Moonpelt had no idea whether she was in a dream or reality.

Everything seemed to swirl around her like a hurricane, sucking her into it's depths and drowning her in her own thoughts.

The scent of smoke suddenly hit her nostrils, looking around her, she could see fire, but not just any type of fire. It was blue.

The flames licked greedily towards her like the forked tongue of an adder, lighting up the dark, silent, night sky. Apart from the fire, nothing else was surrounding Moonpelt, not even a warrior from SpiritClan.

The silence disturbed Moonpelt. As medicine cat of BrightClan, she was used to having other cats by her side. Clearly that was a bad habit.

I ought to get used to being on my own, she thought. Otherwise, how will I cope when Silversong dies?

Her thoughts were distracting. Another wave of flames sparked very close to Moonpelt's ear, making her flinch with the heat.

This can't be happening.... this dream feels so real... The Clans are in danger, I know it.....

Gasping for breath, she woke up, panic digging into her pelt like sharp thorns.

Wew. Thank StarClan it was only a dream! I don't want my Clanmates to be in danger!

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