Hello! This is a play that is based off of Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. There is a thing called 'families' which refers to the second part of a warriors' name. That part is basically a last name. Families are in order from Main families to background families.

A/N: This play is NOT gonna be exactly be the same as Romeo and Juliet. I hope you like this play. Any constructive comments are appreciated!

Families in this neighborhood

1: Claw family

  1. Gull claw - Light orange tom with a white spot around his eye
  2. Echo claw - Dark brown she-cat with light green eyes
  3. Olive claw - Light brown tom with dark green eyes
  4. Stag claw - Dark brown tom with light brown spots and yellow eyes
  5. Hail claw - Light grey she-cat with lilac eyes

2: Flight family

  1. Moss flight - Dark grey she-cat with forest green eyes
  2. Badger flight - Black tom with yellow eyes
  3. Tiger flight - Ginger tom with deep blue eyes
  4. Vixen flight - White she-cat with almost ginger paws and green eyes
  5. Wild flight - Light brown tom with yellow eyes

3: Dawn and Dusk families

  1. Rose dawn - cream she-cat with orange paws and blue eyes
  2. Jagged dawn - Bluegrey tom with light grey eyes
  3. Lake dawn - Dark brown she-cat with a white paw and two black paws, and one green eye and one blue eye
  4. Milk dusk - White she-cat with hazel eyes and Bluegrey stripes
  5. Laurel dusk - Light grey she-cat with brown spots and yellow eyes
  6. Fin dusk - Bluegrey tom with light brown spots and fern green eyes

4: Fur and Pelt families

  1. Poppy fur - White she-cat with little black spots and yellow eyes
  2. Dapple fur - Dark brown tom with white paws and green eyes
  3. Zap fur - Light yellow tom with ginger stripes and hazel eye
  4. Ivy pelt - silver she-cat with green eyes 
  5. Golden pelt - Ginger she-cat with brown eyes
  6. Blade pelt - Dark grey tom with yellow eyes

5: Stripe family

  1. Milk stripe - Dark brown she-cat with a white stripe running over her back and the lightest blue eyes
  2. Deer stripe - Light brown tom with green eyes
  3. Crooked stripe - Dark grey tom with a black stripe in the shape of lightning on his back, and amber eyes
  4. Moth stripe - Light brown she-cat with yellow eyes
  5. Clover stripe - blue-grey she-cat with brown eyes

6: Fern family

  1. Cherry fern - Ginger tom with amber eyes
  2. Shadow fern - Black she-cat with lilac eyes and grey paws
  3. Flame fern - Ginger tom with menacing blue eyes
  4. Quail fern - White tom with dark grey eyes 
  5. Ice fern - Calico she-cat with dark green eyes

7: Heart family

  1. Yew heart - Ginger and yellow tom with blue eyes
  2. Drizzle heart - Light grey she-cat with hazel eyes
  3. Rain heart - Dark grey she-cat with yellow eyes
  4. Amber heart - Burmese she-cat with amber eyes
  5. Crow heart - Black tom with a light grey eye and an amber eye


Mistytail (Narrator): The clans have lived peacefully at the lake for several generations. Well, not in perfect peace. Many fights happened every four moons, and the clans just couldn't get along. Finally, a young warrior named Mossflight, from WindClan, gave up.

You see images passing by your eyes like you're seeing a movie. One of them stopped and gave you a good look. In the picture, the cats started moving like it was a video. You could hear them, too. 

Morning, day 1

Mossflight: I give up! The clans can never get along! I'm making a new group, hopefully a more peaceful one. Whichever cats are with me, come on. We're going to find a new place to live.

Random cat from Windclan: And how would you do that? You mean You're going to find a new place to live? No cat is mouse brained enough to follow a mouse brain like you!

Mossflight: I don't care! Goodbye, WindClan! I'm going to find out what the other clans are doing.

Same cat who shouted earlier: To recruit them? They won't come!

Mistytail: But Mossflight was gone. Suddenly, the scene changed and it showed Mossflight in Thunderclan's camp. 

Mossflight: I totally agree with Crookedstripe! These clans aren't fit for us. We can't get along, and we are always fighting!

Dark grey tom: If any of you wish to join us, come on. 

Mossflight: *nods at him* 

Mistytail: The pair went to each of the clans, and some cats agreed with them. Those cats were named Gull and Cherry. After joining the clans, they didn't take a warrior name because they were only staying for shelter. They were just about to leave, but they accepted Mossflight's offer. 

Gull: I guess so. I mean, I was about to leave anyway.

Crookedstripe: Sure. C'mon. Mossflight is waiting.

Mistytail: A similar conversation went with Cherry. The four cats went on a long trip to find somewhere to live. They stumbled upon an abandoned twoleg nest. 

Twilight/Sunset, day 1

Mossflight: We can shelter here. It's warm and cozy, with prey to eat!

Cherry: Okay! But first, I smell unfamiliar cats. We can't go in!

Gull: That's just yourself! Stop being a kit.

Mossflight: No, he's right. There are some loners taking shelter here.

Unknown source: She's right. My friends and I live here.

Another unknown source: *Steps out into the light.* They call me Amber. 

First voice: I'm Rose.

Different voice: I'm Blade. What brings you here to our hideout?

Cherry: I knew it there were cats here! We came from the clans. It was too violent so we left. I'm Cherry, this is Gull, that's Mossflight, and that's Crookedstripe. *Points tail in direction of each cat when their names were said.*

Mossflight: Eh eh eh. My name is now Moss. I'm not a clan cat anymore.

Crookedstripe: And call me Croo. 

Rose: Whatever. Anyway, where are you planning on going? I mean, you did just leave your homes.

Moss: I'm the leader of this group. We are here to take shelter for the night, then find a different place to live.

Blade: Wow! You must be really tough cats. I couldn't survive a day away from my home without help. 

Amber: I guess we could join. If it's alright with Rose and Blade....

Rose: I'm okay with it.

Blade: Okay. Stay one night here then we'll leave to find a new home. I have a friend named Fred who could point us in a possible way.

Croo: yah okay.

Moss: I'm tired. Let's sleep. Do you have any bedding?

Rose: yeah I think we have some spare feathers *gives Croo, Cherry, Gull, and Moss some*

Moss: thanks.

Cherry: goodnight!

Amber: *smiles* Goodnight.

Mistytail: And so they slept until the roster crowed.

Morning, day 2

Rooster: CorCoorrCorrooooooo!!!!

Moss: *wakes up* What's that noise?

Blade: (who was already awake) It's the rooster. He crows at every sunrise.

Moss: oooh. When does he stop?

Blade: usually by now. *on cue, the rooster stopped*

Cherry: *yawns awake* hello!

Gull: Hey *rustled in his nest*

Amber: Blade, wake up Croo and we'll leave to find Fred.

Blade: Okay *prods Croo awake*

Croo: Are we leaving now? *stretches*

Blade: yeah. Moss, Amber, Gull, Cherry, and Rose are up already.

Croo: got it.

Misty: They left the barn, and wandered over to a huge twoleg house. Fred is a kittypet, but that didn't stop the seven from exploring.

Blade: Here we are!

Croo: *wrinkles his nose* Ewwwww. It smells like kittypet in here!

Blade, Cherry, Amber, Gull, and Rose: What's a kittypet?

Moss: housecat. I smell not just that, but prickly berries that we can probably eat.

Croo: gross

Moss: I mean, unless there is fresh kill around here...

Blade: no. Only the food that Fred eats.

Misty: They conversed with Fred. He seemed intrigued that they were leaving. Moss invited him to come, but he politely declined. Fred said that there was a plains up ahead that they could possibly live in. Blade thanked him and led the group on.

The walked for many miles, and finally came upon the plain that Fred was talking about.

Afternoon, day 2

Blade: *pants* Wow. This seems.... Cool. Enough to live here. We can live underground?

Rose: Yeah. Sure. How are we going to converse and live?

Croo: I don't necessarily want to live like clans. How about different types of groups?

Moss: I guess we can build a community. Like loners in barns. I guess two different cats in one "barn"?

Amber: but that would leave one of us out. I think that we can ask cats to join our community.

Cherry: What if we build seven communities, and each of us are founders? Then we can build families! We can create some rules, but not too many.

Moss: I like it! Any objections?

Croo: I think it's great. Each of us can dig places to live, like huge dens!

Amber: I like it.

Blade and Gull: Yeah! Jinx. Jinx again!

Cherry: So let's pick areas and get to work! We have to have a place to sleep I vote that we do three dens at the same time right now, and we do four others in the morning.

Blade and Gull: that way we can sleep in completed dens! Cool! Jinx! Jinx again!

Misty: While Blade and Gull jinxed each other during the work, the others worked hard. By the time the sun was setting, three completed dens lay underground in front of the seven.

Sunset, day 2

Cherry: *sighs* I call this den!

Gull: I'll share it!

Croo: Can I have the middle?

Moss: sure. Me too and Amber?

Amber: yeah.

Moss: We're used to clan life, so we're also used to sleeping against one another.

Amber: *nods*

Blade: Do we have to carve out our nests?

Moss: The ground should be soft, so yeah, and we can look for a water source in the morning.

Blade: Okay.

Mistytail: The cats clawed out scratches in their dens, and fell asleep.

Sun-high, day 3

(Yes I know about the time skip. This is important as I don't want to make the backstory too long)

Mistytail: Amber, Cherry, and Moss decided that they'd find cats and recruit them to join their new way of life. Blade, Croo, and Gull found a lake just out of sight from the original three dens, and it had moss! The three came back and joined Rose to finish the other four dens.

Cherry: I think we should try this set of houses. Surely there are more cats willing to join here?

Moss: I think we can do that. Hold on... I smell some other cats.

Amber: This is our chance! 

Mistytail: A black she-cat stepped out. She looked nervous at first, but picked up courage.

Black cat: Um.. H-hi. W-what c-c-can I do for y-you?

Cherry: Hello, um... What's your name?

Black cat: Nobody calls m-me anything b-b-because I'm t-too sh-shy.

Cherry: I'm Cherry. This is Amber, and that's Moss.

Black cat: okay.

Cherry: want to join us? If the other cats don't like you, maybe it'd be good?

Black cat: I'll be glad to! Maybe I can even get a name!

Moss: Cherry you can take her back? Amber and I will keep going.

Cherry: Okay! Sure!

Misty: Amber and Moss picked their way through the tall grass, heat blazing into their pelts.

Amber: I didn't realize that it was so hot here!

Moss: Me neither! Living underground shuts out most of the heat!

Amber: Anyway, lets keep on going. There still could be more cats!

Moss: yeah. *sighs* I hope we can find more soon....

Sunset, day 3

Croo: I wonder when Amber and Moss will get back!

Blade: me neither. I hope they get many cats!

Cherry: Yeah. So far, we only have one!

Croo: I can't wait to finish the dens, but I'll be sad to sleep alone for now.....

Black cat: Maybe I'll get to sleep in that den!

Croo: I hope...

Rose: I still can't believe that for a while, we might actually have our own dens!

Gull: Yeah. Except for whoever sleeps with the black cat. If there are going to be seven dens, why not get names for each den?

Mistytail: A silence hung around the six as each of them pondered the possibility.

Croo: Let's wait until Amber and Moss get back to decide.

Black cat: Yeah.

Cherry: speaking of the black cat, what should her name be?

Mistytail: all cats looked at the black cat, who shrugged.

Rose: I think it should be Mist, in honor of her paws.

Black cat: nah, I don't really like it. Sorry.

Rose: it's alright!

Croo: Maybe Lilac for her eyes?

Black cat: I don't think so.

Cherry: Oh! Shadow! Her pelt!

Black cat: I love it!

Croo: Shadow it is! Welcome to our group!

Shadow: Thanks, guys!

Mistytail: Just then, Amber and Moss come back with many cats trailing behind. 

Moss: Hey guys! We got a ton of willing cats!

Amber: yeah! Introductions will come later. Did you finish the dens?

Croo: ummm

Gull: we kinda.....

Rose: *gulps* goofed? We only got one....

Moss: don't worry! We've got a lot of cats, so we can help!

Croo: phew

Random volunteer who joined: I'm okay with digging!

Another cat: me too!

Another different cat: I'm pretty sure all of us will!

Moss: Thanks, guys!

Croo: That way's the river, and that way's the best way to find moss on trees! Let's start digging!

Random cat: Woohoo!

Past Dusk, day 3

Rose: I think that's it!

Moss: yep! Tomorrow, we'll introduce each other. For now, choose a den and get a good night's rest!

Mistytail: If you stood in the middle, you could look around and see seven dens, each with a kind of grass hanging over the top. If you listened closely at the right time, you might be able to hear some cats snoring.

Dawn, day 4

Rose: *yawn* I think I'm going to grab breakfast....

Cat next to her: *snores*

Rose: *walks outside* Wow!

Mistytail: cats were sitting and chatting with each other, sharing pieces of prey, and sharing tongues.

Rose: When everyone's awake, who wants to play a game to get to know each other?

Moss: Hey, good idea, Rose! We should do that, and maybe wake up some cats later!

Croo: *walks out of a den* Hi! Wow..... This is impressive! They're all settling in like they've always belonged!

Rose: Wanna help us plan a get-to-know-cats game?

Croo: Sure!

Gull: *comes out by Cherry* What about get-to-know-cats games?

Rose: It's just that we don't know every cat, and I think that it's a good idea!

Cherry: Oh sure! Should they just sleep in the dens they were in before?

Moss: I think so. It's roughly the same about, except some cats might need to switch dens, and it wouldn't hurt to find more cats to join... After all, two or three cats per den isn't very much...

Croo: Yeah. I could find some more if you want?

Moss: Later, at sun-high.

Rose: We call it afternoon.

Croo: you call it what?

Rose: Afternoon! And now is morning, later at dusk is evening.

Moss: How do you know this?

Rose: Freddy kinda told us a lot....

Moss: Oh yeah, probably. Anyway, let's play some games until sun-high, or afternoon, as you guys call it, *glances at Rose* And at sun-high, Croo, you can take some cats to find more to join.

Croo: Got it!

Mistytail: As soon as every cat was up, awake, and had eaten, they played some games including moss-ball-introductions, prey picking, and catch.

Sun-high, day 4

Croo: Ima grab some cats to come with me.

Moss: alright, but I'd wait for those cats to arrive *points tail to the top of a nearby hill*

Croo: I wonder what they want....

First cat: Hey, are you from the clans? *points to Moss, Croo, Amber, Gull, and Rose*

Croo: Only some of us. Moss and I *points to Moss then himself*

First cat: no wonder you look familiar *scrunched eyes*

Second cat: I think it's Mossflight and Crookedstripe! It's been a while.

Third cat: We've been trying to find you after Darkstar told us you had left.

Croo: oops, we forgot to see the other clans...

Moss: whoops.... Wait.... Are you guys Laureldusk, Zapfur, and Ivypelt?

Ivypelt (first cat): Yep, that's us! We wanted to join you.

Zapfur: and we want to change our names also.

Moss: maybe just shorten them? That's what Croo and I did.

Laureldusk: Croo? That's a weird name...

Croo: better than just being called Crooked... *sigh*

Laureldusk: sorry

Croo: It's alright. Find a den and make a nest, the Moss is that way *points with tail *

Zapfur: Isn't the Moss that way? *smiles and points to Moss*

Moss: haha, very funny. The moss you sleep on.

Zapfur: I was trying to make a joke..... Anyway, it's Zap now. The clans kicked us out after we left, now they won't let us back in.

Laureldusk: Laurel. Ima grab some bracken. Is it the same way as the moss?

Amber: yep.

Ivypelt: cool, thanks. Ivy.

Moss: yep! We'll be establishing some rules, not as many as the warrior code, but some code to not have too much trouble.

Ivy: cool.

Sunset, day four

Author's note: Sorry for all the time skips. I'm trying to wrap up the backstory and start the normal part.

Amber: Please, everyone gather! We are going to make some rules!

Zap: Cool.

Rose: Tonight is the first night we are going to have a code basically, and have a settled community!

Croo: Please, everyone quiet, we are announcing the rules!

Mistytail: The clearing silenced gradually as seven cats looked around. Moss, Croo, Rose, Amber, Blade, Gull, and Cherry sat on top of a large rock pile.

Moss: We have decided that each den will contain a 'family'. These families may have friends and such, and share fresh-kill and have cats who sleep in a different family or other stuff with different families.

Croo: Each of the families will have a 'leader' who gives advice and will be able to give permission to play with other families.

Blade: These leaders are us seven on this hill. There are seven families. 'Claw', 'Flight', 'Dawn/Dusk', 'Fur/Pelt', 'Stripe', 'Fern', and 'Heart'.

Cherry: Please respect us leaders. We would like to have fun here, and live fun lives. But, there are rules to keep this settlement intact. There will be punishments chosen from the leader if you break any of these rules.

Rose: The rules are:

  • You may play and have friends in other families.
  • You will treat each other in your family like actual kin.
  • Your mate may be in a different family, but the kits will go into the mother's family.
  • You can help care for young cats, as when they are about six moons old, we will train them to learn about our rules and such.
  • As soon as a leader is near death, they may let another cat inherit the trait. If the leader dies early and without warning, the living cats will appoint a new leader.
  • Cats may switch families, as long as there are more than six cats other than you in your family. You might have to get more cats to join if you want that.
  • At any time, with permission, two cats may look for other cats to join their families. You must have at least two to go.
  • Only leaders may be at battle with a different family. If your family is at war, you are expected to fight. This is why you are advised to only have a mate in your own family.

Thank you for joining us. Your leaders, either Moss, Croo, Amber, Rose, Blade, Cherry, or Gull will take you into your 'family'. 

Amber: Are we understood?

Cats: Yeah!

Mistytail: And that is how this was made. Seven cats, seven leaders, a whole settlement.

Note: You can make a difference! Two cats didn't like where they were, and they made change! Now many cats are happy in here! But some aren't....

Modern Settlement, called 'Neighborhood'

Coming Soon!

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