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ThunderClan was driven out of the four Clans, and forced to travel long distances for miles. They settled in a large sinkhole far from the other Clans. ThunderClan rose to power and became great again and ruled their territory, being the loyal, brave warriors that they were meant to be. They sent their apprentices into new training options, and changed the warrior code to make the newborn Clan even better.

Apprentices trained in one of the four categories: Warriors, who fought and defended for the Clan; Hunters, who brought prey to the Clan; Medicine Cats, who healed injured Clanmates and interpreted omens from StarClan; and the Backup Warriors, who was made up of curious kittypets who trained as daylight warriors and non-skilled apprentices, and wanted to live the life of a warrior without harsh training.

But then, a misunderstanding broke out between the catergories. They fought amongst each other. Civil war raged within ThunderClan. But when peace finally came, the Clan broke into four, with four leaders and four catergories that they ruled. They lived in seperate camps, and were ordered never to speak to each other again.

But many years later, four cats decide ThunderClan is ready for a change. Featherwing, Stormflight, Flameheart, and Spottedfeather are from different categories, but they all wish to change the Clan. Why can't cats be in whatever category they want, dispite where they were born, and bring the Clan to unity again?

But darkness stands in their way. Some cats wish to be seperate forever, to never set foot in another category's side of camp... and are willing to kill to kepp it that way. How far will the four ThunderClanners have to go to make ThunderClan great again?

It is time for the Rebellion to rise...


Main Series-

Book 1: Featherwing's Freedom

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