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Rajah looked over his band of rouges. He was the strongest rouge leader, and he was watching his group kill a rival group of cats that called themselves a "clan". He didn't care for the name of the "clan" or the name of its "leader" or any name at all. He just cared that his band of cats could kill anyone, anything.

The battle seemed to pull him closer, step by step. He felt a rage building up inside him. Every battle, he would go crazy and attack every cat in sight. He would kill all who got in his way, and by the time the battle ended, he would be covered in red blood, turning his dark tabby fur scarlet.

The battle was luring him to it, making him want to feel cat pelts under his claws and cat blood in his mouth. He leaped into the battle and attacked, his claws ripping through anything that got in his way.

He was the worst cat to ever be in your worst nightmares. He had killed too many helpless cats to count.

He was Rajah.

Chapter 1

(Redstorm's POV)

The first thing Redstorm remembered was the battle. The battle with Rajah, who was twice as mean as anything she could imagine, and his rouges. He had long claws that could rip open your throat as easily as tearing through a dead leaf, and sharp teeth that delivered the killing blow to most of the OakClan warriors that were in the battle. Only she and Frogstar had survived the terrible battle.

Where was Frogstar? she thought. He was the only other survivor of the battle and on his last life. He lost his eighth life battling Rajah.

She had to go to the medicine den of the destroyed OakClan camp. It was underneath a honeysuckle bush, with shallow holes in the ground to hold and sort herbs. The bush pressed against her fur as she went inside.

"Better than a bramble bush, huh?" Leafstorm greeted her as she came in.

"Where's Frogstar?" she asked.

"Right there." Leafstorm gestured to where Frogstar was sleeping. "He's resting, so don't disturb him."

Frogstar sleepily opened his eyes. "I had a dream," he whispered, " that the entire forest was blood-red and all the rivers were flowing with blood. And a heard a StarClan cat say, Only a red cat with a stormy heart can defeat Rajah and restore peace. That was my dream."

He closed his eyes again. "You are that cat, Redstorm. Save your Clan from Rajah."

Redstorm couldn't believe it. How am I supposed to defeat the most dangerous cat I the forest? she thought.

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