The Red Apples Series is about two clans of cats called RedClan and AppleClan. 

AppleClan Stories

AppleClan stories are written by Cinderstar. 

  • Heavy Stormclouds - Heavystorm is a clanborn AppleClan cat, but he is constantly teased and shunned for being "as fat as a kittypet." He tries not to let the teasing get to him, but that is difficult when even his mother and littermates have shunned him since kithood. Will he be able to overcome his reputation and prove himself as a true warrior? Or will he snap before he can do so? 

RedClan stories

RedClan stories will be written by my sister, but she is currently to young to join the wiki. She wil join in June, which is also when RedClan stories will be started.

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