Force of Fire

Leader: Blood (longhaired russet tom with green eyes)

Second In Command: Strike (pure white tom)

Third In Command: Flicker (dark brown-and-white she-cat with dull golden eyes)


Sword (brown tom)

Boulder (black she-cat)

Midnight (sleek black she-cat with pale blue eyes)

Hawk (pale gray she-cat)

Fox (one-eyed ginger tom)

Ember (bright orange tabby tom)

Icefall (white tom)


Rose (cream tom with a short tail)

Viper (tortoiseshell and white she-cat)

Hail (white she-cat with black stripes)

Thorn (black-and-ginger tom)

Feather (dark gray she-cat)

In Training:

Willow (pale brown tom with dark brown stripes, hunter)

Fury (white she-cat with a dark brown stripe along her spine, soldier)

Snowy (tiny white tom with yellow eyes, soldier)

Frost (pale gray she-cat with a white chest and a white stripe along her forehead, hunter)

Life Bringers:

Oak (calico she-cat, Blood’s mate) mother of Dusk (white she-cat with ginger patches), Nightfall (dark ginger tom with black stripes) and Wing (gray-and-black tom)

Breeze (black-and-white she-cat, Sword’s mate)


Flight (pale brown-and-white tabby tom, not related to Flightwind from Raging War in any way)

Thistle (black she-cat with a white tail and green eyes)


“What should we name them?”

“I think the ginger-and-white she-cat should be Dusk, and the black-and-ginger tom Nightfall.”

A small disturbance was taking place, however. A gray-and-black tom had just appeared, out of nowhere.

“He doesn’t look like either of us!”

“Still, Blood, he deserves a name. And I think he looks a little like me, with the black spots.”

“Why don’t you name him, then?”

“His name is Wing.”

Something in Blood seemed to crack. He had expected a ridiculous name, for being the outsider. Trash or Dirt would work. Blood hurled himself onto his mate and snapped her neck.

The three kits were left without a mother. They would not survive.

Suddenly Blood had an idea. Grabbing his kits, he set them down in the thicket.

Chapter One

“What was your nightmare about this time?”

“I saw a cat get killed by... a fox,” I admitted. Although, the cat did look familiar. It was my mother, Oak. However, the last time I told her about my dream, she said I was going crazy. Oak doesn’t like me at all, but I don’t know why.

Perhaps it wasn’t a nightmare. It might’ve been my wish.

“Go to the servants and clean their nests out,” Oak snapped. “And be back by sun-high!”

“He’s your kit! Stop treating him like a servant yourself!” That was Breeze. She would always stand up to Oak. I wanted to stay with her, and not the monster that was Oak.

“Do what you like, Wing. That horrible creature can’t ruin your day again.”

“Thanks, Breeze, but I think I’ll visit the servants.”

“Hi, Wing.”

It was Flight.

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