I stood over my sister Mistycloud.

"Please Braveheart!!!Help me!!"She screamed at me.Her eyes bule like the river were laced with pain.

I almost considered helping her.But I stopped

How could I help?

She was kitting and beside those kits were half-clan.....They didn't deserve to live.

I watched as one kit a small grey tabby fell on the frosty earth.

"Lick....him....."MistyCloud told me.

I did.

But I only licked him to give my sister hope.

"Please!!!!Braveheart!!!"She cried

I watched as another kit tumbled.

Bright ginger like its father.

I started to lick the scarp.

A final kit fell out Black like the darkest night.

I rasped my tongue over her dark body.

"Oh thanks Braveheart!!!Thank you so much you don't know what this....."

She trailed of when she saw the look in my eyes.

I didn't warn I slashed her neck with my claws.Body spilled on the earth.and on my fur.

"Braveheart how could you........."the light faded form her eyes and she lay lifeless in a pool of blood.

The kits wailed smelling death and blood.

I had to hide these half-breeds.Before the clan found them.

I looked at them and slashed my claws on their bare backs.

My claws ripped the body of the grey kit and then the body of the ginger one.

I was about to kill the black kit when I heard a patrol heading this way.

"I smell blood"Someone cried.

I took the black kit in my jaws and ran off away.

I stood over the cold river.

I would drown and freeze this kit.

I dropped her in.

Not feeling pain,or any emotion as her body sank and was carried away by the current.

There would be no half-bloods in my clan............................................

Chapther one

I blinked my eyes in the sunlight.Our home a bramble bush was covered in frost.My mother Clover stried besides me.My name is Holly.My mother Clover is not my actual mother.She found me in a river when I was a small kit.She raised me and named me holly for my eyes...We are simple rouges that live a simple rouge life.Our home the bramble bush is located near Clan territory.My mother teaches me things,How to hunt,fight and what types of herbs to use on wounds.She's very smart and I admire her.

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