Primary Colors: Episode Three: Time Rushing Past.

Blue looked at Yellow and blinked in surprise. "W-Wh...How? What did you do?" Yellow blinked innocently up at her. Blue turned around. This might just be a bad dream.... But Blue knew it wasn't. But how could have Yellow, a injured kit, fight trained attackers?! Or maybe he dealt with them in a different way.... "What did you do, Yellow?" she growled. Red walked over and glared at her. "He did nothing." Red snapped. "You just had a bad dream. Go to bed." Red growled. Blue nodded as she sulked into her nest, trying to ignore the sleepy but aggravated glares of her fellow fighters. All a dream. I wish it was all a dream. But Red's words hurt her. The scorn and anger in his voice reminded her of her father. Nothing she ever did was good enough for him. She growled and dug her claws in her twig infested moss nest and slowly fell asleep.

"Blue!" Yellow's creepy but cute mew woke Blue up immediately. She hadn't slept well, but still, she looked at Yellow. "Hey, Yellow." she yawned, and rose to stretch before smacking her dry lips together and looking outside the den. "Stay here." she murmured. "I'm getting water." she mewed, eyes tired and red. She hadn't gotten good sleep in forever. She groggily staggered outside of the den and made it to the nearby lake. It was dirty but drinkable, and the best they could find out in the wilderness during a war like this. She lapped up a few droplets of water, and licked her whiskers and again smacked her lips. She drank more and more, until she was satisfyingly drenched. Smiling to herself, she turned around to head back to camp. She gasped and nearly toppled over onto her rear when she saw Yellow standing there, staring at Blue with an interest Blue was honestly scared of. Yellow studied her body, and walked up to Blue and touched his nose to hers. "Don't get mad." Yellow murmured as a blinding light clouded Blue's vision. When Blue woke, she was in the deep forest. And Yellow and Red were there, too. Yellow whispered something Blue couldn't quite hear. "What?" Blue asked. Yellow narrowed his gaze and spoke louder. "Be quiet."

That's when lightning struck and everything went black.

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