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Warriors Fanfiction

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GENRE: Action

Rainstar's Prophecy

1. Resurging Rain - Rainkit is apprenticed to the she-cat who has hated her since her birth. With a plethora of battles looming on the horizon, Rainpaw is forced to get on with her mentor in order to survive. 

2. Dimming Twilight - Rainpaw is still an average she-cat to her Clanmates, but what they don't know is that when she was killed by a vicious RiverClan warrior, her fate was more important than the status quo, and she was pushed back into life. It's now time for her to fulfill that fate. 

3. Brightening Stars - Rainsong has defeated the largest menace seen by the Clans, and she's fulfilled her fate. Or so she assumes, until a whole other Clan arrives by the lake, begging for her help. What Rainsong thought was an ordinary journey has turned into a fight for survival.

4. SkyClan's Savior - (Extra) Follow Rainstar and a select few of her Clanmates on their journey to SkyClan, and the troubles they encounter with both the Clan and outside threats.

Main Characters

Rainstar--Brown tabby she-cat with a white chest, belly, and white paws

Shadefrost--Dark tortoiseshell tom, Rainstar's mate

Mossheart--Dark brown tabby tom

Firepelt--Bright ginger she-cat with a plumy tail

Pebblecloud/star--Gray tom, Rainstar's father



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