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This page contains a song written by the pop group "Brokenstar's Rogues".

Album - He's Gonna Have To Go Song #2.

Author's Note

w:c:warriors:Warriors Wiki talk:Charart/Accepted 15#Blackfoot (Ro) - Approved

I'm still there, you know

In case you forgot

And I'll be here

Until it's all torn apart

That's what he could do

His rule is breaking apart

Painkiller is what we need

It breaks my heart

This is my newest pain

As if it wasn't enough

A waste, yeah, what a waste

Still goes around acting tough

The leader he could have been

And the leader he was

Were really different, though that's not what I want

Filtered us with that pain gauze

Quick ends

Are what I ask for

A fast ending

That's what I ask for

.............give it to me..............


Prequel:An Old Dusk

Sequel: Fire In The Sky

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