"Are you okay?"


"How long have you been hurting for?"

"As of now? Forever."

The sequel to Beautiful. The Blurb, and everything below it contains spoilers

The Blurb

What really happened the night of the terrible fire? Midnightflower doesn't know, but she's convinced her sister does. Where has Coral been all these moons, and why did she never go back? Mysteries are piling up, and Firefly's conviction approaches. Conflict is abundant, and suddenly, everyone becomes aware of the truth out there.


The light was dangerous

The dark was only pain

Nothing was left

But the insane

"Midnight! Midnight!"

The white she-cat yowled for her sister, but no response was heard. Her green eyes will filled with pure fear, as she ran through the blazing fire.

"Firefly!" She yowled, but there was no avial. Nothing was coming to rescue her.

Desperate to survive, the small white she-cat pushed past the embers on the wood, avoiding the searing pain. "Midnight! Firefly!" She yowled.


Hearing Midnight's call, the she-cat ran towards her, only to hit a wall of flames.

With no other way out, she backed into another wall, her back suddenly searing with pain.

She rolled on the ground, trying to get the flames out, her white fur blackening into soot.

Her voice became weak, and she retreated to moss covered cavern where she would told to shelter. She was scared, but she was positive she would make it.

Then, the smoke covered her eyes, making her trip. The last thing she felt was growing stone cold at the deepest part of the ever.


Something began to lift Coral. She could feel warmth covering her, and she twisted around. Muffled noises surrounded her, but none of them made any sense.

Still hanging on, she desperatly sucked in a breath. It hurt terribly, likely from the soot and ash in her lungs. She started coughing, which quickly began painful. In the blurry sight that was around her, she could see her blood dripping.

Midnight... Firefly...

Still hearing the muffled sounds, she shut her eyes, and falling deeply asleep.


When the young she-cat awoke, she felt different. Her neck was tight, and she felt oddly stiff. Then she remembered the fire. Neither Midnight, nor Firefly had found her, leaving her to the conclusion that they were dead.

In desperation, she opened her eyes, hoping for her old home. Instead, what she saw was completely different. "What is this place?" She muttered to herself.

"Oh, you're awake!"

Coral whipped around, and spotted a brown and white she-cat. "Hello there Snowy! Nice to see you'll be okay!"

Coral looked around, to see if this cat who this cat was talking too.

"You silly!" Said the cat. "I'm Molly. Nice to meet you!"

Coral blinked. "Snowy?"

Molly nodded. "That's what the house-folk are calling you. Is that not your name? Sorry, but it's all I know."

"My name is Coral." Replied the small she-cat. "What is this place?"

Molly mewed, "Well Coral, I live here, and now, you do too. The house-folk rescused you from an awful fire. Did you run away from your old house-folk?"

House-folk? Does she mean Twolegs?

"Um," she mewed. "I've never lived with 'house-folk' before. I lived in the wild, with my sisters, Midnight and Firefly."

Molly's brown eyes widened. "Wow! I've never been outside my own garden before. You're so lucky!"

She doesn't know a thing. Stupid kittypet. Clearing her throat, Coral mewed, "It's not that great. But I'd rather be out there, than stuck here."

Molly shrugged. "You know, I'm kinda wondering why they named you Snowy. I mean sure, you've got white patches, but you've got huge calico portions all over you."

Coral froze. What? "...I'm pure white though." She mewed.

Molly shook her head. "No way. Look in the mirror." She pointed with her tail, to what looked to be a puddle, only clearer. Coral stepped up, and realized she was no longer the cat she used to be.

Instead of pearly, silken fur, it was short, and rough. And now, what might look like calico, was really just burnt fur. 

What have I become?

Chapter One ~Midnightflower~ 

Fear was open

As reality crashed

Because suddenly

Nothing matched

I stared at the cat across from me. This was impossible. "You-you're dead." I stuttered.

My sister looked at me, not even able to speak. Green eyes stared at blue, and finally, I spoke. "Coral, how is this possible?"

Coral stared at me, fear in her eyes. "Who are you?" She whispered. "How do you know my name?"

She-she doesn't remember me?

"What? Coral it's me! Midnight! Your sister!"

She looked at me, then mewed, "No, you can't be. Midnight and Firefly died. They never found me. I don't know who you are, but you are not my sister!"

Then she runs off. 

"Coral no! Wait! Please! Just listen to me!" I cried, desperate not to lose her again.

My sister spins around, then spits, "If you are really my sister, then what is Firefly's worst secret?"

Options quickly fly through my head. I believe that her worst secret would have been her murder of Tigerstripe, but Coral doesn't know about that. Nor is it a secret any longer.

Finally, I said the first thing that came to my mind. "She loves she-cats."

Coral's eyes widened. "No... You died. You can't be here!"

I shook my head. "I found you, but you were stone-cold. Firefly found us both, and thought we both died. You didn't move, so we left you there. But all this time..."

She nodded. "I've lived the spoiled life of a house-cat. But now, we can fix this!" She cried cheerfully. "Just get Firefly, and we can live our lives again!"

I hesitated. We couldn't go. I was a BreezeClan warrior, and Firefly's trial would begin any day now. 

"What's wrong?" She inquired, seeing the worry in my eyes.


"What? Why not?" Coral cried.

I gulped. "After the fire, Firefly and I joined BreezeClan. We're warriors now. We can't just...leave."

Coral sighed. "I've hoped for all this time, that maybe, just maybe you were there. That we could go live again. And now... we can't."

"I'm so sorry." I mewed. "Even if I left, Firefly can't come with us." Then my eyes widened and I shut my mouth.

Coral steps up to me. "Why can't she leave? Did she find...someone like her?" She mewed.

I shook my head. I had hoped that this wouldn't come up, but now I had no choice.

"Firefly can't come because... she's about to be executed for murder."

Chapter Two ~Coral~

Shock was given

Fear reformed

Nobody had a choice

And many stormed

I stood there, frozen for a moment. "Sorry, what?" I mewed, thinking Midnight what out of her bloody mind.

She sighed. "It's true. I'm so sorry."

"That's impossible Midnight!" I cried. "Firefly would never hurt anyone!"

Sadness formed in my sister's unique blue eyes. "She killed a tom named Tigerstripe. Because... he hurt me. She felt that she hadn't protected you enough, and murdered him."

Shock waved over me. Firefly's a murderer. "So, you can't come then." I mewed, trying to save face.

Midnight nodded. "Coral, you have no idea how much I want to come with you. If Firefly and I could, we would in a heartbeat." She trails off, and I sigh.

"Okay. I understand. I should probably head back to my house. Molly and my house-folk might get worried."

With one last glance, I started to scamper away, when I heard a yell of, "Wait!"

I turned around, and my sister called, "It's Midnightflower!"

"What?" I mewed back.

"My name has been changed to Midnightflower! Just thought you should know!" Then my sister scurried off.

"Midnightflower." I muttered to myself. "Midnightflower." 



I padded towards my home before I realized that I can't just walk away on Firefly and Midnight - no, Midnightflower - like that. They were my sisters.

But they abandoned you! The devil in my mind yowled at me. They left you to die! You shouldn't try to help them!

"No they thought I was dead because the fire was suffocating me. I shouldn't blame it on them." I muttered out loud, trying to shake off the nagging feeling that my sisters abandoned me. Padding onwards, I passed by a pool of water, and I stared miserably in it.

I could see a scarred face and burned patches of fur. There was a gruesome sight and the face in the pool stared mournfully back at me. That couldn't be me. That shouldn't be me, but the fire did it anyways. It had scarred me forever.

Molly used to tell me that it would heal, that the house-folk would make it all better. Sure, they got rid of the pain after all these moons, but I never truly recovered. Scenes of that terrible night kept coming back to me, haunting me.

And the news Midnightflower told me... Firefly wouldn't hurt anyone, would she? But I could also picture the forest that Firefly lived in now.

Panting slightly, I turned away from the pool and hurried onwards, knowing I shouldn't dwell too long on one thought.

Molly was waiting for me, her kind gaze sweeping over my sorrowful look. "What's wrong, Coral?" Molly purred. "Why are you so down?"

I sighed. "I don't think a life as a kittypet is worth it anymore. I need to get out there, and save my sisters." The more times I said it in my head, the more convinced I became.

Confused, Molly mews, "Sisters? You said that they died in that fire!"

I nodded, and mewed, "They survived. Now they live in the forest. But... Firefly's in danger. There's going to be a Trial, and I need to save her."

Molly furrowed her brow. "You're leaving me?"

This was the part I regretted and dreaded. "I'm really sorry, Molly, but I have to. It's my destiny. I have to help my sister get out of her Trial alive and help Midnightflower..." I had said too much already.

"But it's dangerous out there!" Molly cried out. "When you lived in the wild, this happened to you." She carressed my face.

I sighed. "I know, but it's part of living in the wild. I have to do this, Molly. Can't you see that?" Molly lowered her gaze her eyes shining with tears.

"Promise me one thing, Coral."


"You'll come back one day to visit, and you'll make sure you're safe."

"It's a deal."

Chapter Three ~Midnightflower~

The lights went out

Burned at dawn

So why are you

The one who's gone?

"My sister is alive."

Was I insane? No, this was real. Coral was here. 

At first I felt overjoyed, but then weakened. What can I do now?

Firefly's trial is today. No matter what the verdict, I can't leave. I can't leave the friends I've made, or the connections I have. But I can't stay either. What if Firefly dies? Could I live with the Clan that murdered her?

Unable to decide, I quickly head back to camp. I must save Firefly.


As I make it back to camp, I can hear urgent mewing around me. Cats are gathered around Ridgestar. Firefly sits alone, as the circle is centered around her.

Oh no. Her trial is starting.

Bounding over to Flowerwhisker and Larkshadow, I peek through the bodies. My sister looks defeated and empty.

“Where have you been?” Flowerwhisker mews softly. I don’t take time to answer her, as Ridgestar has already begun the trial.

“On this day, I state that the trial of Firefly is to commence! Petalshine, please come forward.”

The cream she-cat comes to the front. “Firefly is a murderer. She killed Tigerstripe in cold blood. This was not provoked, and she is clearly a sociopath who must be eliminated.”

Ridgestar nods. “Does any cat have an objection?”

This is my chance. “I object!”

“Come forward.”

The crowd opens up, and I step out, fury in my eyes. Let the games begin.

“I, Midnightflower, object to Petalshine’s statement. While this attack was not provoked to her, it was to me. Tigerstripe had been mercilessly manipulating me. Firefly felt the need to protect me, as any sister should!” I mewed, desperate to save her.

But Firefly’s green eyes still look defeated.

Petalshine snarls. “I object. If Firefly had a problem like this, she should have simply gone to Ridgestar and Applewhisker. Murder was not the answer! Firefly should be killed for this clearly decided act.”

With as calm a voice as I can, I mew, “I object! Firefly suffers from chronic depression, after the death of our sister!” It feels odd to call Coral dead, considering I just saw her moments ago.

With as much as I can muster, I cry, “Firefly is unable to deal with pain the way most can. This was her losing control. She needs help, not to be executed!”

Petalshine’s eyes turn to daggers. “I object. BreezeClan would be in danger to shelter the dangerous cat Firefly is. You say she can’t control herself. What’s to stop her from killing all of us?”

I can’t counter her statement. Luckily, Ridgestar interrupts the fight. “Jury! You have heard both sides of this. You must make your choice. There are two fates, as she has committed murder. Exile, or execution. Please give a reason for your statement.”

Applewhisker speaks first. “I say execution. Petalshine is right. it was bad enough we gave shelter to these rogues in the first place. Firefly could kill us all easily.”

I gulp, and Firefly tenses. She’s truly at BreezeClan’s mercy right now.

Cloverfang speaks next. The gentle medicine cat has another side. “I believe that exile is the right choice. Firefly is simply seeing this world in a different perspective. Her depression is controlling her, and I think that exile could stop her from killing anyone. Besides, if we kill her, does that make us any better?”

Firefly lifts her head, in hope that BreezeClan will spare her. But Poppywhisker is the third member of the jury, and her eyes are full of fury. “Execution. She murdered my son. Firefly is a danger to this Clan. How can I live in it, when I see my son’s murderer walking free?”

Firefly sinks back into the ground. Ridgestar sighs. Clearly he was hoping for a lighter vote. “Then it’s settled. In one week’s time at sundown, Firefly will be executed. Are there any questions?”

Nobody speaks, and the Trial ends. Firefly is escorted back to her prison.

“She’s going to die, without knowing that her sister is alive.” I murmur to myself.

I try to walk away, and bang directly into Hawkfoot. “Sorry!” he mews. Then seeing me downcast, he mews, “Midnightflower, are you okay? I know this must be hard.”

My eyes clog up with tears. “My sister is going to die.”

Hawkfoot comes closer, and holds me tight. I cry into his fur. I’m losing Firefly forever. Coral will never want to come back with Firefly gone.

Hawkfoot whispers soothing words into my ear, but I can hardly hear him. I just focus on the steady beat of his warm heart.

When Firefly dies, he’ll be all I’ll have left.

Chapter Four ~Midnightflower~

And so she ran

Hoping for the best

Only to be saddened

As she lost the rest

As the light rises on the camp, I feel a pieces of myself falling. Firefly cannot be spoken too, as she is now under maximum level secuirty.

I exit the den, and watch as the rising sun's colours fall like snow on the ground.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

I turned, and saw Flowerwhisker stepping out of the den. I purred at the sigh of my friend. "It is."

She looks at me, and mews softly, "Are you going to be okay? These are hard times, and nobody really knows what you're going through."

I see true warmth, and empathy in Flowerwhisker's eyes. She knows the pain I'm feeling.

"Want to walk with me?" She mews, trying her best to help me. And as much as I ned her support during these dark times, Coral has to know what's going to happen to her sister.

"In a bit." I mew, promising her. "I need to do something first."

She nods, and I quickly run off towards Twoleg-Place, desperate to find Coral. She has to be here. I won't lose her too.

Reaching the place near her nest, I wait. Eventually, my sister makes her way out, the collar once around her neck is gone.

"How did it go?" Coral croaks, her eyes dim.

I shake my head, and mew, "She was found guilty. BreezeClan will be executing her in six days."

Coral gasps, "They can't kill her!"

I sigh, "Far too late for that. Unless by some miracle that she can escape, Firefly will die. Besides, she's far too depressed to think of getting out."

Coral droops, "Well, I guess that's the end of the three of us. Can you at least come with me?"

The hesitation is clear, and Coral growls, "How can you stay with them, if they're about to kill our sister?"

Sighing, I mew, "BreezeClan has given me so much to live for. Flowerwhisker and Larkshadow are so close to me. I can't give up on my best friends. And Hawkfoot has given me so much to love. I can't leave, not now."

Coral's eyes are cold, and her word are bitter, "They hurt you, and you still choose those bloody Clan cats over me!"

"Coral no!" I cry. "I didn't mean that-"

But it's far too late. My sister has already run off into the distance. 

Must I lose everyone?


And so, I make the journey back to camp. The whole time, I'm mentally beating myself us for foolishly rejecting my sister.

I should have just said yes. It's not like they would kill themselves over my leaving.

When I make it back, Flowerwhisker jumps up, and runs over to me. "Okay, you are coming on this walk now. You look hurt, and that is very bad for right now. Larkshadow's coming too."

"Sure," I mew, "I need to get out of my head."

With that exchange, we gathered Larkshadow, and entered the forest. We walked for a long time, until Flowerwhisker detoured to a clearing, beneath a great weeping willow.

"Okay," Flowerwhisker mews, "What in the name of StarClan is dragging on you, excluding the obvious?"

"We want to help you," Larkshadow mews, "There's a lot you aren't telling us, and keeping inside will only make it worse."

Must I?

Finally, I mew, "Okay, before I came to BreezeClan, I lived just outside the territory. Firefly and I lived in harmony, along with two other rouges, Fall and Dusty. But it wasn't just us. A rouge names Coral lived with us too. She's my sister."

Flowerwhisker gasped, "Wait, you have another sister?"

Larkshadow tilted her head in confusion, "Why didn't she join BreezeClan with you then?"

"Getting to that," I mewed, "When the fire came, Coral couldn't get out properly, so I went back to rescue her, while Firefly took Fall and Dusty to safety."

"Why didn't Firefly go after you?" Larkshadow inquired.

I mewed, "Fall was going to kit, and honestly, I wouldn't listen to her."

Flowerwhisker blinks, shocked at the actual thought of me being disobediant.

"When I got into the fire," I continued, "I mananged to find Coral, but she was dead." Or so we thought.

Larkshadow gasped, and Flowerwhisker's ears drooped, "I'm so sorry..." The calico she-cat whispered.

Finishing the story, I mewed, "Firefly found me after the fire went out, and then we joined BreezeClan. You know how it went from there."

Larkshadow nodded, "I guess that ties up the loose end of the dead sister you mentioned in the trial."

"I thought you were making stuff up at that point, honestly," replies Flowerwhisker. Larkshadow shoots her a glare.


"That's not everything though, " I mew, trying to stop them from fighting.

"What's left to tell?" Flowerwhisker asks.

I wince, "What I said about Coral... isn't exactly the truth." Larkshadow tilts her head, while Flowerwhisker just blinks, "You see, I was hunting yesterday, and I found a badly injured kittypet. Her fur had been burned off in many places, and it wasn't growing back properly."

"What about her?" Flowerwhisker inquires.

"The kittypet is Coral." 

Larkshadow's eyes go wide. "You have to tell Firefly! If she finds out Coral's alive, it'll lift her spirits, and maybe help her escape!" She stops. "We're helping her escape, right?"

I hadn't realized how dedicated my friends really were. They would risk getting bannished, or murdered themselves, just to help me.

Flowerwhisker nods, "We're helping her out, no matter what. Go talk to Firefly now. I refuse to let her be executed. Ridgestar knows that she suffers, and yet he'll let the biased ones pull the strings."

With that, the three of us return to camp, desperate for a solution.


Firefly is now being guarded by Nightclaw. He's letting her out for her daily allowance of sunlight, but she's hardly one to take it. Even now, she's hunched over, her fur a mess.

Flowerwhisker waves me over to them, and I take in a deep breath. "Nightclaw?"

The black tom growls, "What? I don't have time on my paws. I have to make sure the prisoner doesn't escape."

He won't even refer to her as a living, breathing cat. And she's the last cat that would try an escape. Look at her!

Clearing my throat, I mew, "Won't take long. I need to talk to Firefly."

Nightclaw snarls, "What buisness could you possibly have with it?

Okay, that's just cruel.

"She's my sister for StarClan's sake!" I yowl at him, tears blurring my eyes.

"Fine," he mutters, "You get 30 seconds."

Quickly, I rush over to my sister. "Firefly, it's me."

She opens her eyes, looking weak. "What? Unless I'm being released, there's no point."

"It's important." I insist. "You see, I saw Coral yesterday."

"Ten seconds." Nightclaw mews.

Firefly blinks. "She's dead..."

I shake my head, "She made it out alive. She's a kittypet now, and I spoke to her. She's alive."

Firefly pales, "What?"

Nightclaw growls, "Time's up." The black toms drags me away, as Firefly shouts, "What do you mean she's alive? What do you mean she's alive?"


Needless to say, I made Firefly's mental state even worse. Despite Larkshadow's words, there was nothing we could do.

I ended up going hunting with Hawkfoot. He was acting a little odd, likely because Flowerwhisker had relayed everything from the walk to him. Clearly she thought her brother would be able to help me out. 


I turn to him, his amber eyes dim. "What is it?"

He sighs, then mews, "Flowerwhisker told me the whole story. Does Firefly really believe this is all her fault?"

I nodded, my shoulders limp, "Yes, and she's getting worse. I can't heal these mental scars. Flowerwhisker, Larkshadow and I want to save her, but Firefly's given up on herself."

Hawkfoot looked around, then walked close to me. I shuddered as her fur brushed mine. His breath hovered over my ear as he mewed, "Actually, I know how to get Firefly out alive."

Chapter Five ~Midnightflower~


Hawkfoot jumps back, and I wince. "Sorry."

He shakes his head, "It's fine. I'd be startled too, in your position."

"How do you know that it would work?" I mewed softly, "I mean, all the security surrounding her..."

Hawkfoot walks a little closer, his voice turned down, "There's a back exit that's meant for a dirt-place. We could easily get her out that way."

I thought about it in my head, and nodded, "So, we do this tonight?"

Hawkfoot mewed, "Of course. And I'll be with you no matter what. I'm not going to leave you in this mess."

I shake my head, "You don't have to do this for me. I really appreciate you doing this, but I don't want you getting hurt."

Hawkfoot laughs, "Not a chance. Flowerwhisker and I are coming with you. You wouldn't leave us, so why should we leave you?"

I rolled my eyes. Hawkfoot would fight till the end to make sure he helped, "Okay fine. You can help."

Hawkfoot smiled, and then a shy wave passed over his face, "I-I just thought you should know, this in the case where we don't make it, is that I don't play with hearts. I'm no Tigerstripe."

My fur ruffles, as he speaks, both at the mention of Tigerstripe, and the the anticipation of his next words.

"I want you to know, that my words are the truth, and I mean what I say, every bit of it."

My heart skips a beat as Hawkfoot whispers, "Midnightflower, I love you."

And before I can screw this up, like I've screwed up so much of my life, "I love you too."


On the way home, we walk slowly, our tails entwined. This was what I dreamed of, when I first joined BreezeClan. Perhaps one's first instinct is the best. Or not, considering the impulses that drove my sister into madness.

When we arrive, Ridgestar appears to be calling a meeting. To avoid the fact that we forgot to bring prey, the two of us lose ourselves in the crowd.

"Today, we are having the very late apprentice ceremony for Ravenfall's kits. Due to unforseen circumstances, this ceremony was pushed back. But today, we will finally welcome them."

BreezeClan begins to cheer around me, and I quickly join in.

"Firekit, Bluekit, Creekkit, please step up." Ridgestar mews, "From this moment on, until you have recieved your warrior names, you will be known as Creekpaw, Firepaw, and Bluepaw." The old leader pauses to cough, then mews, "Sagefrost, you will mentor Creekpaw. Creekpaw, don't let your guard down. Sagefrost may be small, but she is fierce in battle."

Creekpaw brushed her nose against Sagefrost, and sat down quietly.

"Hawkfoot, I believe you would be the perfect mentor for Bluepaw. While you are young, you display traits that many older cats would envy. With these, you will teach Bluepaw, and hopefully pass on ome of your leadership."

The tiny gray she-cat reached up to nose Hawkfoot, while Ridgestar finished.

"And finally, Firepaw will be mentored by Midnightflower."

Murmurs arose from the cats around me, and my fur prickled. They don't trust me.

Seeing the glances I was getting, Ridgestar mewed, "Enough. Midnightflower is not her sister, and while the youngest of the three chosen cats, she has lived through the most hardships, and will pass on her knowledge of the world to Firepaw here."

"Creekpaw! Bluepaw! Firepaw!"


Firepaw bounds up to me right away. Her green eyes are glittering like the water in sunlight. "Midnightflower! What are we going to do today?" 

Quickly, I search through my head of what Lilyshade did with me on the first day. It seems only fitting that I take a leaf out of her head.

"I'll take you on a quick tour of BreezeClan territory. But we have to be back before dark, so we best go fast!" I mew to her.

Firepaw nods, and the ginger she-cat follows me out of camp. As I take her around, I notice that she's standing close to me. Is she scared?

Finally, we step out of the forest, and onto the warm rocks near the river. "This is Warmstones. Cats ike to rest here, while others love to fish."

Firepaw crinkles her nose, "Ew fish!"

I look at her, "In leaf-bare, you'd be grateful for any fish."

She sighs, "I suppose so." Suddenly, she blinks, and looks at me, "What was Ridgestar saying, about you not being your sister?"

I gulp. No! Nobody was ever supposed to know. But I quickly clear my throat, "My sister is in a bit of trouble at the moment, and the Clan is wary of me."

Firepaw nods, "Like our prisoner is?"

This angers me easily, "Her name is Firefly!" Then I stop, "Whoops."

Sympathy flies into Firepaw's eyes, "She's your sister then, isn't she?"

I nod, and shake a tear away, "Yes. And she's going to die."

Firepaw brushes her fur against me, as I cry.



That night, I lie awake, waiting for moon-high. Hawkfoot and Flowerwhisker are on call too, though I have to keep poking the latter to keep her awake. Larkshadow passed out a long time ago, and I decide it's better to just let her sleep.

When the moon reaches the highest point in the sky, Lilyshade steps away from the den, and begins to scout the area near the camp entrance, before getting the next cat on guard. This is our chance.

I poke Hawkfoot, and he grabs his sister. The three of us slink across the camp. The moonlight shines through the trees, illuminating the camp in a starry glow. My black fur helps hide me, but Hawkfoot's brown, and Flowerwhisker's calico just stand out.

As we reach the other side, I spot Firefly. Quickly, I shake her awake. "Midnight? What's going on?"

"We're getting you out." I whisper, "Hawkfoot and Flowerwhisker are helping."

She shakes her head, "Just leave me. I'm going to die anyway."

Flowerwhisker hisses, "Petalshine's next on guard duty. There's no bloody way we can give up now."

Firefly panics, and the three of us push open the hole in the back of the den. As us four manuvere through the brambles, and out through the dirt-place, Firefly's eyes become brighter and brighter.

"So. The traitors walk."

Petalshine's snark startles all of us. The cream she-cat steps into the light, her fur seemingly striped by the shadows. "I knew you wouldn't get far. Did you really think you could save that murderer?"

Firefly paled, and began to back away. Hawkfoot held her back, while I stood my ground, "How you found this out, I'll never know, but this isn't important. We're saving an innocent cat. She doesn't desvere to be killed!"

Petalshine tosses her fur, "I heard you talking this morning. Why else would I volunteer for all the night watches? I knew you would try to break her out."

Flowerwhisker growls, "You're a monster Petalshine. You already ruined my life, you ruined Larkshadow's, and you tried so hard to ruin Midnightflower's. I'm not letting you ruin Firefly's."

Before I can stop her, Flowerwhisker leaps forward, malice gleaming in her eyes, and rakes her claws across Petalshine's throat.

"Run!" She yowls. Firefly, Hawkfoot, and I keep running, while Flowerwhisker disposes of her body. Fear is smothering Firefly. The light in her eyes is gone, and now, she looks terrified.

Flowerwhisker catches up, while Hawkfoot points the the large pine tree at the edge of the field. "There's the border! Firefly, just cross it, and you'll be safe!"

She nods, and then suddenly, her eyes spark. She'll be okay. Stop worrying.

As we reach the tree, Firefly begins to scale it suddenly. Flowerwhisker calls out, when Hawkfoot freezes. In that moment, I realize what Firefly is doing. "NO!"

I follow her as fast as I can, but my sister is much fast, and reaches the top of the tree before I can reach her. She pauses, then looks at me, "Midnight, I'm sorry. And tell Coral I love her, if she's still alive."

"Firefly!" I yowl, but she turns back around.

"StarClan take me!" She screeches, and then leaps off the top.

By the time I've climbed down, her ginger body has crumpled at the bottom. I race to check for her heartbeat, but Hawkfoot stops me, "There's no point. No cat could have survived that. Her limbs are broken."

I realize he's right. What have I done? I tried to help her, and I ended up killing her.

Flowerwhisker nudges me, "We need to go back."

With that, the three of us return, leaving my dead sister behind.

Chapter Six ~Coral~

A choice was made

She found a new home

As she learned of the love

From those who don't roam

Molly licks my fur. "Come on Coral. Go find your sister and apologize. If she chose the Clan cats, they must be able to offer something that you don't."

I grumbled, "What is it then? I'm her family! Not those idiots! They want Firefly dead!" My hearts pangs when I think of my sister. If she'd known I was alive...

Molly finishes with my fur, "There. Now, go outside, say you're sorry, and then it's done."

I wince, and then mew, "Molly, I might not be coming back."

She blinks, "What do you mean? You won't die out there."

I loom away from the gentle she-cat. As much as I cared for Molly, the kittypet life was not mine. With that, I mewed, "If Midnight, I mean Midnightflower accepts my apology... I wish thinking that I would join BreezeClan with her."

Molly purrs, "Good! I'd come with you, but I'm not built for the wild. Good luck though!"

"Goodbye Molly!" I yowl, then race out the door. I can smell the fresh pine from here, and I leap over the fence. When I get across, I begin looking for my sister.



Midnightflower stands up, her eyes blurred, "Coral!" She cries, "Don't do that!"

"Sorry," I mewed, "but I wanted to say sorry for my actions. They were crude, and I was just angry."

She shakes her head, "Not important. I forgive you."

I purr, and thrust myself into her fur. But when she pulls me off, I sense something is wrong. This is confirmed when I see her blue eyes.

"What's wrong Midnightflower? Look, I'm sorry. And I want to join BreezeClan, and maybe make up for it." I mew.

My sister blinks, "Are you sure?"

I nod, "I want this. I even got Molly to take my collar off. See?"

Midnightflower sighs, looking weary, "Coral, you might not want to, after what I tell you."

"No, I'll go no matter what you say."

"Fine," Midnightflower whispers, "Firefly is dead."


I stare at her silently, and she nods, "See? Told you."

Finally forcing this as the truth, I nod, "It's okay. I'll still come to BreezeClan. Just maybe don't introduce me as your sister. If your Clan is hostile about Firefly..."

Midnightflower nods, "We need to get you cleaned up first. You can't show up smelling like a kittpet."

My sister leads me to a patch of ferns, and we both roll in them, covering the musty smell of Twolegplace.

"There," she mews, "all better. We need to go now."

The two of us race back, myself blindly following Midnightflower. I have no idea where we're going. But eventually, Midnightflower pauses outside a well fortified bramble den. "Wait here."

She returns a bit later, with a black and white tom. His amber eyes are fearful, "Who is this, Midnightflower?"

My sister mews, "This is Coral. I found her roaming around the territory. She wants to join BreezeClan."

The tom glances at me, then mews, "I see. Coral, are you sure you know and understand the perils, and the laws you must follow?"

I nod, unable to think of anything else to say, and the tom nods, "Well, this was a good find. I think Coral will be good for BreezeClan."

I stand up straighter, and the tom mews, "By the way, my name is Ridgestar, and I am leader. It is a pleasure to meet you."

I bow my head to the leader, and he beckons us into the camp.

From there, he 'apprentices' me to Lilyshade, who I guess knows Midnightflower. According to him, my name is now Coralpaw, and that I am an apprentice.

This means that I will stay with the other apprentices, not my sister.

Finally, Ridgestar mews, "And finally, there have been no reports on Firefly, or Petalshine. It is unlikely that the latter helped the former escape, and it may point to another murder by Firefly."

Cats gasp around me, and I shudder. 

But Ridgestar clears the group, and cats go their own ways, whispering to each other.

Midnightflower has to go on a 'patrol' so I am unable to follow her. Instead, a spunky ginger she-cat jumps up to me.

"Hi Coralpaw! I'm Firepaw, Midnightflower's apprentice! It's so nice to meet you!"

It's clear that Firepaw is a bit, no a lot of a chatterbox. We sit and eat quietly, while she jabbers about everything possible, I slightly tune her out, and focus on the camp. When my sister returns, Firepaw's eyes grow wide.

"What's wrong?" I mew jokingly, "Afraid of her?"

Firepaw shakes her head, "The opposite. She's amazing. I couldn't have a better mentor. Midnightflower's kind, helpful, and I've learned so much..."

I looked at her oddly, "Then why are you so nervous about seeing her?"

Firepaw sighs, and stares after my sister, "She's perfect. And I'm just a scatter-brained apprentice. What would she ever see in- never mind."

"Oh." It became obvious then, "You love her, don't you?"

She nods, her green eyes misty, "But she's happy with Hawkfoot, and there's no way we could be accepted. Not like she'd accept me either."

You'd be surprised. Firefly was like that. You're not that different.

Firepaw shuts her eyes, "But in my dreams, she's with me."

Chapter Seven ~Midnightflower~

With free reign

One was hurt

As she tried to justify

What she had blurt

And so, Coral joined BreezeClan. She seemed happy with Firepaw, and the other apprentices. They treated her well, rather unlike my apprenticeship.

But the warriors didn't trust her at all. Many of them treated her terribly, and I wanted to lash out, and protect her, but fear kept me from doing it.

If any cat found out she was my sister... We would both be in danger. 

And I refuse to lose her again. With Firefly gone, I don't feel right. So what if she was distant? Her depression crushed her. She was ready to run that night, when I aroused her. 

If we had never run into Petalshine, Firefly would still be alive.

Life in BreezeClan continues on, despite the many hardships. But it goes well, until the day that Larkshadow became ill...


"She's struggling to breathe." 

Cloverfang is working overtime, desperate to help Larkshadow. The small tabby is frail, and there seems to be no way to help her. But it's Flowerwhisker that's worrying me. The calico paces all the time now, and never sleeps.

I try to help, but in the end, it's Cloverfang's gentle paws that get the job done. I don't really know if she'll get better. But eventually, Cloverfang lets us in.

Flowerwhisker runs up, and licks her fur. "You're okay."

Larkshadow nods, "They found Petalshine's body today. It was floating in the river."

Flowerwhisker growls, "I did it. She deserved it. Otherwise we would have all been turned in."

Larkshadow's eyes widen, and her voice creaks, "You- you killed her?"

I nodded, "I was there. It's gong to be okay Larkshadow."

But I misunderstand, as now, the tabby is angry, "How could you Flowerwhisker?"

"How could I not? She was a monster!"

Larkshadows eyes flash, "She was my sister for StarClan's sake! Maybe she wasn't the best of cats, but she didn't deserve to die!"

My eyes grow wide, "Wait, Petalshine was your sister?"

Larkshadow continues on without me, "I've already lost Stonepaw! You killed my brother first, and now my sister? If anyone's a monster, it's you."

Flowerwhisker's face freezes, then she runs off. Larkshadow promptly falls in her nest, and I don't hesitate to follow Flowerwhisker.

The calico tears through the trees, and over the ground. She's much faster then me, and hard to keep up with. But eventually, she stops at Warmstones, and I see her eyes brimming with tears.


She turns away, "You don't know how it feels. You wouldn't. But it's like Hawkfoot telling you he hated you. This is how it feels. When someone you love believes you are a monster."

It settles in me, "I understand. I'm not afraid. You love Larkshadow."

My friend nods, and her eyes are blurred, "She thinks I'm a bloody thirsty monster. She's right. I killed Stonepaw when he hurt me, and Petalshine before she could hurt anyone else."

I nuzzle Flowerwhisker, "It's going to be alright. I'm sure we can fix this with Larkshadow."

She shakes her head, "I doubt it."

"Are you okay?"


"How long have you been hurting for?"

"As of now? Forever."


After that, I leave her alone. Flowerwhisker needs to heal, and I can't help her. She has to help herself. Right now, I'm useless.

As I return to camp, I watch my sister. It doesn't feel right to call her Coralpaw now, after all she's been in my life. But I suppose it's hard for her too.

She chats with Firepaw and Bluepaw, clearly on their good sides. But looking around the camp, I can see many cats giving her hostile glances. I fear for Coral sometimes. And yet, just looks are making my fur prickle.

They won't hurt her, will they?


I'd say that a moon passes. In this time, Larkshadow gets better, and she and Flowerwhisker try to reconnect. But there's still some cold glances, and hostile feelings. 

Firepaw and Coral get close, and it makes me happy to know that my sister has at least one friend. The warriors still don't like Coral. I don't understand why they hate her. She never did anything. And they don't even know she's related to Firefly.

One might call my fear pointless. But soon, it was essential.

It all began the day Creekpaw died. Hit by a speeding monster, there was no chance she could live. Firepaw and Bluepaw were devastated. Coral tried to help, but Firepaw kept pushing her away.

Soon, they were easier enemies than friends.

Coral kept struggling. Lilyshade pushed her so hard, it seemed impossible to live. How she managed to drag herself to and from training astounded me. 

And then, one stormy night... it happened.


"Applewhisker! Help get the kits to safety!"

Water was pouring into the camp. Sheets of rain came down on us, soaking everyone. Cloverfang was stuffing all the herbs into a hole in the back of the medicine den, while the elders clambered up the livy towards Rigdestar's den.

As I took Redwhisker's kits up to higher ground, I could spot many cats struggling below me. Passing the kits off to their mother, I jumped back down into the ocean below, and pulled Bluepaw onto my back. Hawkfoot appeared beside me, dragging Firepaw with him.

"Come on! We need to get them out of this storm!" I yowled, and he nodded.

As we hauled the apprentices up to den, I realized one was missing. My sister.

"Where's Coral?" I cried, fear rising in my heart. Hawkfoot shrugged, "No idea! But I have to keep helping the others! Cloverfang won't leave her herbs!"

He leaped back into the water, and strongly swam over to the young medicine cat. I scanned what used to be the ground, and spotted a white pelt leaving the camp. On closer inspection, Coral was letting the waves take her away.

Without another thought, I jumped after her, my heart pounding in terror. Eventually I caught up to her, where the water was not as high. 

"Coral!" I yowled through the water in my lungs, "Coral no!"

She turns to look at me, her green eyes pool of despair. "Why should I? Firefly is dead. Firepaw no longer ares about me. BreezeClan hates me! I don't belong here!"

"You can't die!" I screeched. "I won't let you!"

Coral flares up, "I have nothing left to live for! Just let me go!"

Then she turns around, and jumps off the cliff.

Chapter Eight ~Midnightflower~

Feeling useless

The girl tried twice

Only to be struck

With familiar ice

Moons pass after the flood. In that time, Redwhisker's kits are apprenticed, and the camp is rebuilt. It is slow, but soon, the BreezeClan camp is back to it's former glory.

I manage to convince the Clan that Coral got washed away by the water. They didn't really seem to care. Only Firepaw and Bluepaw greived.

I missed Coral and Firefly. If I had agreed to become a kittypet with Firefly, they'd both still be alive. I was a fool, and far too driven.

Larkshadow and Flowerwhisker don't talk like they used too. Once practically sisters, they were now strangers. 

Hawkfoot was the only one not to change. With my friends on different sides, I spent most of my days with him. I knew he loved me, and that was the one thing right in my world.

Everything else was messed up beyond compare.


"Midnightflower? Do you want to go hunting?"

Hawkfoot's gentle voice wakes me, and I purr, "Of course. Just give me a moment, and I'll be right out."

He leaves, and I take the moment to blink sleep out of my eyes. After stretching, I walk out of the den, and find him waiting for me.

"Come on!"

We run for a bit, and eventually reach the field below Pine Copse. I shiver in the sunlight. This is where Firefly died.

It doesn't feel right to stand here, knowing that Firefly's blood is upon this land.

"Hawkfoot, I think we should- WAAAAARGH!"

I broke off as I was tackled. At first I thought it was Hawkfoot, but this tom was a much light brown, and he was a tabby, unlike my mate. This was no Clan cat.

I snarled at the tom, "Who are you, and what are you doing on BreezeClan territory?"

The tom shrunk back, but held his ground, "My name is Barley. I need help, please!"

Hawkfoot walks up and mews, "What kind of help?"

Barley mews, "Recently, my friend got hurt real bad. I've been trying to help her, but she's not getting better. I need herbs to save her!"

Hawkfoot drew back, "How do we know we can trust you?"

Barley sighs, "You can't. But I swear, I need to help Ginger."

Quickly, I stood between, "He might be telling the truth. Look, I'll borrow some herbs from Cloverfang, and we can go with him. Okay?"

Hawkfoot nods, "Sounds good to me. You get the herbs, and I'll keep an eye on him."


Getting the herbs turns out to be a lot harder than I thought. But when I return, I spit out all the herbs, and go over them. Feverfew, poppy seeds, marigold, thyme, golden rod, and comfrey. Good.

"This should be enough. We need to carry them to wherever Barley lives. Careful not to swallow anything." I mew.

Hawkfoot nods, and together, we carry the herbs. I feel bad about stealing them, but if Barley really does have an injured friend, then we should help. He leads us through the forest, and to an old barn, far away from our territory. Barley pushes open the door, and climbs over a stack of hay.

"Ginger? Wake up." He mews, "There's some herbs here to help you."

Hawkfoot and I pass him the herbs, and Barley does his best to help his friend. But she screams, and it appears she's in a lot of pain. I'd be no help. I'm no medicine cat. But Barley seems to sort of know what he's doing.

Eventually, he finishes. "There," he mews, "All good. But she's going to need to rest. Do you want to wait here? I think you would like Ginger."

We nod, and I lie down on the hay. It's soft and warm, and I drift off seamlessly.


It appears to only be a second, when Hawkfoot shakes me, "Barley says we can see Ginger now."

I yawn, and stand up. I take a moment to lick out my fur, and then the two of us walk over. Ginger is lying in the hay, her eyes still shut.

Barley nods, "I found her hurt, a few moons ago. I've been healing her ever since, but she's not getting a lot better. Oreo healed easier."

"Who's Oreo?" I mew.

"Oh, right. Oreo's another cat I found. She was freezing to death, but she's much better now. She's actually off hunting now. When she comes back, I'll let you meet her."

I nod, and take another look at Ginger. She seems oddly familiar, despite the mess of herbs that cover her mangled legs.

With a third glance, and I realize that despite Ginger's glossy coat, I know her. She's not just a rouge.

And when she opens her eyes, my theory is confirmed.


Chapter Nine ~Midnightflower~

There she stood

Alive for now

Hoping for a chance

Before the final bow

The barn fell into silence. Hawkfoot stared at my sister, unable to comprehend her living, breathing, body.

Eventually, Barley mewed, "Okay, what's going on here? Why are you staring at Ginger?"

I didn't trust myself to speak, but I managed to stutter, "That's my sister."

Barley looks at me oddly, "What do you mean? Ginger never mentioned any family."

Hawkfoot, who is slightly more in control over his emotions, mews, "Her name is Firefly. We're positive it's her. If she hasn't mentioned family, she's suffering from memory loss, or has just been too injured."

Barley shakes his head, "Can't be the same cat. I found Ginger at the base of a tree, mangled, and just barely breathing. What kind of family would you be to leave your sister like that?"

I winced, the guilt seeping into my face, "Look, I know it's her."

Hawkfoot nudges Firefly's body, and her eyes flicker open again, "Barley?" she whispers, "What's going on?"

Barley pads over to her, and licks her cheek. "Sit up Ginger. These cats say they know you. Nightblossom and Falconleg, right?"

Hawkfoot sighs, "Midnightflower and Hawkfoot."

Barley nods, "Well, Ginger, they claim to be your family. Do you know them?"

Firefly blinks a few tims, adjusting to the sunlight. Then she stares at me, her face coated in disbelief, "Midnightflower?"

I don't hold back anymore. I push past Hawkfoot, and run right into Firefly's warm grasp. She holds me close, and tears of joy slide out of my eyes.

"It's okay. It's going to be okay." Firefly mews gently. It's been so long since everything has felt right in the world. But Firefly's words are strong, and I can see that this is the strong cat from the barn. This is the cat who comforted me when I had nightmares, or helped Coral learn to hunt.

This is the sister that I remember. No longer a defeated, depressed pile of fur, Firefly was strong again. 

"I missed you so much..." I whisper, "Never leave again."

Firefly purrs, "That jump, it was a wake-up call. I realized what I was doing, and how my depression was hurting you. But I was already in the air. Barley found me, and he saved me. I'm eternally grateful for him, and I'm eternally grateful to you, for forgiving me."

We sit together, until Barley clears his throat, "Well, I hate to break this up, but Oreo's coming back. Since Gi-Firefly," he corrected, "is awake, she can meet you all!"

I nod, and sit with my sister, while Barley jumps over the haystack. "Oreo! Ginger's awake! And there's some cats here!"

A high pitched she-cat mews, "Oh really? Who are they? More cats you've saved?"

Barley replies, "No, they gave some herbs for Ginger. They've got some weird names, Darkpetal and Eaglepad."

Oreo mews, "Really? Let's go see them then."

The two cats climb over the hay, and a white she-cat with brownish black patches appears. I guess that's why her name is Oreo.

Hawkfoot begins to introduce us, when I see the confused look in Oreo's eyes. And that's when I see it. In the small stature, and rounded face. The brittle black fur, and bleary green eyes. I can tell by Firefly's startled gasp that she knows too.

"Coral, how are you alive?"


It takes some explaining to figure things out. According to Coral, after jumping the cliff, she landed a fox length below it in the rising water. From there, Barley found her, and saved her. 

"But I didn't know that Ginger was Firefly." Coral mews, shaking her head, "I just wanted to know what was out there. Now, I'm happy to stay inside. As long as Barley's here..."

I could see by the longing in her eyes that she cared for Barley. But Barley's focus seemed to be healing Firefly.

Suddenly, Hawkfoot clears his throat, "I hate to break up this reunion, but we need to go back. Ridgestar is going to notice us gone."

I sigh, and take one last look at my sisters. "Okay. I love you both so much, and I promise to visit, as much as I can."

Barley, Firefly, and Coral all watch us go, as Hawkfoot and I run back to camp. I hardly notice the ache in my legs as we fly into the clearing. Ridgestar notices, and walks over, "Your apprentices are about to become warriors. I don't know where you two have been, but I need your input on their names. It's tradition."

Hawkfoot quickly suggests Blueshadow for his apprentice, and scurries off.

Ridgestar turns to me, "Anything?"

I run names through my mind and mew, "Fireshimmer, or Firestorm. Something like that."

He nods, then narrows his eyes, "I won't ask why your fur has Firefly's scent on it, but make sure you get it off. If my old nose can smell it, the rest of the Clan certainly can. I don't care why you were with her, just don't make it a habit."

Then he walks off. 



"Blueshadow! Firestorm!"

BreezeClan cheers, as I watch my former apprentice grow. I'm glad for her, but secretly, I'll miss teaching her, and having her follow me, trying to help me with everything.

That was something I never really figured out.

After the ceremony, the newly named Firestorm trots over to me, "Midnightflower! Thank you so much. You've taught me so much, and you were the best mentor I could have had."

I purr, "Thank you Firestorm. I loved teaching you."

"It looks like I was made a warrior at the right time though." she mews.

"What?" I mewed, "What are you talking about?"

Firestorm looks at me, confusion in her green eyes, "You don't know?"

"Don't I know what?"

"You're pregnant."



Frost covered the dawn

On the final day

As new life leaped forward

And the skies turned to gray

"Midnight! Midnight!"

I screeched in pain as my belly was kicked at. As close as I was to kitting, I thought a visit to the barn would be okay. But now, I realize this was the stupidest thing I could have done.

Firefly stood close, trying to keep me awake, while Coral fetched moss and sticks to help me kit. Barley had run back to camp, in hopes of finding Hawkfoot. Let's hope he can get his name right this time.

My belly rippled in pain, and Firefly pressed upon it with her supple paws. "You're going to be fine. Just keep breathing."

Coral rushed back, and passed a stick to my sister, "Here! Have her bite on this when the first kit comes!"

Firefly shoves the stick in my mouth right away, "When you feel the pressure, bite it. It helps with the pain."

I nod, and the stick nearly falls out of my mouth as a spasm courses through my body.

Firefly pushes, and I do too, trying not to scream. But eventually, the first kit pushes it's way out. Firefly passes the kit over to Coral. "Lick her, and get her blood flowing. Quickly!"

The ground is thumping, and I bleakly move my head, to spot Hawkfot and Barley running back. He runs right up, and nuzzles me. "Barley burst into camp, yelling that 'Shadowbloom was kitting, and Owlclaw had to come quickly.' I figured out what he meant pretty fast."

"I'm not good with names!" Barley retorted.

I laughed, then screeched, as the second kit began to come. The stick snapped in my teeth, as the large kit made it's way out.

Firefly quickly passed him to Barley, "You have a tongue! Lick the kit!"

He began too, and I relaxed, only for more pain. "When will this be over?" I croaked.

Firefly mewed, "Soon. This is the last kit. It's a little smaller, so it'll be easier."

It turns out she's right. Hawkfoot licks the last kit, as finally, the pain goes away. Barley, Coral, and Hawkfoot pass the kits over, and let them suckle at my belly. 

We wait in silence, until Barley mews, "You named them yet?"

Firefly glares at him, but I nod, "I want to call the black-and-white she-cat Swishkit. After our mother."

Coral purrs, and I point to the large brown tom, "And I think this will be Marshkit. It suits him."

Hawkfoot nudges the tiny white she-kit, "What about her?"

I shrugged, "I have no idea. Do you want to name her?"

"What about... Snowkit?"

"That's a beautiful name." Firefly mews, "I think it's great."

"Welcome to BreezeClan kits." I whispered softly, watching them sleep beside me.


No cat asks why I was kitting out in the middle of nowhere. Although, Firestorm is very interested. She constantly asks to see the kits, and if she'll get to mentor one of them.

As I settle down in BreezeClan, I watch life go before my eyes. Life is strong, and the pain of my past is gone. I wanted to know what was out there, and now I do. 

Firefly and Coral are happy with Barley. He and Coral are finally mates, and Firefly is strong again. No longer is she the cat who was dead inside. She's a leader.

Larkshadow and Flowerwhisker finally settle their own differences. It took them a while to admit it, but they're smitten for each other. It makes me happy to see them smile again. 

But I think it's Hawkfoot's support that helps the most. He's there for the kits, no matter what happens, and is always around to be with me. I remember the days where I was a silly apprentice, with no goals in life, other than to forget about the fire.

The fire seems like a lifetime ago, and yet it seems like it was only yesterday. But BreezeClan is the home I have wanted, and the home I needed. Even though neither of my sisters stayed, it's still the life I want.

No longer is there a Petalpaw, no longer a cat to bully her way to popularity. Just happy, bubbly cats.

Maybe it's a fairytale ending, but it's the ending I want. Even if there's no real ending, I think this is where my story ends. 

And at the end of everything, on a mid-summers night, I find myself stargazing with my family, as we tell tales of the past.

Firefly may not have found her love, but she's herself once more. It's this connection that I have with her, that truly bonds us together. No matter what differences we may have, we have our bond.

But it's Hawkfoot that sets everything in stone, after all this time.

"You know what you are?"


"I do."



The End

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