This is Holly's entry for: WFW's NaNoWriMo .

The sun who shines over the battling others, showing them all the way into the blinding light.

The light in the darkness, leading the way to the new age of time.

The angel of death, taking your life, and fighting almost alone against the light that attacks the shadows.

The three rebels.


Frostheart stalked around the shadowy clearing, obviously waiting for someone.

Shadows surrounded her, the light was drained from the sky, and trees loomed from above. There were no stars in the pitch black sky, only the occasional cloud, which was only a bit lighter than the sky itself. Other than the sound of the white furred shecat pacing, there wasn't any noise, it was almost silent.


A battle scarred tom emerged front the surrounding undergrowth. He had dark green eyes, and long black fur. His claws were long and sharp, along with his teeth when he opened his mouth to yawn lazily. He was much larger than Frostheart, and obviously seemed much older. Dried blood caked his paws, and fresher blood seemed to have splashed over the old, an long with very newly shed blood on his broad muzzle.

"You showed up, Shadefur." Frostheart spoke as though it weren't a suprise, though her eyes portrayed a glint of curiosity in why he had.

"Yes, I did, though you probably already knew I would. Stop pretending to be suprised, you mouse brained shecat." the tom who was now identified as Shadefur growled at her before sitting down, his long and fluffy tail around his paws.

Frostheart rolled her eyes, "After last time I called for a meeting here and you didn't show up, it truly wouldn't have been surprising. You only show up when you want, and you barely think of anything other than yourself, you know."

Shadefur's eyes narrowed, and he was obviously dreaming of raking her pelt to shreds, but he didn't move. "I actually had a reason to be absent last time. When you weren't there the one time, you had simply forgotten whilst come and went hunting with other dead cats instead. You didn't even have the decency to invite me!"

"Decency?" Frostheart snorted, "When have either of us been decent? Was it since you destroyed whole clans of cats in one battle, or when I murdered quite a few in one clan, both causing chaos? Neither of us have been decent at any time during our pathetic lives in the clans, not once."

"Before we start a huge fight between us both like always, why don't we at least haves conversation about why we are here first?" Shadefur muttered before flicking his tail.

"The kits of my enemies? Quite boring if you ask me. And yet everyone wonders whether they will be huge, be special, be like their parents, the heroes of the story. If you ask me, the light has been in control for much to long. Think of it this way, when was the last time you can remember in which an evil cat like us has ever won in war or battle?" Frostheart raged, eyes wide and firey with anger.

"Yes, they are too... Consistent with their victories, their neverending glory. Your mother had died to kill you, she had been noble, but they find new cats to worship." Shadefur looked at Frostheart, eyes calm. "Im not on the other side, no matter what it may seem like. I am pure to our cause, or evil cause."

Frostheart looked at him, eyes wild, "They must all die, every last one of them! Why can't I be like you, slaying many cats in one blow, mentally and physically!"

"It seems you've tipped over the edge." Shadefur remarked. "It seems you have truly gone insane, which isn't necessarily bad for the true cause. Insanity always seems to help make revenge more... Entertaining."

Frostheart acted as though she hadn't heard him, though it was somewhat obvious she had. "We will take over at least one of the kits, and destroy the clan from the inside. The other two will be dealt with. We must hope our enemies don't take advantage of the kits before we can, that would be very annoying."

"Which kit ,though? Sunkit seems to be too loyal to his clan... Shadowkit has a fitting name, she seems sneaky enough to work for us well. Lightkit would be funny, as her name isn't really dark." Scorchfur wondered out loud, his eyes on Frostheart as he clawed at the ground, excited.

"Shadowkit has one flaw, her name is too much like my traitor of a mother's... Lightkit is a better choice, surprisingly, as of this moment." Frostheart answered, she was staring at Shadefur now, meeting his gaze.

"Maybe you aren't as insane as I'd thought, Frostheart." Shadefur meowed, eyes narrowed once more.

"Id like to say this then, thank you... Father."

Chapter 1

Sunkit woke up. It was early, so Lightkit was still asleep. Shadowkit was playing with Owlkit, one of the others in the nursery. Birdwing was still asleep, twitching occasionally.

Shadowkit turned to look at her brother, flicking her tail at Owlkit to signal a short break. "Hey, Sunkit!" She leapt at her brother, making him tumble into Lightkit.

Lightkit woke up, whining, "What was that for, I was sleeping!" She eyed Shadowkit, grumpy.

Rolling her eyes Shadowkit got off her siblings, "Well, the nursery is quite crowded, you know. It's not our fault you take up more than half the nest!"

"Do not!" Lightkit squealed, launching herself at Shadowkit. "At least I'm not the one who snores as loud as a badger does!"

Before Shadowkit could reply, Sunkit interrupted them, "Stop fighting!"

His voice had made Birdwing wake up now, and she was angry. "You two stop! Sunkit is decent enough not to get into huge fights, while you two are making enough noise to make a deaf elder wake up! Shadowkit, another thing to recommend of you is that you tried to try being more quiet. Lightkit, good job! You did great!"

Shadowkit was obviously hurt by her mother's complements to the others, while she only got criticized. Tears were beginning to form in her blue eyes, but she made no noise as she walked over to the nest, curling up by herself.

Lightkit on the other hand was bursting with pride as she bounced over to Owlkit, obviously to brag. Her fur was fluffed up, so she looked much bigger than she was. She and Owlkit began to play together.

Sunkit decided to comfort Shadowkit, as he didn't want to be near his more vain sister. He felt sorry for Shadowkit, her mother hadnt complemented her at all, and she was obviously hurt. Padding over to her, he questioned, "Are you ok?"

Shadowkit looked at her brother, tears in her eyes. "Yeah, I guess. I am just a wimp after all..." She sat up, looking at the ground.

Sunkit smiled at her, "Do you want to play outside? Lightkit doesn't have to come along." 

Shadowkit nodded, "Alright, what will we play?" She looked at her brother, who was much bigger than she was. He had a lot of fur, so he looked like a mini lion.

Sunkit shrugged, "I dunno, we will find something out there to do." he started to walk to the entrance of the den, Shadowkit on his heels.

"Where are you two going?" Birdwing asked them when they were at the exit to the den. She was watching them carefully, eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"We're just going to play outside!" Sunkit replied as he slipped outside, into the clearing. Light flitted down to touch them, warming their fur.

Shadowkit looked around, "Should we talk to the elders, or could we ask the apprentices to show us battle moves?" She leaped at a leaf that was drifting towards the ground slowly, catching it in her claws.

Sunkit looked at the leaf, eyes wide, "How about the apprentices, we were at the elders den yesterday." He padded towards the den, excited. Larkpaw and Grasspaw usually taught them cool things!

A head appeared out from the den, and a tall apprentice with dark fur padded outside. He had narrowed eyes, and long claws. "What do you kits want?" his voice was low and menacing as he flicked his tail back and forth. "This isn't the nursery you know!" He sneered at them, then padded towards the freshkill pile to eat.

Shadowkit began clawing at the ground as she watched him disappear, "Deathpaw, the nerve..." She hissed out the words and stopped clawing. "I can't believe him! We aren't mouse-brains!"

Sunkit blinked at her, "It should be fine, he's just a grumpy apprentice all the time, luckily he will be a warrior when we're apprentices, we won't have him as a denmate!"

Snorting, Shadowkit replied, "True, but what if he becomes one of our mentors!" She looed at her brother, eyes joking, "I bet I'd die if that happened!"

Sunkit rolled his eyes, "Lionstar had better not make him a mentor of anyone! He would probably yell at us whenever he has the chance to!" he paced at the entrance of the den.

Shadowkit rolled onto her back, laughing, "He'd have our heads if we woke up late! If we even did one thing wrong, he would probably claw us to bits!"

Lionkit laughed with her, "Lets be glad he probably won't be out mentor, though I guess its kinda possible."

Two warriors who were sharing a rabbit looked over at them, obviously annoyed. They began to talk to each other, continuously casting glance in their directions, though the one wasn't mad, the other was wearing  a frown.

Shadowkit looked at them, eyes narrowed, "Come on, Sunkit. Let's find Grasspaw and Larkpaw!" She padded away from the warriors and Sunkit.

At least she's happy now... He thought as he followed her over to the apprentices, who were practicing their battle moves at the edge of the clearing.

Chapter 2

Shadowkit woke up with a yawn. Yesterday she and Sunkit had practiced with Grasspaw and Larkpaw for a while. After that, she had been really tired, so she'd decided to sleep, and here she was. Stretching, Shadowkit stood up. She padded out of the den, quietly. She was going to the medicine cats den, to tell the medicine cat apprentice, Treepaw, about the dream she had had while she was sleeping.

She had been in a damp, dark clearing. There was a lot of fungus and such, so it was kinda really gross. A cat had emerged from the bushes. The cat was slender with short brown fur. She had said she was from StarClan, and that Shadowkit had been chosen for a prophecy, a prophecy that could save or destroy her whole clan.

Who really believed that kind of stuff though? If StarClan was a little more stupid, they'd have sent the dream to a loner, or a rogue. They might even get more out of that! First of all, she was a kit. Secondly, she was the weakest, the runt.

"Hey, Shadowkit! Whats wrong?" Treepaw asked, his green eyes shining as he padded over from the freshkill pile. He had long brown fur, and warm eyes. He sat down next to her, "Looking for someone?"

Shadowkit looked at the ground, embarassed, "Yes, actually. I was looking for you, I had a wierd dream last night, and I wanted to know what you thought about it..."

Treepaw tilted his head, "Do you want herbs or something? I could give you something for shock if you want..." He eyed Shadowkit stranglely.

Her pelt felt like it was burning under his inquisitive eyes, making her feel worse, "Well, I was actually thinking... could you interpret the dream for me? In it, there was a cat who said she was from StarClan-"

Treepaw cut her off, "Are you sure its from StarClan? It could be part of your imagination you know..."

This made her feel hurt, "Yes, I'm sure! Can I just tell you about the dream already?!" While she was speaking, Deathpaw emerged from the apprentices den, casting them a disgusted look as he padded off to join the hunting patrol that was waiting at the entrance tunnel.

Treepaw narrowed his eyes at the other apprentice, then swept her towards the medicine cats den, "Come on, if you're going to say something, don't say it in the clearing. Who knows who could be listening." He looked at the apprentice and the rest of the patrol leaving camp.

Shadowkit blinked in surprise, but let him usher her into the den before bursting out, "Why don't you trust Deathpaw? I mean, I dont think anycat does, but shouldn't he know about whether his clans in danger?" She sat down on a pile of moss, a nest that hadn't been used for a while.

Treepaw looked at her, scanning her from tail to eartip, "I'm surprised..." he whispered to himself quietly.  He shook his head, as though to clear it, before looking at her again. "You see, StarClan had sent me a message saying that a cat had been chosen to save us all, I didn't think it'd be you though, I'd thought it could've possibly been your sister."

Biting back a smart remark about her sister, she replied simply, "Well, I guess you didn't get who you'd hoped for, did you?" She looked at the ground, somewhat disappointed, before a rush of anger overcame her, "You know, it's always about her!" she growled.

His ears pinned back, and eyes wide, Treepaw took a step backwards, "I'm sorry your sister is more popular, but think about it this way: You are special at the moment, if StarClan has chosen you instead of her! You should be rejoicing, not groaning about how much you hate your sister!" He dug his claws into the ground, "You're just being immature right now!"

Surprised, Shadowkit flinched as the apprentice told her off, but she wasn't very mad at him. After all, his day must be stressful as it is, helping every sick cat in the clan, while his mentor was missing. "I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have complained. You're right, I'm lucky to have been chosen by them, and I should be more grateful." She looked at the ground, embarassed.

"It's fine, I'm just stressed lately, Greenpaw has been very sick lately..." Treepaw sighed, "And I haven't been able to cure him. I guess I just feel like a failure."

"I'm sorry." Shadowkit whispered before walking over to him, then touching her muzzle to his shoulder, "I hadn't noticed it, we shouldn't have asked him to play yesterday."

"No, it's his ignorance. He shouldn't have played with you at all. It's his fault, and he could easily have denied." Treepaw looked at the kit, eyes blank. "You're fine, I don't mind too much."

Shadowkit's fur fluffed up, "It wouldn't have been very nice to do that!" She blinked, "Sorry, I know that isn't truly improving the situation at hand and all..."

Treepaw looked at a pile of herbs nearby, "I should be sorting those... You can go now, we have talked for long enough." He padded over to the herbs. "Go, now! That is, unless something ails you." he joked dryly as he sorted the sweet smelling herbs, turning his back to her.

Shadowkit blinked at him as she padded out from the den, her fur fluffed up as she walked into the more chilly air. "Well, at least I was able to tell him."

At least...

Chapter 3

Lightkit pounced at Owlkit, grabbing a piece of moss from his unsuspecting paws. She swept over the ground, approaching the other side of the den. When she reached the other wall, she dropped it to the dry ground, "There! I won!"

She and Owlkit played together most days, as he was a only kit, and her siblings weren't on her good side. Shadowkit and Sunkit were always casting glances at her... 

She snapped back into the true reality when Owlkit leapt at her, pawing at her, his tongue out. He smiled and rolled off her onto the bed of moss next to him. 

"Wasn't that fun?" Owlkit asked, eyes shining. His fur was ruffled as he licked his paw, which was brown and white. One of his eyes were blue, the other green.

"Yes!" purring, Lightkit smiled at him. She sat up, before looking around the den. 

They were the only two in the den, the queens and other kits were in the clearing, trying to be outside before the rain that Treepaw had predicted. The clouds were hanging in the sky, preparing to let out a burst of rain at any time.

Yowls sounded in the clearing, and the pounding of pawsteps running around. Something was being dragged across the leaves and grass outside.

"What do you think is happening out there!?" Lightkit cried out. Her eyes were wide as she rushed to the entrance of the den. "Th-There's a dead cat out there!" she cringed and she backed away further into the den.

"Could you tell who it was?" Owlkit questioned, fur standing on end, his eyes huge. "I hope it wasn't anyone from our clan!"

Lightkit collapsed, then shrugged, "I couldn't tell who it was, there were so many cats gathered around... But the smell of death hung in the air, and I could see splatters of blood..." 

Owlkit padded to the entrance of the den, "I'm going to check it out, don't go away!" he pelted outside, sending a piece of moss at Lightkit.

"Ow! Do you think I'm going anywhere?" she knew he was already gone by now, but she still wanted to reply, either to be polite, or to comfort herself.

A cat appeared nearby, it had long dark fur. It's eyes were red, and it had long claws. "Hello, young kit." it's voice was scratchy, and it was surely a boy.

Lightkit looked up, suprised when she saw him, and frightened by his scary appearance. "W-What do you want? Are you the one who killed the cat?" she ran to the other side of the den, pressing herself against the den's walls.

A grin spread across the tom's face, and his eyes were now shadowy, "All in due time, my friend. All in due time..." he walked towards her, his red eyes scanning the nursery, "Strange, you'd think they'd be better at guarding their kits..." His face was a mousetail away from her's, and she could smell his disgusting breath, "Strange."

Lightkit pressed herself against the wall, as far away from him as possible, "Go away! I don't want to die!" she clawed at him with her little claws.

"Pathetic. Why could Frostheart even consider using you instead of Shadowkit, she's obviosly more eligible." He snorted at the kit. "She has truly gone insane this time!"

Lightkit's eyes widened, "Frostheart!? B-but she's dead!" thoughts rushed through her, her mother's worse enemy, alive?

"Yes, death is a price to pay for being evil." the tom replied, his bushy tail flicking from side to side. "But truly, causing chaos is the only way to truly live." 

"But... How could she chose anything if she's..." Lightkit gulped, "Dead?"

"This is more pathetic than I'd originally thought, remember, StarClan?! We live in the Dark Forest though..." the tom thought for a second, "If you tell anyone I was here, I will slit your throat."

Lightkit nodded, eyes wide, as she pressed herself to the wall, "But I though the cats of the Dark Forest were only in the elders' stories!"

A sinister grin seemed to claw itself onto the tom's face, and he turned around, walking into the thick shadows at the edge of the den. He seemed to disappear, but his voice rang around the den once more:

"Maybe we are."

Chapter 4

Sunkit stood tall as his mother groomed his fur, after all, today was a big day. Today he and his siblings would become apprentices, learn who would mentor them, and begin their training to be a warrior.

Shadowkit sat next to him, eyes glued to the flower her mother expected her to wear. She seemed uncharacteristically quiet, and she hadn't talked in quite a while. She raised her paw to flick the flower away, "Birdwing, I don't want to wear that."

Birdwing, their mother, turned to look at her one kit, as she finished grooming her only son. "Shadowkit, please, you need to look wonderful in front of the whole clan!" she walked over to her daughter, picking up the flower, wrapping the long stem neatly around her fluffy neck. "There, beautiful!" with that, she began grooming the unhappy Shadowkit.

Sunkit turned to look at his other sibling, Lightkit.

Lightkit was smiling proudly, with her fur smooth and perfect. She had a flower around her neck and was looking perfectly happy. "Well, I guess flowers don't look good on everyone!"

Sunkit bit back a sharp reply, why did when have to be such a jerk? Shadowkit looked great! And yet he wasn't going to fight with Birdwing's obvious favorite, the perfect one.

"Don't start a fight, Lightkit!" Birdwing's warning was obviously hollow, and she wasn't even mad. If Shadowkit had said that, which Sunkit doubted she ever would, she would be attacked with Birdwing's sharp words and remarks about how Lightkit was so much better than her.

It wasn't fair.

He was snapped back into reality when a head poked into the den. It belonged to Blazeclaw, his father. "Come on kits, the clan is waiting!"

At least he doesn't have a favorite. 

Birdwing nosed them outside the den, and out to the clearing. All his clanmates were gathered around him, watching him and his siblings every move.

Sunkit felt the reality of all this crashing down on him: He was one step closer to becoming a reapected member of the clan, maybe even the leader!

Blazeclaw lead them to the foot of the Leader-Rock, where Lionstar was waiting for them. Lightkit was bounding, excited for today, while Shadowkit walked nervously and unsteadily towards the leader. 

"Hello, young kits. It is time for you to become apprentices!" Lionstar boomed over the voices of Sunkit's clanmates. "First, Lightkit, step forward!"

Lightkit did as he asked, eyes wide as she sat a few mouselengths away from her leader. Her fur was now fluffed up, and she looked like she was going to explode with happiness.

"Lightkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed! From this day on, until you recieve your warrior name, you will be known as Lightpaw. Your mentor will be Ferretclaw. I hope Ferretclaw will pass down all he knows to you." 

Lightpaw dipped her head to the leader, she had recieved a wonderful and young mentor to train her.

Lionstar's attention turned to Ferretclaw, "Ferretclaw, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You had recieved excellent training from Badgerstrike, and you have shown yourself to be brave and loyal. You will be the mentor of Lightpaw, and I expect you to teach her all you know."

Ferretclaw stepped forward and touched his new apprentice. "I will train you the best I can." he whispered to her.

Sunkit and Shadowkit were both apprenticed soon after Lightpaw, and were now Sunpaw and Shadowpaw. Sunpaw was apprenticed to Foxflight, and Shadowpaw to Owlwing.

Sunpaw stood with his new mentor, happy that she was so nice. He felt energetic as she told him they would explore the territory today.

Life was good.

So very good.

So far.

Chapter 5

Shadowpaw was racing after her mentor, Owlwing. He was leaping throught the undergrowth, leaving gouges in the earth when he dug his paws and claws into it. 

Panting, Shadowpaw put on a burst of speed, trying to catch up to him. "Will you just wait up?"

Suddenly, her mentor stopped abruptly in front of her, sending her crashing into him, and making him skid into a tree. He turned to look at her, only slightly annoyed looking. 

"Why'd you stop? I was almost caught up to you!" Shadowpaw muttered, out of breath as she plopped herself down on the soft mossy floor of the clearing. "How convenient, we stopped in a clearing, not in the middle of nowhere!"

Her mentor made no sound as he sniffed the air, flicking his tail as a signal for her to be silent. She obeyed, and tried to crane her neck so she could see what he coud see and hear.

"They're coming." Owlwing's eyes were wide as his shoulders buched together, and he looked ready to leap into an intense battle.

Shadowpaw longed to question him, who was coming? But she urged herself to be quiet as her mentor seemed to prepare for an unseen battle with imagined enemies.

That was when she heard it.

The rustling.

It came from all around them, then was followed with voices. The voices were low, as though they were trying to be secretive, and yet they knew they were failing to do so.

"They're here!"

"He didn't lie..."

"He should die!"

"Shh! The apprentice can hear us!"

The voices cut off abruptly, and a single cat emerged from the thick bushes surrounding them. The cat had long black fur, and dark green eyes. His claws were leaving marks in the soft ground as he approached them, as they stood still, eyes wide as his eyes scanned them, seemingly always watching...

Shadowpaw wanted to tell her mentor, she really did, but her voice felt as though it were stuck in her throat, and it wouldn't emerge anytime soon. She felt nervous, and wanted to run. But, just like she couldn't speak, she couldn't move. She felt completely paralyzed as he stalked up to her mentor, who had no idea.

He had no idea.

"Go away! You aren't wanted here!" Owlwing tried, he seemed desperate to protect both him and his apprentice from immediate harm, "Run, Shadowpaw, run!"

Shadowpaw could only hope to run, but she couldn't. She felt as though her paws were wedged under Sunpaw, like when they used to play in the nursery. It felt like only a few days ago that she and her siblings were only mewling kits...

"Yes, run kit! Ecscape, run to your pitiful camp, with your pitiful clanmates! I will still find you!" The tom spoke, his voice malicious and evil as he raked at the ground, leaving deep gouges in the earth. "It wont change your mentor at all! His fate is sealed."

That brought Shadowpaw back to her reasonal senses, she had to protect her mentor, even though she might die at the claws of this strange and evil cat. She stepped forward, claws unsheathed. "You won't hurt him! You can't, I won't let you!"

The strange tom seemed to laugh deeply, and his eyes were slits as he watched Shadowpaw, "How pitiful! I could kill you in one blow!" he continued laughing.

"Shadowpaw, step back! Run away, return to camp! You still have a long life to live, don't let it end now!" Owlwing's protests seemed to bounce off Shadowpaw as she stalked towards the tom, eyes narrowed.

"No, I won't step back. What's the point if I don't at least try?" Shadowpaw felt a feeling at the pit of her stomach, this was stupid of her, and this other cat was seriously bad news.

"Too bad." the strange tom remarked a he slid forward, striking the 'paw' with one fierce blow, sending her hurtling into a nearby tree. 

Everything else occured in a blur, as Shadowpaw struggled to stay concious as her mentor and the strange cat fought. Both inflicted bad wounds on each other, but it wasn't until her mentor fell to the ground, bleeding heavily, when she knew it was truly over.

The strange tom looked at her, "It is over, you have been chosen, and you will see me soon." He paused for a second, thinking, "By the way, my name is Shadefur." with that, he simply disappeared.

Blinking, Shadowpaw rose shakily to her paws, managing to crawl to her mentor's side. He was barely moving, and his flank was quickly rising and falling, his breath shallow and hard. His eyes were closed, and blood stickied his whole pelt. 

Tears welled up in Shadowpaw's eyes as she stood by her dying mentor. She couldn't process the strange tom's words at the moment, and she only felt grief run through her as she stood there, feeling alone. "I'm so sorry, it was only my first day as an apprentice..."

Owlwing made a small sound, and shifted where he was on the ground, and he struggled to open his eyes. They were clouded, and hard to recognize. "It isn't... Your fault." his breaths came rapidly, and he seemed to grow farther away by the second, he was drifting away...

"No! Please don't leave me..." Shadowpaw pressed her muzzle to her mentor's neck, which was bloodstained. Tears dripped from her eyes as she sat with him, the mentor she barely knew.

As his eyes grew more distant, he looked at his apprentice. "Before I die, know this: StarClan beckons me to the grave, it was my time to die." he let out a shuddering breath, and continued, "If you wait for it, your time will come too... Sooner or later." With a wheezing breath, he coughed up blood.

"Goodbye, Shadowpaw."

He was dead.

He was gone.

Chapter 6

Lightpaw wasn't expecting to find her sister crouched over a dead body when she was out exploring the territory with her mentor, but she did.

While they were heading to a certain part of the territory, her mentor had picked up the scent of blood and decided to follow it, mabe somecat needed help as of now.

When they entered the bloodstained clearing, they found Lightpaw's sister, Shadowpaw, with her nose pressed against her mentor, Owlwing. Owlwing wasn't being his usual excited self, he was motionless, bleeding, and lifeless.

Disgust had flowed through Ligthpaw when she saw the carcass of the cat and the blood pooling around, but what had made her the most scared was her sister's hollow expression, staring blankly at her mentor's lifeless corpse.

Of course, Lightpaw and her mentor, Ferretclaw, had rushed forward to see what had happened. Shadowpaw had claimed that a mysterious cat had attacked them, and that the cat had killed Owlwing. And, of course, Lightpaw doubted it all. Shadowpaw was such a liar, she was obviously the one that'd killed her own mentor, probably jealous of Lightpaw's awesome mentor!

Ok, granted the fact that Ferretclaw actually believed Shadowpaw's stupidly planned out lies, Lightpaw could guess that he was a bit thick-skulled, and that her sister had no reason to be seriously jealous, however, who knows, her sister is such an idiot, she probably loves Ferretclaw. And so, here she was, watching her sister mourn her mentor.

"Lightpaw!" Her mentors voice snapped Ligthpaw out of her trance, "Run back to camp, tell Lionstar it's an emergency, and to send warriors here to help us out."

Lightpaw nodded, before racing through the undergrowth, trying, but failing, to resume thinking about how much she despised her sister...


A branch came crashing down from above her, landing with a terrible cracking noise and splintering all over the place. It suprised Lightpaw, making her jump out of the way before another branch would've landed on her, crushing all her life and bones.

Weaving through the dead branches littering the ground, Lightpaw continued on her way to camp, this time more frantically. The brach had spooked her, and now she was skittish, causing her to increase speed, and to make it to camp faster than she would've before. 

Enterign camp, Lightpaw began yowling, "Lionstar! Help! Help!" 

Cats poked their heads out from the dens, eyes wide as the new apprentice pelted through camp, heading towards the leader's den, anticipating it all...

"Lightpaw, what is it? I'm back here." Lionstar's voice sounded from behind Lightpaw, making her skid to a complete and final stop.

Whipping around, Lightpaw started, out of breath, "Shadowpaw... Attack... Dead... By the Thunderpath..." spluttering out her words, she felt as though she would collapse, and her legs were unsteady.

All... Her.... Fault...

Thats when she blacked out.

Chapter 7

Sunpaw was curled up in his nest, waiting for his littermates to return from their first outing out of camp. He was laying in his new nest, listening for the sound of pawsteps entering the camp as he flicked a shred of moss between his paws.

His mentor had taken him to explore the territory, and had afterwords taught him how to collect the moss and feathers to make the elders' nests comfy for them. They had both returned a bit ago, and now Sunpaw was trying to remove the dirt on pieces of moss from his claws as he waited.

At this time, of course, he now heard his sister Lightpaw's shrieks and her pawsteps as she scrambled through the tunnel and into camp. He shot up from his nest before he bolted to the entrance of the den, poking his head to see what was occurring. 

Lightpaw was collapsed in a heap in front of Lionstar who was now organizing patrols, and sending them out of camp in a hurry. Cats were staring, wide eyed at Lionstar as he picked the small apprentice up carefully in his jaws and carried her into the medicine cat's den.

Shakily, Sunpaw shouldered outside the den, to see his mentor appear next to him, her eyes scanning his expression as she studied him carefully. 

"Hmm... Are you worried? You shouldn't be, Lionstar has everything under control, and Lightpaw..." she glanced towards the medicine den, eyes calm, "She wasn't hurt, she just seemed to faint from shock." she shrugged, "Normal to be scared, I heard trees losing branches when I was sitting at the entrance of the den, she's probably just spooked."

Lionstar had padded out of the medicine den by now, and had a serious expression on his face. He stalked over to his den, seemingly frustrated.

"What did she say before she fainted? Why is Lionstar so upset, and why did so many cats leave camp?" he took a big breath, "Where's Shadowpaw?"

Foxflight looked at her apprentice, "My, don't you ask questions! She said something about death near the Thunderpath. The cats left camp because they were looking to see what had happened. Lionstar is frustrated because he feels useless in the current situation." she took a deep breath, "Shadowpaw is still missing."

Sunpaw's eyes widened, "Do you think she's ok? I hope she comes back soon, and safely..." he was worried now, and he began to pace around his mentor.

His mentor sighed, "Just go get some rest, hopefully by the time you wake up, she will be back, along with her mentor. By then, maybe it will all be better, and this will be at the back of our minds..." she shooed him away with her tail, "Go on, go take a nap!"

Sunpaw gently turned around to return to the den. What was she hiding from me? Suddenly it hit him, She says Lightpaw had mentioned death! His fur stood on end as he curled up in his nest, trying to block out the worries from the world around him. Please let everything be ok!

Sunpaw opened his eyes, he must've dozed off, and he sat up to groom himself. There was a mouse at the edge of his nest, and it smelled of his mentor. He quickly ate it, then looked around the den. 

More apprentices were back from duties, and a few of them were curled up, sleeping soundly. Still no Lightpaw or Shadowpaw yet...

He stood up and stretched, before weaving around the bodies of his dozing denmates, picking his way towards the den entrance. He emerged into the cold nigth air, enjoying the chill as he padded around the clearing, sniffing the air. 

He couldn't see any other cats in the clearing besides the cat guarding the camp. Suddenly, there was a flicker of movement towards Lionstar's den, and he turned to see the leader exiting the den.

The leader's fur probably hadn't been groomed yet since he'd went into his den, and he looked rather fluffy as he padded towards Sunpaw. Sunpaw tensed when his leader stood, towering above him. His expression was soft, and tired.

"Are you looking for your littermates?" the old leader asked, questioningly as he gazed at the much younger cat. His voice cracked and was frail as he spoke, as though he were struggling not to cough. Only then did Sunpaw notice how frail his leader was. Lionstar was skinny, but fluffy. His eyes seemed haunted, and he looked like he ws on the verge of a terrible sickness.

Sunpaw shrugged, trying not to stare at his leader's strange appearance, "I guess, have you seen either of them?" he looked back up at his leader, eyes wide. "If you haven't I don't want to bother you..."

"Nonsense! I've seen them, I've seen both of them. Lightpaw, as you might know is in the medicine cat's den. I think Shadowpaw is there too. Shadowpaw's mentor however..." the large tom's voice faltered, "He is there too. He might still be alive, but he seems to be hanging on to each breath if he is."

Sunpaw averted his gaze to the ground, greif overcoming him slightly, "Oh, well, I shouldn't bother them if they're asleep..." 

Lionstar nodded, "Wise words young cat." he broke off into a coughing fit. When he finished he sighed, "You know, I'm not nearly as I used to be. I hope it was wise of me to make your father leader." he looked at the ground, closing his eyes.

Sunpaw blinked, he was suprised his leader was talking to him on such an imortant subject, "Well, he's my father, so it is hard to say bad things about him, but even if we weren't related, I would think he was a good choice. He's loyal and strong, he will also lead the clan wisely, and shouldn't falter in his hope for them."

Lionstar nodded, lookingat the clear sky and the stars, "Once again, your words are well chosen and well played. You would make a great leader. It's a shame really, I probably won't be alive when you become a warrior. Maybe if you become a leader one day I could give you one of your lives..." he stared at the stars again, voice sadder now, "You know, soon I'll be up there, with them."

"You shouldn't say that!" Sunpaw felt like he was scolding his leader, telling him off for thinking about dieing, and leaving his clanmates. "You must have more lives left, right? You're still young..." Sunpaw's voice faltered, his leader actually wasn't very young, but was somewhat old, the oldest in the clan.

"Please don't lie to me, Sunpaw." the leader adressed his small clanmate, "I only have one life left, and it has been long-lived. I am the oldest cat in the forest, almost as old as the river tree." he referred to the somewhat short tree that was growing near the river, "It is young for a tree, but old comparred to most cats. Maybe I should be an elder!" Lionstar laughed hollowly as he turned to look at his young friend.

"Why are you telling me alll this? What if I betray you, or something?" Sunpaw questioned, eyes wide.

Lionstar's eyes narrowed as he stared at the sky, "It's strange, but I feel like I know you won't."

Sunpaw felt like asking more, but accidentally yawned. "Oh, Sorry!" 

Lionstar looked at him, "Go to sleep, we can talk more soon. Your siblings shouldn't be going anywhere." he padded away towards is den, disappearing into the shadows, leaving Sunpaw alone.

Sunpaw blinked, then padded back towards his den, thinking about all the things he had talked about with his leader.

Chapter 8

Shadowpaw opened her eyes and shuddered, where was she? She sat up and looked around, the events of the day before flowing back to her, making her shudder more, what had happened then? Everything else was a blur, but now she was in the medicine den. 

Laying in the nest next to her lay Lightpaw, snoring softly. Why was she here? Shadowpaw rolled her eyes at her sister befpre climbing out of her nest and heading towards the entrance of the den, padding carefully. Outside, her clanmates were padding lazily around camp, some sad and grieving, others with tears in their eyes as they picked away at pieces of fresh-kill, obviously not hungry after they'd learned about the events that'd occurred yesterday, somewhat ruining Shadowpaw's life.

Picking up a small vole from the freshkill pile, settling down to eat it, even though she wasn't hungry. She ate it all, leaving none behind, when she noticed the looks. 

Cats were glancing at her and murmurring in small groups, all of them making sure she couldn't hear them if she tried to listen, which she didn't. Shadowpaw turned and headed back to the medicine cat den, she had to get away fro the suspicious glares of her clanmates, away from the hate.

It was much darker in the medicine den, but there wasn't any cats murmurring or gossiping, so it was good enough for her. She curled up in her makeshift nest, blocking out the noises all around her. 

The tom who had possibly killed her mentor had said he'd see her in her dreams, but she hadn't had a dream, so she wondered if he had lied. It was possible, who would expect a murderer to be honest?

A voice interrupted her from her puzzling thoughts, it was Treepaw, who had come to check on her and her wounds. "Hey, Shadowpaw!" he picked his way across the den, "Long time no see!"

Shadowpaw looked at the other apprentice, unsure what to say. He looked happy, even though the rest of the clan seemed to hate her right now. "What wrong with all of them?" she alked, flicking her tail towards the den entrance. 

Treepaw sighed, "They're just being completely rude, don't mind them." he began to bandage her wounds, "They think you murdered him! The likes of those idiots..." he finished up before stepping back, "Hmm... Wounds look fairly good for now."

Shadowpaw looked at the ground, "Why would I murder my own mentor?" she questioned, eyes wide.

"Why would anyone do anything? They think you migth have wanted a different mentor, or were jealous of something, or someone." Treepaw turned around, sorting though herbs he had laying on the ground of the den, picking up an assortment of them and keeping them in a seperate pile than the others. "I'm going to need these later." Treepaw explained when he realized the other apprentice was watching him intently.

Shadowpaw nodded slowly, "For Lightpaw and the others with shock?" se questioned.

Treepaw turned to look at her, eyes wide, "How did you know these are for shock?" he questioned as he stared at the other apprentice.

"I don't know actually, I just..." Shadowpaw fumbled for words, maybe she had watched him with his herbs at times and learned things, so what?

Treepaw shook his head, as though to dismiss a thought, before returning to his work, "Ok, fine, but if you ever remember, I'd like to know."

"A lot of cats know some herbs." Shadowpaw added, trying not to make him think she was special or anything. 

"Yeah..." Treepaw shrugged, "I guess thats true." he picked up a pile of herbs and began storing all the leaves he had sorted in the cave, which helped them to last longer.

"So..." Shadowpaw had no idea what to say, Lightpaw was still asleep, and se was at a loss for any other words than that simple one. She looked at the ground, embarassed.

"Do they all hate me?" Shadowpaw finally asked, breaking a silence that had now fallen over them, "Even my mother and father?"

Treepaw shrugged, "I don't know really. They don't really talk to me much, they haven'tfor a long time, not unless they need to. They think I'm 'bad luck'. That's why you're nice, you hang out with me." he moved a bit closer to her. 

"I'm sorry I didn't notice..." Shadowkit walked up to him and burried her face in his neck fur. "I guess we're both just a bit like misfits..."

Treepaw nodded, and smiled softly at her, wrapping himself around her more, "We might always be misfits."


Chapter 9

Lightpaw awoke to seeing Treepaw and Shadowpaw together, and almost gagged as she rose to her paws. "What are you two doing?" she asked, disgusted. "Are you in love?" she asked teasingly, making Shadowpaw obviously embarassed.

The two stepped away from each other, each seeming equally suprised and embarassed. "If you tell anyone..." Treepaw hissed, eyes locked with Lightpaw's as he stalked towards her. He then sighed, "I can't really do anything, though I might not heal you anymore!"

Lightpaw laughed, "Pathetic, by noon, the whole clan will know about this little couple..." she smiled evily, "Unless Shadowpaw admits to killing her own mentor!"

Shadowpaw's mouth hang open, and she was obviously taken by suprise. SHe was somewhat lucky when Treepaw stepped in her place, "She didn't, thats obvious! And by the way you're acting, you'd might as well killed him!"

"Oh look at you, standing up for your mate." Lightpaw hissed, eyes narrowed, "Oh yeah, I forgot, it was never to be! She's a warrior, and you're a medicine cat, it would never happen!"

"Treepaw, please, let me handle her." Shadowpaw pleaded ot her wonderful friend, eyes pleading as she cried out.

"Yeah, medicine cat, let the warrior fight her own battles!" Lightpaw hissed at him, baring her teeth, "If she's so great, she can win a fight with her sister!"

Treepaw stepped back, though he was obviously reluctant to let his friend stand up to her bully of a sister. He stayed behind her however, there to help if needed.

"You bully! You're always annoying, and never help with anything. All you ever do is complain, and I think that a lot of cats have had enough of it!" Shadowpaw hissed at her sister, ears pinned back.

"You're pathetic, and arrogant. You only think about yourself, and you should never have been born! Plus, you're falling for a medicine cat, stupid!" Lightpaw growled, taunting her sibling.

Shadowpaw didn't seem like she could take it anymore, she raised a paw, claws unsheathed and clawed her sister once across the face. "You can insult me, I can handle it. But never, I repeat never. Make fun of Treepaw!" she unsheathed her claws, then looked up at her sister.

Blood trickled down Lightpaw's cheek like a teardrop, staining the ground it fell onto red. "Ow." Lightpaw usually never actually hurt others with her claws. She normally just taunted them with her mean words and smart remarks.

Treepaw rushed forward, and for a second Lightpaw though he was coming to help her, but then she realized he was coaxing Shadowpaw, who was now crying.

Lightpaw went back to her temporary nest, listening to the two others.

"I hurt someone..."

"It's ok, she deserved it."

Chapter 10

Sunpaw was eating a mouse from the freshkill pile when Lightpaw padded out of the medicine cat's den, a trickle  of blood running down her frowning face. She looked shaken and angry as she weaved her way around her clanmates that were outside, eating and chatting.

She cast a glance full of pure hatred towards her brother before she stopped to talk to one of the small groups of cats, who seemed suprised when she said whatever she had. They seemed to start talking frantically in a hushed whisper, casting nervous glances towards the medicine den.

What's wrong with them? Why are they looking over there? Are they talking about Shadowpaw?

This time there wasn't anyone next to him to answer the questions wisely, just himself. He could only guess the current situation, and  had no idea what to think. Soon, after a moment of thinking, he had another question:

Why was Lightpaw bleeding? 

If she had gotten into a fight with Shadowpaw or Treepaw? Treepaw usually was quiet, and probably wouldn't hurt anycat. Shaowpaw, however, was a different problem altogether. She could be shy at times, and she could be very angry at other times. Really, the majority of possibilities were leaning towards Shadowpaw, which made Sunpaw somewhat confused once more.

A nose nudged him, it was Shadowpaw. She was standing tall, ignoring the strange faces a lot of the other cats gave her. "Come one, we can go to the medicine den." she gestured with her tail towards the den. "We can talk in private there."

Sunpaw followed her into the den, settling down once he entered, making himself comfortable. "So, what is it you wanted to talk to me about, sister?" he questioned, confused by this sudden meeting between the two. 

She whispered quietly, seeming to be uncomfortable as she shifted from paw to paw, "Don't trust Lightpaw, please. No matter what she says, it's probably a lie!"

Sunpaw blinked in confusion and surprise, he had no idea what to say to her about that statement, which sister could he really trust? Lightpaw had always been mean to him, but Shadowpaw was an amazing friend...

"You're wondering whether or not you can trust me, right? Well think about it this way, Lightpaw is lying and bullying me, but no one else believes me." she looked up at him, eyes sad, "Please, Sunpaw, please."

Sunpaw felt questions burn at his pelt, but he nodded, "Alright, I won't believe her, Shadowpaw."

His sister looked much more relieved, and her shoulders slumped as though she were finally relaxing for the first time today or for in a while. "Thank you, Sunpaw, thank you."

Chapter 11

Shadowpaw hated to beg for things from other cats, she found it rude and annoying. And yet when Sunpaw was trailing out the den, looking somewhat shaken, she still felt extremely relieved, at least her brother would still support her, along with Treepaw.

Where was Treepaw? She had wanted to tell him she had sucessfully notified Sunpaw, and that they were fine for now. He seemed to be missing as of the moment, which severely worried her, she had seen him not that long ago, just before sh'd left ot get Sunpaw. She felt prickles of worry in her pelt as she sat there, staring at the ground.

After what had seemed like hours, she heard a rustling at the entrance of the den. She turned to see Treepaw padding inside, a bundle of herns in hi jaws, which he dropped to the ground.

"More things to sort." Shadowpaw observed, watching him start off, laying certain leaves with others, and the other way around. "I thought you were actually done for the day!"

Treepaw looked at her, eyes sad, "Will you sit vigil for your mentor?" he coninued sorting the herbs, being quiet as he finished quickly, adding them all to the herb store, which was quite full of the healing remedies.

"His dead body is out there?" she questioned, gulping. she still felt guilty about the death of him, and the clan still stared at her, but what else could she do? Sighing, she stood up, stalking towards the den exit. "Have a nice time." she remarked to Treepaw before heading out, mourning.

The body of Owlwing lay in the center of the clearing, looking incredibly peaceful. Cats had gathered around to mourn him, and some were flitting back to their dens for the night now, leaving behind those who were close to him. 

Shadowpaw stepped over to him, burying her muzzle into his neck fur. "I'm sorry." she mumbled, "I couldn't save you, I tried."

The cats around her looked at her funny, but she just continued, crying now. "I didn't mean to fail, to let you die, I just wanted to help you..." 

She settled down, nose to his fur, as she waited, ready to drag this out all night.

It seemed she had fallen into a deep sleep, only disturbed when Treepaw woke her up, quickly leading her back to the medicine den, where she lay in the nest she now used. He lay in his own nest before sparking a conversation.

"So, death is hunting us all down now, it seems." he stopped for a minute, eyes sad. "And it seems I can't do anything about it, what kind of medicine cat am I?" he grumbled quietly, but still Shadowpaw could hear him.

"You're the best medicine cat." Shadowpaw replied, "Simply the best, if StarClan wants to bring our clanmates to them, is there really anything we can do to stop them, to delay them? It's there choice, and there's nothing we can do about it now."

Treepaw nodded, "I guess you're right, I just keep thinking I'm a failure... The clan doesn't really help at all, not lately. These days they only criticize everything I do. Lightpaw probably caused that..." he sighed, "She used to be a bit mean, but these days it feels like she's evil..."

Shadowpaw nodded, "I know what you mean, back then, she'd tease us and all, now, she tries to ruin our lives once we bother her." 

Treepaw wrapped his tail aorund himself, "It's annoying and stupid of her, what does she want, attention? She can get it in better ways than that, and in more simple ways." he shook his head, "It just doesn't make sense..."

Shadowpaw shrugged, "Maybe she held it inside her the whole time, or for a while, and only now can she really let it all out, and she's generating it at us, not other things."

Treepaw nodded slowly, "That is a interesting and quite possible theory for you to think of, thanks!" he thought more. "It still doesn't piece together, she must have extreme anger issues!"

She laughed, "Maybe, though I doubt thats it all..." she paused, "But who really knows, mabe she doesn't even know either, and is just doing what someone else tells her."

"That's actually a very good idea, she might be under orders to be mean to us specifically, to spread rumors on us! You're onto something now, we are!" Treepaw cried out excitedly, looking as though he might bounce up and down sometime soon.

"It probably isn't even that good, you might just be flattering me or something to make me feel better, that would also make a lot of sense." she stopped talking, eyes him suspiciously, "I just don't know whether you really like the idea, or if you're lying..."

Treepaw rolled his eyes, "I'm not lying, and you know that. What reason would I really have to do that?" he questioned, "You would prefer I don't lie, so I don't lie. Is that good?"

Shadowpaw nodded, suddenly tired, "I need to sleep more now, but thank you Treepaw, for helping me to think about it all."

"Your welcome."

Chapter 12

Lightpaw licked her paw before bringing it over her ear, trying not to laugh. All the clan hated her sister, Shadowpaw. Do you know who caused this? Lightpaw did of course!

Lightpaw had always hated her sister, who always seemed to be so... So... Weak and lovable. Lightpaw envied her, wishing that the kind of toms that fell for Shadowpaw would fall for her. Would that ever happen? Likely not, but a shecat can dream, can she not?

At the moment, Lightpaw was, how do I say this exactly? Okay, she was hanging out in a tree out in the forest, where no cat could find her! What do you mean, that's considered hiding? It isn't, or at least I don't think it is...

Back to Lightpaw, not my crazy opinions: She was basking in he pride of humiliating her sibling, and making herself seem wonderful was working, while that scoundrel of a sister was treated like a piece of dirt! No matter what she had said only the day before, Lightpaw really liked Treepaw, and she envied her sister since she was able to win his affections before Lightpaw could.

Lightpaw felt like rolling her eyes at her sister's behavior, it was crazy of her, but she still wished to so badly...

She shook her head, she was being immature now, and that would truly not be tolerated! Finishng her grooming, she scrabbled down the tree.

Once on the ground, she swept her gaze over everything around her. The leaves were falling to the ground these days, and Lightpaw and her siblings had been apprentices for 4 moons. Over the last few moons, Lightpaw had managed to get just about everyone in the clan to hate her sister, excluding Lionstar, Sunpaw, Treepaw, and Blazeclaw. Birdwing, however, believed Lightpaw, and now hated one of her own kits.

Foxflight is to have kits sometime in the next few moons, so Lionpaw has a new mentor, Lionstar. Shadowpaw was assigned her new mentor, who is named Deathclaw. Shadowpaw didn't seem very happy about him!

Shadowpaw herself had been changing recently, becoming more evil acting, and less innocent. It puzzled Lightpaw, but she said nothing to her sister about it, as she might scratch her again. Or do something worse.

Sunpaw was still much like he used to be, but he seemed to be more 'mature' these days, and he abided the warrior code a buch lately. He seemed to really look up to his mentor, and wanted to be leader himself one day. And maybe he will, how should she know? He barely talks to her, and she doesn't bug him for a conversation, she doesn't care about his life and problems.

Lightpaw was now being trained by a StarClan warrior, named Starlight. Starlight highly disapproved of Lightpaw being mean to her sister, but didn't stop her. She had said that it was Lightpaw's choice whether of not she is good hearted or not. Lightpaw liked her second mentor, and didn't mind that she felt more tired in the morning when she had been in StarClan all night.

Overall, their lives were changing majorly. Lightpaw was getting lessons on how to be good and defend the clan, Sunpaw was planning to be leader one day, and Shadowpaw was changing in some way, for better or worse, Lightpaw couldn't tell.

If Shadowpaw was going evil, why did Treepaw still like her? Probably because he didn't care, he still loved her very much.

It's wierd, and as Sunpaw would say, against the warrior code to be mates with a medicine cat. It was strange though, Sunpaw and Lionstar never yelled at the two, it seemed like they supported the couple.

Lightpaw shook her head, trying to rid it of these ideas, and padded quietly through the undergrowth, trying to scent any prey. Only if she brought something for the clan, like prey, would the clan not question why she was out of camp for so long. Lightpaw could say she had a stuffed up nose, and couldn't scent very much prey.

A small movement caused Lightpaw to start, but soon she saw what had made the noise. It was a rabbit, which were rare around here, especially in this section of the forest. It was caught in a bramble bush, struggling to ecscape from the spiky bush in which it was stuck by its fluffy fur.

Lightpaw grinned, it would be way to easy to capture it, and bring it back to the clan. Flattening herself to the ground, she prepared to pounce at her struggling prey. She leapt, sinking her jaws into the creatures neck, stopping its movemapent, and making it go still.

Picking up the limp piece of prey, she started dragging it back to camp. When she reached the entrance, she nudged the prey into the entrance tunnel, sending it tumbling inside camp. She could hear mews of suprise when it must have appeared in camp. She scrambled though the tunnel, appearing behind the prey. She picked up the rabbit by it's scruff, and began to walk towards the Freshkill pile, putting the prey onto the pile.

Cats rushed over to the pile, fighting over the great catch. Some of them had never had rabbit before, so they wanted to try it. There was plenty of other prey on the pile, plenty of it, but everyone wanted to try the more peculiar food first.

Lionstar emerged into camp, making a lot of the cats at the Freshkill pile turn to look at him, eyes wide. The leader swept his gaze over every cat, before meowing, "Cats, line up behind Lightpaw if you want to try the rabbit. You will each get a bite if you want, and if there's still leftovers and you still want to try it, you can have more."

Lightpaw was startled when about the whole clan lined up behid her, excluding Lionstar and a few elders, who said they would try some if there were any leftovers. Stepping forward and bending down her head, eating a bite of the strange prey. It tasted well muscled, as it probably ran a lot before it was caught. Taste wise, it was like eating a bit of the moorland grass mixed with squirrel. She tried not to cringe as she walked away to watch the others eat.

One by one, the cats tried it. Many of them seemed to dislike it, while a few seemed to love it. Soon, most of the cats were finished, and there was still a bit of meat on the rabbit. The elders and Lionstar ate it, along with a few of the cats who actually liked it, which included Lightpaw's siblings and Treepaw.

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