Two Sisters

Two Personalities

Two Worlds

Ivystar & Snowheart Thanks Nighty!

One Chance...

For as long as she can remember, Snowheart has lived in her sister's shadow. Only she can truly see the darkness in Ivygaze's soul. Slowly, her sister is taking over the Clan, but under her leadership, they are doomed.

Can Snowheart ever break out of Ivystar's influence? Does she trust herself enough to do it? If not, SnowClan just might be lost forever.

Main Characters:

Snowheart- slender she-cat with extremely soft chinchilla-like silver, dark gray, and light gray fur; dark blue eyes

Ivystar- large she-cat w/ long layered silver-and-white fur, clear green eyes


Heart of Snow

Green Revelation

White Ivy


Thanks to the amazing Otterstar for some great ideas for this series!

Also Robo for her awesome feedback.

And Ash for encouraging me to write and being as great as she is.

Of course, I must thank Nighty, my wonderful old friend. In case you haven't guessed, Night was inspired by her.

And all of you guys who bother to read this! 

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