Season one of Pride Of The Savanna

Each episode released, and linked on Saturday.

Hope you enjoy them!

Episode One- Call to duty

Cedarwing loves SavannaTribe. The sheer massiveness of it, the amount of cats that live there, everything is great in SavannaTribe. Until now. He is picked to be part of the Strike Force. Great name. Terrible to be a part of. Every moon, a new Strike Force has to go stop the problems the Pride have been giving them. And no Force ever succeeds.

Episode Two- The Rest of Them

Cedarwing has been chosen to join the next strike force, and he’s confused. He’s never fought anything bigger than a mongoose, and there’s a whole Barracks of cats that have been training for their whole lives to fight things. But there’s no undoing the past. And so Cedarwing is escorted to the Barracks, where he meets the rest of his squad: The leader, the lieutenant, a tracker, a medicine cat, and another fighter.

Episode Three- Time to Train

Cedarwing has met them. The fabled squad that I’d going to fight the Pride. And he’s one of them. Almost. The first thing he learns is that all of the other cats could kick his tail in a fight while eating a shrew with three paws behind their backs. And so he now he has to start the training. Fighting, stealth, tactics, hunting… and Cedarwing realizes how strong of a bond they already have. Can he ever compete with them?

Episode Four- Let’s Go

This is it. The strike force is off. Their task: somehow stop the Pride from attacking them. Their plan: none. Nevertheless, they set off into the unknown savanna. Facing danger with every step, Cedarwing starts more and more to wonder why he was chosen. What did he do to make Suntail notice him, and choose him for the strike force? No one seems to know the answer. Does Cedarwing even want to know the answer?


The strike force is on their own. A day away from SavannaTribe, they are left to their own devices. Cedarwing feels lost. It seems like the force has no idea what they’re doing, and Cedarwing is starts to think that he’s just a drag. Yellowgrass tells Cedarwing something that might have just answered his question of why he’s on the strike force. Unfortunately, they get caught in the middle of the most dangerous thing in the savannna: a buffalo stampede.

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