One Life Lost

Book Two of the Divided Series

This is a fanfiction by Eevee. Enjoy~



LEADER - Redwing - red tom with three black stripes on his forehead and a black tail tip

DEPUTY - Starlingsong - grey-brown tom with amber eyes

MEDICINE CAT - Berrytail - spiky pelted tan-colored tom

WARRIORS (toms, and she-cats without kits)

Aurastorm - gray and white tom

Apprentice - Cloudpaw

Rainstorm - tortoiseshell she-cat

Tigerstripe -  tabby tom

Longtail - tortoiseshell tom

Thunderdancer - flame-colored tom

Joltflight - white she-cat with black patches

Apprentice - Nightpaw

Pounceleap - stone-gray tom

Silverwind - silver tabby tom

Sunblaze - pale orange tabby she-cat

Creamheart - cream tabby she-cat

Cougarfrost - tan-colored tom with markings like a mountain lion's

Spottedfur - tortoiseshell she-cat

Skystorm - pale blue-grey she-cat with light blue eyes

Jaywing - light grey tom with pale blue eyes

Snowsky - pure white she-cat with green eyes


Cloudpaw - white she-cat with grey patches

Nightpaw - pure black tom




Blindeyes - brown she-cat; blind in both eyes


LEADER - Greenmoor - light gray she-cat with green eyes

DEPUTY - Pounce - brown tabby tom; former barn cat

MEDICINE CAT - Tornfur - former warrior tom; scarred black pelt with blue eyes

WARRIORS (toms, and she-cats without kits)

Wolfhowl - thick-furred tom with gray, reddish-brown, and white splotches

Rosestem - pink-orange she-cat

Robinfur - gray and black she-cat with red chest and belly

Apprentice - Rabbitpaw

Stormbreak - blue-gray tom

Apprentice - Pinepaw

Quietsong - shy dark orange she-cat

Turtlefoot - energetic young  tom

Sparrowwing - gray she-cat

Lemonfur - pale yellow-orange tabby tom

Apprentice, Shadepaw

Limeclaw - very light gray tom

Mistyeyes - brown tabby she-cat with white markings and cerulean-colored eyes

Sweetmew- gentle, thick-furred she-cat


Pinepaw - gray she-cat with black stripes

Rabbitpaw - jumpy light gray tom

Shadepaw - dark gray tabby she-cat


Darkpelt - dark brown she-cat (mother to Lemonfur's kits; Furzekit, a grey tom with a white underbelly and green eyes; Blazekit, a pale ginger she-cat with blue eyes; and Runningkit, a dark brown tabby tom)


Lightfur - white she-cat with a gray tail

Slashnose - battle-scarred blue-gray tom


LEADER - Bluewater - blue-gray tom

DEPUTY - Raindrop - light gray - almost white - she-cat

MEDICINE CAT - Greycinder - silvery she-cat


Larkflight - brown she-cat with white patches

Gingerotter - fierce ginger she-cat

Crookedtail - gray tabby tom with broken tail

Rockfur - dark gray - almost black - tom

Darktail - white she-cat with ginger stripes and dark ginger tail

Mistysun - speckled orange she-cat

Silverbird - silvery-gray she-cat

Runningfire - brown tabby she-cat with ginger stripes

  Apprentice, Brackenpaw


Brackenpaw - ginger tom


Mousefang - gray tabby she-cat and white patches (mother of Rockfur's kit - Mistkit, gray tom)

Fernshadow - dark gray she-cat; expecting Crookedtail's kits


LEADER - Yellowpool - small yellow-orange tabby she-cat


MEDICINE CAT - Truesong - cream-colored she-cat


Darkfur - dark-striped tom

Frozenwhisker - tabby tom with whiskers so stiff it seems like they're frozen

Apprentice - Foxpaw

Hollowtail - tan tom with a stiff tail

Toadleap - black and white tom

Apprentice - Mosspaw

Squirrelshadow - dark orange-brown tom

Apprentice - Longpaw

Nightfur - dark tom

Apprentice - Stripepaw

Scatterleaf - dapple-furred she-cat

Lionwhisker - golden-brown tom


Longpaw - pale tabby she-cat with a stripe running down her back

Mosspaw - small grey tabby

Foxpaw - reddish tom with a white muzzle, underbelly, and tail tip and dark paws and ears


Cloudchaser - white dappled tortoiseshell (mother of Hollowtail's kits; Icekit, tortoishell she-kit with white patches, Stormkit, tan and white tom)

Flameheart - firey orange she-cat with strange purple-blue eyes (mother of Darkfur's kits; Firekit - flame-colored tom with purple-blue eyes, Frostkit, white she-cat with dark patches and green eyes, and Patchkit, black-and-gray tom with green eyes)


Limptail - thin tabby tom; oldest cat in ShadowClan

Applefall - reddish-white she-cat


Raven - sleek black tom; barn cat

Sparrow - brownish-gray she-cat; barn cat

Crow - young gray tom; barn cat

Noble - long-furred tom with a black back; loner

Petal - short-furred tabby she-cat; kittypet (has not been to the Cutter)

Neko - fat tabby kittypet (has been to Cutter)


The red-brown tom's pelt bristled as he waited for the other former leaders. A white pelt flashed out of the corner of his eye, followed by a long white tail. "Whitestar," the former WindClan leader greeted.

Whitestar looked at him through narrowed amber eyes. "Volestar. Why did you need me here?"

"That will wait until the others get here." Volestar replied, looking off into the distance. He flicked an ear as a twig snapped behind him. Without turning, he mewed, "Cinderstar."

The ginger-pelted she-cat mumbled, "That would've been a perfect stalking tecnique if that branch hadn't been in the way." Then her voice got a bit louder and she meowed, "Hello, Volestar, Whitestar."

Volestar turned, then glanced around. "Where's Miststar?" They couldn't start the meeting without the former RiverClan leader.

"Over here."

A dark blue-grey tom slipped out of the shadows, his eyes cold. "What is it, Volestar?"

"We have important manners to discuss, Miststar." Volestar mewed evenly. He curled his tail around his paws as he watched Miststar sit a tail-length away from Cinderstar. "So, as you know, our deputies are either on the verge of death-"

Cinderstar shifted her paws.

"-held captive by Twolegs-"

Miststar flicked his ears.

"-or have yet to wake from unconciousness."

Whitestar looked at Volestar, her amber eyes distressed.

"So having a leader doesn't seem likely for the Clans." Volestar mewed, sweeping his tail over the ground. "Yet, there is a glow of hope in the darkness that threatens." The listening leaders all pricked their ears hopefully. "Only a noble heart can save the divided."

Cinderstar blinked. "Divided..." she whispered, looking at her small ginger paws.

None of the other three leaders seemed to hear her whisper, as Miststar rose to his paws.

"What do you mean - noble heart?" Miststar growled. His starry fur bristled nervously.

Volestar shook his head. "That is for you to find out. And," he added, "for our medicine cats to discover." He stood up, and flicked his tail. "We will tell our medicine cats. I shall tell Tornfur." The brown tom padded toward a small pool of water, and faded out of sight.

Whitestar closed her eyes and faded as well, with Miststar doing the same.

That left Cinderstar, still looking at her paws. What did Volestar mean... divided, noble heart... She looked upward, her green eyes dark. She sighed, and then faded away, to pass the message to Truesong.

Chapter 1

Berrytail nervously paced in front of the unconcious Redwing, concerned that the tom hadn't awoken yet. His pale tan fur was bristling as Rainstorm called, "Is he awake yet?" Concern filled her voice.

"No, Rainstorm. I'm sorry." Berrytail replied in misery.

The tortoiseshell she-cat padded over to him and blinked sadly. "Berrynose, you're working too hard. You haven't fallen asleep since the night the attack took place."

"It's only two days..." Berrytail yawned, practically swaying on his paws.

Rainstorm nudged his toward his nest. "Don't worry, I'll get someone to watch him."

"No, I'd rather... yaaawn... you watch him yourself." Berrytail mumbled, curling up in his nest. He heard Rainstorm say something, but he was already slipping into sleep.

Berrynose opened his eyes, expecting to be in his den. Instead, he was surrounded by distressed-looking cats, all unfamiliar to him. He widened his blue eyes in surprise, and maybe out of slight fear. All of the cats had wounds still bleeding, and they had shadowy faces with slightly glowing eyes.

Slightly afraid, the cream-colored tom meowed, "W-who are you? What do you need?"

One stepped forward. It was a small, scrawny-looking she-cat with ragged, blood-stained pale brown fur. She whispered, "Help."

"How?" Berrynose stammered, surprised by the she-cat's terrifyingly poor condition.

The soft mew was the same. "Help."

Berrytail stepped forward to where he could examine the she-cat's wounds, but she shrank back and let out a terrified whimper as she and all the other wounded cats dissolved into black mist, leaving Berrynose standing, frozen, in a field of black.

He managed to wrench his eyes shut, hoping to open them to see his den. But when he opened them again, he was staring into a pond. Instead of his scruffy cream fur, he saw russet fur with three dark stripes on its head.


The russet tom yowled, "Someone? Anyone? Hel-"

Berrytail jolted awake. He was panting heavily, and Rainstorm was staring at him with concern pooling in her eyes.

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