a show by firey

"let them win for now...
...but in the end we will rise."


The story starts with a she-cat who thought she could do anything. When danger looms and she rises to meet it, she realizes it’ll take a lot more than her own strength to fight this. When Bryce finds the Coalition, she finds more than just an ally to fight the Vipers. She finds her courage, her strength, and friendship that would last forever.

"let them come...
...let them think they can win."


Joined together by a common goal, Bryce and her friends try to figure out the secrets behind the Vipers and the cats of the Twolegplace. As Bryce digs deeper and deeper into the secret, she finds answers that she doesn’t want to find.

"i can only hope...
...to figure this out."


With Terran gone, Bryce is lost. She struggles to keep her head up high and fight alongside her friends but when danger looms in front of her once more, she must accept that she can’t let the loss of her friends stop her from defending what she believes in.

"is there any hope...
...left in this world?"


Terran never knew how much it would hurt to be away from Bryce, but he also knew that family was more than anything else. With Karina trying to fight off the effects of the drug and Terran trying to deal with the broken remains of what he had with Bryce, the two siblings must figure out a way to solve their problems while still keeping their hearts beating in the same rhythm.

For Bryce, it’s time to pick up the pieces where Terran and Karina left them. She doesn’t know what’s left to live for except for the last of her family and her friends. She turns her attention to the Twolegplace, desperate for revenge, desperate to take back what she had lost.

"the pain won't last forever...
...i have to be stronger than that."


With new information from former High Committee members, Bryce is ready to launch an attack on the Blood Army, but not before she learned of the reason for her parents’ death. Spurred by the need to gain revenge for her parents, Bryce launches an attack on the Blood Army, aiming to win.

"it's time to turn the tides...
...it's time for my revenge."


With the Blood Army gone, Bryce turns her attention to the Vipers. No longer fighting a two-front war and motivated by the victory against the Blood Army, the Coalition finds it easier to start beating back the Vipers. As the seven of them get closer and closer, Karina is faced with the challenges of love and she has to decide whether or not she’s strong enough to let go.

"it's time for the final battle...
...it's time for things to end."


After the final battle against the Vipers, Bryce wants to find some closure for herself and her friends. Together, they venture on one last journey, returning to where Bryce’s story first started: the Twolegplace. It’s time to uncover those last secrets and give a final goodbye to those lost in the wars that Bryce had been involved in.

"we are all heroes...
...we are all survivors."


Pretty much anything that isn't a season/episode of Rise! From the trivia, specials made by me or other users, and movies, you'll find an assortment of hopefully a variety of things to be added to Rise!


Where you'll find pretty much all the fun facts I can think of for this show! It will tell you where I found the idea for the show, my inspiration to write it, and anything else I find worth mentioning!


Where you can find specials written by me or other users and of course the show's favorite, movies! You can find fan written stories, stories on the character's pasts or even just some cute ship fics.



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