This is an LGBTQ+ Fanfiction by Ro and Obscure for Storks' Pride Month Challenge. Thanks for reading!

Blurb: Tigerstorm and Blizzardmoon have had feelings for each other for as long as they can remember. But they don't know how to express it to each other without being teased by the other cats. They also don't know that the other loves them back. Can they express their feelings for each other and still carry out normal lives?

Prologue - Blizzardmoon (Ro)

"Let all cat's old enough to climb a cactus join me here beneath the Prickle Bush for a Clan meeting!" Sandstar's cry rang out. Once that cats had gathered, she continued. "The making of new warriors has always been a very important ceremony in the life of a Clan. Today, we have three new warriors being made. Tigerpaw, Blizzardpaw, Stormpaw, please step forward."

I glanced at my sister and best friend as we padded towards Sandstar. Each one of us had know this day would be coming for a long time. Now, I can't help but think how much each of us has grown form the little, tiny, newly-made apprentices that we once were. I wonder what our names will be?

"Cactuspelt, you have trained this apprentice well. Does he understand the meaning of the Warrior Code?" Sandstar asked Tigerpaw's mentor.

"He does," she replied.

Turning to mine and Stormpaw's mentors, Sandstar asked the same question. "Desertmoon, Sandyflight, you have trained your apprentices well. Do they understand the meaning of the Warrior Code?"

"Blizzardpaw has," Desertmoon replied, followed shortly by Sandyflight's response.

Turning back to me, Tigerpaw, and Stormpaw, she said, "Tigerpaw, Blizzardpaw, Stormpaw. Do you promise to uphold the Warrior Code and to protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do," my answer rand loud and clear in the quiet clearing, followed by Tigerpaw and Stormpaw, "I do," "I do."

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. Tigerpaw, from this day forward, you will be know as Tigerstorm. StarClan honors your kind heart and courage in battle. Blizzardpaw, from this day forward, you will be known as Blizzardmoon. StarClan honors your willingness to defend a Clanmate in need, and your bravery in battle. Stormpaw, you will be known as Stormdune. StarClan honors your playful spirit and helpfulness in battle."

"Tigerstorm! Blizzardmoon! Stormdune!" The clearing erupted in loud caterwauls of the Clan saying our names. I stood up taller with pride. Well, it was almost moonhigh, now. We better start our vigil.

As the cats in the clearing shuffled to their dens, Tigerstorm, Stormdune and I padded to the center of the clearing to watch over our Clanmates for the night. I glanced at Tigerstorm and felt a flutter in my chest. Where did that come from!?! I ignored it, and settled in my spot for a long night of no sleep.

Chapter 1 - Tigerstorm (Obscure)

My waking wasn't a pleasant one. I had been dreaming about... a certain someone. Then, all of a sudden, a yowl slipt my dream. I woke up violently, bashing my head on the branches above, and coming face to face with Whiskermuzzle.

"Wake up!' the grey tom hissed.

I blinked, my head swimming, "Whiskermuzzle?"

"Ugh," Whiskermuzzle groaned, "New warriors! Always thinking they can sleep on the vigil!"

My eyes widened, and I mentally beat myself up. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

"Sorry Whiskermuzzle," I said weakly.

"Sorry fixes nothing," he snapped, "Now, wake up Blizzardmoon and Stormdune. You're lucky I don't tell Sandstar!"

I watched his retreating tail with a sick feeling. What was StarClan thinking? Were they mad?

"Stormdune!" I called softly, "Blizzardmoon!"

Stormdune stirred and looked up at me with bleary eyes, "What? Oh! The vigil..." she looked around, "Oh no."

"Yeah, we slept through it," I admitted.

Blizzardmoon yawned, and rolled over, "What happened?"

"We slept through the vigil," I confessed.

The tom gaped, "We did?"

"Yeah," I sighed, "Not intended, I think... I just forgot about the whole no-sleeping rule..."

Blizzardmoon meowed, "It's fine... right?"

Stormdune broke in indignantly, "Sandstar is going to be so mad!"

"Whiskermuzzle said he wouldn't tell," I responded.

"Whiskermuzzle?" Blizzardmoon gaped, "What made you think he'd tell the truth?"

I hung my head, "Nevermind. We should redeem ourselves, somehow... Let's hunt!"

I brushed pelts with Blizzardmoon as we left camp.

The forest was beautiful today. The sky was a clear, bright blue that seemed to outshine everything else, and lazy clumps of clouds drifted across the expanse. The forest was dark green, cool rays of light slicing through the canopy. It was a bit chilly, but I didn't mind.

Because we were warriors, and we were together.

Chapter 2 - Blizzardmoon (Ro)

As we padded into the forest to hunt, I felt Tigerstorm brush pelts with me. Last night, before I fell asleep, I had finally convinced myself that I had feelings for him. Did he feel the same way about me? I don't know for sure, but I think I see a hint of emotion in his gaze.

We split up once we reached the Rock Pile, a pile of pebbles, stones, rocks, and boulders used for training the eyesight of apprentices. I went off in search of rabbits, while Stormdune went for lizards, and Tigerstorm went for mice. We would always catch what we found, but we always choose a type of prey and see who brings back the most amount of the prey we chose.

I sniffed around, and found a trail with rabbit scent all over it. I tracked it, and found a hole. I slipped inside, darkness folding over and covering me. I used my whiskers and my nose to guide me down the dark tunnel until finally, I found a cave, with a large rabbit, and several bunnies.

I slid into a hunter's crouch, and aimed for the mother rabbit. If I could take out her, the bunnies would be easy. I pounced.

It was a quick and clean kill. I left her where she was, and went for the little ones. They still hadn't noticed I was there. I expertly slapped my paws down on top of them, and soon, I had taken all of them out. I picked up each rabbit by their ears and dragged them back towards the entrance. Once I saw daylight, I paused, blinking my eyes to get used to the brightness.

I dragged my kill out of the tunnel and back to the Rock Pile. Tigerstorm and Stormdune were still out, so I decided to rest. I wouldn't sleep, but my muscular body ached from the strain of dragging those rabbits. While I was resting, I counted how many I had caught. There were seven rabbits total. One mother, and six babies.

I heard a noise and looked up. Tigerstorm had returned, carrying several mice and an owl. I was impressed, because owls were hard to catch.

"That's quite a haul," he commented on my catch.

"Yours is pretty impressive, too," I replied.

"How many do you have?" Tigerstorm asked.

"Seven. You?" I answered.

"Four, and an owl," he responded.

We sat in silence for a few heartbeats.

"Tigerstorm, I have something to confess," I started.

"What, did you see a flying mouse?" he joked.

"No..." I murmured. "Ikindalikeyou."

Chapter 3 - Tigerstorm (Obscure)

"W-what?" I asked, confused.

Everything slowed down.

My throat constricted.

Blizzardmoon dipped his head, eyes shameful and embarrassed, "Um, it's nothing. Nevermind." He began to walk back in the direction of camp with his kills. His paws scuffed the ground, leaving trails in the dust. I stare after him, unable to speak. I gaze with new eyes. Fresh sight. HIs white and grey pelt shimmered as he made his way back, his eyes downcast.

I stared after him.

He vanished out of sight.

That's when I realised I liked him back. My eyes lifted towards the sky, and I pinpointed his tracks. I lowered my nose to the ground and followed him. His trail veered away from camp, it seemed, and into the denser clumped trees. And beyond that, the red dust of the canyons.

I arrived out at the edge of the trees, and red grit coated my paws. I called, "Blizzardmoon?"

And answering, "Here." drifted through the air. It was heavy with sadness. I tracked him to a small outcrop at the edge of the dip, and smiled softly. Blue sky filled my vision beyond the dip. It was a remarkably nice day. Great for a confession.

Not that I was going to do it well, of course. Fumble's my middle name.

I approached carefully, "Blizzardmoon... I'm here."

"I can see that," he responded, whiskers drooping.

I laughed a little, and then sat beside him, "The whole confession thing... Don't worry."

"How can I not?"

"Because I like you too," I say quietly, and then meet his gaze.

"You mean it?"

"Yeah. I do."

Chapter 4 - Blizzardmoon (Ro)

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