Survivors (Songfic) - a tribute to rainy's show Survivors; Follow young Karina and Terran as they become survivors of the wild.


Sins - Starring Aleric! A story of sins and mistakes, of sorrow and hatred, of love and happiness. This story is about Aleric's sins, from the little assignments to the one that led to the worst sin of his life: love.


Rise (Songfic) - by rainy for a tribute to this show <3 (uses characters from Survivors)


Cleansing - An Aleric special. Aleric wanted to repay his sins. With a promise to Karina that he would return after he got rid of the Blood Army once and for all, Aleric began his hunt for the remaining members of the Blood Army who wished to revive the vicious group. Joined by Elena’s brother, his mate, and Elena’s best friend, Aleric tries right his wrongs and cleanse his heart of his sins.

Latch - A Ruby special. Ruby had been a feisty prisoner, one that caught the eye of Korin from the moment she was brought into camp. When Ruby was taken away and told she could be so much more, Ruby wanted to believe Korin. She had lived her life not quite neglected, but almost ignored, squashed between intelligent Jewel and tiny Emerald. Korin taught her the skills in fighting she had always wanted and Ruby found herself enjoying the new life she found. But in her heart, she always latched onto her big sister, Bryce, and of course, her littermates.



Ones made by others:

(note! I will not give out characters for free. If I have a space for a character or a need to have a character design, I will ask someone I want to give a character to. It's not personal, it's more of who would be suited to take on this character.)

Karina - Designed by Rainy. Character personality goes to her.

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