My dear Graystripe...

The Death of Graystripe

Graystripe padded into the warriors' den of ThunderClan. His mate, Millie, was sleeping next to their injured kit Briarlight. Briarlight had broken her backbone from a tree falling on her. The elder Longtail had died from the falling tree. Briarlight and Mille where in the medicine den. Millie been quite mean to Jayfeather, the medicine cat, these days.

Graystripe went to his nest, next to his son Bumblestripe. Bumblestripe was already asleep next to his other sister, Blossomfall. Graystripe looked at his two kits, and thought about Briarlight, who he visited before he came here. Graystripe then thought about his other kits, and his beatiful former mate who had died.

Her name was Silverstream; she died bearing his kits. Feathertail, his first daughter, died on a great journey she was chosen to go on by StarClan. And his first son, Stormfur, lived in the mountains with his true love. Graystripe sighted and put his head down on his nest, and went to sleep.

Graystripe was at Sunningrocks at the old forest. This is right where Silverstream had died, thought Graystripe. And where my kits where born. Then a pretty silver she-cat appeared. She had stars in her pelt. "Hello, Graystripe." meowed the she-cat. "Silverstream, it's you!" meowed Graystripe. He then realized that this was a dream form StarClan. "Yes, it's really me," meowed Silverstream with that smile of hers.

"How is Feathertail?" meowed Graystripe "Just fine," meowed Silverstream "Oh, Graystripe, I'm here to take you to StarClan." "I'm dying?" Graystripe exclaimed. Silverstream nodded. "Now we can be together, but, well, it's a rule of StarClan to pick who your mate is," she meowed.

Graystripe sat down and thought, Silverstream is so sweet and funny and kind and so pretty, and Millie is snotty and mean and annoying. "I pick you," meowed Graystripe. Silverstream smiled, and they touched noses. It feels so right, thought Graystripe. "Follow me," meowed Silverstream. Graystripe obeyed, and they left.

Before Graystripe knew it, they where in StarClan. Feathertail ran up to them. "Feathertail!" Graystripe meowed, and touched noses with his daughter. "Why don't I leave you two alone?" meowed Feathertail with her sweet smile, and then she left.

"Come on," meowed Silverstream with a flick of her tail, and Graystripe happily followed. They reached a spot, and looked each other in the eyes, licking each other affectionately. Graystripe was happy again. " My dear Graystripe," whispered Silverstream "My dear Silverstream," meowed Graystripe

I hoped you liked it! 12:45, July 10, 2010 (UTC) ~~Silverfur of Riverclan~~

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