Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

season one


Brittany and James are parabatai - they're tied together for life. Everything seems normal for them - until crisis strikes. The mysterious Lady Midnight threatens to attack their home unless they send a pair of warriors to her. Now Britt and Jem must find a way to stop Lady Midnight, and the newest twists that might threaten their friendship.


one - alliance

Meet Jem & Britt, best friends and parabatai. Jem is of the opinion that he has more than enough to worry about already, what with taking care of his family, keeping up with his Shadowhunter training, and hanging out with his girlfriend, Jenna. Unfortunately, life for the Nephilim is never quite so merciful.

two - success

When a Greater Demon decides to stop by, Britt knows that something's up. Haunted by past dreams, Britt must figure out what to do with her parabatai after a new threat pops up - because with every success comes a new problem.

three - [Jem]

four - [Britt]

five - [Jem]

six - [Britt]

seven - [Jem]

eight - [Britt]

nine - [Jem]

ten - [Britt]