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The song is Roots 

Original artist is Imagine Dragons


Do not read this if you haven't read Whatever it Takes!

As you know, Ebonystripe has had kits. They are requesting a story! Ebonystripe knows that they should know that she is from ThunderClan. 

Lionfeather has made it to ShadowClan camp. Surprisingly, they accepted. Will Ebonystripe manage to tell her story to her kits, without getting teased again?


Here they are! There is a create a cat open, that is optional. This is because I've gotten to the point where I've created so many cats that I can't think of any more... Please create a cat or two or three if you can or you have any.


Don't throw stones at me

Don't tell anybody

Trouble finds me

All the noise of this 

Has made me lose my belief

Tigerkit wrestled with Acornkit. They bumped into their mother Ebonystripe. She was the best storyteller.  Ebonystripe lightly scolded them, then told them to outside.

"Aww, but it's cold outside!" Acornkit whined .

Tigerkit said to him, "Stop being such a sissy. C'mon! Fight the cold like a warrior!"

"Yeah!" Acornkit said in a deep voice.

"Okay, now you're overdoing it," Tigerkit giggled.  Ebonystripe shooed them outside. Tigerkit giggled again as Ebonystripe touched him.

Acornkit suggested that they play a leader game. "Okay!" Tigerkit said. "You be a leader, defending your clan from my clan!"

"Then who's my clan? What about yours?" Acornkit asked.

Tigerkit solemnly said, "It's imaginary,"

"Okay. Yaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!" Acornkit meowed, pouncing on Tigerkit. He easily slipped beneath Acornkit's attack.

"ShadowClan! ATTACK!!!" Tigerkit called. A voice from the warriors den silenced them. "Aww," Acornkit sighed. "Let's go listen to a story. That's almost as good.... "

"Sure," Tigerkit half-heartedly said. "Then we'd be fighting in a way,"

"Yeah," Acornkit said. Tigerkit followed him inside.  Ebonystripe smiled at them. "Let me guess what you want..."

"No! Read our minds!" Tigerkit and Acornkit were convinced that Ebonystripe could read their minds. "Hmm..." Ebonystripe looked at them. "You want a story?"

Tigerkit gasped, his eyes widening so big. "She read our minds again!" Ebonystripe laughed. Suddenly, she froze.

"What's wrong with Ebonystripe?" Acornkit asked Tigerkit, who shrugged his shoulders. Ebonystripe unfroze, and said, "Okay. I've got a..... story for you," Tigerkit frowned, but waited patiently to hear it.

Chapter One

I'm going back to my roots,

Another day, another door,

Another high, another low,

Rock bottom, rock bottom, rock bottom.

I'm going back to my roots.

Great. Now I need to tell my kits that they're technically half-clan... Ebonystripe thought sadly. What will they say?

Tigerkit and Acornkit sat in front of her, adorable heads cocked.

Her inner voice shocked her. It was controlled by Acornstar, and usually Ebonystripe would ignore it. Are they old enough? I guess so...

"This story doesn't have much to do about adventures, unfortunately," Ebonystripe sighed.

Tigerkit squeaked, "She read our minds again! Wait. No adventures? What kind of story is that?"

Blizzardpelt lifted her head. "What do you mean, no adventures? You had plenty of adventures, Ebonystripe!" She teased.

Acornkit smiled. "So she was just joking! Haha, good one!"

Ebonystripe sadly smiled, memories taking place. "I guess I did have adventures.... Just not the kind that makes cats go places,"

"You did go places," Blizzardpelt scoffed. "You came here,"

"I guess I did," Ebonystripe said. "Alright, here's the deal, Acornkit and Tigerkit. It's like I'm going to read a story to you. Every day, I'll tell you some part of the story. And then you'll do other stuff. Okay?"

Tigerkit nodded. Acornkit sighed, but said, "Okay. I just wanted to have a story for one day..."

"Then you'll have a reason to look forward to story time," Ebonystripe smiled. I still don't know why they prefer my stories to Jaggedfur's, though...

"It all began when I was a kit. I was 5 moons old, almost six when my father decided to leave ThunderClan. That's about how old you guys are! I wanted to follow him, and so I did, " she started.

Tigerkit said, "Wait. We're from ThunderClan?!"

Ebonystripe nodded. "And my father is Acornstar. He became a trusted warrior of ShadowClan, and eventually became deputy, then leader,"

Tigerkit nodded. "Oh cool. Is ThunderClan a good clan?"

Ebonystripe thought for a moment. "I guess you could say that. It depends on who you ask, and what cats are in it,"

Acornkit squealed, "That's awesome! We're from two amazing clans! And we are related to a leader!"

Tigerkit looked at him. "I bet you want to become a leader one day," he said with obvious jealousy.

"Nope," Acornkit said. "I think you'll be a better leader than I will be. I'll be satisfied with being deputy,"

Ebonystripe let out a small sigh of relief. They seemed to be taking it better than she thought. "Well, ShadowClan accepted me, as you can see now, and I became an apprentice. My mentor was Firetail. You can visit him in the warriors den one day. I'm sure he'll be happy to answer questions,"

"Okay! I'll be sure to ask him so many questions about your apprenticehood!" Tigerkit said, puffing up his chest a little. "I have so many already!"

"Don't ask so many that you spoil the story," Ebonystripe laughed.

"I won't!" Tigerkit promised. "What happened next?"

"That's it for today," Ebonystripe said.

"Aww," Acornkit complained. "Tigerkit, let's go play outside again,"

Tigerkit bounced up and down. "Okay! Maybe moss-ball!"

"If we can get it rolling in the fluffy, white powder that comes from the sky," Acornkit giggled. "It'll be fun, though!"

"Even though it's cold..." Tigerkit looked out of the nursery. "Maybe try to play moss-ball out there, but if it doesn't work, we can play in here?"

"Sure! I'll start!" Acornkit took a small moss-ball from the corner and tumbled outside, squealing in delight. "C'mon, Tigerkit! It's fun!"

Tigerkit glanced back at Ebonystripe, who nodded encouragingly. "I'm coming!" He followed Acornkit out.

Ebonystripe laid back down, thinking about what had happened the day she joined ShadowClan.

Chapter Two

Another day, another door, 

Another high, another low.

Rock bottom, rock bottom, rock bottom.

I'm going back to my roots!

Acornkit stumbled into the warriors' den, covered in the white power. It was cold, but it was fun to play in!

He ran into a warrior's nest. "Oof!" Acornkit quietly squealed.

The warrior turned. "Is this Acornkit?" He teased. "His pelt is now white!"

Acornkit squealed in delight. Ebonystripe had told him that a ginger tom was Firetail. This looked like one. "Are you Firetail?"

The tom nodded, smiling. "That's me! What does this mysterious white kit need?" Firetail said.

"Ebonystripe said I'm from ShadowClan and ThunderClan!" Acornkit squealed. Just then, another small shape stumbled into the warriors' den. It's Tigerkit!

Firetail looked up. "I guess you could say that. Another white kit has stumbled into the warriors' den. I wonder what's going on..." He mused.

The white shape opened its brown eyes. "Are you Firetail?"

"The one and only," Firetail chuckled.

"We wanna know about when Ebonystripe was an apprentice!" Acornkit squeaked.

"Okay, Okay. So when she was just a 'paw, it took a while to get accustomed to ShadowClan habits, because she had spent all of kithood watching ThunderClan warriors. Mister Lionfeather over there," he gestured to a black tom, "was originally from ThunderClan. Lionfeather is Ebonystripe's brother. He became a warrior there, but was chased out and came here,"

"Oooh, cool!" Tigerkit said.

"Tigerkit! Acornkit!" A voice from outside the warriors' den called.

"Looks like Ebonystripe wants to see you," Firetail smiled.

"Story time!" Acornkit and Tigerkit exclaimed at the same time. They ran over each other to be the first in the nursery.

"What happened? Tell me! Tell me!" Acornkit said as soon as he burst through the nursery entrance.

Ebonystripe purred. "Well first thing, I had to learn the hunter's crouch, the scents of the forest, and how to blend in the shadows," She began.

"And how do you do that?" Tigerkit asked.

"Well, in less than a moon, you'll become apprentices and find out yourself!"

"Cool," Acornkit said. "We'll be apprentices!"

"And I also had to learn battle training. It was good, because one day, WindClan attacked and killed the deputy at the time!" Ebonystripe said. "But me and my friend Mosslight, Mosspaw back then, avenged the deputy. After the war, we mourned for the fallen, and Darkstar made my father, Acornstar, back then Acornclaw, the deputy. A few days later, Darkstar died of unknown reasons, making Acornclaw the leader,"

" Wow... How do you become a deputy? " Tigerkit asked in awe.

"Well, you have to earn the trust of the leader and have at least one apprentice, or else it's breaking the code," Ebonystripe explained.

"I wanna have an apprentice! That'll be fun!" Acornkit said, smiling.

Ebonystripe smiled. "That's the end until tomorrow,"

Acornkit and Tigerkit sighed, then ran outside. A couple of cats were hanging around. One of them, Acornkit recognised as Leopardclaw, Acornkit and Tigerkit's father! Acornkit bounced through the powder to get to him.

Leopardclaw turned around. "It's two little kits! How have you been, Shirk and Shump?"

Acornkit giggled. Leopardclaw always gave them silly names. "I wanna play!"

"Do you mind a little cold, Shirk?" Leopardclaw said in a funny voice. Then, he burst up laughing, Acornkit and Tigerkit soon giggling and laughing.

"No! What should we play?" Tigerkit said.

"Why, I'm glad you asked, Shump!" Leopardclaw said in a new funny voice. "What if I just... Threw you into the white stuff!" He quickly snatched Tigerkit and tossed him into the snow.

Acornkit squealed and tried to run away, but Leopardclaw caught up and threw him into a pile of snow.

It was so fun! The powder was cold, but it wasn't too hard to land on. In fact, it was as soft as the nest back in the nursery! Well... not as soft, but still pretty soft.

Tigerkit suddenly plowed through the powder to Acornkit, showering Acornkit with it. He whispered, "We should try to push Leopardclaw into the stuff! Oh, I'm calling it frozen rain. I got to Firetail and he calls it snow,"

"Then let's see if we can!" Acornkit exclaimed kinda quietly.

Leopardclaw caught up. "I found you! Time for another--"

Acornkit jumped up and pushed him. Tigerkit was doing the same.

"Ahhh!" Leopardclaw giggled. "I'm falling!" He fell over into a pile of snow.

Acornstar came up. "What are you, a kit, Leopardclaw? I'd expect better. I'm on my dying days, and I expect to have a mighty warrior take my place as leader. You don't qualify if you keep this up,"

Leopardclaw got up. "Sorry," he mumbled. 

"Now, kits, go back to the nursery. You might get Greencough if you stay out here!" Acornstar said tiredly.

Acornkit trudged through the snow to the nursery, shook himself off, and got in the nest.

Chapter Three

Had to lose my way

To know which road to take

Trouble found me

All I look forward

Washed away by a wave

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