Potato story 1: SUPER POTATO!

Firestar and Squirrelflight were out on Dawn PAtrol with Blossomfall and Berrynose. They ran in circles, forgeting what they were supposed to do.

"Lets stop, I'm getting dizzy!" Squirrelflight meowed. "Okay, everyone still here? Blossomnose? Fireflight? Berryfall? Good"

"Hey, guys!" a random rouge steps out. "Are you Tribe cats?"

"No, Clan" Firestar says. "Get off our territory!"

"MMMMMMMMM.." The rouge thinks for a minute. "MMMOKay" Rouge walks away.

"ARe we Tribe CAts? I Forget?" Blossomfall asks.

"No, we are LonerClan, or is it FireClan, or RougeTribe?" Firestar started walking in circles again.

"Firesomething! Stop it! Your making me dizzy again!" Squirrelflight yowls.

"Where's Bluestar?" Berrynose asks.

"She died a long time ago!" Firestar meowes angrily. "You never even knew her!"

"That's why she's not here! Whoda thought?"

"Hey peeps cats!" another rouge meowed, stepping from darkness.

"Who are you?" Blossomfall asks.

"You guys look like Tribe cats!" the rouge runs away.

"I remember what we were going to do!" Firestar meowed suddenly. We were going to patrol the borders!"

"Which way is the borders?" Blossomfall asks.

"I don't ..don't know. lets head this way." Squirrelflight meows. They walk a bit then find a talking potato wearin a cape.

"I am SUPER POTATO!" The potato said, jumping up. "You look like Tribe cats!"

"Why do people keep sayin we look like Tribe cats?" Firestar asks.

"Because you have mud all over your fur!" Super Potato said.

Firestar jumps up and looks all over his pelt and sees no mud.

"Made You Look!" Super Potato laughed. "Super Potato saves the day again!!" and he flew off into the sunset.

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