Rules- 14 cats, my ocs, 7 toms 7 she-cats will go to a special big brother and random stuff will happen

Flowerstar- Hello everybody! I am Flowerstar, your host, and I will tell you everything!

R.C.I.C.: I DONT CARE! -throws tomato at her-

Flowerstar-GRRRRRR I WILL DESTROY YOU! Whatever. The first cat will be.. Dewrise!  

Dewrise - Chigau! Sore wa anata no baka o jōshō de~yūdesu! Bakka. (no -insert things I forget- idiot)

Flowerstar- Dewrise... 

Dewrise- De~yuraizu! (Dewrise)

Flowerstar- Okay... Just go to the door over there

Dewrise-Oke  (ok)

(In the Room DOOR PLACE thingy) 

Dewrise- Konichi'wa, Ani. (Hello Big brother)

Big brother- No speaking japanese! And how did you know I was here?

Dewrise-I will speak japanese! -gets scissors

- Big brother- Okay! YOU CAN SPEAK JAPANESE D: 

(With Magicstar)

Flowerstar-How cute! They are getting along fine! I'm not kidding. She is really antisocial. How about some company? next up is.. Moonpelt! 

Moonpelt- Hi. Is my Dewy here? -Is wearing a shirt that says Dewrise #1 med cat, a hat that looks like Dewrise's head, holding Dewrise posters.- 

Flowerstar- hello. and Maybe. 

Moonpelt-YAY!!! D:

(In the room) 

Moonpelt- Ohh~ Oh De~yuraizu! (Oh! Oh Dewrise!)

Dewrise-Kotomange! -glomps him- (Moon)

Big brother- Welcome to Big brother, Moonpelt

. Moonpelt- SHUT UP! me want Dewy <33333

Big brother- TO THE DOG HOUSE!

Moonpelt- Oki (He has to burn one of his Dewrise posters XD)

Flowerstar- Ok. NEXT IS LEAFDROP!!! SISSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leafdrop- Hi there, sis. 

Flowerstar- Go through that door there.

Leafdrop- Okay

(Inside) Leafdrop and Moonpelt- (DRAMATIC CLOSE UPS LIKE IN WESTERN THINGS) 

Leafdrop- Your mince meat, kit

Moonpelt- Over my dead body 

Leafdrop and Moonpelt- (awesome battle of awesomeness)

(With Flowerstar)Flowerstar- How cute! They hate eachother! NEXT CAT UP IS DARKPELT! (whispers to crowd) If they battle forDewrise's heart, they will both die. (to Darkpelt) Welcome, young tom.

Darkpelt- (holding sign that says 'DOWN WITH MOONRISE, DEWXMOON, UP WITH DARKRISE DEWXDARK)Hi. Is Dewrise there?

Flowerstar-Sheesh, is every tom in love with her? Maybe, maybe not. 


Dewrise- Konichi'wa, Kokujin.(Hello Darky)


Big brother- Leafdrop is the only one sane. 

Dewrise- Sutereto Jo, Ani. ( I'm pretty sure she said Pretty much big brother)

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