This is a page where you can find the links to all of the Riffcats stories that I have made so far, and where you can post links to your fanfictions to apply for me to feature it. (By posting the link to a fanfiction you give me the right to make jokes about it. Please contact me on my talk page if you want me to take it down and I will ask one of the admins to do so). I'll probably do 1 or 2 each week depending on how popular this gets.

Happy reading!

Riffcats: Ice in the Night

Riffcats: Frosted Paws (In Progress)

Waiting List (In order of posting)

  1. The Last Whisper

This looks a little lonely. Why don't take Frosted Paws -- it's not finished yet, hope you don't mind  Take time to dream, it's the way to the stars 19:54, June 27, 2020 (UTC)

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