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Night Secrets


fanfic by Racer



Leader:Dapplestar-gray and white speckled she-cat

Deputy:Snowlight-white tom

Medicine Cat:Pebblespot-gray tabby tom with green eyes

Warriors:Lakefur-black she-cat

Iceclaw-light gray she-cat with a white paw

Ashwhisker-black and gray tom

Skystorm-blue gray she-cat

Dawnwish-brown tabby she-cat

Nightspring-black tom

Thornpelt-ginger tom with blue eyes

Rainfall-brown tabby she-cat

Grassflight-white she-cat

Kestrelshade-dark gray tom with a white tipped tail













The cat snuck through the warriors den, not disturbing any sleeping cat. It looked, to see the deputy, Dappleleaf, wasn't looking. The gray warrior was facing the other direction. Moving carefully, the cat was almost to the leader's den when it stepped on a stick. The cat hissed to itself and began creeping backwards, until it realized no one noticed.

The cat crept into the leader's den, not waking a sleeping Otterstar, slowly the cat slid out its front claws, it knew that the leader was on her last life, it also knew it was well respected, and would obviously be the next deputy, then leader, so it slowly placed its claws on Otterstar's neck, sunk them in, and slashed.

The cat quickly vansihed out of camp, as cats began waking to the shrieking of their leader, or, former leader.

Quickly rushing to the stream, it washed off its paws and crept back into its den, and no cat even saw it.

Chapter One

Nightspring awoke, but decided to let his friend Ashwhisker sleep a bit longer, he was up early, only because he was going on the morning patrol. It was a moon since the former leader, Otterstar, was killed. It was obvious that he was attacked by a cat, the gash on his neck made it clear. He was still alive and yowling when the medicine cat, Pebblespot arrived, but it was too late.

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