. You won't tell anyone about what you heard will you Hollypaw? Because you don't want Rosepaw to be killed do you? rand in Hollypaw's ears.

"Well spit it out!" replied Featherpaw.

"Well do you promise not to tell any cat until I have figured out a plan to tell ThunderClan?" pleaded Hollypaw.

Both Darkpaw and Featherpaw nodded.

"The murderer is Acornleap, Rosepaw's father but Stormstar forced him to!" explained Hollypaw.

"Featherpaw where are you?" interrupted a RiverClan warrior.

"I have to go now!" moaned Featherpaw as she ran off.

Hollypaw and Darkpaw said goodbye and the parted ways.

Hollypaw grabbed the vole she caught and took it to the apprentice den where she could eat it with her sister and crush. She lay down between the two she cats and began to take small polite bites out of her dinner. Rosepaw and Goldenpaw were both eating a mouse. Hollypaw licked her lips to get any remaining scraps of the vole. She snuggled closer to Goldenpaw who let out a mreow of happiness. Rosepaw cuddled closer to Hollypaw. Hollypaw felt warm and cozy. She loved having her friends around her. Hollypaw closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

"Hollypaw! Wake up." whispered Goldenpaw, her voice calm and soothing.

"What is it?" asked Hollypaw, alert into what might have happened.

"What are you so worried about?" asked Rosepaw.

"Oh nothing!" stammered Hollypaw.

Goldenpaw let out a mreow of amusement and she battered Hollypaw's ears. Hollypaw couldn't live in fear any longer. She must figure out a plan to stop Stormstar!

Chapter Sixteen - RiverClan (Moon)

Featherpaw was fishing by the stream.

She heard a rustling noise behind her, and turned to see Darkpaw.

"Darkpaw? What-" She cried.

"Shhh!" The tom hissed. "I need to talk to you."

She nodded, "Okay."

Darkpaw sighed. "StarClan exists for cats that are good, right?"

Featherpaw nodded slowly, where was he going with this?

"Well... where do evil cats go after life?"

Featherpaw frowned. "Huh."

"Maybe those evil cats are doing something to us, that's why we're murdering the cats.'' He suggested.

Featherpaw's eyes widened. "You really believe that?"

"What other choice do I have? I'm not a murderer," Darkpaw said grimly.

Featherpaw sighed deeply. "Alright." around it.

She looked up at the slowly setting sun, then said to Darkpaw, "I should go."

He nodded, and hurried away back through the reeds. She picked up the three fish in her jaws and trotted back to camp, head and tail high.

She was back at around dusk, and exhausted by battle training, so she was eager to get some rest.

She curled up in her nest, and tried to fall asleep.

Finally she managed to.

She felt a paw prod her. She groggily got to her paws. "Dawn patrol?" She yawned, before focusing on her surroundings.

She was in a mossy clearing, with willow trees and boulders around it.

There was a burly brown striped tom in front of her.

"Hello," he said. "I'm Moonfeather."

Featherpaw got to her paws. "I"m Featherpaw."

He smiled at her. "Welcome."

"Where am I?"

"The Place of No Stars," he responded simply.

They talked for a while, and his words filled Featherpaw like poison.

Chapter Seventeen- ThunderClan (Hope)

The wind stirred making the leaves rustle. It was dark, the moon was covered by clouds. Hollypaw lay awake. She had to make sure Goldenpaw and Rosepaw were safe. No cat would touch a claw on their perfect pelts. Goldenpaw rolled over making Hollypaw jumped. Then she relaxed as soon as she realised.

"Shut your mouth!" Do you want the whole of ThunderClan to hear us." exclaimed a grumpy she-cat.

Hollypaw stood up. This was not a ThunderClan voice. Hollypaw creeped out of the apprentice den, her ears twitching to hear what these cats were talking about and what they were doing here. Hollypaw his in a nearby bush. It was a mistake! It was prickly and uncomfortable.

"Featherpaw that is the apprentice den, Hollypaw must be in there!"

Hollypaw relaxed. It was Darkpaw and Featherpaw.

Hollypaw jumped out of the bush making Darkpaw shriek.

"Darkpaw you are an idiot!" growled Featherpaw.

"What are you doing here?" questioned Hollypaw.

"We came to look for you!" explained Darkpaw, still trembling from the fright that Hollypaw gave him.

"Why?'' asked Hollypaw puzzled.

"Because I know why Darkpaw and I murdered another cat in our sleep!"

"Because we think there is a place where murderers, killers, evil cats go." explained Darkpaw.

"Yeah I nkow about that it is called The Place of no Stars. Hollowbranch told Rosepaw and I that story when we were kits., commented Hollypaw.

"That is what is making us kill. I had a nightmare about a cat called Moonfeather. He and I talked for a while and his words were dark and gloomy!"

There was a yowl of pain. Hollypaw turned around alert. Hollypaw ran to the apprentices den. "Goldenpaw and Rosepaw! I completely forgot."

When Hollypaw arrived at the apprentice den she was out of breath. It was still very dark but it was easier to see. Hollypaw stopped. Her mouth fell open. Goldenpaw had a large cut on her underbelly. "Goldenpaw are you alright?" asked Hollypaw, her eye filled with sorrow.

"Hollypaw go and get the medicine cat. I will stay here" ordered Rosepaw.

Hollypaw jumped. Hollypaw didn't realise her sister was awake. Hollypaw nodded violently and ran off to Juniperleaf's den.

"Juniperleaf wake up." yelled Hollypaw.

Juniperleaf's head jolted up.

"What is wrong?" asked Juniperleaf.

"Follow me!" ordered Hollypaw.

"Let me grab some herbs."

Juniperleaf ran after Hollypaw with a lot of herbs in his mouth.

"Can you help her!" pleaded Hollypaw.

"I might be able to stop the bleeding but it is up to StarClan."

"What is going on?" questioned Featherpaw as she walked into the den.

"Why is there both a ShadowClan and RiverClan apprentice in our camp?" hissed Juniperleaf.

"Oh, Hollypaw is our sister and we are here because we had to tell her something." growled Darkpaw.

Juniperleaf's ignored the black tom's response and kept his attention on Goldenpaw.

"StarClan, don't take Goldenpaw away." wailed Hollypaw.

Rosepaw cuddled up beside Hollypaw. "StarClan will make the right decision. StarClan always does!" explained Rosepaw.

"I have applied moss to her cat because it is quite deep to stop the bleeding. That is all I can do." exclaimed Juniperleaf.

What was minutes felt like hours as they waited to see if Goldenpaw would wake up. Suddenly Goldenpaw's head jolted up.

"Goldenpaw you are awake!" beamed Hollypaw.

"The ost important question is who did that to you? It was obviously a cat." declared Featherpaw.

"I-I can't really remember. It may come back to me just let me think." replied Goldenpaw.

Every cat fell silent to hear what Goldenpaw was about to tell them.

Goldenpaw looked at the surrounding cats and stated"I can't remember. I only remember the words that they told me. In the darkness is where you will find the place where you will rule, that is my destiny Goldenpaw and if you take my killing blow you will lead me to power, to victory, to glory."

Chapter Eighteen - ShadowClan (Moon)

Darkpaw crept back into the apprentices' den, trying to keep himself from turning tail and running away.

He didn't want to hurt anyone.

He tried to fall asleep, but he was afraid.

What if Moonfeather came for him?

His fears were surely irrational.

Of course.

With that thought in mind, he was finally able to fall asleep, even under the circumstances.

He was wrong.

A cat prodded him awake.

Groggily, he looked up at them.

It was a dappled she-cat with a beautiful amber gaze.

"Hello," she purred.

"Who are you?" He mumbled weakly, standing up.

"I'm Silverpaw. Who are you?" She asked curiously.

"D-darkpaw. Where am I?"

"Well, you're in the Place of No Stars." Silverpaw said.

"W-what?" He asked, horrified.

Silverpaw smiled. "Oh, it's not so bad. The food here is great! And we get to do awesome training skills!"

Darkpaw cocked his head. "Like what?"

Silverpaw placed her tail on his shoulder, and began to show her around.

"We learn super dangerous moves that can fight specific clans or specific animals." She explained.

Soon, Darkpaw was gone. Brainwashed.

In the Place of No Stars.

Chapter Nineteen- ThunderClan (Hope)

Hollypaw couldn't tell anyone. But he must. For Goldenpaw's safety. But if he tells anyone Rosepaw would be endangered.

"Hollypaw you don't seem yourself, what is wrong?" asked Rosepaw as she licked Hollypaw's head.

"Nothing." replied Hollypaw quickly.

"I know Hollypaw, I know you want me to be safe. Frondstar's deal with you I know. That is why I am fleeing until my father becomes leader or anyone else!"

Hollypaw looked at her sister. "How did she know about the deal?" thought Hollypaw.

"I don't want you to leave!" pleaded Hollypaw.

Sadness swept over Hollypaw like a wave. It was cold.

"I must my dear sister but it won't be for long. As soon as you and your siblings rise you will defeat Frondstar, defeat the Place of No Stars." explained Rosepaw confidently.

"When are you going?" questioned Hollypaw.

She looked out of the apprentice den to see dawn was coming soon.

"Now my sister. I am going to find Stripe, the kind rogue and she will help me."

"No sister please don't go!" begged Hollypaw.

"I am going to take a piece of fresh kill now and set off. I love you Hollypaw. Always remember that. It won't be long I promise. I will miss you Hollypaw." sobbed Rosepaw as she ran out of the apprentice's den.

"I love you too! wailed Hollypaw.

Hollypaw snuggled over to Goldenpaw who was sleeping. Goldenpaw's soft fur comforted Hollypaw but Hollypaw still was sad about Rosepaw's sudden departure. "What am I going to tell Dovestorm." thought Hollypaw sadly.

Goldenpaw let out a sad mew in her sleep.

"Goldenpaw, are you okay?" asked Hollypaw worriedly.

Goldenpaw's light ginger head jolted up in surprise.

"StarClan sent me a message." exclaimed Goldenpaw.

"What is it?" questioned Hollypaw, her eyes wide.

Chapter Twenty - RiverClan (Moon)

Featherpaw flexed her claws.

Was she really doing this?


Moonfeather urged her on. "Good job!" He said, as she emerged victorious, muzzle stained with blood. The limp body of Hillcrest lay at her paws.

"What next?" She snarled.

Moonfeather smirked. "It's time for your Dark Forest warrior name."

Featherpaw's eyes widened. Yes!

"All cats old enough to kill their own enemies, gather beneath the boulder!" He called.

Cats filed in through the shadows.

"Two apprentices are ready to become warriors of our ranks."


"Darkpaw, do you swear to protect the Dark Forest in life and death?"

Her brother stepped forward. "I do, Moonfeather."

"Then from now on, in the Dark Forest, you shall be known as Darkblood."

"Featherpaw, do you swear to protect the Dark Forest in life and death?"

She nodded.

"Then from now on, in the Dark Forest, you shall be known as Featherstrike."

"Darkblood! Featherstrike!" They yowled.

Featherstrike gave Darkblood a look. He gave a tiny nod.

They were Dark Forest warriors. No one would revert them.

"Your new mission!" Moonfeather shouted.

The cats quieted. "Featherstrike, Darkblood, your mission is to turn Hollypaw."

She nodded. "Of course, Moonfeather." Darkblood said.

"Good. Go now, to the mortal world!"

Their surroundings rippled, and Featherstrike was now in the apprentices den, covered in blood. She ran out, jumping into the stream.

Once she was clean, she curled back into a ball, and fell asleep.

Hollypaw. They would get her. She swore it.

Chapter Twenty-one- ThunderClan (Hope)

Hollypaw couldn't stop thinking about her sister. He missed her so much. It was like Greenleaf with no flowers without Rosepaw. Hollypaw also couldn't stop thinking about the message Goldenpaw was sent. "Dark as a feather the cats shall rise. One of the three must learn to fight her siblings to keep them both alive." "Hollypaw I have looked all over for Rosepaw! Where is she?" asked Dovestorm as she ran up to the black she-cat.

"Mother I can't tell you here. Come with me to the forest where it is safe." Hollypaw ordered.

Dovestorm nodded. The two she-cats padded out of the clearing and into the think forest. The smell of the dew on the morning leaves didn't smell the same without Rosepaw by her side. Hollypaw sat on a tree stump that had clearly been cut by twolegs.

"Where is Rosepaw?" questioned Dovestorm, worried.

"She left. But not for long she will be back. She said it would be safer if she left be-" Hollypaw was stopped by her mother.

"She left. Why?" wailed Dovestorm.

It hit Hollypaw that if she told her mother Rosepaw wouldn't be endangered by it. She could tell the whole of the forest!

"Frondstar is a traitor! His heart lies with the Place with No Stars not in ThunderClan. We must drive him out. That is why Rosepaw left. If I told anyone about Frondstar's treachery he would kill her. He is the one who killed Skypaw! He is the one who injured Goldenpaw!" blurted Hollypaw angrily.

Dovestorm stood in shock, her eyes filled with anger.

"Hollypaw we must do something! We must drive the traitor, that is our leader out!" hissed Dovestorm.

Hollypaw knew that her mother was scared. Her mother missed Rosepaw too.

"But just one more question. I thought the Place with No Stars was a myth. I didn't know it was true!" exclaimed Dovestorm.

"It is true and it controlled Featherpaw and Darkpaw as well!" explained Hollypaw.

Dovestorm took a deep breath and said "Well if the myth is true it means that they will become a part of The Place with No Stars, they will become warriors and if that happens they will not stop. Hollypaw you have to stay away from Featherpaw and Darkpaw because I have a feeling that you will be next."

Chapter Twenty-two - ShadowClan (Moon)

Darkblood stared at Featherstrike.

"How do we do this?" He asked her.

"Trick her." Featherstrike responded.

"How?" Darkblood looked puzzled.

"She's stupid. Moonfeather'll handle it." Featherstrike explained, flicking her tail.

The two nodded, turning back and trotting back to camp.

That night, he and Moonfeather snuck into Hollypaw's dream. Darkblood stayed out of sight.

"Hello," Moonfeather said.

Hollypaw had been hunting a rabbit. She stood, eyes narrow. "Who are you?"

"My name is Crescentglaze." Moonfeather lied.

"What do you want?"

"I want to tell you something," He whispered.

Hollypaw pricked her ears. "What?"

"Your siblings think you're weak. They laugh at you behind your back. Rosepaw thought so too."

Hollypaw's eyes were wide with horror.

"N-no! They wouldn't!"

"Goldenpaw doesn't trust you. Dovestorm despises you." Moonfeather continued.

"No! Why!?" Hollypaw shrieked.

"I can help you," Moonfeather whispered quietly.

Hollypaw hung her head. "How?"

Moonfeather's eyes glinted, and he smiled slightly. "Come with me."

Chapter Twenty-three- ThunderClan (Hope)

This was a trick. A big trick. Her family loved her and Hollypaw knew that.

"I will not follow you and you will not lead me!" hissed Hollypaw as she arched her back and her black fur stood on its ends.

"Excuse me?" asked Moonfeather, her tone was getting angrier while her claws reatracted.

"I am a loyal ThunderClan apprentice! No one can control me. Only my lead-" Hollypaw stooped and realised what she was saying.

"You mean Frondstar, your leader? Well he is also the leader here." laughed Moonfeather.

"I knew it!" thought Hollypaw

Hollypaw saw a silver shape out of the corner of er eye. 

"Hello Hollypaw." said a dark voice. 

Hollypaw turned around to see Featherpaw. "Featherpaw we must leave now. They are controlling us!" whispered Hollypaw.

"It is Featherstrike to you!" declared Featherstrike.

"But you aren't a warrior yet?" questioned Hollypaw.

"I am here!" growled Featherstrike.

They were controlling Featherpaw. Hollypaw must go back to ThunderClan now. She closed her eyes and tried to wake up but she couldn't.

A black tom padded towards Featherstrike and Hollypaw.

"Darkpaw! Featherpaw is being controlled we must help her! explained Hollypaw confidently.

"It is Darkblood now!" yelled Darkblood.

"Hurry Hollypaw Moonfeather is waiting." whispered Featjerstrike in a sinister voice, dark and cold.

Hollypaw felt the blood rush to her head and she started to feel dizzy. 

"She is waking up!" yelled a voice.

"Bye Hollypaw. But next time you will be loyal to The Place With No Stars!" said Moonfeather.

Hollypaw green eyes opened and she blooked around quickly. The only cat in the apprentice's en was the sweet Goldenpaw. Hollypaw snuggled up closer to the golden she-cat. Hollypaw was still trembling from that horrifying nightmare. Was it true? Featherpaw and Darkpaw were being controlled.

"Dark as a feather the cats shall rise. One of the three must learn to fight her siblings to keep them both alive."  rang in Hollypw's mind.

It hit Hollypaw that dark as a feather was Darkpaw and Featherpaw and One of the three must learn to fight her siblings to keep them both alive was Hollypaw. 

She would have to fight them, her blood. "Blood will be spilt by the power of blood"  Hollypaw thought sadly, "But only for a good reason!"

Chapter Twenty-four - RiverClan (Moon)

"How did this happen?" Featherstrike asked angrily.

"She's cautious." Darkblood said.

"Of course. Blackmail." Featherstrike said.

"Frondstar. Dovestorm. Rosepaw."

"Yes. I'll get Frondstar."

Featherstrike turned, heading toward the camp.

"Frondstar!" She yowled. "You need to threaten to exile and hurt Hollypaw's family."

Frondstar looked amused. "Which ones?"

"Dovestorm and Rosepaw."

"Rosepaw left moons ago." Frondstar said.

"Oh. If she told me, I didn't care." Featherstrike said coolly.

"Alright. I need a reason, though."

"Hmm... we frame her for Skypaw's death." She said.

Frondstar nodded wickedly. "Yes... that could work."

Featherstrike laughed coldly.

Frondstar cocked her head. "What if she doesn't cooperate?"

"Easy." Featherstrike said.

Frondstar flicked her tail impatiently. "Yes?"

"Kill Acornleap."

"Ah. Yes. Thank you, Featherstrike." Frondstar said. "In fact..."

"CATS OF THE DARK FOREST!" She yowled. "I've decided to make Featherstrike the deputy!"

There were cheers, Featherstrike smiled, dipping her head. "Thank you Frondstar. I won't let you down."

Frondstar smiled back. "You won't."


Hi everyone! We're stopping this and continuing it as a series, you can find the next story here: [1]Dark as a Feather. We hope you have enjoyed the first book and we hope you enjoy the second even more!