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Lionblaze's POV

I am Lionblaze, as you know, and I have power of stars in my paws. Makes it I had power of stars in my paws. I wish I didn't had it... I regret being Leafpool's son.

Of course, I don't mean that Leafpool is bad, or anything, I just wish I didn't had it. I nearly separated with Cinderheart to fulfill some stupid destinies! Now that I don't have power in my paws, I am just a senior warrior who has memory of fulfilling prophecy. It's all that mean Dark Forest to blame. 

Because of The Dark Forest, my sister died. Mousefur, a respected elder, Spottedleaf, a great prophecy-deliverer, and also Firestar's crush, Ferncloud, Foxleap, Sorreltail, bravest of them all, and finally, Firestar... Our grandfather, and greatest prophecied cat of all, DIED! Thankfully... Hollyleaf was welcomed at StarClan, so is Leafpool. She is happy with Hollyleaf and her family, though. 

Ashfoot, my grandmother(from WindClan)died. But I never saw her before, but... Many deaths happened. 

I wish I wasn't a prophecied cat. If I wasn't, Firestar would not be angry at me for being wounded by Ratscar. 

Dovewing's POV


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