NOTE: This story will not be continued until Rise of StarClan is finished.

“Pathtail, step forward,” meowed Leafstar. “I’m surprised I get to meet you on my journey to get my nine lives.” Pathtail stepped forward. “Along your way, friends have been made, and enemies have been formed. You have defeated them, and gotten stronger. Do you wish to take your place as leader?” Leafstar repeated the words.

“I do,” Pathtail agreed. “Then, by the power of my spirit, I give you the life of adventure.  Use it only when needed.” Leafstar seemed to hesitate, as if she had regretted giving that life to Pathtail. “Thank you.”

Pathtail had woken from his dream, nine lives given. He was Pathstar now. “All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather beneath the Highrock for a Clan meeting!” called Pathstar. Cats emerged from their dens. “With the death of Sliverstar, we are all sad. But a new leader has risen. I, Pathstar. We shall keep our heads up until victory.”

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