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Book 3
Preceded by:
After Firestar's Death
Return of the Graystripe Succeded by:
Son of the Graystripe

Cloudstar: Work! Work! Work! Am I paying you to do nothing?

Spiderleg: Your not paying us at all!

Cloudstar: Excactly!

(All cats work.)

Cloudstar: Yes!!! Yes!!! Do my biding!!!!! Muhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Ferncloud and Spiderleg talk secretly behind the nursery.)

Ferncloud: Cloudstar has gone mad with power.

Spiderleg: He's gone completely insane!

Ferncloud: We should kill him!

Spiderleg: But only a cat like Graystripe can save us.

Ferncloud: (Sings.) If only we had that Graystripe, we wouldn't suffer anymore. If only I had a milkshake, I would be dancin' round the ground!

Cloudstar: Is that horrible singing that doesn't even ryme I hear? Ferncloud, what were you singing about.

Ferncloud: How you wouldn't give me a milkshake.

Cloudstar: I thought you were singing about Graystripe, but whatever. And the milkshake thing is nonsense! Cats don't drink milkshakes.

(Cloudstar sees Brightheart drinking a milkshake. Brightheart stops when Cloudstar looks at her. She whistles.)

Cloudstar: Okay then. Now, GO TO WORK!!!!!

(Meanwhile, deep in the forest.)

Graystripe: Where am I, anyway?

Owl: Your in the forest of no return. Turn back or you will be killed.

Graystripe: Why the h*** is an owl talking to me?

Owl: I am not owl. I am an illusion.

(Owl dissapears.)

Graystripe: My mind is playing tricks on me! Have I gone insane?

Owl: (Reapears.) Yes.

Graystripe: (Runs around randomly. Hears russeling in a bush. Stops. Pads over to bush. See's a tiny squirrel.) Awwwwwwwww, it's so cute!

Squirrel: YOU WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Graystripe: Show me to the exit squirrel, or I will kill you.

Squirrel: You can't kill me. I'm really (transtorms into giant demon squirrel.) A GIANT DEMON SQUIRREL!!!!!!

Graystripe: (Runs away. Squirrel chases him.) Why is the world haunting me? (Finds cave and hides in it. Squirrel doesn't follow.) I'm finally safe.

(A pair of red eyes apear.)

Graystripe: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! (Runs out of cave. Demon frogs chase him.) Why StarClan, why? Why me, StarClan, what have I done to you. Just end my life already!"

(Lightening bolt hits Graystripe. Graystripe dies. Demons go away. Another lightening bolt strikes Graystripe and he wakes up.)

Graystripe: The second lighteing bold must have revived me! I'm alive.

Owl: This is the forest of no return!

Graystripe: (Throws a rock at owl.) Shut up, owl!

Cloudstar: Work! Work!

Graystripe: (Comes into camp.) I'm alive. Step down, Cloudstar!

Cloudstar: I don't think so. Stupidberry, get me my black cape!

Jayfeather: Uuuuummmmm, we don't have a Stupidberry.

Cloudstar: Fine. The next kit born will be named Stupidkit, then Stupidpaw, then Stupidberry.

Jayfeather: Why?

Cloudstar: It sounds worthy of my black-cape-getting-servant. Anyway, Ferncloud, get me my black cape!

(Ferncloud brings him cape. Cloudstar puts it on.)

Cloudstar: You can't beat me! I am so powerful with my cape!

Graystripe: That's where your wrong. I too have a cape! (Puts on a red cape.)

Cloudstar: Well, I have the powers of StarClan! (Wind blows away Graystripe's cape.) See my epic power?

Graystripe: Oh my StarClan.

Cloudstar: Wait, I have a better way of killing you. (Cape goes back onto Graystripe, then it catches on fire. Graystripe gets burned to a crisp.)

Cloudatar: Yay! Roast Graystripe! I will eat it. (Eats.)

Ferncloud: What about my milkshake?

Cloudstar: No milkshakes! (Brightheart sips milkshake. When Cloudstar looks at her she stops and whistles.)

Ferncloud: I'm going to sing a sad song to go with the credits.

Cloudstar: No, don't!

Ferncloud: I will!


If only we had Graystripe, we wouldn't suffer anymore!

If I only had a milkshake I'd be dancin' 'round the floor!

Cloudstar: I thought it was ground!

Writen by Whitestar7

If only I could take one last sip, I wouldn't be so sad!

Would just one milkshake be so bad?!

Idea by Whitestar7

If only I-

Cloudstar: Shut up!

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