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many moons ago the clans experienced a great battle, many cats died leaving the clans weaker than ever.

the cats cried to starclan for help, maybe their ancestors would grant them forgiveness for their petty battles and they could grow stronger.

and they were right.

starclan granted each clan a kit with great power, every cat was diffrent and only one could exist at a time per clan.

most cats were grateful but other lashed out, saying how this wasnt fair. how the either needed to fix everything or abandon them all.

now starclan has grown silent and the clans are falling from the inside out.

chapter 1. cotton ears

Cottenpaw left shadowclan camp for the first time, named for her rabbit-like ears, many of her clanmates said that prey would see her ears from across the forest

but cottenpaw suspected something else would make hr a bad hunter.

shadowclan hadn't ever liked the idea of one cat more powerful than them, so cottenpaw had always hidden her talent, she could speak rabbit, when she was a kit she would talk to rabbits through holes in the camp wall, she would never get very close to any but she enjoyed their conversations.

the medicine cat had taken interest in cottonpaw when she started talking about gossip from other clans that couldn't have possible reached her large ears.

and now she was going to the gathering, her first time outside and she was bound to make a fool of herself.

"oh i hope nobody notices!"

chapter 2 ravens eye

ravenwing had been thunderclans powerpaws for many seasons. named for the wings he could sprout on his back to soar like a raven. he loved to fly and would sometimes take the nursery kits to go flying.

his mother, shallowbird, however didnt particularly like it when he went flying, especially with kits

but ravenwing had just gotten back from a flight with lillykit and was preparing to head to the gathering

he lifted in the air above his clan to leave with them "les go!"

chapter 3 chasing storms

stormchaser sat next to his bfiac (best friend in another clan) ravenwing.

"it feels like its been forever since he last gathering!" he laughed

"maybe its because last moons storm flooded the only way in" ravenwing replied "though onto more important matters, i wonder who shadowclans new powerpaws are. its been afew moons since ashclaws death" ravenwing stated. he was right, ashclaw was the previous shadowcln powerpaws, he could fight a badger with one paw tied behind his back, his power was super strength.

"maybe swiftpaw?" stormchaser recomended. "hes quite fast for a shadowclan cat, but then again, thats my superpower. so maybe not"

stormchasers power was super speed, he was windclans powerpaws so his clanmates weren't very impressed.

"my bet is on cottenpaw, look at her ears, super hearing maybe" ravenwing suggested "and shes quite shy so it would explain why nobody knows"

stormchaser had to admit ravenwing had a point.

"hey guys" stormchaser heard a voice enter his mind "hey mistpool" stormchaser turned to see the riverclan powerpaws sit next to them

"question; why dont you ever speak? i know your power is telepathy and all but isn't it extremely tiring to be using your power all the time?" ravenwing asked

"i like it when cat have to turn in a circle to figure out where i am" mistpools voice forced itself into stormchasers mind again followed by a laugh.

"fair enough, but could you not do that around us unless were like, fighting a fox or something?" stormchaser asked jokingly

the three started laughing and continued to talk until the leaders started sharing news.

chapter 4

cottenpaw listened closely to the leaders, or she made sure she looked like she was. she kept to eyes to the leaders and tilted her ears in to make it look like she was paying attention. but she was really talking to the rabbit hidden between her paws

"and just like that, my entire fluffle was gone!" the little rabbit named henry (what a silly name) said to her.

"that must be terrible" cottenpaw replied, the rabbit language was mainly nose twitches so it was quite easy to hide that she was speaking.

"what are you gonna do?" she asked

"my only options are to either hide with the squirrels, which im not ever gonna do, or run and hide on my own" henry replied

"well you could stay with me-" cottenpaw was cut off when the last leader finished and they had to go

but when she turned to leave, keeping henry safely between her paws , her mother, willowheart, told her that the powerpaws wanted to talk to her.

"oh fox-dung"

chapter 5

ravenwing watched as willowheart escorted cottenpaw over to them

when she got there he nodded to willowheart to go to her clan and she did.

"hi cottenpaw!" stormchaser greeted the young apprentice

cottenpaw was glancing between the three powerpaws.

"cottenpaw, so, you know about the death of the previous shadowclan powerpaws correct?" ravenwing asked

cottenpaw only nodded, tucking in her paws "y-yeah?"

"well, because he has died, sadly, it is now our job to find a new apprentice who might have powers. they would be around your age. do you know if any of your den mates might be the new powerpaws?" he asked

cottenpaws nose twitched. afew times actually, it didn't seem like it was just a nervous twitch, more like she was saying something.

"y- yes" cottenpaw muttered. "me"

chapter 6

stormchaser looked to ravenwing, he was right, it was cottenpaw. wait- they should check if shes lying first.

"whats your power?" stormchaser asked, tilting his head.

"i-i can talk t-to animals, well, rabbits." she twitched her nose, tucking in hers paws a bit.

"talk to or have actual conversations?" mistpool asked, speaking, unusual but okay.

"actual conversations" cottonpaw muttered

mistpool narrowed her eyes.

"forget it guys, this ones just a kid playing pretend" mistpool turned to the others

ravenwing seemed to agree, cottenpaw looked a little offended.

stormchaser shook his head

"sorry cottenpaw. i believe you but, go home" he whispered just loud enough for her to hear

"okay" cottenpaw replied and walked off

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