Okay, so I've read many spoofs and many chatrooms. I think that I want to make one, so I'm making a random chatroom. Please don't tell me that my title has a typo, that's intentional. Thanks, and please enjoy reading! Also, I took this idea from many users, so sorry if you feel upset that I'm doing one.


I guess that you guys get to know the usernames, since I created the cats.....

Squirrelclaw - TreeClimBeR

Dawnshade - Embersnob_is_a_weirdo

Emberspark - SparkyClouds

Gorsefeather - Where_in_the_world_is_Feathergorse???

Sandcloud - From_the_make_fun_of_Raincloud_party

Raincloud - $$$$$$

Shadestream - Mouse-turned-rat

Random kittypet named Embersnob - WhA

Random kittypet named After - French cat

(I know, they're awful names, I'm too bored to really care....😓.....)

Yarrowfeather - Thymefeather's friend

Thymefeather - Yarrowfeather's worst enemy

Juniperstorm - The smartest cat ever

(Eh, I guess I'll appear......) 

Mistytail - Mistytail

(I don't want a username now.....)

Phase One

~WhA has joined a chatroom~

WhA: Who's there? I know somebody made this....

~TreeClimBeR has joined the chatroom~

TreeClimBeR: hEy! it's my beSt buddY! TogethEr we wilL InCorrEctly caPitaLize sTuffZ of RanDomnEss!!!

WhA: oh it's you. I gave up incorrectly capitalizing stuff since it was too much work....

TreeClimBeR: thEn Why is yOur uSernaMe WhA? That's InCorrEctly caPitaLized!.!!.!!

~WhA has changed their username to Whatever ~

TreeClimBeR: waaAaaaaaA whY yOu Do thIs???

Whatever: I don't care what you think lazy weirdo who's not even lazy

TreeClimBeR: wHos lAZy NoW yoU eVen BoThEr tO pUnctUatE

Whatever: idc what people *ahem* cats think.

~Whatever has left the chatroom~

~Mouse-turned-rat has joined the chatroom~

TreeClimBeR: fInaLly SomE cAt tO taKe OvEr i cAn LeAVe NoW

Mouse-turned-rat: Nooooooo i don't want to stay here alone!!!!

~TreeClimBeR has left the chatroom~

Mouse-turned-rat: oh well.......

~Whatever has joined the chatroom~

~Embersnob_is_a_weirdo has joined the chatroom~

Embersnob_is_a_weirdo: is Emberspark on here?

Mouse-turned-rat: no.

Whatever: Hey! Why am I a weirdo?

Embersnob_is_a_weirdo: What do you mean? Ohhhh, your name is Embersnob, got it. I mean Emberspark, not you.

~SparkyClouds has joined the chatroom~

SparkyClouds: well i fooled you! Yay!

  • Emberspark irl behind two laptops, one logged into SparkyClouds, one logged into Whatever* "Hehehe...."

Embersnob_is_a_weirdo: how? 

Whatever: I'm behind two laptops at the same time

SparkyClouds: yes I am both SparkyClouds and Whatever

Embersnob_is_a_weirdo: but in the username area it says random kittypet named.....

Mistytail: You're not supposed to know about that! *erases Embersnob_is_a_weirdo 's memory of looking at the username part*

Whatever: I knew it somebody who made it was still on this!!!!

Mistytail: *vanishes because she wants to*

Embersnob_is_a_weirdo: Go away, Embersnob! Nobody wants you here!

~Whatever has left the chatroom~

Embersnob_is_a_weirdo: And the other account...

SparkyClouds: No!

Embersnob_is_a_weirdo: fine then.

~Embersnob_is_a_weirdo has left the chatroom~

~TreeClimBeR has joined the chatroom

Mistytail: Anyways, continue with the action!

TreeClimBeR: AnYwaYs cOntiNuE wIth tHe aCtIon iS wHat I tHinK YoU mEanT tO sAy

Mistytail: I can't believe I created you.......

TreeClimBeR: wHat? I wAs crEaTed?

SparkyClouds: yes. 

Mistytail: *deletes *ahem* tries to delete phase one, but on the screen it said: Get ready for phase two*

Mistytail: *groans*

Phase Two

Mistytail: how is this even possible? I'm supposed to be in a chatroom!

(The chatroom was turned into a video call)

TreeClimBeR: wHat dO yOu mEan? ItS aLwaYs bEeN lIkE tHiS!

Mistytail: but it's been a chatroom before..... *suddenly realizes that their memories have been erased*

~SparkyClouds has left the video call~

~TreeClimBeR has left the video call~

Mouse-turned-rat: aww, why don't I have enough lines?

Mistytail: you were forgotten.

~Mouse-turned-rat has left the video call~

Mistytail: oops that was cruel. Not

  • Soon enough, Mistytail found herself alone in the video chat*

Mistytail: *stares at the camera* how do i fix this???

~The video chat has become a chatroom~

Mistytail: So that's how!

  • some time passes*

Mistytail: how do we get cats to join this?

  • more time passes*

~French cat has joined the chatroom~

French cat: Gender identity,a yo I have too much of a kittypet named Embersnob I have too many prey on.....

Mistytail: who invited you it was much more enjoyable here when there were no cats here.

French cat: Age and should get the A couple days after he Names for me and Pinesplash murmured her response was the end of a kittypet named Embersnob

~Mistytail has blocked French cat~

Mistytail: it's getting quiet.......

~$$$$$$ Has joined the chatroom~

Mistytail: what kind of username is that?

$$$$$$: $$$$$$$$$$$$$ need more dollar bills!!!

Mistytail: oh why oh why did i have to create cats who are weird.....

$$$$$$: Gender identity and expression in this case of the following

Mistytail: *screams and bumps device into nearby water source*

Mistytail irl: oh well. *buys new laptop and joins the chatroom she made*

  • she reads her screen and it said: 19 missed messages

(in the chat history)

~From_the_make_fun_of_Raincloud_party has joined the chatroom~

From_the_make_fun_of_Raincloud_party: I caught you! Raincloud, you snoop!

$$$$$$: What do you mean I am $$$$$$ I don't see any Raincloud around here

From_the_make_fun_of_Raincloud_party: hmph. Whatever.

~From the_make_fun_of_Raincloud_party has changed usernames to Hi, snoop ~

Hi snoop: I know you're there, Raincloud.

$$$$$$: Gender identity grey she grey grey grey grey she-cat.Unknown to make sure you want me and Pinesplash is accepted as an apprentice

Hi snoop: what is that supposed to mean?

~Thymefeather's friend has joined the chatroom~

~Yarrowfeather's worst enemy has joined the chatroom~

Thymefeather's friend: aren't our usernames confusing?

Yarrowfeather's worst enemy: yeah aren't they?

Hi snoop: no

$$$$$$: Nope

$$$$$$: Full sms cms Dr vjxthb

Yarrowfeather's friend: yes

Thymefeather's worst enemy: no

~Yarrowfeather's friend has left the chatroom~

~Thymefeather's worst enemy had left the chatroom~

(End chat history)

Mistytail: you guys are hyper

$$$$$$: White tom Pinefern and yellow eyes 👀I is Kits are so cute Fanfics and yellow Deputy chief executive officer

~Mistytail has blocked $$$$$$~

~Where_in_the_world_is_Feathergorse has joined the chatroom~

~The smartest cat ever has joined the chatroom~

Where_in_the_world_is_Feathergorse: Who is here?

The smartest cat ever: here is pretty good.

Where_in_the_world_is_Feathergorse: Who are you talking to, the smartest cat ever? I don't know your name irl, but that don't matter.

The smartest cat ever: umm... I don't know what you mean. What does: 

How rae ouy lktanig ot, het msatrtse atc vere? I nd'ot nkwo uoyr mena rli, ubt htta nd'ot etatmr. 


Where_in_the_world_is_Feathergorse: I don't understand. 

Mistytail: why, Juniperstorm, did you have to be dyslexic? How are cats even dyslexic? 

The smartest cat ever: I can type, but I can't read what I'm writing. 

Mistytail: is your username a joke?

The smartest cat ever: what? I'm going back with you and green,a lot to be said.

Mistytail: I'm seriously about to kill this chat..... Why does every cat need to do that!

Phase Three

Mistytail: I hope you don't ever come back!

The smartest cat ever: What?

Mistytail: You left me no choice....

~Mistytail has blocked The smartest cat ever~

Where_in_the_world_is_Feathergorse: Oh, excuse me for interrupting. I'ma gonna invite some friends...

Mistytail: like who?

Where_in_the_world_is_Feathergorse: Oh, like Mouse-turned-rat, SparkyClouds, TreeClimBeR, Hi, snoop. Those ones, the ones in the chat history.

Mistytail: okay, fine.

~Where_in_the_world_is_Feathergorse had changed names to Feathery gorse ~

~Feathery gorse has invited Mouse-turned-rat and three others to join the chatroom~

Feathery gorse: I hope they come...

~Mouse-turned-rat has joined the chatroom~

~Hi, snoop has joined the chatroom~

~TreeClimBeR has joined the chatroom~

Mouse-turned-rat: Yipee! I get more lines!

TreeClimBeR: tHat sUcKs mOusE tUrnEd rAt

Hi, snoop: I am an banana but also a orange and a Apple

TreeClimBeR: wHat

Hi, snoop: umm ask I a question

TreeClimBeR: HmMmmM..... hoW aRe yoU? BetTer tHan mE?

Hi, snoop: I is good. Gooder than you.

TreeClimBeR: i iS uPseT. hOw dArE yoU?

Mouse-turned-rat: GIVE ME MORE LINES MISTYTAIL!!!!!

Mistytail: no, forgotten rat.

Mouse-turned-rat: OR I'LL MAKE YOU

Mistytail: oh, no, I can't do that. You just have to sit in the corner being forgotten. My chatroom, my rules! Now, where was i? Oh, yes. Yoyoing while I watch you guys bicker.

TreeClimBeR: noW WHaT iS iT tHat maKeS YoU dO dE inCorReCt gRamMaR?

Hi, snoop: well, it is hard to think up badder grammar.

TreeClimBeR: tHat's iT! gO aWaY! dOn't reTurN!

~Hi, snoop has changed usernames to Try me~

Try me: How?

TreeClimBeR: mIsTytAiL mAkE hEr lEavE!

Try me: She won't listen

Mistytail: *Is busy Yoyoing in the corner* Sorry, what?

TreeClimBeR: tRy mE is anNoyIng!

Try me: I'll leave you alone if you give me free lessons to incorrectly capitalizing stuff.

TreeClimBeR: wHy? shOw mE hOw yOu incorRecTlY cApiTalIze wOrdS

Try me: oKay. hEre I Go. APplE BanAnA GrApe pEaCh. HaPpy?

TreeClimBeR: yOu obViOuslY neEd lEsSons....

Phase Four

Mistytail: please don't.

TreeClimBeR: okAy. fIrsT rUlE iS thAt iN tWo lEtTer woRds, caPitAlIzE thE lAsT letTeR.

~Try me has changed usernames to nOviCe caPitAliZer ~

NOviCe caPitAliZer: okAy. liKe tHis? 

iT, sO, dO, iS, aM, etc.

TreeClimBeR: yeS. rUlE tWo, nEveR cApiTalIzE lEtTerS corRecTly, lIke iN thE beGinNinG oF a sEnTenCe.

NOviCe caPitAliZer: okAy. 

TreeClimBeR: wHaT iS rUle onE?

NOviCe caPitAliZer: uM... i dOn't kNoW.

TreeClimBeR: jUsT loOk aT cHaT hiStoRy!

NOviCe caPitAliZer: cApiTaLize thE sEconD leTteR iN a TwO lETtER wOrd.

TreeClimBeR: rUle thReE: iF thEre iS A doUblEd letTer iN a roW iN onE wOrd, caPitAlIzE thE sEconD leTteR. alWaYs!

NOviCe caPitAliZer: oKaY!

Mouse-turned-rat: Why don't i get lines!!!!!

Mistytail: annoying. Bye.

Mouse-turned-rat: fine. Mistytail that's me to write about it.I don't know if there were some good stuff on a....

~Mistytail has blocked Mouse-turned-rat~

Mistytail: they always turn out like this......

~Feathery gorse has left the chatroom~

~The smartest cat ever has joined the chatroom~

Mistytail: *screams this* WHY DON'T YOU STAY AWAY! I BLOCKED YOU!!!!!!!

The smartest cat ever: deaf in his right ear tips and tricks to get some rest is a dark grey tom is a apprentice.

Mistytail: I'll get you!

TreeClimBeR: HEy yOu inTerRupteD oUr lEsSon!

Mistytail: idc.

TreeClimBeR: fInE. lEt's gO tO a difFerEnT chAtroOm.

Mistytail: Age Mistytail I was too late.I have too Name on crap now I'm doing it....

The smartest cat ever: Age of the universe is not three years of experience I'm so smart now, aren't i?

~Mistytail has left the chat, therefore kicking The smartest cat ever out~

Please come back later, since there is no chatroom, we have a commercial!

Sit back and watch!

Commercial cat: Ever think words are too bland when there are correctly placed capitals? Don't you think that there aren't enough?

TreeClimBeR: wElL iM hErE tO telL yoU, gEt lesSons frOm a pRo! juSt tyPe iN (please don't type this thing irl its not a real thing I did....) www.mAkeWorDsBetTer@lesSonS.orG! Thanks, and I'll see you there!

Commercial cat: Won't everything be better? Everycat having to work more to type.......

Announcer: umm..... Switching commercials....

Commercial cat: Ever feel like pranking your friend while texting?

Random cat: omg YES! Tell me how!

Commercial cat: Well then you need Next Word Suggestions. It comes on every mobile phone. All you need to do is do a space bar after your word, then press random suggestions!

Same random cat: Wow! That's so cool! You guys have any plans tonight,Pages are the same thing as you don't Pages that Adderbite up ☝is!

The smartest cat ever: *reads commercial with cheap plastic glasses on* Hmm. I know a certain cat who needs this treatment.....

Commercial cat: I'm glad you like it. Contact French cat if you have any questions.

Another random cat: Apprentices to do with green Apprentices to be a Chapter Fourteen....

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