Path of Stars-Book 1 of the Lost Clan series





Medicine Cat:Echomist

Warriors Dustfang Nightrain Riptidetail Waveclaw Stonepelt Stormfur Jewelgaze Yelloweye Mousepelt Brindlepelt Sparrowfur Reedheart

APPRENTICES Chargepaw (Mentor:Dustfang) Pinkpaw(Mentor:Brindlepelt Kittypaw(Mentor:Yelloweye,former rouge) Lovepaw(Mentor:Sparrowfur) Lightpaw(Mentor:Echomist)


Moonfall(Mother to Amberkit,Peacockkit,Adderkit)

Berrytail(mother to Darkkit,Fangkit)






Adderclan Leader:Applestar


Chapter 1 “FoxClan is growing weak!We have decided to make 3 kits at the age of 5 moons apprentices.Amberkit,Adderkit,and Peacockkit step onto the Highboulder.From this moment on,you will be known as Adderpaw,Peacockpaw,and Amberpaw.Adderpaw,your mentor will be Nightrain.Peacockpaw,your mentor will be Sparrowfur.Amberpaw,your mentor will be Reedheart.I hope all of you will pass your knowledge onto these young apprentices.”Flowerstar finished.The cats below cheered.Amberpaw jumped down to meet Reedheart. “Time for training.”The black warrior growled.They went to the hollow with Peacockpaw and Adderpaw. “Attack Adderpaw.Claws unsheathed.”Reedheart ordered.Amberpaw lunged at Adderpaw.She could see his muscles tense and he leaped and pinned Amberpaw.She tried swiping at Adderpaws throat but missed. “Peacockpaw!Join the fight!”Reedheart screeched.Amberpaw struggled to fight off the muscular apprentices.Amberpaw padded away from the session bloodied and batttered while Peacockpaw and Adderpaw came back uninjured.The apprentice den was full. “Sorry Amberpaw.No space.”Lovepaw said. “You have to sleep outside!”Adderpaw laughed.Amberpaw gritted her fangs and stalked out.She fell asleep and dreamed into a clearing with dead cats scattered around.A ghostly white cat appeared before her. “Embraces what you find in the blood,for only that can rise the dark.The stars will show the way”The cat breathed.Amberpaw awoke with a start.She headed into the camp.Training began again.Day after day Amberpaw was defeated by the many appeentices.One day,a battle arrived. “WAKE UP!BADGERCLAN IS ATTACKING OUR CAMP!WE NEED THE APPRENTICES IN THE FIELD!”Flowerstar yowled.Amberpaws eyes lit up.This was her chance to prove what an amazing fighter she was!Amberpaw ran straight into the battle.She found herself immediately cornered by 3 large warriors.Amberpaw gulped.3 minutes later,She was standing over a bloody body.She bared bloodstained teeth at an apprentice who ran away in fear. “Badgerclan!Retreat!This battle has been lost?”Badgerstar yelled.The remaining cats retreated.At camp,all the apprentices bullied her for random things.One day,Adderpaw threw up.At Echomists den,he managed to choke out a few words. “Amberpaw…fed…yarrow…”He choked out.Flowerstar gasped. “Amberpaw!You are banished from FoxClan forever!If my patrols find you,they have permission to kill you.”Flowerstar growled. “I’ll have my revenge!FoxClan will never be safe.”Amberpaw screeched.She backed out of the den and ran from the camp,growling with her claws unsheathed.Cats shot her angry looks.Amberpaw suddenly remembered the dream she’d had many moons ago.What had the cat said?Follow the path of stars?It was night.Amberpaw looked down.The ground glowed with starlight.She couldnt hear the pawsteps behind her.


Amberpaw growled angrily as she leaped onto a scrawny rabbit.Biting into it hungrily,she heard a stick crack,and voices.”If we wanna get her,you need to be quiet!”Someone hissed.Amberpaw whipped around.Chargepaw and Lovepaw were standing behind her,claws hovering over her throat.Amberpaw curled her lip.”Back so soon?”She hissed.Amberpaw swiped her paw against Lovepaws muzzle and pushed her into the current of a river.She sank her fangs into Chargepaws belly and ripped his throat.Amberpaw dragged his body to the camp.She heard Flowerstars screams as her kit was dead at the foot of her camp.Amberpaw suddenly remembered the the starry ground.Was it still there?In the dawn light,the stars were fainter.Growling she sliced her claws against the moss as the stars faded.What could she do while she waited?Amberpaw remembered that the camp was empty right now.She crept through the woods silently.At the camp,Amberpaw began her rampage.At the end,all the nests were gone,the fresh kill sliced up,and the dens collapsed.But this time,she stayed in camp,teeth bloodstained from taking one of Flowerstars lives.Her former Clanmates loaded in.”Amberpaw!?”A cat mewed in shock.Fangkit-now Fangpaw was staring at Flowerstars lifeless body at her paws.”You-you killed Flowerstars kits!”Yelloweyes gasped.Suddenly Flowerstar awoke at full strength.”Flowerstar..I challenge you for the leadership of ThunderClan.”


”Thats not possible!”Flowerstar gasped.

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