Season One, Episode Three of Ghosting!

I want to tell them. I want to tell them that we’re different than all the others. But I can’t. And besides, I don’t even know all the details. It might just be me. But I have a feeling that it’s not just me.

Today I have to do the elder’s ticks. Well, the elder. There’s only one. Bayglade. He was originally a rogue and joined MoonClan many moons before I was born. Now he’s an elder. As I enter the den, Bayglade twists his head, and spots me. “Ahhh, Lightningpaw.” He says.

I dip my head to him, respectfully. “Hello, Bayglade. My mentor, Stonestrike sent me to do your ticks.” I say. Bayglade sighs, and flicks an ear. “Apprentices should be out hunting and patrolling not doing the elder’s ticks.” He growls.

But he doesn’t protest as I begin to dab the mouse bile on his ticks. When I’m done, I turn to leave, but Bayglade says, “Wait.” I turn around. “Yes?”

“Come with me, Lightningpaw. And bring the other apprentices as well.” Blinking, I nod. “Alright, I’ll meet you outside of camp with the others.” I look around camp, and see Needlepaw, Reedpaw, and Redpaw. “Guys, come with me.” I say.

“Bayglade wants to tell us all something.” They look as confused as I feel. I lead them outside of camp to where the old tom is waiting. “There you four are.” He says, looking at us.

“I’ve been watching you four closely ever since Sunpaw’s death.” He says, hesitating. “Go on.” Says Needlepaw. Bayglade continues, “And you three, have very rare abilities. No other cat in all the Clans has had abilities like these. You are special.”

Reedpaw snorts in disbelief. “Yeah, right.” She says. Bayglade ignores her, and continues, “I know this is very sudden and a lot to take in, but it’s true.” I look at the others, hopefully, but to my disappointment they just roll their eyes, and growl in annoyance.

“Maybe we should take him to Featherheart.” Murmurs Needlepaw. “But it’s true!” I blurt out. “I’m a fox! Or I’ve become one! Or something . . . I don’t really know, but I know he’s telling the truth!”

Redpaw steps up as well. “I agree with Lightningpaw. There’s something different . . . odd about us. I’ve been having dreams. Well, weird dreams.” Bayglade nods. “I know we sound crazy, but we’re telling the truth. I swear.”

Reedpaw and Needlepaw look uncertain. “Alright,” Needlepaw finally says, “we’ll play along, but if we don’t have some vision, or whatever, we won’t believe you.” Reedpaw nods in agreement, but as I study Needlepaw’s face, I realize he seems uncertain.

I know he’s had a vision, or whatever . . . he knows we’re telling the truth, he just doesn’t want to believe it.


I’m stunned. How did I get here? And so quickly? All I had done was picture where Frostfire lives. Or at least what cats told me it looked like. I look around. I can feel the presence of other ghosts. Of other creatures. I shiver, and look around.

I’m not sure what’s going on, or what’s going to happen to me. I wonder where Frostfire is. I look around, examining the place. It’s all dead, and the fog is incredibly thick.

The trees are covered in horrid black slime. The moans of the dead are all around me. “You finally made it.” Sneered someone. Or something. I whirl around, and gasp. A fading black tom with blue eyes is looking at me. “We wondered how long you would take.” He rasped. “Who are you?” I hiss, arching my back. He’s a fellow ghost.

He can hurt me if he wants to, and cause me to fade completely. The black tom narrows his eyes. “Who am I? You should be asking what am I.” I narrow my eyes. “You’re a ghost, like me.” I say. The black tom lets out a bark of laughter. “I am nothing like you, kit! Now follow me if you want to see Frostfire.”

I follow him into the dark woods. It seems to take forever before we get to an abandoned Twoleg den. “This is where he lives.” Snickered the ghost.

”Pots ,ouy dlot I!” Came an outraged cry. I jump back. “What is he saying?” I hiss. The black ghost rolls his eyes. “Speaking in backward.” He said, bored. “Who’s he speaking to?” I ask. “Can’t you shut your that forsaken mouth of yours!” He snapped. My eyes widen, taken aback. “Sorry.” I grumble. “Frostfire!” Hollers the ghost. “There’s a cat here wanting to see you!”

“I told you, I don’t take in cats!” Snapped Frostfire. “Even a ghost?”

“I don’t take in ghost cats either!”

“Just take the dumb cat, Frostfire!”


A flash of ghostly light blue fur, and Frostfire leaped at Dark, snapping his neck. Dark convulsed, before going still. Frostfire laughed, as his ghost faded, and then reappeared, coughing and sputtering, as Frostfire continued to laugh manically.

“You see, young cat,” says Frostfire, “when a ghost comes to me, they only come because they can die.” I’m confused. “I don’t understand.”

He smiles. “Of course you don’t. So let me show you.” And he lunges for my throat.


I shake my head. Lightningpaw can’t be right. Neither can Redpaw. At least Reedpaw sees some sense.

That’s not real. You can’t “turn into” a fox. Impossible. Plus, foxes are evil. Lightningpaw is good. And anyone would expect more from Bayglade. He’s an elder!

I see Deadstar pacing back and forth, and wonder what’s going on with him. He looks up, and sees Snowstorm, and beckons him forward, and the two pad into his den. Curious, I wait outside the den to listen in on what’s going on.

“The plan’s working.” Growls Deadstar. “But the apprentices. Sunpaw wasn’t the one we thought he was.” He growls. “It’s one of the other four!”

“But which one?” Comes Snowstorm’s voice. “I don’t know.” Says Deadstar. “But one of them will come to us, and the others will of course rebel. And . . . Oh come on . . . Needlepaw I know you’re there.” He says.

I flinch. “How?” I ask him. “You’re louder than an angry badger!” Snaps Deadstar. His ominous amber eyes, and his large black frame looms over me, and power seemed to crackle around him. I know my punishment will not be light.

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