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Leader Swiftstar Dark brown tom
Deputy Feathersong Light, sandy-ginger she-cat
Medicine Cat: Bluewing Blue-gray she-cat

Firestorm Dark Ginger tom
Morningdew Silver and white She-cat
Apprentice Flowerpaw
Poppystripe Silver she-cat with black stripes
Willowsong Brown she-cat
Apprentice Cherrypaw
Swiftflight Black tom
Apprentice Rainpaw
Leafstorm Black and white tom
Apprentice Silverpaw
Cloudstorm White and gray tom
Rockypath Gray tom
Apprentice Mosspaw

Flowerpaw Bright gold she-cat
Rainpaw Dark gray tabby tom
Silverpaw Silver tabby tom
Cherrypaw Creame she-cat with yellow eyes
Mosspaw Silver and black she-cat with blue eyes

Cherryshine Cream colored queen with green eyes

Silverleaf Silver queen, mother to Leafstorm's kits (Streamkit Dark gray tabby she-cat Sunkit Yellow and orange tabby tom, Poolkit Silver tom, and Leafkit gray and white she-cat)

Ravensong Black queen, mother of Swiftflight's kits (Littlekit Little white she-cat Foxkit reddish tom with white chest and paws)

Ivyshine Silver she-cat
Spiritclaw Light brown tom
Runningfire Ginger tom


Leader Featherstar Pale orange she-cat
Deputy Mossypine Cream tom with yellow eyes
Medicine Cat Icefang Silver tom with blue eyes
Apprentice Chervilpaw

Warriors Yellowscar Black tom with yellow eyes
Pebblesong Gray she-cat

Apprentice Sandypaw
Deertail Brown she-cat
Berrythorn Gray tom
Lightflower Cream she-cat
Apprentice Whitepaw
Brackenfire Ginger tom with green eyes
Firelight Ginger and white tom

Whitepaw White tom
Sandypaw Bracken-colored light tom
Chervilpaw Cream she-cat. Medicine cat apprentice
Dapplepaw White and Gray she-cat dappled on a black coat

Daisystem Black she-cat with Firelight's kits. (Darkkit Black she-cat. Graykit dark gray tom.)

Pinesong Yellow, orange and black she-cat with Yellowscar's kits. (Blackkit. Black tom. Crowkit Black she-cat. Marshkit yellow orange and black she-cat)

Sharpwhisker Gray and white tom
Graycloud Gray she-cat


Leader Rabbitstar White tom
Deputy Brightsun Orange and yellow tabby
Medicine Cat Dovepool White and gray she-cat
Apprentice Flamewhisker

Warriors Foggymoor Dusty white tom
Hawkfeather Blue tom
Apprentice Hillpaw
Littlewing White she-cat
Nightmist Black and blue she-cat
Mudstripe Brown tom with vertical black stripes
Lionclaw Golden tom
Apprentice Swiftpaw
Heatherwhistle Brown she-cat with amber eyes.

Flamewhisker Ginger tom. Medicine cat apprentice
Swiftpaw Brown and black tom.
Hillpaw cream she-cat

Lovefoot Cream she-cat with Hawkfeather's kits (Runningkit Brown tom. Cloudykit white tom.))

Shrewwing Tortiseshell she-cat
Shiningspirit White tom with vertical streaks of gray running down spine


Leader Ripplestar Brown tom
Deputy Hawkwing White and blue speckled tom
Medicine Cat Flowingstream Blue she-cat

Warriors Brightwater Blue she-cat
Apprentice Sharppaw
Darkfeather Black tom
Apprentice Clawpaw
Thornyflower Black she-cat
Bloodpool White tom
Bluefire Blue and Ginger she-cat
Apprentice Waterpaw

Apprentices Clawpaw Brown tom Sharppaw White and brown tom
Waterpaw Blue she-cat

Queens Grayfire Gray and ginger she cat with Bloodpool's kit (Poolkit Gray she-cat)

Clawstep White tom with gray speckles
Stormsong Gray she-cat


Leafkit stretched open her eyes. Her blue eyes were blurry from sleep, yet she did not feel like falling into clutches of the dream world. It was only one of the few times that she had wished too, mostly because everyone was asleep. She didn't like the attention her and her litter mates were given, and they hadn't even stepped out of the nursery yet! Leafkit thought it best for the other cats to believe that her eyes had not yet opened.
She could see her mother, her flank rising and falling in the morning light that was shedding into the den. Her silver fur sparkled, glinting, although, her litter mate's whose pelts were shadowed looked dull in comparison. Cherryshine was at the other end of the nursery, as well as Ravensong, who nursed Foxkit and Littlekit. The nursery, however, was not crowded in the way that others cats may expect. The nursery was huge – or, at least, to a kit – that many queens and their kits could easily fit into.
The light outside was becoming brighter, and Leafkit knew that she must go now for some peace...or not at all. She took one last look of her silvery mother, her litter mates, and the other kits to make sure they were asleep.
Her gaze fell on her litter mates. Sunkit, the yellow and orange tom was shifting, but otherwise still asleep, although Streamkit, bright silver tabby she-cat was still, only the rise and fall of her flank told that she was asleep, and not the terrifying opposite. While, Poolkit, the curious and energetic tom kit bore silver fur. Leafkit looked at her own gray and white fur, she was glad that no one of her litter mates shared her pelt, her and Sunkit had their own fur that they could admire.
Leafkit stumbled outside. She expected to see the early dawn stillness, yet it was quite the opposite: Cats were flying from den to den, checking on friends and kin. Leafkit quickly closed her eyes, hoping that no one had seen her with her eyes open. Now that her eyes had closed, she could feel some tug on her paws, a rumbling, far in the distance. Peace.
It was over. All the cats in the clearing stopped, and looked uncertainly at each other. Leafkit stole a glance at a cat, who stood lonely, in the middle of the clearing, staring at the sky.
The sky had the normal dawn sun with dark clouds, pink sky, with mist lightly framing it on all sides. Leafkit hadn't had a clue on what had happened, nor why this cat was staring absentmindedly up into the clouds.
The lonely cat stood up, and swiftly went to climb a very high, old rock, then went through the lichen. Leafkit wanted to know what was behind there, so she thought to it best silently. Looking at the pale dawn sun, Leafkit, quiet as a mouse, put herself in a lop-sided crouch and began to silently pull one leg up, then another. Almost to the rock! The gray and white kit reached for the rock: it was easy to climb. It's almost the same as stalking! she found. She kept dragging herself, slowly, but eagerly up the rock. The rock, she could tell was old, crumbling and cracking at some end or another, but the kit swiftly avoided them and kept going. Almost there! Leafkit, in her joy, did not notice a crack in the rock, her claw became stuck, and while she tried to pull it out, one of her hind feet slipped, then another. The she slipped.
“Help me!” she yowled, but no one had heard her. With a sickening crunch, she landed on the sandy ground.
The same cat who she saw run into the lichen, ran out, with a started yowl.
Leafkit quickly closed her eyes.
“Oh no!” The cat whimpered. “Silverleaf!”
Leafkit felt terrible, her sides were burning, her head was spinning, she took short, quick breaths to calm herself before she could even move. I can't move! she realized.
“I can't move! Why does it hurt!” She yowled.
“Steady.” The cat reassured, until Leafkit's yowls turned into a feeble cry.
“Oh my StarClan, what happened to her?” Silverleaf, who Leafkit remembered to be her mother in her rush of panic, began calling for her. “Mother! Mother! I hurt so much!”
Silverleaf pushed her muzzle into her daughter's fur. “Why did you try to climb that? Why did you go out, your eyes are not even open yet, did you think you could climb it?”
Leafkit heard no trace of anger in her mother's voice, just disapproval, and that was punishment enough. “I-I wanted to see what was behind it.” She winced when the strange new cat poked her here and there.
She shuddered with embarrassment from her ears to her tail tip, cats had started to gather around, she could smell so, but she kept her eyes and jaw closed. Every cat had a different scent on them, it was a little different, yet still smelled of ThunderClan.
“Bluewing, is she going to be okay?” her mother asked. So that's who this cat is. “Yes, she's going to be fine, just a little stiff.” Bluewing sighed with relief.
“Good.” Silverleaf mewed. “Leafkit, never do that again!”
“Yes mother.” she whimpered. “I'm sorry.”
“So you should be.”
“Oh, come on Silverleaf, the only reason why you are mad, is because you were terrified, I can smell your fear-scent fox-lengths and fox-lengths away!” Bluewing reprimanded.
“Yes, but she shouldn't have went out, especially, when her eyes aren't even open.”
“Yes, I find that odd, her eyes have been closed for a little less than a quarter moon. Bluewing seemed quite puzzled.
She could smell the same scent again. Bluewing's words echoed in her ears, “ Oh, come on Silverleaf, the only reason why you are mad, is because you were terrified, I can smell your fear-scent fox-lengths and fox-lengths away!” So that's it! Fear scent. Why are they worried? Bluewing then mewed in Leafkit's ear: “Be good little kit, if your eyes don't open in a couple of days, you're going to have to come the medicine cat den with me. Don't be afraid though, you'll be fine, your mother will look after you, and she's great, isn't she?”
“Yes.” She answered in a very small voice.
“Then get up.” She mewed.
Leafkit got up, and smelled so many cats, her pelt could have burst up in shame. Did the whole of ThunderClan come to see my slip? She wondered, and hoped that it would be forgotten when the moon made the same shape again.
“Mother?” she whispered.
“Yes, Leafkit?” she answered.
“Are Sunkit, Poolkit and Streamkit okay?”
“Yes while you had the adventure, they were sleeping.” There was an edge to her tone, for which Leafkit tried to ignore, but her head was dipped in shame.
But then she remembered the rumble of the ground. “Mother?”
“Yes?” Silverleaf said again.
“When I woke up at dawn, there were cats, running around and the...the ground was rumbling.”
“I'm sure it's fine, just a one time thing. Wait a minute, how do you know?”
“I-I smelled them.” she answered, but she didn't think her mother believed her.
By now the sun was high in the sky, all the dark clouds, the pinkish glow, was gone. The sky was a clear blue, with white, puffy clouds that framed it.
“Now, go to sleep.” Her mother ushered her into the nursery. “And don't make such a racket.
Leafkit then saw a cat on the same rock of which she had climbed, she turned quickly, which only made her body burn worse.
Then the tom cat spoke. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here at the Highlegde for a clan meeting!” His black and white fur shone.
“Oh, Swiftstar has called a clan meeting.” Silverleaf mewed. That's the rock I tried to climb. I guess it's a ledge really, I jumped on it the wrong way! “Can I come?” Leafkit asked, excitement bubbling through her.
“No.” She mewed. “But your litter mates can come.
Leafkit once again bowed her head in shame as she saw her litter mates walk out, following her mother.
The gray and white kit stood by the nursery door, hoping to hear some of the clan meeting.
“Welcome, ThunderClan. Bluewing has received an omen from StarClan:” His voice was dark. “Shall nature storm into the clans, causing destruction in it's path.”

Chapter One

It was two sunrises since the time of Leafkit's accident, and she thought best for her to show her eyes this time. If she had shone them last sunrise, her mother would have caught on, she was already suspecting her of lying.
She was still stiff, but she didn't hurt as much as she did last sunrise, or the sunrise before. The dawn light was shining into the bramble nursery. It's almost taunting me![i] For her punishment, she was not allowed to go out at dawn unless a older cat took her, and being dawn, no cat was up, except for a bunch of cats that always left before she could ask.
Suddenly she felt a jab in the side.
“What, be careful, I'm still stiff!” She hissed.
“Don't go out!” he hissed back.
Leafkit felt terrible, her own litter mates weren't trusting her!
“Your eyes...they're open!” he mewed in disbelief.
Leafkit took a steady gaze at her brother. “They are.” she mewed flatly.
Sunkit's tail twitched. “You should be happy.” he snapped. Then his anger seemed to falter. “I'm sorry, Leafkit, but can we wake mother?”
“What's going on?” Poolkit mewed quietly. “Streamkit, wake up.” She nudged the sleeping kit.
“What?” she mewed groggily.
“Leafkit's opened her eyes.” Sunkit mewed .
“What?” Said a sharp voice behind them. Silverleaf got up. A purr escaped her. “You opened them!”
“What's all this racket?” Said a voice in the corner, who Leafkit remembered to be Cherryshine, the cream she-cat stood up, and shook her fur out.
“Ravensong, wake up!” Silverleaf mewed jubilantly.
“What?” The black she-cat got up, as well as Littlekit and Foxkit.
“Mommy, I'm hungry!” Littlekit mewed, the white kit dancing.
“Hold on, then, I'll let you nurse in a second, first I have to know what's going on.” She answered.
A cluster of White, Ginger, Silver, Cream, black, and bright tabby was around Leafkit, closing her in, she felt very embarrassed, she only had opened her eyes! She then felt a nudge on the side of which Sunkit had jabbed and whipped around, only to see Silverleaf muzzling her. She felt an odd sense of peace, and all too soon, it had ended.
“You've opened your eyes!” Cherryshine exclaimed, followed by a gasp from Ravensong.
The sunlight was shining through the den, she could hear cats outside, talking.
“Can we go outside now?” Asked Poolkit.
“Everyone except-” She started.
Leafkit's tail drooped.
Silverleaf took a look at Leafkit, then at Cherryshine, then Ravensong, who both shrugged aimlessly.
“You can go.” The silver queen mewed, but then her voice got firmer. “But one paw over the line, and you won't be able to go out again until you are a moon old.”
Leafkit felt a rush of anger, I made a mistake! Lots of kits do! Why is she all so mad now?
“Fine.” Leafkit tried hard to keep the contempt out of her voice, but she was afraid that she hadn't succeeded to have done so.
The sun was high in the sky already, and she longed for the peace of the nursery. But, of course seeing the whole camp was quite delightful, considering the fact that it wasn't the pale light of dawn shining in the stone hollow, but in fact the highest she saw the sun ever to be.
“Look, look, LOOK!” Poolkit yowled.
“What? “ Mewed Streamkit, hoisting herself up, front paws on the back of Sunkit to get a view.
Leafkit looked down, to her disappointment, all that was there was a lazy puddle of water, lapping gently on the side of the hollow, thanks to the breeze. Poolkit jumped into the water, splashing everyone. Fur bristling, Leafkit stepped backward, something whistled in her ear, another rumble, stronger, stronger...peace.
“Did you feel that?” Leafkit asked her litter mates.
“Feel what?” Mewed Poolkit, then quickly shrugged.
Streamkit started splashing water on Poolkit, who did the same. Sunkit was not participating in their water war, but yet carefully looking at another pool of water, dabbing at it, waiting patiently for it to still then do it again.
“The water's funny.” He said to Leafkit.
“How so?” She asked.
“It only seems to move when I touch it, but It moved on it's own!” He squeaked.
“The rumble! It makes things move!” She concluded.
Leafkit wondered what was happening, but no one else was rushing out of her dens, seeking kin and friends. Perhaps this one was weaker... “Streamkit, Poolkit! Come on! Looking at water doesn't help us know our camp!” Leafkit mewed sternly, she wanted to visit every place she could in the camp, and playing with a pool of water wouldn't help much.
Poolkit's fur bristled. “Bossy fur-ball.” He grumbled before stepping out and intentionally shaking her wet fur so water splattered in Leafkit's face. Streamkit looked just as unhappy, but she didn't make any rude comments, for which that Leafkit was grateful, because she was already feeling a bit guilty.
“What's in here?” Poolkit stuck his head in without waiting for an answer.
“We'd better go after him.” Streamkit mewed.
Leafkit shook his head yes, as there was a murmur of approval.
“Poolkit, where are you?” Sunkit called.
“Over here.” Said a voice that was much more deeper, and older.
The three kits walked all the way into the den of which they hadn't noticed before. But then they stumbled onto three old cats who seemed to be in the middle of a good gossip
“Who are you?” Growled Sunkit.
Yet the brown tom twitched his whiskers at the demanding kit, and shook his head. “Kits.”
“You found your way to the elders' den.” A she-cat stepped forward. “I'm Ivyshine.”
“I'm Spiritclaw.” Said the old brown tom.
“Wait so that means your really old!” Streamflight chirped.
“What?” Mewed the ginger tom indignity. “You think we still wouldn't defend ThunderClan with our life, you think we can not fight?”
The blue-gray she-kit now looked terrified, and in a very small voice answered, “I'm sure you can.”
“Runningfire stop that!” Ivyshine pushed through, making the ginger tom stumble a bit.
But Ivyshine didn't notice, she was soothing Streamkit by licking her bristled hair the right way to lay it flat, murmuring something indistinct to her.
Spritclaw stepped forward. “It's okay Runningfire...they are kits you know.”
“And?” The ginger tom twitched his nose, as though he smelled something quite disgusting. “Does that mean that we deserve no respect? Just because they are younger that six moons?”
“Just a few heartbeats ago they found out who we were!” Ivyshine huffed.
Spritclaw quickly stepped forward to the kits. “Maybe you can explore somewhere else for today.” He said nonchalantly.
The brown elder led us out of the elder bush and jumped up onto basking rocks.
Poolkit ans Sunkit stared at him. “We-we can't jump that!”
Streamkit silenced him. “We aren't supposed too! Can't you tell your going to get a story?”
Spritclaw nodded. “Yes Streamkit. I'm going to tell you about a leader who was a kittypet, the oldest of that generation told me before she joined the ranks of StarClan.
“Who?” Asked Poolkit.
Spritclaw looked at her for a long moment. “Cherryfur.” He simply said.
“Who was she?” Streamkit then mewed.
“Why she, she was Ivyshine's mother.” The brown tom looked forward. “And my oldest sister. My mother, Poppyfrost...had just-just died.”
“Who else were your litter mates?” Leafkit asked.
“Graycloud.” He answered solemnly.
“ she...” Leafkit felt embarrassment creep up her ears. “Dead?” She breathed.
“Then wher-”
“That is no concern.” There was a far-away look in the brown cat's eyes, and Leafkit felt even more awkward than before.
“Hush! The story!” Sunkit huffed.
“Of course!” Spritclaw seemed happy to let the subject go.
“Actually, you guys are an decedent of Firestar, I believe.” Spiritclaw looked thoughtful.
“We are?” Poolkit jumped with happiness.
“Yes, I believe so. Lionblaze's mate's daughter is the mother of your mother.” The old brown tom nodded.
“Who was our mother's mother?” Poolkit asked.
“Gingersplash.” He said.
“Tell me all about the family trees that you know of!” Poolkit demanded.
Spiritclaw twitched his whiskers. “Okay!” He thought for a moment.
“Firestar's daughter...oh, what's her name?! Leaf...something...Anyway, she was a medicine cat, but she fell in love, which is against the warrior code, she kits, I don't remember all of them, just Jayfeather and Lionblaze. Lionblaze's mate Cinderheart, and they had Gingersplash, who had Silverleaf and Swiftflight.
“Cool, cool, cool! Now the story please!” Poolkit screeched.
“Hold on, bee-brain! You just told the tom to tell you about family trees!” Streamkit flicked her tail over his ears.
“Who was Cherryfur's mother?” Poolkit asked as though he had never asked for a story.
Spiritclaw shook his head, “I don't know, too far back. I know she died before Poppyfrost, however. I also know Cherryfur had a brother, Mole...something. I think it was also fur. Molefur.”
“So Cherryfur, who had a brother that was probably named Molefur and you don't know who her mother is because she died before your own mother, who was Poppyfrost, and you had a sibling named Graycloud, is Ivyshine's mother, who was in the generation of Firestar who's daughter's kits had Gingersplash who had Silverleaf and Swiftflight...” Poolkit was interrupted for the fact Leafkit had slapped her tail across his mouth.
“Maybe you should just start with the story.” Leafkit hinted heavily.
“Maybe so.” The old tom gave a knowing look. “Firestar was noble leader, although many thought weak, for the fact he never liked fighting over needless bloodshed...”
The story continued for a long time, until Ivyshine came out of the Elder's den to hurry them all back to Silverleaf.
“And Poolkit,” She started as she walked away from the nursery. “You can tell her about everything you've learned tonight, just brief it.”

Chapter Two

“And then, I learned about how Firestar saved the forest from evil BloodClan!” Poolkit squeaked, “We also learned how they had to take a great journey because Twolegs were driving away from their home, and they found this place, right now where I'm standing!”
“That's wonderful my Poolkit, but now, it is getting late.”
“No it isn't, the sun is still up!”
Leafkit twisted around. It was true, the sun was there, yet only noticeable as it left a pink trail over the hollow. A group of cats were leaving.
“Why are those cats leaving?” Leafkit asked.
“Oh, them? They are the Sundown Patrol. They are making sure our borders are nice and safe for us.” Silverleaf replied.
“And that's what happens at dawn!” She squeaked. “The Dawn Patrol!”
“Yes, my dear”
Leafkit curled on the side of her mother's belly. “Goodnight, Mother.” She sighed as she drifted off to sleep.

Leafkit awoke the next day, and left the nursery a few foxlengths to stretch her legs. Her punishment was over, mostly because Silverleaf couldn't keep her away from the outside. She looked up, and saw herself. Huh?
She blinked her eyes. Yep it was she who stood before her, yet strangely, she looked older.
“Leafpaw!” Poolkit rushed over to her. “Did you feel that?”
Leafpaw looked stunned.
“I did Poolpaw.”
“What's the matter?”
“Nothing, just a lot of Déjà vu.” Leafpaw shook her head.
“It's getting stronger.” Poolpaw informed her.
Leafpaw strained her ears. So it was.
The dream changed. Cats were in a circle, heads down, as well as tails. Fear scent and the unmistakable scent of grief was in the hollow. They were taking a vigil. Leafkit tried to look at the cat, before she was cut off.
Shall nature storm into the clans, leaving destruction in it's path.

Leafkit woke with a start. The whole contents of the nursery was staring down at her, Sunkit poised with his paw up if he had to poke her again. Words jumped to her mouth.
Beware, when four are paws disaster will strike. Her littermates looked at her with awe. Silverleaf looked embarrassed and looked at the other queens.
“Your punishment is back on, young she-cat! Stop lying to scare your littermates!”
Leafkit was still in a trance.
Silverleaf growled and picked Leafkit up, she fell limp, yet her eyes stayed the same strange, wide open selves.
She blinked and looked at her mother. “Why are you carrying me?” She asked.
“Don't act as if you don't know.” She growled. “I expected better.”
Why was Mother so mad? Leafkit felt terrible, yet she didn't know why, as if she put impending doom on her clanmates.
She put all the kits outside the den. “Stay here while I apologize to the other queens and kits.”
“What did I do?” Leafkit whispered to Sunkit.
“You went in this trance sorta thing and you just spurted out like, prophecies everywhere.”
“How many?” She asked.
Poolkit looked at her enviously. “I want to spurt out prophecies!”
“Don't.” Streamkit advised.
Leafpaw strained her eyes, she could hear snatches of conversation from the queens.
“I just don't seemed so real...”
“...lame prophecy...”
“...I've heard better...”
“Remembered the one....”
“I still think its real!”
Finally Silverleaf walked out of the den. “Your punishment is now off, my Leafkit. Go and play, kits.”
Surprise pulsed through Leafkit as she turned away with her littermates.
“No you, Leafkit.”
Leafkit's tail drooped. “I promise I didn't mean to do it.”
“I know, and I'm sorry, my little Leafkit.”
They walked across the stone hollow to another den that smelled much different than the other den. Leafkit took a good, long sniff. It smelled familiar. “Its the Medicine cat den!”
“Right you are, Leafkit.” She mewed. “Oh Great ThunderClan Medicine Cat!”
Bluewing stumbled out of the den, mewing with laughter. “You haven't called me that since we were apprentices together.”
Leafkit gave her mother a questioning look.
“We were like sisters when we were apprentices.” She explained vaguely.
“So what do you want?”
“Leafkit here,” she put her tail on the kit's back. “went into a trance and said two prophecies, one the one that you got.”
“One the one?”
Silverleaf rolled her eyes. “The nature will storm path-thing. I don't remember it in whole.”
“What about the other one?”
“When four become paws, destruction will come.”
Bluewing's eyes darkened. “Leafkit, why don't you find your littermates.”
Leafkit nodded sadly, she had wanted a tour of the medicine cat den, yet that would have to wait.
Or would it? Leafkit dipped her head, and slipped out, but however, she didn't go look for her littermates. She went around back and found exactly what she needed. A hole in the den. She slipped in, knowing the strong smell of herbs would disguise her scent.
“You don't think she's destined to be a medicine cat, do you?”
A long sigh erupted from Silverleaf. “Very well, let me go and find her.”
Once Silverleaf was gone, Bluewing turned around and mewed. “You can stop hiding, Leafkit, you did exactly what I wanted you to do.”
“I-I just wanted a t-tour.” She crouched down.
Feeling less scared, Leafkit stood up and tried to look proud. “How did you scent me? There are herbs everywhere.”
“Yes, I admit that was smart, however I was around these herbs helping when I was even younger than you.
Leafkit was a moon old, so Bluewing had been around them for a long time.
“I was trained to sniff out the different herbs all together, and count them.”
“Wow.” Leafkit whispered.
“I was a Medicine cat assistant because I wasn't old enough to be an apprentice.” She stopped mewing and a silence stretched over awkwardly. “Yet I think your destined to become a medicine cat.”
Leafkit should have been happy, the scents of the Medicine cat den drew her in, yet the word, 'destined' seemed binding. What if she changed her mind? What if she didn't like being the medicine cat anymore?
“Do you want to become my assistant?”
Leafkit looked at the medicine cat, around the den, and back at Bluewing. She held her head high and she said a firm, “Yes!”
“I like your 'tude, She-cat.”
“I like it to.”

A moon had passed from the time that Leafkit had agreed to be the medicine cat assistant. The Medicine cat was fun, and she said funny things, as when Leafkit accidentally fell while collecting cobwebs, and came back covered with them, she had mewed. “Oh. My. Great. Dog.”
She wasn't mad, yet it did take a lot of pulling to get it off Leafkit.
However, Medicine cats don't wake up early. Who knew?

Chapter Three

Sunkit woke up and stretched. He saw that Leafkit was gone from their nest and shook his head fondly. It was hard to see Leafkit's path.
As long as she doesn't go too early again.[i]
Sunkit remembered the time where Leafkit had gone to the Medicine cat den a little too early. Sunkit couldn't tell if Bluewing was mad or groggy, or a mixture of both, but Leafkit had stayed in the nursery the rest of the day, yet she missed the medicine cat den, so she went back the next day.
Sunkit was slightly envious of her; only two moons old and helping the clan greatly!
Streamkit was also up, and her mother was stretching. Poolkit slept on.
“Come on, get up you lazy fur ball!” He didn't move. “Poolkit? Are you okay?” He still didn't move. “Poolkit?!”
“Oh move over.” Steamkit shoved over Sunkit. “OI! WAKE UP!” She screeched and turned on her heel to smack her tail deftly and firmly on Poolkit's face.
“I'm up.” He grumbled.
Everyone stared at Streamkit.
“You do what you have to.” She said defensively.

Sunkit blinked the sun out of his eyes. Poolkit, Streamkit and Foxkit were playing 'ShadowClan Invaders' together. Poor Poolkit was getting double-teamed by fierce ShadowClan warriors, so he raced over to help him. “ThunderClan! To me!”
Instantly heads were peeking out of dens, only the cats inside to shake their heads fondly.
Sunkit, Poolkit, Streamkit and Foxkit went at it happily, their claws were sheathed, and they let out squeals of happiness. Sunkit then knocked over Foxkit deftly with swift movements. Foxkit squeaked and ran away like a frightened warrior would – part of the game. Poolkit had Streamkit held down, although they were both fighting to get loose. Sunkit pounced on top of his sister and she stopped fighting, “You've killed me!” She said dramatically.
“I've got to go get Foxkit.”
Poolkit rolled his eyes. She was spending a lot of time with Foxkit.
“He's a friend!” She said indignantly.
Poolkit and Streamkit walked off, Poolkit to use the dirtplace.
“That was very good.” Said a voice behind Sunkit.
Sunkit turned around to examine the tom that spoke out. He was black and white, and had yellow eyes.
“You smell like me.” He got out.
The tom sniffed his paw, then sniffed Sunkit. “I daresay we do.”
“Who...who are you?”
“I'm Leafstorm.”
“Oh.” Sunkit pretended to know exactly who he was. Just some clan cat, he'll fall for it.
“I'm your father.”
[i]Whoops! “I saw you fighting. You did very well, and you helped a fellow clanmate out. That is a true warrior. I am proud of you.”
Poolkit returned from the dirtplace.
“Who are you?!” He demanded.
“Oh Poolkit, I remember you pushing all your littermates out of the way to get milk.”
“He's our father.” Sunkit explained.
“I'm also proud of you, Poolkit.” Leafstorm started, “You didn't give up, even when Streamkit held up a fight.”
“I'm awesome.” Poolkit explained nonchalantly.
Swiftstar jumped onto the Highledge, coming from the apprentices' den.
“Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather at the Highledge for a clan meeting!” He yowled.
Cats started pouring in into the clearing.
“Come on.” Their father ushered them nearer to the Highledge.”
“What about Mother and the others?”
“They will come.”
Sunkit saw Leafkit and Bluewing make their way out of the medicine cat den. Silverleaf and Streamkit, followed by Foxkit, then the rest of the nursery followed and sat.
A pale she-cat sat at the foot of the rock, facing the cats.
“Who's that?” Sunkit heard Poolkit ask Leafstorm.
“Feathersong, our deputy.”
“What's a-”
“Shh!” His father hushed him.
“We have two apprentices ready to become warriors.”
Everyone looked at the apprentice den, where two apprentices came out, escorted by two other cats. One cat. was a she cat, bright gold, the other was a tom, dark.
“Morningdew, do you believe Flowerpaw is ready to be a warrior?” One of the big cats nodded and the bright she-cat looked even more radiant.
“Swiftflight” Sunkit heard her mother's brother's name. “Do you think Rainpaw is ready to become a warrior?”
“Then I, Swiftstar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to learn the ways of your noble code, and I commend them as warriors in their turn.” He took a breath, “Flowerpaw, will you uphold the warrior code and protect and defend this clan, even at the cost of your life?”
Flowerpaw shined her brightest as she gave a definite. “I do.”
“Rainpaw, will you uphold the warrior code and protect and defend this clan, even at the cost of your life?”
Rainpaw nodded firmly. “I do.”
“Then by the powers of StarClan,” Swiftstar declared, “I give you both your warrior names: Flowerpaw you will be known as Flowerpetal. StarClan honors your loyalty and thoughtfulness, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan.”
Stepping forward, Swiftstar laid his nose on her pretty golden head, and she gave him a respectful shoulder lick back.
Rainpaw, you will be known as Raincloud. StarClan honors your determination and intelligence, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan.
Swiftstar laid his nose again on his head, and RainCloud gave him a respectful shoulder lick, like his sister.
“Flowerpetal, Raincloud, Flowerptal, Raincloud!”
Poolkit picked up the chant quickly, however, Sunkit wondered if kits were supposed to chant. He couldn't catch his own prey... Yet his father and brother, Leafkit and Streamkit was chanting, so he yowled to the heavens as well.
“As the Warrior code states,” Swiftstar began again, “New warriors will take up a silent vigil for one night.” He nodded to the newly appointed warriors, and they walked over to take their posts at the barrier.
All was well.
“Kits!” Sunkit heard his mother yowling. “Kits! All nursery Kits! To me! It's Getting Late!”
“Come on then! You heard your mother. I'll be coming with you.” Leafstorm sat up slowly.
Sunkit, Poolkit, and Leafstorm made their way to Silverleaf, where Streamkit was sitting by Foxkit, and Littlekit was playing with a mossball an apprentice gave her.
“Why hello, Leafstorm.”
“Hello, Silverleaf.” They both entwined their tails together.
“If you don't mind, Silverleaf.” Bluewing walked over with Leafkit. “If I keep her a bit. I'll walk her to the: she'll be back by Moonhigh.”
“Fine.” Silverleaf nodded. “Next meeting, I'll be the one basking on the Basking rocks. You'll to ask.”
“You have a system for this?”
“You didn't do it last meeting.”
“We just figured it out.”
“How nice for you to be the first one to do it.” Bluewing shook her head.
“I know, right?”
“Goodbye, Great ThunderClan Medicine Cat.” She whispered.
“Goodbye, Great ThunderClan Queen.” Bluewing whispered back.

Chapter Four

Reaching up higher, Streamkit caught the moss ball and threw it back over to Foxkit.
“Nice catch!”
Streamkit glowed at the praise. Foxkit was really a nice cat.
“Hey Streamkit, how old are you?” Foxkit asked.
“Uh...two and a half moons.”
“I thought so,” Foxkit paused, “Your littermate's eyes are staring to change color, however, yours and Leafkit's aren't.”
“Maybe they will just stay blue.”
Foxkit nodded. “Poolkit's are turning green, and Sunkit's is already on their way to being bright yellow.”
“I remember when your eyes were blue!”
“No you don't! When I still had my kit-eyes, you were just born. I'm a whole two moons older than you, you know.”
Streamkit knew in the back of her mind that all kits were born with blue eyes and changed color as they grew older. She was partly glad that her's wasn't changing color. Does it hurt? “Oh yeah, that reminds me, do you know when Cherryshine's kits are due?”
“No actually, I don't.” Foxkit thought hard, “I would ask Leafkit.”
“Yeah, she would know, being Medicine cat..uh..assistant.” She agreed.
The sun was setting in the far distance. The sundown patrol was discussing things with the deputy.
“Let me see if I get this right: The ginger tom is Firestorm...the brown she-cat is...oh...Willowsong! The apprentice is...Cherrypaw?”
Foxkit nodded.
“Finally the silver she-cat with the stripes is Poppystripe, going on a Sundown Patrol!”
“All correct! Great Job!”
“Kits!” She heard her mother yowl, “Now! In! Hurry!” Her voice sounded desperate.
The ground started to shake, she brushed against Foxkit and let out a wail.

Leafkit felt the ground rumble. It was strong, but it hardly knocked her off her paws. She left the den quite clumsily and saw Streamkit and Foxkit trapped by fear of the rumbles.
“It's okay!” The rumbles stopped halfway through her words and she realized to late that she was yowling all the way to StarClan.

Streamkit felt the rumbles subside, yet her fear did not. Leafkit and Silverleaf were by their sides, ushering them to the Medicine cat den.
“I'll give you both thyme for shock.”
“Good idea.” Bluewing praised.
Leafkit glowed.
Streamkit saw the outline of her father -Foxkit had told her all the cat's names and standings- push into the medicine cat den. “Are the kits okay? Are you okay?” He faced Silverleaf.
“Streamkit and Foxkit got quite a shock, but otherwise, all is well.”
“Want it flavored with mouse or berries?” Leafkit asked the kits, “The herbs are quite bitter.”
“Mouse as well.”
“Never in my life had I have a cat ask for berry flavored herbs, and it's really fun to make.” Bluewing sighed, “Someone better change their 'tude about berry flavoring.”
Leafkit shook her head fondly. Bluewing was so fun. “Next time I need a herb, you can make it berry-flavored.”
“Yay!” She playfully chirped.
Streamkit took the herbs from Leafkit and started chewing, it tasted slightly bitter, but the musky flavors of forest prey covered most of it.
“T-thanks.” Foxkit stuttered, and Streamkit laid her tail on his back for comfort.
Leafkit put her head down so they couldn't see her bemused face.
Streamkit jumped at the sound of Poolkit's yowl. “Poolkit, the great ThunderClan kit was ordered to get the medicine cat for Cherryshine!” He sang loudly.
“Your catching on to it too?” Silverleaf shook her head.
Bluewing, however ignored the eccentric greeting. “I thought it would be soon, Leafkit, come! The rest of you, stay here, I'm leaving Silverleaf and Leafstorm in charge.”
Streamkit smelled her sister leave, she got up and started walking, urging then helping Foxkit up with her tail.
Poolkit rolled his eyes.
“Shut up, Mouse-brain.” Streamkit muttered. “A friend is not a mate.”
“Yet a mate is a friend.” Poolkit finished.
“Hey! Stop that!” Leafstorm cut to Poolkit. “She has her friends, and you have yours. Who was it I saw talking to Littlekit?”
“We're denmates!” He said indignantly.
“They're denmates too.”
After the moon had rose high, and seeps of sunlight were making it's way into the sky, Streamkit was awoken by Leafkit's cries.
“Two toms and one she-cat!”
“And she named one after me!” Bluewing pushed her way through the den. “Bluekit! She's the blue-ist cat I've ever seen, and I've been around for a long time, ya hear?”
“What are the others named?”
“The black and silver tom is named Mosskit, and the white one, so white, is named Cloudkit, after the father.”
“They are wonderful names.” Silverleaf purred.
Streamkit felt so tired. “Canwegotosleepnow?” Her words were slurred and her eyes drooped. She only took the energy to shuffle away when she noticed she had her head resting on Foxkit's shoulder.
Silverleaf looked at the kits, “We can go to our comfy nest after I tell you guys these things: These new kits are newborns, and can not be played with for awhile. Foxkit and Littlekit never played with you guys until you could take it. I suggest you do the same, unless you want den rest until your apprentices.”
“Okay.” Said Leafkit.
“S'all right.” Poolkit was almost literally sleeping on his feet.
“O..okay.” Streamkit blinked the sleep out of her eyes.
“Leafstorm, may you take Streamkit? I have Poolkit.”
“Sure.” Leafstorm gently picked up Streamkit.”
The night air was nippy, as Greenleaf was sliding away.
“We'd better stock up for the winter.” Bluewing said.
They made their way into the nursery and Streamkit was laid on the comfy nest of moss.
It never felt so comfy.
“Night, mother.”
“Night, my Streamkit.”
And she fell asleep instantly.

Chapter Five

“What can you smell back in the storage?” Bluewing pressed her suddenly.
“Uh,” Leafkit sniffed and tried to make out the smells of the herbs. “Comfrey, I smell, and catmint, and-”
“How much comfrey and catmint?”
“Um...comfrey? Lets see..uh five?” She sniffed again. “, that isn't right. I smell one.”
“That is correct.” Bluewing mewed. “Trust your instincts, many times, they are right in ways that you've never seen before.”
“We better go by the Abandoned Two-leg place and get some, for Leaf-bare is setting in, you can tell, usually at night, and Cherryshine just had her kits, so they and we need to be protected.”
“Spoken like a true medicine cat.” Bluewing nodded.
Leafkit purred happily.

About a moon and a half later, Leafbare was in it's full swing. Leafkit was now more talented than most apprentices now. She still was denied going every half moon, as she was an assistant, and wouldn't be a apprentice until two more moons. Newleaf would be then. She thought happily.
For she wasn't very happy now: three cats were in the den, coughing. One of them had greencough. Foxkit. Right before his apprentice ceremony he had collasped. Streamkit wailed loudly and was the first one next to him. Firestorm and Ivyshine both had whitecough.
Streamkit popped her nose in. “Can I come in now?” She squeaked.
“No, do you want whitecough?” Bluewing gently pushed her out.
“I might as well, so I can be with Foxkit.” She grumbled.
“Are you and elder?” Bluewing asked. “I don't think so. So stop grumbling. You haven't earned the right yet. And besides-”
Leafkit cut it. “Besides. When Bluewing becomes a elder, she'll make Spritclaw's and Ivyshine's bickering look like fluffy bunnies.”
“Guilty as charged.” Bluewing shook her head fondly. “And besides, we need healthy strong kits, Streamkit.”
“Leafkit's in there! My sister is in there! My best friend is in there!”
Good thing Poolkit didn't hear that. Leafkit though but she couldn't help correcting her. “My future mate is in there.”
“Bluewing...” Streamkit started.
“Oh Great ThunderClan Medicine Cat.” Bluewing corrected.
“Sorry, just come here, I need to tell you something.” She mewed urgently.
“Okay...” Bluewing said, confusedly. She stuck her ear by Streamkit's mouth.
Streamkit chomped down. Bluewing yowled in pain, and the she-kit raced inside the den to the spot where Foxkit lay.
“Streamkit don't!” Leafkit yowled, racing over to her sister, because Bluewing was still blinking blood and pain out of her eyes.
“That kit's teeth are freaking sharp.” Bluewing said.
Streamkit was now rubbing her face against Foxkit's ears.
“Let's make her a nest. She's going to get it anyway.” Bluewing sighed.

And so she had. Whitecough. Yippee!
Yet she was happy as could be. And surprisingly so was Foxpaw. He was miraculously getting better. After all had seemed lost. Four more cats had came within the last moon, and only one had gotten out. Firestorm.
“Leafkit!” Bluewing screeched.
Leafkit came back to the herb store, carting the last of the catmint out. They only had five more leaves.
Bluewing was standing over a cat, who was barely breathing.
“Catmint! Hurry!” Leakkit jolted over as fast as she could. She tried to stuff a leaf in the toms mouth...but all was lost.
The body became still.
Bluewing dipped her head, and so did Leafkit.

Ivyshine could be heard wailing at the news. “But why?”
None of the clan was very happy. Leafkit was obviously depressed. “I'm sorry Bluewing.”
“You couldn't have done anything, she-cat. “ Bluewing sighed. “He was too far gone. He's in StarClan now...peace.”
Leafkit now shook her head and went outside for the vigil. Sadness could splint her heart in two. She wasn't even a real medicine cat and she messed up so terribly...
Heading off in her nest in the nursery, she put her face in the comforting fur and wailed silently.
“Oh mamma, I can't do this.”
“Oh you can, sweet one.” Silverleaf whispered gently. “You couldn't help it.”
She slowly fell asleep. Silverleaf stayed awake all night, and didn't twitch a muscle.

Chapter Six

Runningfire's body was buried the next morning. Leafkit didn't report to the medicine cat den. Bluewing tried to coax her out, but she stayed. “I'm not even a real medicine cat. Leave. Me. Now.” The last three words were spat with such venom, it was hard to believe it came from a kit.
A moon passed. Leafkit was still moping. She failed. Her clanmates hated her. She hated her.
“Okay She-cat!” Bluewing stormed and grabbed her by the scruff of the neck. “Change your 'tude.” She dropped her in the medicine cat den.
“What are you doing.” She spat. It wasn't a question, it was a demand.
“Okay, She-cat, we have seven cats sick here, and two has died. I need your help, she-cat. Give it to me.”
“No.” She whispered.
“Your apprentice ceremony is tonight, young she-cat, and if you don't hurry, you are going to be stuck as a warrior.”
“Good.” She turned her back on Bluewing.
Bluewing slapped her tail over Leafkit's ears. “Leafkit! Snap out of it. You are one of the most talented kits I have ever seen. It would be a waste!” She yowled, loudly. “Maybe I should have known – you aren't worth anything at all! I thought you could be the next Jayfeather, but I guess not, because you are throwing it all away!”
Something clicked in Leafkit's mind.
She blinked.
She opened her mouth.
Everything became dark.
As a dream engulfed her.
“Welcome Leafkit!” Said a dark tom..
“Um..hello?” Leafkit said.
“Don't run away from your destiny, Leafkit!” The tomcat warned. “Terrible things have happened to the cats who tried to change their fate.”
“Who are you?” Leafkit asked.
“Oh, I am Jayfeather. I was a medicine cat.” Jayfeather mewed. “I was said to be one of the best, but...I know I am so it doesn't really matter.”
“Wait. You were THE Jayfeather?”
“Pffft. Yeah.”
“The one with the stick?”
Jayfeather looked at her, shook his his head. “Yes, I was the one with the stick. Why does everyone remember me for having a stick and being blind? Nevermind I'm part of the mystical Three! I have a stick!”
Leafkit couldn't help laughing. “So why am I here?”
“Pretty much to tell you to get off your tail and become the medicine cat apprentice.” Jayfeather looked slightly bored.
Leafkit suddenly felt inspired. Everything was fading, until she blinked and found that she was lying in the medicine cat den.
“We need to talk to Swiftstar! I can't be a warrior, I just can't.”
“That's my assistant.” Bluewing winked.

Both she-cats raced to the Leader's den.
“And you will be mentor to L-”
“We have to talk to you.” They both yowled.
“I'm wanting to be the Medicine cat apprentice.” Leafkit explained.
The gray and white tom snorted. “I'm going.”
“Cloudstorm!” Swiftstar called, but the tom didn't come back. “I'm sorry, but that would have been his first apprentice. He's a little upset. So what's this about being Medicine cat apprentice?”
“I wanna be one.”
Swiftstar looked at Bluewing, who nodded. “Okay then.” He said slowly. “If you are sure...I know-”
“I am completely sure.” Leafkit cut in.
“Then it's settled!” Bluewing squeaked like a kit.
“Yes, Bluewing, it is.” He shook his head fondly. “Go tell your littermates. It's almost time to start the ceremony.

Leafkit watched as Swiftstar began to call Streamkit up for her ceremony. Littlepaw had came to watch, and so had Foxkit, who was starting to recover, but not strong enough to be made an apprentice. “I name you Streampaw, Firestorm shall be your mentor.”
Mentor and apprentice touched noses and went off to sit.
“Poolkit, step forward.”
Poolkit raced forward and tripped over his own paws.
A amused mew swept the crowd. “I name you Poolpaw, Willowsong will be your mentor!”
Poolkit thrust his nose at Willowsong, who for a moment cringed.
“Sunkit, step forward. Your name shall be Sunpaw, and your mentor will be Poppystripe.”
“Finally, Leafkit, step forward, your name shall be Leafpaw. As requested, your mentor shall be Bluewing.”
“It's your time, She-cat!” She whispered.
“Streampaw, Poolpaw, Sunpaw, Leafp-”
But they never got to finished their cheering. As a rumbling came.
When four become paws, destruction will come.

Chapter Seven

“Leafpaw!” Poolpaw rushed over to her. “Did you feel that?”
Leafpaw looked stunned.
“I did Poolpaw.”
“What's the matter?”
“Nothing, just a lot of Déjà vu.” Leafpaw shook her head.
“It's getting stronger.” Poolpaw informed her.
Leafpaw strained her ears. So it was.
There were many rumblings over the past moon, yet none were strong. The last time it had happened, the fresh-kill pile was scattered and ruined, which was bad, but would have even been worse if it was still Leafbare, so thank StarClan for that and that only four cats had died into the Greencough outbreak.
Morningdew, Silverpaw, Runningfire and Cherrypaw had lost their lives.
StarClan honor them.
Many times Leafpaw went to visit the ThunderClan burial site. She often found a flower and plucked it off for his grave. Deep down, she knew she couldn't have saved Runningfire,yet there was still the grief...She also often visited the cats who never made it. The cats who never got to be warriors is the ones who gave her the most grief.
“We need to warn the other cats...It feels so much stronger, this isn't going to end well, I can feel it.” Poolpaw cut into her thoughts.
“Let's go to Swiftstar, he'll know what to do.”
“Good idea.!” They started running to the leader's den as fast as they can. This reminded Leafpaw faintly of when Bluewing and her raced to the den to make sure she was to be placed as a medicine cat apprentice.
“Swiftstar!” They both ran to the den. “The nature...It's coming...get everyone to get out of the dens!”
“But, why?”
“The Nature will storm into our paths! It's coming!”
“Are you sure?”
“Positive!” Both Leafpaw and Poolpaw mewed at the same time.
Swiftstar looked at Poolpaw, this was the first time in his life he remembered Poolpaw being serious.
“I believe you.” He mewed finally.

Leafpaw, and her other littermates went den to den, telling them to evacuate. It was getting stronger. None of the cats believed them, so they got Swiftstar to go with them.
“Why didn't I think of that before?” Swiftstar raced with them.
He yelled down the elder trunk. “We have to leave the dens!”
They raced all around the camp, urging all the cats to leave the dens.
Leafpaw helped Bluewing get out all the herbs and extra moss out of the dens. We didn't want it to smash like the fresh-kill pile and ruin all the precious herbs. Also, extra moss was always helpful.
Leafpaw and Bluewing went to the middle of the camp, where the cats were gathering, queens were frantic, making sure every few heartbeats that they have all their kits. Fathers were checking with their mates and helping keep track of all the kits.
The four kits walked over to Silverleaf, who then gasped with relief. “There you are!”
“We're okay, mom!” Poolpaw mewed happily.
The rumbling started again. “Where is Mosskit?” Cherryshine's frantic mew. cut in amidst the rumbles.
“I can smell him in the nursery!” Poolpaw dived in.
“No Poolkit! Don't!”
Poolpaw raced into the nursery, Leafpaw could see the rocks shake violently.
Yet Leafpaw wasn't fast enough, and she watched in horror as Mosskit was thrown back, and Poolpaw was crushed.

Chapter Eight

“Disaster...has come...” Swiftstar whispered.
Most dens had collapsed. The medicine cat den had mostly collapsed, and Leafpaw knew it would have to be taken down as it wasn't safe anyway. The Nursery, Warriors, and Elders den was destroyed. The Elder's Trunk was completely overrun by rocks that fell from above the hollow.
Poolpaw and Littlepaw had died.
Sorrow pierced through Leafpaw's heart. “Poolpaw!” She cried.
She could see Foxkit lay his head down on Streampaw's shoulder.
Cherryshine ran forward to get Mosskit. “Medicine cat!” She called.
Leafpaw began to numbly step forward. “No.” A tail waved in front of her. “I got this. Go get your brother.” She mewed softly.
She nodded.
Silverleaf let out a wail and ran forward, she started moving rocks. Sunpaw, Streampaw and Leafpaw slowly came forward to help her.
The sun had started to set and they still weren't finished shifting rocks. Cats had asked if they wanted help, but they all agreed that family should do this. Leafstorm came after a few heartbeats of work and stared helping.
“He was so young!” Silverleaf yowled.
“I know.” Leafstorm shared her pain. He was impressed with Poolpaw on the time that he watched him play-fight, and this was a great loss to ThunderClan.
Finally, they saw a flash of gray fur. It was freezing cold.
“There's no hope...” Silverleaf whispered.
“He'll be in StarClan, and they will welcome him..Poolpaw is still with you.” Leafstorm mewed softly in her ear.
“But he...could have been such a great warrior.” Pain shown in her eyes.
“I know.”
“I would rather have had a lifetime of him teasing me about me hanging out with Foxkit than this.” Streampaw mewed sadly.
Silverleaf rounded up all of the kits she had left and licked them all thoroughly. None of them moved, just for the sake of making her feel better. “I love you all guys, I didn't really realize that it could end so quickly for all of you. I just want you to know that I love you.”
“I love you, too, Mom.” Leafpaw mewed.
“Me too.” Whispered Streampaw.
“Love you.” Sunpaw mewed and licked her on the nose.
“And you will always have me.” Leafstorm mewed. “Whether we are together or apart.” They twined their tails.

Two cats were surrounded by the rest of the clan: Littlepaw and Poolpaw. Both young cats who never really got to prove themselves.
“...May you have swift running and easy hunting where you sleep...” Bluewing spoke the ritual to sending cats to StarClan.
Leafpaw was trying to make her way through the circle of cats. She finally did, and dropped by Poolpaw. She licked his face. “Goodbye, brother.”
This isn't goodbye, silly sister. The wind seemed to say.
She stayed there, and she didn't fall asleep.
Morning came around, and the two elders, along with Leafstorm and Silverleaf, and her two other siblings came to help with the burial.
Digging the hole, wasn't painful.
Refilling the hole was.
The last few clumps of dirt lay, waiting to be put back on. Everyone stared at each other, mouths opened.
“You do it.” Leafstorm spoke to Silverleaf. “You were his mother.”
It was so painful watching the last clump be laid on. Leafpaw wailed.
Silverleaf, Streamkit and Leafpaw went looking for beautiful stones and flowers to be put on his grave. The toms stayed behind, laying by the grave.
Leafpaw found a majestic feather. She picked it up and went to find the other she-cats. Silverleaf had found a large sparkling stone. Streamkit found a flower.
“I don't want to put this on the grave.” Silverleaf decided, pushing the stone away. “It's just...not a good reminder.” She set off to find a blue flower, and came back with a beautiful one.
Silverleaf laid down her blue flower. “I'll miss you Poolpaw. I was so proud at your apprentice ceremony, no matter how many times you may mess up.”
Streamkit went forward and laid her flower down. “I'll miss you Poolpaw, you were a great brother.”
Finally, Leafpaw stepped forward. “I, too will miss you. You died bravely, and Mosskit is doing okay. Mosskit was only in shock and slightly got hit by a rock on his paw.” She didn't mention that Mosskit will walk with a limp all his life.


Life went on after Poolpaw's death.
The construction of new dens was taking forever, and many times, all Bluewing and Leafpaw had was a few brambles protecting them from the elements. Many Herbs had rotted whenever it rained, and the moss they took care to getting out of the den was soaking wet.
Yet the elders had it worse. They were running out of Daisy Leaves because the coldness and wetness were giving them aching joints.
Feathersong had joined the Elders and Leafstorm was promoted to being deputy. She was proud of her father, and so was her mother.
She would never forget the day that Poolpaw died, protecting and saving a kit. Mosspaw was a healthy apprentice, and his limp never gave him any trouble.
Leafpaw stretched. She curled up in her wet, cold nest and whispered. “Night Bluewing.”
Poolpaw walked forward to her, his gray pelt shining, and not a spare rock in his fur. “Sister! I told you it wasn't goodbye! Didn't I?”
“Yes, you did.” She mewed happily.
“Good, because it's not over yet.”
“What do you mean?”
Nature is not finished. Be aware, for more will come, and sweep you away...”

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