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Fanfic for Tigerleaf Snowfur's contest. Enjoy! <3

Have you ever wondered what would happen

If Scourge won the battle?

What life would be like?

Allow me to show you...


Scourge watched his cats carefully. "You know what I want don't you?" His high pitched voice sounded.

Bone nodded eagerly. "We shall storm the forest tomorrow morning, and make sure no one escapes. When we win, we shall have the Clans destroyed, keep the prisoners, kill the weak. Nothing can stop us after that. We shall conquer the forest, then the mountains beyond, and the land after that."

Brick nodded. "We won't fail, I promise Scourge. With this master plan, there is no way we will fail." He smirked cruelly, showing his pure white teeth that cast a luminous glow in the moonlight.

The little black tom nodded, his dog bone collar glittered in the faint light. "I expect you two not to fail. We cannot afford failure in a time like this. If we do, then all our chances are lost."

Brick and Bone nodded. "I'll get Boulder to know. He'll infiltrate ShadowClan from the inside, though we couldn't get any of the other Clans to accept a rogue." Bone hissed in frustration.

Scourge sighed. "Hm, that won't be much of a problem. As long as we win the battle, all shall be ours. Am I understood."

"Yes, Scourge."


"Bluestar, just look at them, they're all prancing around merrily when the darkest age is about to fall on them!" The brown tom sighed dramatically.

"Oh, don't be too sure," Bluestar muttered. "The Clans still have a chance in beating BloodClan."

The tom rolled his eyes. "It's obvious! It's in front of your eyes, Bluestar. Just look down at the pool, you can see BloodClan's forces ready for battle. By dawn, they will be marching to the forest!"

"No, Oakheart. The Clans are strong. They won't fall into the pityful hands of Scourge, plus, Firestar is a strong leader, he shall lead them through."

Oakheart sighed. "I hope you're right, Bluestar. If the Clans fall, StarClan falls too, I just hope Firestar and the Clans are strong enough."

Crookedstar padded over. "Have no fear, Oakheart, my brother, Firestar was always destined to be a great leader, and this is his first chance to show his true strength."

"And if he fails?"

"Then StarClan falls."


"Is everyone ready?" Firestar called out.

"Ready!" Shouted ThunderClan.

Firestar nodded to his warriors. "Blackfoot, are you ready?"

The white tom nodded, his tail lashing, and his black paws shifted as he glared through the forest, searching for the cats that killed Tigerstar. "More than ready." He snarled.

Firestar returned the gaze, and turned to Leopardstar. "Is RiverClan ready?"

She glared at him swiftly, then replied. "We're always ready." But she looked at Blackfoot in sorrow, obviously remembering her partner's death the other day.

Tallstar mewed to Firestar. "WindClan is ready to fight."

Firestar nodded grimly to the other Clans. "Scourge, we're ready for you!"

The little black tom slid out from behind the shadows, follwed by the BloodClan cats. "Oh," he mewed in his high pitched voice, "You're finally ready? We've been ready for ages."

"BloodClan, attack!"

"LionClan, attack!"

Chapter One

Firestar bared his teeth as he lashed out at Scourge. "The Clans will not fall." He screeched. "BloodClan will be driven away!"

Scourge sneered back. "Oh really?"

The two toms danced back and forth, darting in the give a blow before darting out. Firestar managed to strike Scourge in the shoulder, and the little black tom reared back in pain. Nearby, Bone was fighting the group of apprentices.

"You puny punks!" He yowled. "I'll tear each one of you piece by piece!"

He latched on to Tawnypaw, and landed a good blow on her. She fell shrieking in pain, but she was silent before she hit the ground. "Tawnypaw!" Yowled Bramblepaw as he scurried towards her.

"And you can join her!" Growled Bone as he reached for Bramblepaw. Stormpaw flew forward, knocking Bone down. "Oh, so you want to join that apprentice instead!"

It ended quickly, and Stormpaw's head lolled to the side as he laid next to Tawnypaw. Featherpaw screamed in distress, and dashed over to her brother. She whipped around, and glared at Bone. "What have you done?" She yowled in anger.

Bone let out a snort of laughter. "Oh, did I kill your brother? I'm so sorry."

Featherpaw's eyes blazed in anger, and she launched herself at Bone. "You'll pay for killing my brother!" Bramblepaw joined in.

"I'll make you pay for killing my sister too!"

The two apprentices, accompanied by some other apprentices launched their own attack at Bone. The big, BloodClan tom staggered over, trying to defend himself against the swarm of apprentices. He managed to grab one of the WindClan apprentices and bring him down, but the other apprentices quickly ended his life. "Scourge..."

Firestar hissed in anger, his ears flat. "Why do you want the forest so badly?"

Scourge smacked him back. "Why are the Clans so selfish that they don't want to share?"

"You're not planning on sharing either!" Firestar hissed back. "You're planning on annihilating all four Clans and having the forest all for yourself."

"So?" Scourge sneered. "I can do whatever I want when we win this battle."

"In your dreams!" Firestar yowled. "The Clans will never lose to scums like you!"

Scourge let out a bark of laughter. "Look around you, Firestar. Look at your mighty Clans. Do they look like their winning?"

The fire-red tom glanced around the battle field. "Tawnypaw...Stormpaw...the apprentices!" He whipped back around. "What have you done?"

Scourge shrugged. "Not much, we've only gotten a few, we could do so much more, but we do need slaves when we're finished." His cruel smile daunted Firestar.

The courageous leader leaped at Scourge. "I'll fight to the death if I have to! So will my Clanmates. We will not allow BloodClan to take over the forest!"

Scourge bared his teeth, his dog teeth collar piercing Firestar's skin. "It might be too late for you and some of your Clanmates already, Firestar. Enjoy StarClan."

Firestar panted as he glared at Scourge. "You won't win, even if I'm not here."

In his heart, Firestar knew he would have more lives after Scourge killed his first. I'll come back, Scourge. I have nine lives and you don't.

Scourge sneered in his face. "I've heard there's a myth about you Clan leaders. It's said that you have nine lives." He pushed his face into Firestar's. "I don't want you coming back, so I think I know how to end you quickly, like I did to Tigerstar."

Firestar's eye widened as he let out a yowl of pain, fear, and regret. I'm so sorry...

Chapter Two

Scourge leaped onto the Great Rock, glaring down at the prisoners. "You're lucky you're alive today, my fellow prisoners, but if you prove that you are rebellious, too disobedient, or you're unlucky, you're lives may change."

His gaze scanned the area. "Haul the prisoners away, keep them locked up. Separate bramble dens are the best, go!"

Featherpaw glared up at Scourge, feeling her hate for him rise. He had taken over all four Clans, and had decided to kill Graystripe. The last of my family...

Tears staining her view, Featherpaw stumbled after her line of cats, feeling the rough paws of the BloodClan cats push her through a spiky wall of brambles. The little door closed, and Featherpaw glanced around. We're stuck in a bramble den...

She shied away from the other cats, scooting closer to Bramblepaw. "Are you okay?" She whispered.

"Yeah," he murmured back, "But Scourge killed Morningflower too.."

Featherpaw brushed against him. "He killed Graystripe after he killed Stormpaw." They glanced at each other, sharing the pain. Featherpaw sighed, and whispered. "What do you think Scourge will make us do? Or will he just keep us in here forever?"

Bramblepaw shivered. "Knowing Scourge, I think he'll make us work our paws off."

Featherpaw nodded. "Yeah... I just hope we don't die from this..." Her eyes were full of fear, and she glanced at Bramblepaw with admiration.

The brown tabby was glaring fiercely at the entrance, hissing softly. "I'd rather fight my way out and go to StarClan then live as prisoners..."

Featherpaw laid her tail around Bramblepaw. "As long as I have someone like you with me, I'm willing to live this kind of life."

Bramblepaw smiled back. "You're right, Featherpaw. With you at my side, I think this life is worth living for now." They leaned against each other, sharing their pain, their worries, and their thoughts to each other.

I just need somebody to help me get through this wall of pain...


Scourge watched the filing cats and sneered. They look like mice getting ready to become dinner! Finally, my chance to become supreme ruler of the forest has come!

He turned to his second, now Brick, and thought mournfully. If only Bone didn't die, I would have a better second to rely on. But it was his fault, puny cat, couldn't even defeat apprentices!

Scourge padded into his den, knowing that he had Thorn set up a camp where ShadowClan used to be, and had Scratch set up a camp where WindClan used to be. RiverClan's territory would be used as a storage, or just a hunting ground.

Scourge himself, was stationed in ThunderClan's camp, and he had the best haul of the prisoners. Mostly ThunderClan cats, but also a few RiverClan, ShadowClan, but no WindClan cats.

He watched as Bramblepaw and Featherpaw were guided outside, told to run off the RiverClan territory to hunt. They better not try to run, because if they do, I'll catch them, and they'll be sorry.

I might as well be helpful. Scourge sighed as he hauled himself up. "Brick, take Claw, Blood, and Shade over to Thorn's camp and see what's going on there. Then swing by RiverClan to make sure those hunting groups don't run. Last, go by WindClan and make sure Scratch is okay."

Brick nodded. "Should I take a prisoner with me?"

Scourge surveyed the camp. "Sure, take Thornclaw." The brown tabby shied away from Brick, but the BloodClan tom easily broke him away from the others and dragged him off with the group. Scourge saw the two apprentices still shivering beside the camp and strolled over to them. "Go on, you were told to hunt were you not?"

They nodded, and scurried off. Probably just scared.

Scourge sat down in his den, surveying his own camp once again. There's no fun here, no work to do. Just a few cats milling around, and there's nothing for me to do but watch. How is this the fun of a ruler? I have no real control.


Featherpaw dashed towards RiverClan territory, Bramblepaw not far behind. Together, the two raced off, splashing through the rivers, racing past RiverClan camp for the border. We have to make it!

"Woah there." Shouted another voice. Brick caught up to them, scooping them up. "Nope, you're not leaving, you're going to stay in RiverClan territory and hunt."

Featherpaw glared at Brick. "And what if we don't?"

"Then Scourge will find you and make you pay. Simple." Brick sneered as he padded away with his group. "No one defies Scourge."

I will. Featherpaw thought. I will one day, and he'll be sorry.

Bramblepaw looked at Featherpaw. "What's wrong? Let's hunt before Scourge comes back."

Featherpaw nodded. "Yeah, let's hunt."

Be careful Scourge, I'm coming.

Chapter Three

"Bramblepaw, you go towards the main camp and see what land prey you can catch. I'll be fishing right here." Featherpaw mewed.

The brown tabby nodded. "Okay, maybe I can get to ThunderClan territory and hunt there. I'm sure Scourge will allow me to."

"Maybe ask him later." Featherpaw muttered. She didn't want Bramblepaw to leave, and she wanted him to stay be her side. "We can always ask him later."

Bramblepaw shrugged. "Of course."

He padded towards the main camp, peeking through the strands of reeds to see the camp. There wasn't a cat in sight, and he sighed. RiverClan camp has been abandoned now...

Featherpaw was searching the stream, waiting for fish to come up. She shivered at the thought of jumping into the icy river, then decided she had to.

Diving in, Featherpaw swam to the bottom, scooping up carp on the way. Got you! She swam back up to the surface, dropping the fish on the bank. "Featherpaw, did you get anything?" Bramblepaw called as he dragged a squirrel back.

"Yeah, some fish, but not much."

"I guess we better go back and ask where else we can hunt." Bramblepaw murmured, circling the area worriedly.

Featherpaw nodded. "Yeah, I guess so."

The two apprentices walked back, entering the camp with manners. "Scourge?" Featherpaw asked hesitantly.

The black tom glanced down at them. "What do you want."

Bramblepaw nervously stepped forward and dipped his head. "We were wondering whether or not we could hunt ThunderClan lands, or WindClan, or ShadowClan. RiverClan doesn't offer much land prey."

Scourge nodded, obviously thinking hard. "Hm, I'll allow you to hunt on my territory, but Thorn and Scratch may not want you two on their territories."

Featherpaw dipped her head to the little black tom. "Thank you, Scourge."

He dismissed them, and Featherpaw hurried outside. "I guess they don't call it Clan territory anymore." Bramblepaw sighed and nodded.

"Yeah, I miss the Clans..."

Featherpaw pressed against him, and the two hurried to find more prey. Bramblepaw sniffed the air, scenting a mouse skittering nearby. He crouched down, and Featherpaw watched with interest. The brown tabby tom slid forward, careful to stay silent. He leaped and caught the mouse before it scurried back into it's hole.

"Nice catch."

Bramblepaw and Featherpaw whirled around, seeing a black and white tom glancing at them. "You two are great hunters, I've heard. You've already catch three pieces of prey to feed this camp. That's a big achievement to us."

"Thank you," Featherpaw mewed, dipping her head to the newcomer. "It's an honor to hear you say that."

Bramblepaw just dipped his head and shuffled his paws. "I'm Scar." The tom mewed. "I think Scourge would be glad to hear that you two are cooperating well, and are great feeders for the camp."

Featherpaw watched the tom leave, and shrugged. "Maybe we can get on Scourge's good side and he won't treat us badly."

Bramblepaw nodded. "That would be a change..."

Featherpaw just sniffed the air. "Oh! I found a sparrow in the beech tree." She quickly took a step forward, glancing at her surroundings to make sure she could stop the sparrow from leaving. She dug her claws into the beech tree, slowing pulling herself up. When she was near it, she launched herself forward and knocked the sparrow down. It squawked and lay limp while Bramblepaw hurried forward and ended it's life with a quick nip.

"You two are god hunters." Scourge slid out from the shadows. "I think I'll let you two feed this camp, then you won't have to do any of the hard work the others shall do." His eyes glimmered.

Featherpaw once again dipped her head to the BloodClan leader. "Th-hank you..." Her words caught in her throat, and she shied away to Bramblepaw's side. The two apprentices watched the leader leave, then returned to hunting.

"I guess this life won't be so bad huh?" Bramblepaw muttered.

Featherpaw just glanced back at camp. "I wish the others would receive the same treatment we're getting..." She looked worried as Scar padded towards one of the bramble dens, dragging a few of the Clan cats out. "They might get hurt..."

"I know," Bramblepaw whispered. "But be thankful that we don't have to face what they're facing."

Chapter Four

Bramblepaw whimpered as he saw what was happening to the other Clan cats. "Look, Featherpaw."

The gray RiverClan she-cat gasped. "They're torturing them, oh, Bramblepaw, what do we do?" She sat there terrified as she watched the BloodClan cats push the Clan cats towards the pile of stones.

"What do you think they're doing?" Bramblepaw whispered, noticing that some of the prisoners were shooting mortified looks towards them.

"Look..." Featherpaw whimpered. The Clan cats were filed into the stone pile, confined there for disobeying, and it was a lesson that they were being taught. "Hey, not everyone's being put in."

Bramblepaw relaxed a bit. "Maybe they're just telling our Clanmates to obey, and it's only for a day."

"But the sun is shining real hot today, which means the heat will burn the cats inside! Oh, they'll die even if its only for today..."


But at sun-high, when the cats were let out, they were weak and tired. A few gave the BloodClan cats dirty looks, and the BloodClan cats in turn sent them reeling away. "Blackfoot!" Bramblepaw heard one other cat mew. "Are you okay?"

The white tom nodded and was escorted away to Scourge's den. "Where is he going?" Shrieked the she-cat.

Scar glanced back at her. "He'll be back, he just needs to pay his respects to Scourge, that's all." Then Scar padded away, shoving Blackfoot ahead of him.

Leopardstar lay limp in the bramble den. "Featherpaw," she rasped, "I am losing my nine lives quickly. You must preserve the faith in the Clans, and bring all four of the Clans together to rebel against Scourge. You must! I am too frail to do it now..."

Featherpaw's eyes widened in fear. "I don't want to rebel! Bramblepaw and I are content with our duties, we don't face what you face, we don't have to rebel!"

Leopardstar sighed. "Featherpaw, the Clans must survive. We must pull through. If you won't join us, you can stay in BloodClan as prisoners forever."

Featherpaw looked away. "When the time goes, I'll help, but for now, I shall remain as I am."

The RiverClan leader shook her head. "May StarClan light your path, Featherpaw, you're taking it the hard way."

Bramblepaw guided Featherpaw away as the silver apprentice turned away from her leader.

"Are you sure about this, Featherpaw?" Bramblepaw murmured. "Maybe we can raise the Clans again and live the life we have been living."

Featherpaw sighed. "I don't know. If we fail, then Scourge will look at us a different way. Our lives will be harder, and I like the way we're being treated right now.."

Bramblepaw sighed along with her. "I guess you're right, come on, let's go hunt before Scar drags us out of camp."

Featherpaw nodded. "Yeah, okay." The two hurried out, dashing through the cold, crispy morning in search of prey. "Hey, I see a crow over there!" Featherpaw mewed.

Bramblepaw smiled. "You stay here, and I'll get it like you did yesterday." He quickly climbed the tree, pushing himself up the branches until he was behind the crow. "Got you!" He muttered as he shoved it down. But then his eyes widened as he tipped over falling foward.

"Bramblepaw!" Featherpaw screamed as she leaped forward to catch him.

"Don't touch him!" Snarled a voice as Featherpaw was thrown back. "You'll crush yourself."

She glanced up and saw Scar looking down at her. "But Bramble-" There was a thud, but not moan. "Bramblepaw.." Whispered Featherpaw. "Is he..."

"He's dead." Scar murmured, "Died from the fall."

"No!" Featherpaw rushed forward, throwing herself down next to Bramblepaw. "He was so nice, he made life here livable... Now what will I do?"

Scar laid his tail on her flank. "Life is always worth living, believe in what you can do."

"But you aren't a prisoner! You didn't live the life I did when the Clans were still here. You ruined what I loved, and you ruined my chance at becoming a warrior. How would you know if life was worth living now?"

Scar took a step back, obviously surprised. "No, I don't know how you feel, but there's always a part of your life that's worth living."

Like beating back Scourge. That's what I'm going to live for.

Chapter Five

Featherpaw knew her life was going to change tomorrow. Starting tomorrow, she was going to start planning her rebellions. She would contact Leopardstar and tell her leader that she was going to help lead the Clans out. Nothing was going to stop her now.

Racing away from Scar, Featherpaw padded towards ShadowClan. She sniffed the air, and saw a few Clanmates milling about in search of prey. She hissed a warning at them, and beckoned for them to join her at the RiverClan border.

She turned about and hurried to the river. Reaching there first, she waited for the other cats to safely reach her. "What is it, Featherpaw?" Asked one of the frail she-cats, "We have to hunt for our camp before sundown."

"It's okay," Featherpaw mewed excitedly, "I can help you with the hunting. But right now, I'm about to start a rebellion! The Clans can be free again, and we can escape from Scourge!" Kinkfur leaned forward. "Won't they just come after us and capture us again? They're much stronger."

Featherpaw shook her head. "Remember what they told Firestar the day before the battle? Scourge said that if we left the forest, they would be content with this area. Which means we'll be safe when we leave!"

Whitetail sighed. "Are you sure, Featherpaw? We're taking a big risk by doing this. If Scourge changes his mind, then the Clan's future will fall!"

"The Clan's future will fall if we don't act now!" Featherpaw growled. Why aren't they understanding? Featherpaw stared at the two ShadowClan cats, desperate for them to understand. “We have to act now!”

Whitetail shook his head. “I don’t know about you, Kinkfur, but I’m not going to do this. It’s too dangerous, and many of us could die or get hurt from this. What more do we gain from escaping Scourge?”

“Freedom.” Featherpaw hissed. “We gain our freedom.”

Whitetail gazed at the horizon. “I have enough freedom here. There is no point in freedom if half of our cats are suffering or dead right now. There isn’t any reason for us to flee. We have everything we need here.”

Kinkfur interrupted him. “We don’t have the lives we did before. There’s a difference, a reason to leave this StarClan forsaken place.”

Whitetail shrugged. “Think as you wish, Kinkfur, but I’m not going to leave now.”

Featherpaw sighed. “As long as you don’t tell Scourge, Whitetail. This is your decision, and you shall not ruin this chance for the rest of us.”

The white tom nodded. “I won’t, Featherpaw. I’ll make sure none of the BloodClan cats realize what you’re planning. You all have my blessing.”

Featherpaw nodded to Whitetail, then turned to leave. “Try to gather as many of the Clan cats here whenever you can. I’ll be here hunting for my camp.” She smiled at Kinkfur and Whitetail, feeling part of her mission come together. Scourge, you’re never going to know what hit you… I’m going to make sure my Clanmates, and the other Clan cats get out of here safely!


Bramblepaw… I miss you so much… Featherpaw’s tears leaked from her eyes and she gazed up at the stars. Are you in StarClan right now? Or did StarClan fall with the Clans… I hope you’re safe, and that you understand that I… that I..I love you.

She closed her eyes and lowered her head. For days she had been telling the other Clan cats her plan. A few others refused to join her, and sided along with Whitetail to help them escape. “But Scourge will take it out on you then.” Featherpaw had protested. “It’s better if you come with us.”

They had shook their heads and mewed. “At least we’ll have helped you escape. We’re content with what we have here, even if we’re just prisoners in the eye of the leaders. Maybe Clan life ended for us, and we don’t need to relive it.”

Featherpaw had just saluted to them and turned away. I just wish they would join us on our journey away from the forest. Maybe we can go to another place with nice prey… There has to be somewhere that suits us.

She turned her gaze back to the sky and located one, shining star. Bramblepaw? Is that you? Are you giving me a blessing? I’ll make you proud, and I promise I’ll get a new home for all of us, even StarClan won’t have to live with Scourge below them.

Featherpaw sighed softly and went inside the bramble den, allowing the BloodClan cat to close and lock the door. Is this life all I really need?

She swore that she heard Bramblepaw’s voice whispering to her. “Believe what you need to believe, Featherpaw, believe in yourself. Everything is worth living for.”

He sounds like Scar… Then she remembered the young BloodClan tom. Tall and fair, but nothing like the BloodClan cats. His eyes were luminescent and glowed in the faint light. When Featherpaw saw him around, her heart would beat faster and faster, and she would scold herself for thinking such a thing. Don’t I love Bramblepaw?

But she knew he was in StarClan now, and she couldn’t reach him unless she died too, or unless he visited her in her dreams. I don’t know how I feel for Scar, I mean he’s a BloodClan cat…

Curling up for the night, Featherpaw started to dream about Bramblepaw.

“Featherpaw, are you okay?”

“Yes, I am, are you, Bramblepaw?” She murmured worriedly, padding closer to the dark brown tabby.

Bramblepaw nodded. “I’m fine, thank you. I may have landed harshly, but I live in peace in StarClan.” His gaze flickered to the shining forest behind him, and then he looked back at Featherpaw.

The silver apprentice breathed in his scent and purred. “I miss you, I wish you could be here when I migrate all the Clan cats that are willing to rebel to another, safe home.”

Bramblepaw purred along with her. “I’ll still be next to you, Featherpaw, I’ll just be up here, in the sky.”

She noticed he rarely said StarClan, and then she whispered. “It seems so empty in StarClan, where are all the other cats?” The other apprentice cast his gaze down, sighing.

“After Scourge took over, the Clans were disbanded right? Well StarClan were forced to disband too. I rarely see my ancestors up here, but I do live with Goldenflower and a few others like Tawnypaw.” Bramblepaw mewed.

Featherpaw froze. “So you mean StarClan’s gone? All the cats are just gone?”

Bramblepaw nodded. “Yes, but they’re roaming about in the sky. Sometimes I spot a few and mew a greeting to them, but we don’t stay together in one place anymore.”

The silver apprentice stared around, trying to spot a few familiar cats. “How will I find Graystripe and Stormpaw then?” She looked heartbroken, and Bramblepaw wrapped his tail around her.

“We usually still come together at the pool to check on the remaining Clan cats, so usually we know when another dies or something. I’m sure Graystripe and Stormpaw will find you when you”

Featherpaw breathed in deeply, then took a step back. “Bramblepaw?”

“I need to go,” the apprentice mewed sadly, “I’ll try to visit you tomorrow. May StarClan, whatever is left of us, light your path and your mission.”

Chapter Six

Featherpaw scurried to Leopardstar, seeing the frail RiverClan leader struggling. "Leopardstar, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to go fetch some prey for myself." She hissed, "I haven't gotten any prey since yesterday!"

Featherpaw ushered back. "I'll get you some."

She dashed in the cover of the night, hurrying to the fresh-kill pile before the sun rose. She slipped by one BloodClan she-cat, and reached the pile safely. Snatching a mouse, she spun around to go back the way she came.

"What are you doing?" Featherpaw froze, and slowly turned around. Scourge was glaring at her, his beady yellow eyes tracking her from his den. "So?" He growled.

"I...I wanted to-o t-take this p-prey to fee-ed your warriors."

Scourge's eyes glittered with annoyance. "Then go!" He snarled. "And don't sneak out again. If I catch you doing this again, even if its to feed my own warriors, you'll get a punishment."

Featherpaw shivered as she hurried away, pretending to drop the mouse off, but then sneaking it back into the bramble den. "Here, Leopardstar."

"Thank you." She murmured, chewing the tough mouse slowly. "Are you really going to do this? I mean you didn't want to before... when Bramblepaw was alive."

"I realized that he died because I was foolish enough to think that this place was safe, and that I had enough in this." Featherpaw gazed at the fading stars. "But now, I'm going to rebel. I'm going to lead all the Clan cats out of here and we're going to find a new home."

Leopardstar smiled. "Your faith is strong. I hope you can achieve your goal, Featherpaw." The silver she-cat nodded to her leader, then padded outside when the bramble den was open.

But Scourge was standing right outside the den, and when he spotted her, he beckoned to someone else. Featherpaw felt teeth grab her scruff and they dragged her up to Scourge's den.

The BloodClan cat dropped her, and backed away. Scourge glared down at her, and growled. "You've been starting a rebellion, why are you doing so?"

Featherpaw glared defiantly back at him. "You don't even need the Clan cats here. Before the battle, you said if we left, then you would be content with keeping the forest."

"But you didn't leave." Scourge pointed out. "So I'm having my revenge."

Featherpaw's breath came in gasps now, and she looked away. "I'm going to lead all the Clan cats out, and you can't stop me!"

Scourge snorted. “Featherpaw, I can’t wait to see you try. Maybe you’ll make it farther than any other group of cats that tried to defy me.” He leaned forward. “Just don’t forget, I may have spies working within your groups.”

Scar. Featherpaw immediately thought. The tom had been following her everywhere, and he always had a happy aurora around him, probably masking his intentions. Featherpaw glared at Scourge once more, then turned and fled to the bramble den where Leopardstar was waiting.

“What happened, Featherpaw?” She whispered urgently.

Featherpaw sighed. “Scourge wanted to settle matters between him and me. But it’s okay, I’m still going to lead everyone out, and I’m not going to fail.”

Leopardstar nodded to her. “You might as well go on with your duties, or else Scourge might get more arrogant.

Featherpaw snorted. “Scourge knows what he’s doing, but so do I. I know he’s probably watching my every move, but two can play a game. I’ll set an example to him for a few days, then he’ll blow off.”

The former RiverClan leader waved her tail in farewell. “I do hope you succeed, Featherpaw, that way the Clans can rule once again.”

Featherpaw padded away, feeling the gaze of Scourge bear her down. Her pelt prickled with worry, but she brushed it away. Scourge can try to stop me, but I’ll beat him, nobody’s going to stop me now.

She sniffed the air, searching for some prey. Her heart ached as she remembered the techniques she would do with Bramblepaw. Climb that tree, knock the crow down, catch the crow, come down safely. But the last time they had tried that, Bramblepaw had slipped off the tree, breaking his neck.

“You seem to be angry today.”

She whipped around. “Leave me alone! I know Scourge is trying to make you use me, but I’m not to fall for his sick tricks.”

Scar looked surprised. “I don’t know what he’s talking about.” He hissed. “Scourge doesn’t control my life. He’s just my leader, and I’m the one who chooses what I do. I wouldn’t spy on you for information!”

“Then why are you always following me.” Featherpaw growled, tears streaming down from her eyes. “You were the one who killed Bramblepaw! You stopped me from saving him.”

Scar’s eyes widened, and his ears began to flatten. “How dare you accuse me! If you had jumped in front of Bramblepaw, he would have crushed you. You wouldn’t be alive right now if I hadn’t stopped you.”

“How do you know?” Featherpaw screamed, dashing away towards RiverClan’s territory. “How do I know you aren’t trying to trick me? What if you’re some freak who’s trying to use me?”

She sprinted off, leaving the BloodClan tom standing there in utter shock.



“Yes, Kinkfur?” The silver apprentice was staring glumly at the flowing stream. “What is it that you want?”

“I’m worried, that’s all,” the ShadowClan she-cat murmured, “You seem so down today when you ran over here from ThunderClan’s territory. What’s wrong?”

Featherpaw turned her head away. “I didn’t get to tell you this yet, but Bramblepaw died a few days ago.” Fresh grief welled in her heart, and tears began to leak from her closed eyes.

Kinkfur’s eyes softened, and she pressed against the young apprentice. “I’m sorry for your loss, he had a great potential as a father, if only he had lasted that long…” The ShadowClan she-cat brushed past Featherpaw, heading back towards ShadowClan’s territory.

Featherpaw watched her go, then repeated what Kinkfur said in her mind. a father? Bramblepaw as my mate? Surprisingly, the thought didn’t seem repulsing, and even weirder, Featherpaw wanted Bramblepaw as her mate. He was so kind...

Suddenly the grief was overwhelming, and she started to sob. A comforting pelt pressed against her, and Featherpaw imagined Bramblepaw standing next to her, telling her everything would be all right. But when she opened her eyes, she saw…

“Scar!” She hissed. “What are you doing here?”

The brown tom glanced at her, obviously looking hurt. “I can’t offer you comfort?” He murmured softly. “Isn’t there anything I can do for you, Featherpaw?”

“Yes.” She mewed, glaring at him.

“What is it?” Scar asked, this time his eyes were curious.

Featherpaw flattened her ears and stepped forward. “You can leave me alone and tell Scourge that I know who his spy is! There’s no use for Scourge, or you to be following me.”

Scar’s gaze flickered away, and he turned back towards the camp. “Featherpaw, I assure you I’m not spying on you for Scourge. I wouldn’t do such a thing. He may be my leader, but I do not serve his every will. He would never ask me to spy on a prisoner anyways.”

“Then why are you always following me?” Featherpaw snarled. “Why don’t you ever leave me alone?”

Scar didn’t look back, instead he started to walk away. “You wouldn’t understand, Featherpaw.”

“Because you’re the spy!” Yowled Featherpaw. “I know you are! You can tell Scourge that I already know, so there’s no use in putting a spy on me!” She panted angrily as she watched the BloodClan tom pad away, her tail lashing in annoyance.

Am I really right? Is Scar really the one to blame? Featherpaw shook herself crossly. Don’t be silly! Of course Scar is the spy. Why else would he be following me around? He doesn’t have another reason then Scourge’s orders.

Featherpaw sniffed the air once again, trying to hunt for prey before sundown. Bramblepaw, if you can here me, please help me get all these Clan cats out of here...

Chapter Seven

Featherpaw scanned the area, spotting yet another mouse skittering behind the leaves. I’m going to catch this one. I have to. She launched herself forward, spraying leaves she she skidded around the corner. “Got you!” She yowled.

Snatching up the mouse, she quickly bit its neck before it could run again. Hurrying back to her pile, Featherpaw picked up her five pieces of prey and managed to carry them back to camp. Scourge was watching her through slitted eyes, and his gaze pinned her down easily.

Featherpaw shivered as she hurried to the fresh-kill pile and dropped the prey. She strolled over to Leopardstar, and felt a push behind her. “You’re going to go somewhere else today, Featherpaw.”

It was Blizzard, a huge white tom with sharp claws. He shoved her into a stone cold den and stood in front of it. His beady blue eyes watched her carefully, and she knew there was no escape.

“What am I doing here?” She snarled, used to sleeping on the spiky floor, used to feeling the prickles of the thorn and waking up with thorns in her pelt.

Blizzard let out a chuckle. “You’re going to sleep in this stone den today.”

A punishment… Scourge used to treat her like a daughter, but now that he knew that she was planning something, he had decided to treat her like a fellow prisoner. She knew this was his way of saying “behave or else”.

Before long, the cold began to seep into Featherpaw, and she began to shiver madly. I’ll freeze in here tonight! Worry began to take over, and she fell asleep shivering a like a scared mouse.

Her dreams were filled with terrifying scenes, one with Bramblepaw lying in a pool of blood, and another with Leopardstar cackling madly at her. The last one was filled with Scourge’s victims, lying on the ground, scattered like mice.

Featherpaw woke up with a shriek, but it was muffled by a fluffy tail. “Be quiet!” Scourge hissed angrily. “I don’t want you waking up all of my cats in one shriek.”

She calmed down eventually, but was still shaking like a frightened mouse. “How did you like your night?” Scourge sneered as he padded out, beckoning for her to follow. “I bet it was warm and comfy.”

Featherpaw glared at him. “What do you want from me?”

Scourge’s eyes narrowed into slits. “I want you to stop your little, silly rebellion, and work obediently like a regular prisoner.”

Featherpaw backed away, and stared at him with fury in her eyes. “You know as well as I do I’m not going to do anything like that. I won’t stop until I get every one of these Clan cats out!”

Scourge laughed. “You’re never going to succeed, Featherpaw. I can promise you, I know every escape route, and how to stop them. I’ve had many groups try before, but you know what happened to them?” Featherpaw didn’t respond as Scourge leaned forward. “They died.”

He left her cackling, and Featherpaw turned towards the entrance. Blizzard followed her as she padded out, sniffing the air for prey. The white tom didn’t stop as she weaved through the forest, trying to lose him.

“I’m a trained tracker, my dear, there’s no use trying to lose me. I’ll be following you with every step.” Featherpaw let out a faint hiss as she picked her pace.

Blizzard only laughed as he kept on her tail. “You’re never going to lose me, Featherpaw.” She snarled as she pushed harder, running as fast as she could towards RiverClan territory. Maybe I can run off into the wild, and migrate the Clan cats from there!

But she never made it. Blizzard ran faster than the wind, and pushed her down. She fell flat on her face, groaning as his claws dug into her flank. “Don’t try to run again, Featherpaw. There’s no use. Now you hunt quietly in our territory, and you won’t have to bother those other prey hunters.”

Somehow Scourge knows every move I’m doing. He knows that I’ve been meeting with the other Clan cats, he knows that I was scheming this whole thing. But how did he know?

The thought swirled in Featherpaw’s mind as she hunted. She noticed that Blizzard seemed to have faded away as she stayed in ThunderClan territory, but when she tried to cross over to RiverClan territory, Blizzard would appear to stop her.

It’s no use, Scourge has me trapped like a mouse in a catcher’s range.


Leopardstar watched Featherpaw gather herself up. “Why are you so worried? Scourge isn’t enough to stop you, I know it isn’t.”

“No he isn’t, but someone else is.”

“Who?” Leopardstar murmured, looking sleepy, yet curious.

“The spy.” Featherpaw hissed. “The spy has been telling Scourge everything, and I can’t seem to get an upper hand against him. It’s useless.”

Leopardstar seemed to tense up, and she growled. “Who’s the spy? Do you know?”

Featherpaw shook her head. “I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure it’s…”

The former RiverClan leader’s shoulder tightened, and she seemed ready to spring. “I think it’s Scar. The tom’s been following me everywhere, and he never stops. I think Scourge asked him to keep an eye on me.”

Leopardstar relaxed once again and curled up. “Well maybe you should keep an eye on him too. That way we get an upper hand, and the Clans can rule once more.”

Featherpaw nodded, though she looked at Leopardstar weirdly. She never leaves the bramble den, and when she does, she’s just going to the dirt place. I’ve never seen Scourge make her work… Why though?

Chapter Eight

Featherpaw gritted her teeth as Scar followed her throughout the territory. She pushed with her hind legs and dashed faster, but Scar kept up. She whirled around. annoyed with Scar.

"Look, I know you're the spy, so you don't have to act! Scourge may have put you off a few days to prove that you aren't the spy, but I know you are!" Featherpaw hissed in the brown tom's face.

Scar didn't respond, and Featherpaw smirked. He's too scared to admit that he's the spy, so he's keeping quiet. He probably thinks that I'm just going to let him loose.

"You don't have to spy on me anymore! I don't care what you're going to do, but I'm going to go on with my mission until I complete it!" Featherpaw whipped around and started to run as fast as she could for the RiverClan border.

Scar didn't seem to catch up, and he suddenly disappeared. I know he's there somewhere, probably just wants to listen in of our conversations to tell Scourge.

She reached Kinkfur, Ashfoot and Crowpaw, and whispered. "There's this BloodClan tom following me. I want you three to take control of this mission because I have ths spy tracking my every move."

Crowpaw glared scathingly at her. "You would say that," he hissed, "Just because there's a 'spy' tracking you makes this situation too hard for you."

Featherpaw glared back at him. "This was for you guys!" She snarled. "If I don't succeed in this mission, every Clan cat will be forced to work as prisoners for the rest of their lives!"

Crowpaw hissed softly and turned away. Featherpaw rolled her eyes and turned to Kinkfur. "You were my supporter from the very beginning. Can you please help me succeed on this mission?"

The brown and white she-cat nodded. "Of course, you go now, and make sure no information is passed down from now on."

Featherpaw nodded. "I won't know a thing from now on." She smiled. "So Scourge won't get any information."

Ashfoot brushed against her. "I'm glad he won't. Now we can get out of here with no fear of Scourge chasing us!"

Scar appeared in the distance, obviously watching her with them. Featherpaw waved her tail in goodbye and bounded back across the border. "Tell Scourge whatever you want." Featherpaw smirked. "There's nothing to tell anymore."

The brown tom just acknowledged her and kept going. He walked behind her as she hunted and he didn't speak as he watched her carefully. His eyes didn't show his emotion as he sat down to watch her wash her pelt.

"Why do you have to watch me so intently?" Featherpaw hissed. "I'm not doing anything that will harm Scourge."

Scar only stared back at her. "This is a duty that Scourge told me to do. You don't have a choice about me following you or not, and I don't have a choice about this either."

"Well obviously you're the spy, or else why would you be following me? I bet there are other cats that are better at this job." Featherpaw whirled around and started to pad away. Then her words registered, and she realized what she had just said.

She turned around and opened her mouth to apologize. Scar shook his head and mewed softly. "No, don't apologize, I don't care anymore."

Featherpaw lowered her head and turned away. He's still the spy, I shouldn't feel sorry for him. She sniffed the air, like every other day, trying to search for prey in the undergrowth.

She spotted a mouse in a pile of leaves, but made no move to catch it. How can I live my life like this, tredding in the dark and hunting for a tyrant like Scourge?


"Featherpaw, Scourge wants to talk with you." It was Scar again, standing outside.

The silver apprentice scooted past him quickly and padded up to Scourge's den. "Enter." Called Scourge from the inside.

Stepping inside carefully, Featherpaw eyed the leader suspicially. "What do you want?" She hissed. Scourge smirked and mewed.

"I've decided that you Clan cats had enough time scheming. I'm going to start picking cats out, and start my own little revenge of mine."

Featherpaw's breath caught in her chest, but she defiantly faced Scourge. "Go ahead and kill me. I don't mind." Her eyes blazed as she watched the little, yet powerful tom.

Scourge laughed. "Oh no, you've cause me a lot of trouble, so you're punishment must come last. First, you'll get to watch a few of your friends die." He let out a cruel, echoing laughter.

Featherpaw flattened her ears, but Scar was holding her back. She breathed in deeply, and watched as Scourge led her out.

"Come and see, Featherpaw." Scourge smirked. He walked out, and outside, Blizzard was standing over Mistyfoot. Featherpaw let out a scream as she saw her mentor lying on the ground.

"Mistyfoot!" Featherpaw struggled in Scar's grasp, trying to reach her beloved mentor. Scourge snorted as he flicked his tail.

"This is an example of what would happen if you dare defy me."

"No!" Featherpaw shrieked. "She didn't do anything!"

Scourge laughed. "Oh, let me rephrase that. This was what happens if anyone dare to defy me. It might even happen to you, even if you didn't do anything."

Then Blizzard raised his paw, and everything seemed to slow down. The white paw began to descend slowly, and Featherpaw turned her head away, squeezing her eyes shut. Then it fell quickly, and Mistyfoot was gone.

Scourge turned to Featherpaw, who was crying. "Get ready for more, Featherpaw. I'll get my revenge, I'll break you little by little."

Oh StarClan...

(A/N: This chapter was dedicated to Hawk. Hawk, you're a great friend, and I always want you to remain happy. What happened in this chapter would be me if anything bad happened to you <3 Please be safe and happy all the time, Hawk <3333)

Chapter Nine

Featherpaw wriggled away from Scar, launching herself at Blizzard. "Get away from her!" She screamed, as she mourned for her lost mentor. "Mistyfoot... oh... I'm so sorry."

Blizzard just watched quietly, his eyes showing no real emotion, but Featherpaw could tell that he wasn't happy with so much bloodshed going on. The white tom looked past her, and stared at Scar. Why is he looking at the tom like that?

Scar only glared back, indicating that he didn't want to talk about the matter. Scourge only smiled at Featherpaw cruelly and beckoned for Scar and Blizzard to drag her away. Featherpaw let out a cry of grief as she was seperated from her beloved mentor and shoved into the bramble den. I'm alone...

The night went by fast, and Featherpaw wasn't escorted outside the next morning. But at sunhigh, Blizzard opened the door, pushing her out. Featherpaw stumbled into the clearing and saw the next victim waiting. not her.

Scourge himself was glaring down at his choice, and he snarled. "You're no use to me now, I may have promised you riches and a great life, but there is no need for you, when I have Featherpaw weak and useless in my grasp, and her group unable to continue."

"No," the weak voice stuttered, "I promise you I'll do better, I gave you what you wanted, and you promised me a great life!"

Featherpaw stared in shock at the figure on the ground. "Why..."

Leopardstar was laying on the floor, staring at Featherpaw with wide eyes. "I'm sorry, Featherpaw... He offered me so much, and I believed him! I'm sorry, Featherpaw..."

The silver apprentice looked at her former leader in disgrace and in sadness. "You had to, Leopardstar. You had to be the spy and be my supporter, forcing us all to fail. My plan could have worked!"

Scourge snorted. "I have other tricks, Featherpaw. She was just one. Since you didn't pass this test, I didn't have to do anything else to catch you all. Now for the rest of me revenge."

He lunged for Leopardstar, who didn't even try to get up. "Maybe StarClan will forgive me..." She whispered as she closed her eyes as a surrender.

"No, no!" Featherpaw screamed as Scourge sank his claws into Leopardstar's throat. "Leopardstar... Why did it all have to end like this?"

She crumbled down crying hard. Her sobs wracked her body as her tears flowed down from her eyes. She's gone, just like Mistyfoot. My whole life is crumbling apart, and it's only a start. Scourge probably has much more for me, and I don't think I can take this much loss.

Bramblepaw seemed to be next to her at this moment, and so was Mistyfoot, Stormpaw, Graystripe, and even the strong and caring Firestar.

You aren't a failure though, Featherpaw. You accomplished so much during your time here, even if you failed. Everything falls at one point. Bramblepaw whispered his encouraging words into my ear.

Nothing is perfect, in fact you did better than anyone else could have done. Scourge always had traps for you, and you made it farther than anyone else would have. Firestar whisked past with his words.

Even Mistyfoot smiled in praise. You always had the spirit to go on, even though Scourge ruined it all for you. Maybe life as you know it isn't always so bad.

Featherpaw smiled at the three StarClan cats, whispering her thank yous. You always helped me though bad times, and I thank you all for this.

Stormpaw pressed against her. I'll be waiting for you in StarClan, sister.

"Featherpaw, watch out!" A scream sounded from the clearing. The silver she-cat jerked awake, remembering where she was.


Then a tom flew overhead, meeting Scourge head on. "Scar! Scourge! What are you two doing?" Featherpaw shrieked.

There was a huge wound down her flank, and the stinging pain of it blinded Featherpaw. The apprentice groaned as she lay on the ground, blood oozing from her deep wound. Scourge must have done this to me as I was dreaming...

Scar was wrestling with Scourge, hissing at the black tom. "You're not getting to Featherpaw!"

"I already have, fool." Scourge snorted, "There's no point in this. She's dying on the side already." Scar gasped and whipped around.

"Featherpaw!" He rushed over, and but in the process, Scourge leaped up behind him.

"Scar!" Featherpaw gasped, her breath coming in gasps now.

The brown tom's eyes widened as he was thrown down, and Scourge's claws sliced easily through Scar's fur. "Scar..." Featherpaw whispered, her eyes wide with shock.

His eyes fluttered open, his golden eyes brimming with tears and full of love. "I'm sorry, Featherpaw... I...lo-ove... y-yo-ou..." His last breath was short, and his head lolled over.

"Scar....." Featherpaw murmured as she lay still, trying to catch her breath. She knew she was dying herself, and she heard the mad cackle of Scourge.

"Your punishment is complete, Featherpaw. You've seen your loved ones suffer, and you yourself is dying. Enjoy your days in StarClan." Scourge stalked awway, kicking dust over Featherpaw.


"Featherpaw, I love you." Bramblepaw purred as he brushed against her. "Isn't the skies lovely today? The weather is so much nicer."

"Yes..." the silver she-cat purred. "Not as musty as those cloudy nights. Two moons ago, all we would see is blood and grief."

Bramblepaw licked Featherpaw's cheek. "At least we don't have to suffer from it anymore. It isn't part of our life anymore."

Featherpaw nodded. "I'm just glad all the Clan cats are free."

"At least they aren't in the grasp of Scourge anymore." Bramblepaw noted. "Even if they're up in the stars with us, at least the Clans' legends still hold the best stories to be told."

Another gray tom padded over. "I'm sure we'll have newborns, and those newborns shall be the dawn of a new Clan. The Clans never really fade out."

A calico she-cat joined them. "When did the Clans ever lose faith in anything? There's no way the Clans will be lost forever. There's still SkyClan, and those mysterious Clans out there that we've never heard of. We aren't the last."

Stormpaw shrugged. "But we're the last of ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, and WindClan."

Tawnypaw shook her head. "Maybe for now, but I doubt that it will stay this way forever. Maybe they won't settle in the forest, but I'm sure there'll be someone who shall re-build the four great Clans."

Featherpaw pressed against her brother. "It doesn't really matter. We've set the limits of Clan history, and many great stories can be told of us."

Bramblepaw pondered over these thoughts. "Or maybe we'll be reborn somewhere else, given another chance in order to re-build the Clans ourself."

"In your dreams!" Tawnypaw laughed, though her eyes were gleaming with hope. "As much as I want that to happen, no StarClan cat has ever been reborn. Not event the tiniest kit who was just born."

Stormpaw sighed. "I just wish we made it to warriors. I mean we don't even have our warrior names!"

Featherpaw shrugged. "I don't know, I'm content with my life that I led. I've journeyed farther than any other warrior has ever faced, and my difficulties were the hardest to endure."

Tawnypaw smiled at Featherpaw. "You did well, facing against Scourge like that, though we were quiet wrong about that other brown tom."

"Scar?" Featherpaw murmured. "Yeah, I wish I didn't say such horrible things about him, and I hope he's forgiven me, I mean I caused his death."

Bramblepaw shook his head. "It was his choice to jump between you and Scourge. Even though Scourge had already gotten a blow in, Scar leaped in to save you from a quick death."

Featherpaw sighed. "At least I wouldn't have had to watch Scar die. I mean if my death was quicker, he wouldn't have had to die."

Tawnypaw glanced over at her. "He wouldn't have lived knowing he didn't do anything as you died."

Stormpaw nodded. "I wouldn't stand there if you were dying, Featherpaw."

The silver she-cat smiled at her friends. "The wonders of life still revolve in our heads huh? I missed being with you guys, and I'm glad we still have each other in StarClan. I'll never forget you guys."

Bramblepaw purred. "Let's end this with a warrior ceremony. Let's give ourselves warrior names. We don't need a leader or a big ceremony, I think we've done enough to earn this."

Tawnypaw nodded. "Let's do this. I'll give a warrior name to Stormpaw, and he'll give one to me. And Bramblepaw and Featherpaw shall exchange names."

The other three nodded, and Tawnypaw started out. "Stormpaw, from this moment on, you shall be known as Stormfur. StarClan honors you for your bravery and loyalty, and we welcome you as a full warrior of StarClan."

Stormfur smiled and mewed. "Tawnypaw, from this moment on, you shall be known as Tawnypelt. StarClan honors you for your courage and strength, and we welcome you as a full warrior of StarClan."

Featherpaw went next. "Bramblepaw, from this moment on, you shall be known as Brambleclaw. StarClan honors you for your strength and knowledge, and we welcome you as a full warrior of StarClan."

Brambleclaw turned to her, his eyes shining with love and happiness. "Featherpaw," he mewed solemnly, "From this moment on, you shall be known as Feathertail. StarClan honors you for your bravery and interlligence, and we welcome you as a full warrior of StarClan."

Together, the four new warriors chanted. "Stormfur, Tawnypelt, Brambleclaw, Feathertail!"

Brambleclaw pulled Feathertail aside. "I love you, Feathertail, and if we were still down on Earth, I would take you as my mate."

Feathertail's eyes twinkled with happiness and love. "Oh, you says you can't be my mate in StarClan?" She purred. Then she whispered. "I love you too, Brambleclaw."

Revenge is a sweet thing

but it isn't always necessary

Heroes are the sweetest revenge

as they last on forever

The End.

Authors Note

Okay so, I really liked this story, and I really enjoyed writing it. I personally love Featherpaw, and sorry, (Brighty's brother, Fork, Brighty, all the fans) for killing her. The Epilogue wouldn't have been as sweet if she was still alive suffering.

I credit this story to Fork, Brighty, Wetty, Red, Stormy, Hawk, Jay, Clever, Stareh, Zaffie, Arti, Rainy, Roo, and everyone else I missed on accident. I love you all, and thank you for an amazing time on here, and thanks for reading this story :)

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