For Stork's Pride Month challenge! 

Blurb: Firewillow is a warrior of RainClan. Every cat in the Clan is attracted to those of the opposite gender. Firewillow is non-binary and is proud to be that way. However, no other cat supports them except their apprentice, who has a shocking secret. Can they pull through, or at least consider their attempt a success?

Chapter One

I was always the odd one out. The one that no one understood.  

No one in my Clan paid any attention. They were too busy paying attention to those of the other gender, from the leader to the kits. None of them stopped to consider a cat who didn’t feel like dealing with either of them.  

Although he didn't respect me, Stormstar still gave me my warrior name, and later on, an apprentice.

Falconpaw was the only kit in his litter, and so was very well-cared for. I would make sure to teach him as best I could. 

"Firewillow? I have something to tell you," he said one day.

"I am on your side. Not every cat has to be considered 'normal'."

I was extremely glad that he said this. Glad that one cat is with me. Supporting me.  

"Thank you. Together, we will change RainClan for the better. I'm sure that at least one cat is hiding their identity. If we persuade them, we might just get them to change."

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