Primary Colors: Episode One: The Lost and Found Kit

Blue looked onto the fighters in the row. She growled to herself, and looked sadly at her sweating friend in the midst of the fighter clusters. Red was in the cluster of cats preparing to attack the Cloud base. She was in the Sky Base, supposed to be sharpening the weapons like General Snowflake had asked. But she couldn't part her gaze from Red's quivering whispers, his ruffled brown fur, and his anxious amber eyes. Blue looked down at her blue and white paws, and unsheathed her claws and dug them in the moist grass below. She sighed as the troop marched off, carrying their dulled weapons. Blue sighed and got to work.

Blue wiped sweat off her sweaty blue-furred forehead as she looked down at the newly made weapons she had handcrafted, smiling. Snowflake approached her, scowling. "Sharper weapons are needed. And more. Make twice as much by next hour." Blue gaped at her. "But I just finished these! They took the entire day!" Blue gasped. Snowflake growled, "Was I asking a question?" Blue shook her head. "No, General." she muttered. Snowflake sniffed and walked away. "Good." she growled. Blue sighed as she looked down at her weapons, suddenly displeased with them, and started to slave away at the next set.

As Blue finished the last weapon, she heard a noise that sounded like thundering paws, and looked up. She narrowed her eyes and spotted Red. His group's mission must have been fulfilled. But instead of pride or victory, anxiety clouded Red's eyes. Blue got to her paws and quietly walked over next to her friend, Hare, who was also watching, with uncertainty glimmering in his gaze as well. "What happened?" Blue hissed in his ear. Hare shrugged. "They said they found something." his gaze suddenly darkened. "But they failed the mission. Finch is dead... They said she died protecting what they found." Blue gasped, and bit her lip to stop herself from crying at hearing the name of her now deceased sister, Finch. Whatever she had died for to defend must have been important. "What did they find?" she asked. Hare glared at her. "Listen and maybe you'll find out." he growled. Blue nodded and strained her ears to listen to Snowflake's words over the clamour and chaos. "...his name is Yellow. We are lucky Finch found him when she did. He would have died, poor scrap. Red and Blue will be his caretakers fort this week, Hare and Rain for next week, Tawny and Maple for the week after that..." Blue nodded as she heard her name. She looked at Red. What had they found? An apprentice from Cloud Camp? A dying elder or fighter? A young healer? Her gaze searched Red for clues but when she looked down at his paws she saw. It was a quivering, injured kit.

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