"it's time for the final battle...'s time for things to end."


With the Blood Army gone, Bryce turns her attention to the Vipers. No longer fighting a two-front war and motivated by the victory against the Blood Army, the Coalition finds it easier to start beating back the Vipers. As the seven of them get closer and closer, Karina is faced with the challenges of love and she has to decide whether or not she’s strong enough to let go.


Episode 1 - Rise of the Truth

While Bryce and her friends celebrate their victory over the Blood Army, Bryce and Terran figure out what true love is. However, Karina and Aleric try to sort out their differences with the truth finally coming out.

Episode 2 - Imprisoned by Love

If Karina knew how much love hurt, she would never had fallen in love. At least that’s what she tells herself. But she’s not the only one to know that once you fall in love, there’s no escape.

Episode 3 - One More Chance

Bryce won’t let Aleric ruin Karina’s happiness. She’s determined to make things right for all her friends, especially for those who had lost the most.

Episode 4 - Tears and Cures

Aleric knows he has to make use of his second chance and with Bryce out of commission, Aleric takes charge, keeping the group of friends together. But will he remain by their sides when he is faced with a surprise?

Episode 5 - Only One Way

With Bryce up and recovering, the group decides to have one last showdown with the Vipers to end all of this once and for all.

Episode 6 - Truth Uncovered

After all these moons, Bryce finally gets an insight on what happened to Ruby after being a prisoner to the Vipers. In the midst of the last battle, Bryce finds herself lost in a sea of memories of her younger sister who she would miss forever.

Episode 7 - Dark Angels Falling

Aleric makes a comeback to help Bryce turn the tides of the battle but even the greatest assassins will fall one day.

Episode 8 - Angels in the Sky

Karina finally finds the truth about Aleric’s past and everyone else mourns the loss of a dear friend.

Episode 9 - Two Clans

The Coalition is finally splitting up and for Bryce and her friends, it’s a truth they’ve been avoiding for a long time. With the splitting of the Coalition comes the decision of which Clan they will join, if any.

Episode 10 - Pawsteps to Home

It’s only fitting that Bryce returns to the Twolegplace to uncover the last secrets of the cats she has lost.

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