a story by firey

We are the ELITES. We are made to destroy everything in our path. We are perfected and altered to be the army of the Serpentines. We have powers beyond imagination and nobody can best us. There’s no need to know our name because if you know it, you won’t live to see the next day.

We are the MISTAKES. We are left in the dust, left to rot and to be destroyed. We are the past faults with experiments, we are the faults ourselves. We are the ones whose bodies couldn’t take the experiments and didn’t rise up to the Serpentines’ expectations. We are failures to be used in a different way. We live with no name because we have no need for one anymore.

We are the FORGOTTEN. A Clan of cats who had hidden away when the Serpentines had first taken over. They have ruled for so long that nobody remembers SwiftClan. We are the rebels within the system, destined to take down the Serpentines and restore order to the lands.

This is the age of RESURGENCE.

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