This is a series by Silver, Robo, Icey, Bird, and Rainy.

Blurb:There are five clans living in the forest, DawnClan, NightClan, CloudClan, ForestClan and HazelClan. They are all in peace, until an evil band of rouges called BloodClan come. BloodClan are coutining to fight the clans. The clans are starting to die, and StarClan can't save them. But then, five kits are born. Moonpaw, Coldpaw, Shadowpaw, Silverpaw and Frostpaw all discover that they have unusual powers and that they are part of a prophecy., foretelling that they must save the clans from BloodClan. Together, they must work as a team to defet BloodClan. But love and betrayl can break them.

Genre: Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance


1:Path of Stars

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