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Chapter One

I knew it. It's normal day-- again.

I am bored.

Why, oh, why did I had to stuck in this human house?

My name is Peron, the kittypet with hunting and stalking ability. 

I am desperately wishing for any changes that could happen to me.

Then, I see a strange cat with gray fur and amber eyes.

He sneaks into my room, and grabs me by my scruff.

"Stop it!" I hiss.

"You've gotta go with me, now, Peron." the tom meows firmly.

"How do you know my name?" I ask.

"No reason. I am Smokemist. Follow me." The tom says.

I know that this is the start of an adventure that I dreamed of for so many days. So, without hesitation, I leaped out of the window, leaving my housefolk forever.

Chapter Two

I hiss as Smokemist grabbed my scruff and drag me along. I can walk by myself, you know.

But I push that feeling back. He must have some reasons.

"You are being reasonable with me," Smokemist speaks after a long time.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"In your mind, you are thinking that I do have some reasons for my actions, although I don't!" Smokemist smirks.

"How--how do you know? You are not..." I cannot finish my sentence, because that psychopath SMOKEMIST said he does not have a reason for his actions.

I hiss in anger, then get ready for a sneak launch.

Then, when Smokemist turns, I attack.

I batted his head with sheathed paws, then Smokemist falls to the ground.

"I win, so let me go!" I demand.

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