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Pebble was happy with life as a rogue. Occasionally hunting with her friends, a safe place to sleep, it was everything she needed. But when trouble among the Clans start to change her peaceful life, Pebble knows that she must step up and help the Clans to end the evil for good.


Water drenched Silversplash's pelt as she raced through the rain, desperate to get to Sunningrocks before moonhigh. Her kits were coming. The feeling was all too familiar. Silversplash knew, that on the other side of the river, was her mate, waiting for her. Panting, she struggled across the stepping stones, knowing that there was no way to swim across in a storm like this. At last, she reached the sandy bank below the rocks.

Stormheart gazed at the kitting queen's flank anxiously as it spasmed in effort to push the kits out. So much blood... Silversplash closed her eyes, blocking out the pain as much as she could. At last, it ended. She could feel a single set of tiny paws kneading her stomach. Only one? Silversplash forced her eyes to open. Two dead bodies of kits who had been stillborn lay beside her flank. "Oh Silversplash." Her mate murmured. "Which clan will she belong to?" Silversplash had already planned this. "Neither."

"She will have to live the life of a rogue."

Chapter One

Pebble relished the warm, greenleaf breeze as it blew through the willows at the edge of RiverClan territory. She was always careful not to cross the border though. Pebble respected the clan of cats who lived there. Volestar was a fine leader. He was always courteous when talking to the rogues. Picking up the mouse that she had burried by a hazel bush, Pebble raced home to her foster siblings.

Dawn lay with her kits squirming around her flank. She purred gratefully as Pebble dropped the prey beside the queen. "Have you given them names yet?" Dawn nodded. "Willow and Maple." Pebble dipped her head. "They're beautiful names." The leaves at the bushes near the entrance to the camp rustled as Dusk slid out. His face was grim. Behind him, another cat squirmed through the entrance. "You need a bigger tunnel." He complained. Dusk frowned at him. "Explain yourself." The gray and white cat dipped his head. "My name is Thistle, and I've been driven out of ThunderClan. I was hoping that you would take me in." Dawn tightened her tail around her kits. Yet, she nodded. "As long as you don't harm the kits, then yes." Pebble turned, shocked. "I would rather have him as a friend rather than an enemy." Pebble sighed. "I hope you're right."

Thistle had disappeared again. Every three days, he would go off hunting, alone. Or so he said. Even if Dusk decided to trust him, there was always a chance that he was a spy for RiverClan. But why would they need a spy? They had left Pebble and the others alone for the past seasons. Unless... Volestar was dead and there was a new leader. Pebble knew what she had to do. Glancing back at the kits, Pebble promised to them. I will do my best to protect you, no matter the cost.

Pebble crouched as she neared the RiverClan camp. And she wasn't surprised to see a new leader up on the rock. Instead of Splashclaw's smooth gray pelt, was a pale bluish pelt, bushy like a ThunderClan cat. Iceshadow of ThunderClan, possibly Icestar now, was the new leader of RiverClan.

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