Leader: Pearlstar-white she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy: Stormpath- dark blue-gray tom with black legs and black paws

Medicine cat: Feathershine- blue-gray she-cat with a black muzzle and black paws along with blue eyes


Blackfang- black tom with blue eyes

Mistshine- pale gray she-cat

Rabbitrace- light brown tom with darker brown speckles

Ebonyears- Black she-cat

Lochcloud- yellow tom Daisyflower- white she-cat with yellow paws

Slateeyes- gray tom

Hazelstalk- light brown she-cat

Beaverbranch- brown tom Gullwaters- speckled gray tom

Dove Wave- pale gray she-cat

Creekfang- yellow tom with brown stripes

Brightsong- white she-cat

Runningflower- purple gray she-cat

Newtspring- orange tom

Swiftglow- gray and yellow she-cat

Frostear- white she-cat

Runningthroat- brown tom with red neck

Ferretsnout- gray she-cat with long, white, narrow muzzle

Shiversong- white she-cat with pale gray splotches

Summershine- pretty dilute calico she-cat

Spiderstrike- brown tom

Lilacshine- pale tabby she-cat

Lilyclaw- black she-cat

Patchclaw- brown tom

Milktooth- white tom

Deadtail- black tom with limp tail

Gasheye- gray tom with a single scarred and blinded eye


Sagepaw- white she-cat mentor: Ebonyears

Ripplepaw- gray tom mentor: Dove wave

Sandpaw- ginger tabby she-cat

Slatepaw- silver tabby tom

Queen and kits

Silvergleam- beautiful silver tabby she-cat, kits: Rainkit, tortoiseshell she-kit with blue eyes, Lightningkit- yellow tom-kit with brown stripes, Willowkit- silver tabby she-kit, Streamkit- silver tabby she-kit

Squirreldawn- ginger and silver she-cat, kits: Pikekit- black tom-kit, Lightkit- white she-kit

Shimmerlight- white she-cat with blue eyes and a black tail, Kits: Blackkit- black she-kit with amber eyes and white flecks.


Ebonybrook- dark brown tabby tom

Lochpatch- dusty gray she-cat


Leader: Sandystar- sand-colored tom

Deputy: Spottedfall- tortoiseshell tom

Medicine cat: Molebelly- light brown she-cat


Skysea- white and gray-blue she-cat

Littlegaze- small white tom

Bouldersong- gray she-cat

Bramblefish- tawny tom

Queen and kits

Dovesong- dark gray she-kit, kits: she is still expecting


Muddygust- brown tom


Leader: Heatherstar- gray she-cat

Deputy: Willowpounce- white she-cat

Medicine cat: Elmdusk- pale brown tom


Leader: Smokestar- dark gray tom

Deputy: Adderjaw- large, gray, muscular tom

Medicine cat: Cedarflower- pale brown tabby she-cat


Rainkit opened her eyes to find a silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes looking down at her with a loving gaze.

"Oh. Look, you've opened your eyes." She observed. "Welcome to the world young Rainkit."

Rainkit puffed out her chest with pride. I'm going to be the best cat to ever live! She thought with pride.

"Now we must wait for Stoneteller to come and make sure you're healthy, but in the meantime, you can go play with your brother and your two sisters, but not before you're father comes to see you." The she-cat said. "Creekfang! Rainkit has opened her eyes!"

Immediately a yellow tom with dark, dusty brown stripes and gleaming yellow eyes rushed over to Rainkit, making Rainkit assume that he was Creekfang.

"She has!" Creekfang exclaimed before rushing over to look at Rainkit. "Hi, little kit, I'm your father. And your mother is Silvergleam, well technically Silver that gleams at night. I know that you're going to be the best little kit ever! Now go run along now, Lightning, Stream, and Willow have been waiting for you to open your eyes."

"Okay!" Rainkit before rushing out of the nest and onto the cold stone floor where a tom-kit who looked like Creekfang, and two silver tabby she-kits who looked like Silvergleam were play fighting, the moment Rainkit clambered over to join them, their gazes turned towards her. All three of the kits were the same age as her. Rainkit immediately knew that they were her littermates.

"Hey! It's Rainkit!" The tom-kit called out before racing over to Rainkit. "Hey! I'm Lightning, my full name is Lightning which cracks at dawn. I'm your brother!"

"Hi! I'm Willow tree which drops leaves! But you can call me Willow, I'm so glad that I have such a beautiful sister!" Willow greeted cheerfully

"I'm Stream which runs through the mountains, but my nickname is Stream. As you probably know, I am your sister." Stream introduced

"Hey, guys, want to go outside the cave and explore?" Lightning asked in a whisper voice so that only Willow, Stream, and Rainkit could hear him

"We're not allowed to do that!" Willow scolded him

"And isn't that dangerous?" Stream agreed. "We're not even one moon old yet."

"I'm in! And you guys will come along." Rainkit announced boldly. "Unless if you guys are too scared!"

"See! Rainkit is brave enough to go and she only just opened her eyes!" Lightning agreed

"Fine, but it's not my fault if we get in trouble!" Willow reluctantly accepted

"If you guys are going then I guess I'll come with." Stream gave in

Then the four of them raced outside when the cave guards weren't looking. Rainkit ran through the snow with her littermates ahead of her. Suddenly a brown shape caught her eye, the figure was in the air and was circling them menacingly, slowly descending towards the ground with each circle. Suddenly the figure dove downwards with its beak first, it was diving straight towards Willow.

"Willow! Watch out! Hawk!" Lightning called

Rainkit rushed past Lightning and right as the hawk was about to latch its talons into Willow's pelt, Rainkit shoved Willow out of the way. Rainkit felt a sharp pain hit her pelt as her paws left the ground. Rainkit wriggled and squirmed in the hawk's grasp but it was no use. Rainkit then whipped around and began to bite and claw the hawk, slowly inducing enough pain for the hawk to drop her. Suddenly Rainkit felt something knock the hawk out of the air, leaving Rainkit to plummet towards the ground. Rainkit felt her body hit the ground with a loud thud. She saw a colossal pink blur walk over to her as Rainkit lost consciousness.

Chapter one

Rainkit woke up in a soft and puffy blue nest next to a black tom-kit who was around her age and was sleeping next to her. Rainkit attempted to get up but collapsed as a sudden sharp pain hit her leg.

"Oh, you woke up!" An old pale brown tom who had a silver muzzle observed. "What's your name?"

"My name is Rainkit, what's yours?" Rainkit replied

"Branch." Branch replied. "And that kit who is next to you is Thunder."

Rainkit looked at Thunder who suddenly woke up and looked at her with welcoming amber eyes.

"Oh, you're awake. I'm Thunder, what's your name?" Thunder greeted

"My name is Rainkit and I have to get out of this place." Rainkit replied urgently. "I have a family to get back to, they're probably worried about me sick."

"Well then I'll help you out." Branch volunteered before picking up Rainkit by her scruff and leaping onto a ledge and out a square hole in the wall

When Branch landed on the ground, he set Rainkit down.

"Hey! What's this?" Rainkit asked, gesturing to the hard thing that enclosed her leg. "And why is it hard to walk?"

"Oh! The upwalkers put that on you because you broke your leg when you fell, but the thing on your leg will help your leg heal!" Thunder informed. "Just keep that on until your leg doesn't hurt when it bends! OK?"

"Okay! Will do!" Rainkit replied before she began to limp in the direction of the mountains

"Hey! Can I help you get there?" Thunder volunteered

"Sure!" Rainkit replied. "It may be hard to get there with my leg so some company would be great!"

Rainkit and Thunder kept on walking until they spotted a group of tribe cats hunting.

"Rainkit! Hey guys, it's Rainkit!" A tribe cat called out before racing over

"Hi! I'm back, he's Thunder and he helped me get here!" Rainkit squeaked cheerfully

"Thank you, Thunder. Now Rainkit, it's time for you to come home." The tribe cat said. "Thank the tribe of endless hunting that you're alright."

"Aww, okay, bye Thunder!" Rainkit moaned before following the tribe back to the cave. "Maybe we'll meet again one day!"

"Yeah!" Thunder agreed as he padded back to his owners

When Rainkit returned to the cave her littermates immediately crowded her.

"Rainkit! You're alright! Oh, I'm so sorry!" Willow cried, nuzzling Rainkit's shoulder. "If only I was the one who got taken."

"Don't say that! And look on the bright side! I'm alright!" Rainkit replied

"You were amazing!" Lightning complimented. "The hawk was like 'I want to eat Willow!' and you were like 'Not on my watch!' and you were just awesome!"

"Yeah!" Stream agreed

"Aww, thanks guys!" Rainkit replied before hobbling over to where Silvergleam and Creekfang were sleeping. "I'm back!"

"What?" Creekfang stirred before completely waking up. "R-rainkit! Y-you're back!"

"You bet I am!" Rainkit replied boldly. Should I tell him about those weird dreams? Nah, not right now. She thought to herself

"I thought you were a goner!" Creekfang sighed before turning to Silvergleam. "Dear, wake up, Rainkit's back!"

"She is!" Silvergleam immediately woke up. "She is!"

"Now, dear, may we please talk, outside." Creekfang requested

"Yes, dear. Rainkit, stay here." Silvergleam replied before following Creekfang out of the cave

Rainkit crept toward the entrance to hear what they were talking about.

"I don't think the tribe is right for Rainkit, she isn't safe here!" Creekfang said

"Well, where else can she go!" Silvergleam replied

"We both know the answer to that question!" Creekfang argued

"Well we mustn't do it now, she isn't even a moon old yet!" Silvergleam replied

"We'll leave the day she turns four moons old." Creekfang decided

"Agreed." Silvergleam nodded. "But we must wait for a sign as well."

"Fine." Creekfang moaned

"Go where?" Rainkit asked, stepping out into their view

"Oh, to the clans, you see, things are different and safer at the clans." Creekfang explained

'Clans'. Why does that sound so familiar? My dream! Rainkit thought. "Daddy, I had a weird dream when I was gone, in my dream, I saw two cats who seemed to have stars on their pelts, one looked kinda like me but had darker fur, and the other cat was a dark brown tabby, they said they're names were...."

"The Tribe of endless hunting?" Silvergleam asked

"No...they're names started with star..." Rainkit replied

"Starclan?" Creekfang guessed

"Yeah! Starclan, and they said something about going to a lake." Rainkit replied

"Those were your grandparents, they were both clan cats." Creekfang said

Suddenly Rainkit saw the dark tortoiseshell she-cat from her dreams appear next to Creekfang.

"The one who looks like me is standing right next to you!" Rainkit said in surprise

"I don't see her." Creekfang replied. "But that cat your talking about is Hollyblossom."

"Hollyblossom is right there!" Rainkit swore

Creekfang and Silvergleam looked at eachother.

"Rainkit, it's time you go to the clans." Creekfang decided

"Can I come?" Willow asked

"Sure." Silvergleam allowed. "But Lightning and Stream must stay here, the tribe is still short of cats."

"I'll break them the news." Creekfang volunteered

After they told the Stoneteller and Rainkit's siblings they were getting ready to leave.

"Bye, we're going to miss you." Lightning said to his parents

"Yeah, especially you, Rainkit." Stream agreed before boldly announcing. "I'm coming with! I refuse to be left behind."

"Me too!" Lightning chimed in

"Very well." Silvergleam sighed. "Now we must all get going."

After saying goodbye Rainkit and her family left the tribe behind as they began their journey to the clans.

"Rainkit is the only one who can communicate with Starclan so Rainkit will have to guide us." Creekfang told the group

"Wow! You're even more awesome then I thought!" Willow said to Rainkit affectionately

"It's nothing really." Rainkit replied

Then Rainkit and her family followed Hollyblossom until they reached the lake.

Chapter two

"We're here! Now we must wait for a patrol to come by, we'll join Riverclan!" Creekfang announced

They waited at the river until finally a patrol came by, at the lead of the patrol was a black tom along with a pale tabby she-cat and a gray tom.

"Creekfang, what brings you back to Riverclan?" The black tom asked

"Blackfang, my daughter, Rainkit, had a sign from Starclan where they told her that she belonged in Riverclan." Creekfang replied

"Well we will not go against Starclan, which one is Rainkit?" Blackfang replied

"I am." Rainkit replied

"Well you certainly look like your grandmother, now we must hurry up, it's almost moonhigh." Blackfang remarked

Then they followed the patrol back to the camp where she saw a pure white she-cat laying on a large rock that lay in the middle of the clearing. There was also multiple other cats talking with eachother.

"Pearlstar, Creekfang is back to rejoin Riverclan, he brought his mate and his kits. And his daughter, Rainkit had a sign from Starclan to come here." Blackfang said to the white she-cat

"Is that so?" Pearlstar replied. "Which one of them is Rainkit."

"I am, ma'am." Rainkit replied politely, respectfully dipping her head

"How old are you?" Pearlstar asked

"She turned one moon old yesterday." Creekfang said

"Well you are welcomed back into Riverclan, Creekfang, same with your family." Pearlstar allowed. "You know what to do is you need to rename your other kits."

"Thank you, Pearlstar." Creekfang thanked before they all padded over to what Rainkit assumed was the nursery

Silvergleam layed down in one of the nests that were made out of moss, the nest also had multiple feathers in it. Rainkit layed down with her siblings, exhausted from the traveling. Rainkit then closed her eyes and felt herself drift off into sleep.

Rainkit opened her eyes to find herself in a forest. Suddenly a badger came out of nowhere and attacked a rabbit but the rabbit was fast enough to get away but the badger still managed to leave the rabbit a large bite on the rabbit's soldier. Rainkit watched as the rabbit ate a strange white flowering plant that had flowers the size fleas. Rainkit then chased after the rabbit as it ran all the way out of the forest and to a field where there was a patch of white flowers with pointed petals.

"Rainkit!" A cat whispered which woke Rainkit up

Rainkit looked up at the cat to find that it was blue gray she-cat with a black muzzle and black paws. The cat also had blue eyes and was full grown.

"You're the kit who had a sign form Starclan, right?" The she-cat asked

"Yeah." Rainkit replied

"Well then you should follow me." The she-cat beckoned. "But first I should take this off your leg."

Then the she cat unseathed a single claw and cut open the thing that had been on Rainkit's leg. The she-cat then pulled the thing off before helping Rainkit up.

"My name is Feathershine by the way." Feathershine said. "I'm the Riverclan medicine cat so I figured that it would be best to have you watch me if you're destined to become the next medicine cat."

"But why does this need to happen in the middle of the night?" Rainkit asked as she and Feathershine padded out into the clearing

"Because this doesn't happen often." Feathershine replied before guiding Rainkit to a den that flooded Rainkit's nose with a series of sharp and tangy scents

"We have a patient that has a very bad and deep infection, she got bit by a badger, her name is Rabbitrace. Rabbitrace, this is Rainkit, the next medicine cat of Riverclan." Feathershine said, gesturing to a brown speckled tom who was laying in the den with a large foul smelling gash in his shoulder

Rainkit gasped before racing out of the den but only to be stopped by Feathershine.

"What is it, Rainkit?" She asked

"I know what to do! Trust me!" Rainkit insisted before sprinting out of camp

Suddenly a blue silver tabby she-cat with stars in her pelt appeared and gestured for Rainkit to follow her. Rainkit followed the Starclan cat all the way to a patch of the small white flowers from her dream.

"This is yarrow, grab some. My name is Lilysong." Lilysong ordered

Rainkit picked some of the yarrow up and held them in her jaws before following Lilysong through a forest to a field where she saw the same plant that the rabbit had lead her to in her dream.

"This is garlic, get some." Lilysong instructed to which Rainkit obeyed

Rainkit then raced back to camp to find Feathershine waiting for her. Rainkit ran past Feathershine and into the medicine den.

"Rabbitrace! I know how to cure you!" Rainkit muttered through the herbs in her mouth. "Eat this yarrow and then.."

"Tell her to roll in the garlic." Lilysong whispered

"Roll in the garlic." Rainkit ordered

"Very well, you are the one who got a sign from Starclan." Rabbitrace sighed before eating the yarrow that Rainkit had dropped in front of her

Then only a few moments after Rabbitrace ate the yarrow, Feathershine rushed into the medicine den. Rabbitrace then began gagging before vommiting up sour smelling body fluids. Feathershine sniffed at Rabbitrace's shoulder before looking back at Rainkit.

"His shoulder's infection seems to have vanished." Feathershine told her. "Tell me, what did you give him?"

"Yarrow." Rainkit replied

"He vommited the infection out of him." Feathershine remarked

A moment later Rabbitrace began to roll in the garlic.

"How did you know to do that?" Feathershine asked

"I had a another sign." Rainkit confessed

"I think it's time you start training to become a medicine cat, I'll talk to Pearlstar about it tomorrow." Feathershine decided

Rainkit then padded back to the nursery and went back to sleep.

Rainkit opened her eyes to find that once again she was in a dream. But this time she was surrounded by dark trees that seemed to loom over her. Rainkit looked up to the dark sky and saw that there were no stars to be seen. She heard a twig snap from behind her and Rainkit whipped around to see a dark tortoishell she-cat, the she-cat had very long fur which was ragged and stuck out, the she-cat also had cream tufts of fur on the sides of her face along with a dusty gray chest. The she-cat was also a ghost


"Who are you?" Rainkit asked

"My name is Poisonthorn." Poisonthorn replied. "Now what is your name, young kit?"

"Rainkit." Rainkit replied

"Well Rainkit, you are now one of us." Poisonthorn declared

"Who's us?" Rainkit asked

"The dark forest, of course!" Poisonthorn answered. "And now you are apart of it! Let your destiny begin!"

Chapter three

Rainkit woke up to the morning sun which glared the entrance of the den.

"Oh, you're awake! Now the ceremony can start!" Silvergleam remarked

Silvergleam and Rainkit then padded out into the clearing to find that the whole clan was waiting for her.

"Let all cats old enough to swim gather here beneath shore rock," Pearlstar called out from where she sat on the rock. "Today is the day that a kit will be made apprentice, this is a very special day in every cat's life."

"Oh it's us!" Pikekit whispered excitedly to Lightkit

"Rainkit, step forward." Pearlstar ordered

"What! That's not fair!" Pikekit blurted as Rainkit did as she was told

"Rainkit shall be made the medicine cat apprentice today because she has had another sign which helped Rabbitrace be healed last night, Feathershine told me about it, and Feathershine also reported that Rainkit has the power to see Starclan when they're around us but we don't even know it." Pearlstar went on

"Pearlstar." Rainkit said

"Yes, Rainkit?" Pearlstar replied

"Is it possible that I can also train as a warrior as well as a medicine cat?" Rainkit requested

Pearlstar sat there and thinked for a moment while the clan exchanged shocked glances.

"Yes. But your training as a warrior will begin when you're six moons old." Pearlstar finally allowed. "Rainkit, do you vow to live by the warrior code for the rest of your life?"

"Yes." Rainkit proudly replied

"Then from this day forward and until you get your warrior name, you shall be known as Rainpaw." Pearlstar finished. "Clan dismissed."

"Rainpaw! Rainpaw!" Blackkit, and Rainpaw's siblings chanted

Rainpaw padded over to Blackkit and her siblings.

"Congratulations, Rainpaw." Blackkit praised

"Thanks." Rainpaw replied

"Yeah! You're the best!" Willowkit complimented her

"You're awesome! You're going to become both a warrior and a medicine cat!" Lightningkit agreed

"Rainpaw!" Feathershine called

"Sorry, I have to go." Rainpaw apologized before running over to Feathershine. "Yes, Feathershine?"

"Tonight there's a full moon gathering which means you'll be in charge of anything that may come up, I trust Starclan to guide you." Feathershine told her

"Really!" Rainpaw exclaimed

"Yeah really, why would I be joking?" Feathershine replied

"Oh thank you!" Rainpaw thanked. "Anything else?"

"Nope! Just go train with Starclan!" Feathershine shook her head"

"Okay!" Rainpaw replied before hurrying out of camp

Rainpaw waited by a river until Lilysong finally appeared.

"There you are!" Rainpaw sighed. "What took you so long?"

"Rainpaw, Thunder is in trouble." Lilysong said

"Take me to him." Rainpaw ordered

"Follow me." Lilysong beckoned

Rainpaw chased Lilysong across the river and through the twoleg place. Rainpaw then raced across the moor until she saw that a Windclan patrol was attacking Thunder. The patrol had Thunder surrounded. Rainpaw raced through a gap between two of the warriors and then turned to the Windclan cats who surrounded her.

"Leave him alone!" Rainpaw ordered

"And why should we listen to you?" The leader of the patrol growled

"Well you are not allowed to lay a claw on me! I'm a medicine cat apprentice!" Rainpaw hissed

"Sure you are." A Windclan warrior replied

"You can ask Pearlstar!" Rainpaw insisted

"No need, because you'll be dead by then." The leader of the patrol menacingly snarled before he began to advance on Rainpaw and Thunder

"Rainpaw! Run!" Creekfang ordered as he leaped between the Windclan patrol and Rainpaw

"No!" Rainpaw replied but suddenly she was tugged backward

Rainpaw whipped around and saw that it was Blackkit. 

"Come on mousebrain! We can't allow for his sacrifice to be for nothing!" Blackkit hissed

"Fine." Rainpaw cried before reluctantly racing back to camp as fast as she could with Thunder and Blackkit at her side 

When they got back to the camp Rainpaw walked over to the medicine den and collapsed into her nest. 

"Rainpaw, what's wrong?" Feathershine asked 

"Creekfang.." Rainpaw started. " dead." 

"What?!" Feathershine exclaimed 

"Windclan patrol.....Thunder.....Creekfang." Rainpaw moaned before drifting off into sleep 

Rainkit opened her eyes to the dark forest. There she saw that Poisonthorn was waiting for her. 

"What's the matter?" Poisonthorn asked 

"My father, he's....dead." Rainpaw replied before bursting into tears 

"Well then kill who killed him." Poisonthorn suggested 

Rainpaw staggered back in shock from Poisonthorn's suggestion. 

"Tell me you're joking!" Rainpaw ordered 

"Why would I be joking?" Poisonthorn replied 

Rainpaw backed away in horror. Then she turned around and ran. What am I going to do? I'm dead! Rainpaw thought to herself in panic. Due to being to distracted by her thoughts Rainpaw accidentally ran into another cat. Rainpaw got up and looked at the cat to see that it was another dark forest cat, this cat was a black tabby tom with glaring yellow eyes. The tom turned around. 

"Problem?" The tom asked 

"N-no! I just have to get somewhere." Rainpaw replied nervously 

"Well, what's your name?" The tom asked 

"R-rainpaw." Rainpaw stuttered 

"Well, mine is Darkstar." Darkstar replied. "Now I guess you should get going to where ever you have to go." 

"Yeah." Rainpaw agreed before running away 

Rainpaw woke up in tears to see that Thunder was laying next to her. 

"You alright?" Thunder asked in a concerned tone 

How can I be alright? It's my fault my own father is dead! And I'm a traitor! Rainpaw thought to herself with guilt. 

"Yeah." Rainpaw replied gloomily 

"Sorry about you're dad." Thunder said 

"You don't need to be sorry, it's my fault he's dead." Rainpaw replied. "I should've stayed there with him so that I could've saved him." 

"That's not true!" Thunder shouted 

"Sure it isn't." Rainpaw responded sarcastically 

"Rainpaw! You shouldn't blame it on yourself!" Thunder replied 

"You're right." Rainpaw admitted 

"I'm sorry for being a bit too harsh but you can't keep on moping around." Thunder sighed 

"No it's fine, I just need some time alone." Rainpaw responded 

"Well then I'll leave you alone then." Thunder said before getting up and walking out of the medicine den 

Chapter four

Four moons had passed since Creekfang's death and Rainpaw's emotional state, despite all the support around her, hadn't changed. In those three moons Willowkit, Lightningkit, Streamkit, Blackkit, Pikekit, Lightkit, and even Thunder had been apprenticed and thanks to Rainpaw, Thunder had been able to keep his name. So here Rainpaw was, going to another half-moon meeting at the Moonpool.

"Welcome, Feathershine and Rainpaw." Molebelly greeted when they got there

"Hello, Molebelly." Feathershine replied. "Have you seen Elmdusk of Cedarflower."

"I'm afraid not." Molebelly replied, shaking her head. "Why, is something wrong?"

"No, it's just not once in my life have I gotten to the Moonpool before them." Feathershine replied

"I'm sure nothing is wrong." Molebelly replied before changing the subject. "So how is Rainpaw's training going?"

"Good! She keeps on getting better every day and in a couple of moons she'll begin her training as a warrior!" Feathershine replied cheerfully. "Though, she's been struggling to cope with the death of Creekfang."

Rainpaw stayed silent.

"Oh look! There's Elmdusk and Cedarflower." Molebelly observed

"Sorry for being late." Elmdusk apologized as he approached them

"Yeah, sorry." Cedarflower agreed

"No problem!" Feathershine replied. "But we must begin."

Rainpaw suddenly saw a strange flicker of darkness come from the bottom of the icy pool. Rainpaw then, without thinking walked over to the pool before leaping into the cold waters. Rainpaw heard the muffled cries of the other medicine cats as Rainpaw felt herself drift off into sleep.

Rainpaw opened her eyes to find that she was in Starclan territory. Suddenly a Starclan cat appeared in front of her. Rainpaw immediately recognized the spirit as Creekfang.

"D-dad!" Rainpaw cried before running into Creekfang. "Oh I'm so sorry! It's my fault you're dead! I should've stayed there to help you fight them off!"

"It's not you're fault. You can't keep on lingering in the past, move on, set yourself free." Creekfang replied. "I knew what I was giving up when I fought that patrol."

"But I just don't know what to do!" Rainpaw started. "Pikepaw and Lightpaw hate me! I'm a traitor to the clans! I got apprenticed too early!"

"Rainpaw, follow your mind, soul, and heart." Creekfang instructed

Right then Rainpaw's surroundings and Creekfang faded into darkness and Rainpaw snapped awake. Rainpaw then realized that she was still submerged. Rainpaw kicked her legs and swam until she broke the water's surface and was laying on the ground next to the Moonpool, coughing and sputtering.

"Rainpaw! What in the name of Starclan were you thinking?!" Feathershine exclaimed

"I don't know." Rainpaw sighed

"Well you're soaking wet, let's get you home before you catch chill." Feathershine commented before turning to the other medicine cats. "I'm afraid that I won't be able to share with Starclan tonight."

"That's fine, Rainpaw had to have a connection with Starclan, considering how long she was submerged," Cedarflower replied

"Well it was nice to see you." Feathershine thanked before Rainpaw and Feathershine headed back to camp

"Rainpaw! You're soaking wet!" Thunder remarked in shock

"It's a confusing story." Feathershine said

Then Feathershine grabbed Rainpaw by the scruff and dragged Rainpaw to the medicine den.

"Okay, luckily you didn't catch chill so now we should all get some rest." Feathershine said once they got in there

"Okay." Rainpaw moaned before walking over to her nest and curling up before drifting to sleep

Rainpaw woke up the next morning with determination. I need to make father proud! Rainpaw thought.

"Good morning, Rainpaw." Feathershine greeted. "Today we'll just go out into the forest to look for herbs."

"Okay! Let me guess, we're out of poppy seeds, parsley, juniper, and water mint?" Rainpaw guessed

"Very good!" Feathershine praised. "You're getting better with your herbs every day!"

"Thanks!" Rainpaw replied, her chest swelling with pride

"In fact, I think that today, though you'll still be considered an apprentice, get your warrior name." Feathershine added. "I'll tell Pearlstar and then at the next half-moon meeting we'll get Starclan's blessing."

"Really!" Rainpaw gasped with excitement

"Yeah really!" Feathershine insisted

"Oh thank you!" Rainpaw thanked. What if I get rejected by Starclan? What if I'm not good enough? Rainpaw thought

"OK, now let's go get those herbs!" Feathershine said

"OK!" Rainpaw replied with determination before they walked out of camp

By the time Rainpaw and Feathershine got back it had been sun-high. Rainpaw padded over to the medicine den while Feathershine walked over to Pearlstar's den to talk about Rainpaw's ceremony with their leader. Rainpaw sorted the herbs before taking the dry herbs and putting them in the large puddle of water that was in the medicine den.

"May all cats old enough to swim gather here under shore rock." Rainpaw heard Pearlstar call from shore rock

Rainpaw padded over to the rock and stood with the gathered cats.

"Today Rainpaw shall receive her full name." Pearlstar announced. "Rainpaw, do you promise to stay loyal to your clan for the rest of your life?"

"Yes, I do." Rainpaw replied respectfully

"Then from this day forward you shall be known as Raindapple, Starclan honors you're grace, wits, and skill." Pearlstar went on

"Raindapple! Raindapple! Raindapple!" All of Riverclan cheered

"Clan dismissed," Pearlstar said before leaping down and padding over to her den

"Wow! Raindapple you're the best!" Willowpaw praised

"I try." Raindapple replied

"And you succeed!" Lightningpaw agreed

"Raindapple! You don't belong here, go back to the mountains, that's where freaks like you belong!" Pikepaw taunted as he padded up to Raindapple

"Well that's not very nice." Thunder growled

"Oh run back to you're twolegs, kittypet." Lightpaw sneered as he walked up to stand next to her brother

"You guys are just jealous that Raindapple is better than you!" Blackpaw retorted

"Oh please, you're mother doesn't even love you, and no wonder, if I had you as a daughter I wouldn't love you either." Lightkit mocked

"Says the one who is a piece of crowfood!" Blackpaw cried though Raindapple could see that what Lightkit had said to her had offended her. Then without another word Blackpaw stormed away

"Run home to your mommy little kitten! Though I don't think she'll care!" Pikekit sneered

Raindapple then leapt at Pikepaw who responded in clawing Raindapple's sides. Raindapple latched her teeth into Pikepaw's shoulder. Pikepaw kicked Raindapple. Raindapple then lunged at Pikepaw but right before she could lay a claw on him a stern yell split the air.

"RAINDAPPLE, MY DEN. NOW!" Pearlstar demanded

Raindapple backed away from Pikepaw before following Pearlstar into Pearlstar's den.

"Raindapple, I am disappointed in what just happened. I thought you were better." Pearlstar lectured

"I'm sorry, Pearlstar." Raindapple apologized

"Well 'sorry' fills no bellies," Pearlstar replied. "Now I'll let you off without punishment if you can do this for me whenever I need you to."

"Anything!" Raindapple pleaded

"I need for you to fake a sign." Pearlstar requested

"W-what?!" Raindappel exclaimed. "NO! I will not fake a sign! Starclan is not a thing to joke about!"

"Well then I'll tell the clan that you attempted to murder Pikepaw and then you'll be exiled." Pearlstar said before getting up and beginning to walk towards the entrance to the den

"Wait!" Raindapple paused to think. "I'll fake a sign."

"Good girl." Pearlstar praised

"What sign do I have to fake?"

Chapter five

Raindapple sat at the root of the tree and looked at the gathered cats. Then she looked up at the moon that seemed to glare at her.

"Our new medicine cat, Raindapple, has had a sign from Starclan." Pearlstar was saying. "Raindapple, please share what you saw."

"U-um, well last night I was visited by the leader of Starclan, Starshine and Starshine gave me a prophecy. The prophecy was "The river must rule the thunder's boom or the thunder shall meet it's doom. The river must own the wind's might or the wind shall be lost in a fight. The river must dominate the shadow's skill or the shadows will be killed." and I interpret that this means that all four clans should be rules by Riverclan and bring about Leopardclan." Raindapple announced

"Well I don't see a point in fighting Starclan's will, especially when they gave us instructions so clear. I surrender my clan to Riverclan's rule and shall go by my warrior name, Sandycloud." Sandystar announced

"I too surrender my clan to Riverclan's rule and shall now go by the name of Smokefang." Smokestar agreed

"I, Heatherstar, hereby surrender Windclan to Riverclan's rule and shall now go by the name of Heathershine." Heatherstar announced

"The dawning age of Leopardclan has begun!" Pearlstar announced

"I refuse! I will not allow for my clan to be bossed around by some fat fish-eating pieces of fox dung!" Spottedfall refused. "Who's with me!"

Several mrows of approval rose among the gathered cats.

"Well all who refuse shall die. Anyone want to change their minds?" Pearlstar declared

"I'm sorry for outbursting, Pearlstar." Spottedfall finally apologized with her ears drooped and her tail between her legs

"Good, now we shall have the main camp be here on this island." Pearlstar announced. "Now all go back to your camps and get some rest because tomorrow I expect every single one of you here at sun-high."

Then Raindapple hopped down from where she had been sitting and followed her clan back to their camp. When Raindapple got back she padded to the medicine den, curled up in her nest, and allowed herself to drift off into sleep.

Raindapple opened her eyes to see that she back in the dark forest. Raindapple immediately began to quiver once she saw Poisonthorn and Darkstar in front of her.

"Hello Raindapple, I see you've finished training as a medicine cat." Poisonthorn observed

"What are you going to do to me?" Raindapple asked nervously

"Help." Poisonthorn replied

"What?" Raindapple responded

"We're going to help you become the best cat you can be for your clan by helping you with your fighting skills." Poisonthorn repeated

"Then life will be easier for you to be the best cat for your clan." Darkstar chimed in

They're lying, I know they are. Raindapple thought. But if I act like I don't believe them, that'll only cause problems for me. "O-okay!"

"Good." Poisonthorn replied. "By the way, there is someone I would like you to meet." Then Poisonthorn beckoned a cat out of the shadows.

As the cat walked out from behind the tree Raindapple let out a gasp of surprise. It's Blackpaw!

"Blackpaw!? What are you doing here?" Raindapple asked

"I could ask you the same thing." Blackpaw replied

"I just woke up here." Raindapple replied

"Well I train here so that one day, I can get revenge on Pearlstar for killing my father." Blackpaw replied

"Yeah, about Pearlstar." Raindapple started. "The sign about Leopardclan, she forced me to make that up."

"SHE DID WHAT?!" Blackpaw yelled. "Now I'm going to kill her in her afterlife too."

"Well whatever you're going or not going to do, count me out." Raindapple replied before suddenly the terrain and cats around her faded out of sight

Raindapple's eyes flashed open to the sunlight that peered through the holes in the den.

"Finally you're awake, c'mon, it's time to go to the island." Thunder said as he stood in front of her

"All ready!" Raindapple gasped before getting up. "Well let's go then!"

Raindapple then rushed out of the den with Thunder at her side to join the rest of the clan.

When Raindapple and her clan got to the island the other clans hadn't arrived yet. So Riverclan began to make the island into the camp by deciding which dens would be for which cats and then making nests. Then the other clans came so Pearlstar leapt onto the largest branch on the great oak.

"Attention Leopardclan!" Pearlstar announced. "I am going to go over the details of how this better and new clan will work!"

All the cats stopped what they were doing and turned their attention towards Pearlstar.

"All of the former leaders will choose eight of their strongest and most loyal cats to become the elite guard of Leopardclan, the elite guard will stay on the island with the deputies and the medicine cats, along with me, of course. Then the former leaders will chose five more of their best cats to become the cats who will keep a eye on the other clan members who will be at the Thunderclan camp and the Riverclan camp. The former leaders will act like the deputies at those camps. the former leaders will decide which clans go to which camp. Riverclan will go to the Riverclan camp. The former leaders will also choose five apprentices to stay on the island. Here are the eleven cats who will stay on the island with the deputies and medicine cats: Summershine, Lochcloud, Blackfang, Lilyclaw, Rabbitrace, Gasheye, Patchclaw, Milktooth, Thunder, Willowpaw, Pikepaw, Lightpaw, and Blackpaw and along with Raindapple and Stormpath of course because medicine cats and deputies are apart of the elite guard. Oh and by the way, I would like to make another announcement, we have some nonloyal cats among us who must be killed, Silvergleam killed Brownnose before running off with Creekfang, Feathershine has had a forbidden romance with Deadtail, and I have caught Moorflight, Silentrace, Thrushsong and Runningfoot of Windclan all hunting only a couple of horselengths away from our camp on multiple occasions. My elite guard, you know what to do." Pearlstar said

That's not true! None of that is true! Raindapple thought in horror.

"I did not kill Brownnose!" Silvergleam protested

"Yeah! She's lying! I did not break the code!" Feathershine agreed

"And why should we trust you codebreakers?" Blackfang snarled. "Brownnose was my friend and you killed him."

Raindapple looked up at Pearlstar who looked back at her with a smirk. Raindapple then watched on in horror as Blackfang pinned her mother before killing her with a swift bite to the throat. Raindapple then watched as Gasheye and Lilyclaw killed Feathershine and then Deadtail. Once everything was done Pearlstar spoke again.

"Now the former leaders may take a day to choose their elite guard, Leopardclan dismissed, leaders, come back here tomorrow at sun-high with your elite guard." Pearlstar announced before leaping down from the oak

Once all of the other clans left Willowpaw and Raindapple ran other to their mother's body.

"Shiversong, Ebonyears, Dovewave, Gullwaters, and Brightsong shall escort you back to Riverclan camp where you'll find your neighbor clan." Pearlstar added

Then Riverclan left the island. Leaving Raindapple, Pearlstar and the elite guard at the island. Raindapple looked at Willowpaw as Willowpaw sobbed into the dead body of their mother. Raindapple walked up to Pearlstar with a calm expression.

"May I speak to you, alone?" Raindapple requested

"Of course." Pearlstar replied before she and Raindapple walked off of the island and into a spot where there were no nearby cats and that's when Raindapple unleashed her fury

"You've gone too far! I'm not going to help you anymore, I'm going to tell everyone the truth!" Raindapple snapped

"Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you." Pearlstar replied

"And why wouldn't you?" Raindapple challenged

"For many reasons. First of all, who do you think the clans will believe, me, the leader of all four clans, or you, a little kit who is barely six moons old? Second of all, if you told them then I would exile you and after that I would kill everyone you ever cared about or loved. So I suggest you keep you're little mouth shut." Pearlstar replied

Raindapple froze in fear and for a moment was silent. She's right! Who would believe me? Thunder, Willowpaw, and Blackpaw maybe but I would still be outnumbered! I have no choice! I need to play by her rules.

"Of course, Pearlstar, I'm sorry for disrespecting you." Raindapple apologize with her head hung low

"Good, now let's head back to camp." Pearlstar replied

When Raindapple got back to the island Pearlstar immediately climbed onto a branch on the oak.

"Attention my loyal followers! Today is the day that our amazing medicine cat apprentice, Raindapple, will begin her warrior training." Pearlstar announced. "I will mentor her."

Raindapple felt a chill go down her spine. She's mentoring her so she can keep a closer eye on me! Raindapple realized. Pearlstar leapt down from the oak before walking into her den. Then Raindapple realized that Lilysong was standing next to her, impatiently flicking her tail.

"Raindapple! I need to tell you something!" Lilysong said urgently

Raindapple then walked over to the new medicine den which was a large hidden underground cave which had been found when they were setting up the camp.

"What is it?" Raindapple asked

"Pearlstar is planning to kill Willowpaw and blame Willowpaw's death on another cat! We need to hide Willowpaw!" Lilysong said

"I'll go get Willowpaw, then you can lead me to a safe hiding spot." Raindapple decided before padding out of the medicine den

Raindapple walked over to Willowpaw who was still mourning Silvergleam.

"Willowpaw, I need to talk to you." Raindapple said before adding in a whisper. "Alone."

"Okay." Willowpaw replied gloomily before following Raindapple into the medicine den

"Willowpaw, Pearlstar is planning to kill you, I know it sounds crazy but you have to trust me." Raindapple started. "We need to hide you from her."

"Okay! I believe you!" Willowpaw replied assertively

"Then follow me." Raindapple said before walking out of the den and dipping her head respectfully to Spottedfall who Raindapple knew was against Pearlstar

Then Raindapple followed Lilysong off of the island with Willowpaw at her side. Then the three of them broke into a sprint at Lilysong lead them through Shadowclan territory and all the way to Thunderclan territory, Raindapple was running when suddenly the ground beneath the three of them collapsed and they all fell to the stone floor beneath them. Raindapple staggered up and looked around her to find that she was surrounded by a series of tunnels. Then a group of cats stepped out of the shadows. The leader of the cats was a black she-cat with pale grey muzzle and underbelly.

"Clan cats, why are you here?" The she-cat asked

"It's a long story that I'm willing to tell." Raindapple said before explaining everything

One lengthy explanation later.

"So can you take care of my sister?" Raindapple asked

"The tribe of endless tunnels will take care of your sister until it is safe." The she-cat allowed. "My name is Frost that surrounds flower by the way, but you can call me Frost."

"Thank you so much!" Raindapple thanked. "Now I must be going."

"OK! Good luck." Frost wished before helping Raindapple get out of the tunnels

When Raindapple got back to the island she saw that Pearlstar was waiting for her.

"Where have you been?" Pearlstar asked

"I was just checking out the new territories." Raindapple lied

"Well next time tell me." Pearlstar replied. "Now today I'll teach you how to hunt."

"Okay!" Raindapple replied before walking off of the island and beginning the lesson

"How did it go?" Thunder asked

"It went fine, we had to give our catch to the Riverclan camp." Raindapple said

"Well that must be annoying." Thunder remarked

"Yeah, it was." Raindapple agreed

"Is it just me or does it seem like there something going on that we don't know about?" Blackpaw wondered as she padded up to join them

"Yeah." Raindapple agreed

"I don't know what you two are talking about." Thunder replied

"Well I'm going to go to bed, it's already dawn." Raindapple announced before padding over to the medicine den

When she entered the den she saw that Elmdusk and Cedarflower were chatting as they laid in their nests.

"Oh, hi Raindapple!" Cedarflower greeted cheerfully upon seeing her

"Hi." Raindapple replied before curling up in her nest

"Sorry about Silvergleam and Feathershine, I know they meant a lot to you." Elmdusk said kindly

"It's fine, I just need to get some rest." Raindapple replied before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep

Chapter six

Raindapple woke up to see that Spottedfall was looming over her. Raindapple peered out of the entrance and saw that it was moon-high.

"Spottedfall? What is it?" Raindapple asked

"Follow me." Spottedfall replied, not answering the question

Raindapple reluctantly got up and followed Spottedfall off of the island.

"Spottedfall, tell me what's going on." Raindapple demanded

"I have put together a team of cats who aren't on Pearlstar's side." Spottedfall began. "I heard you're conversation with Pearlstar. What have you not told us?"

"The sign about fake. Pearlstar forced me to fake the sign." Raindapple confessed

"Well I want you to join our team of rebels, Blackpaw is also in the group, along with the other medicine cats." Spottedfall replied

Then Raindapple followed Spottedfall all the way to an area that felt too familiar. This place is part of the tunnels! Raindapple realized.

"How do you know this place exists?!" Raindapple asked

"I followed you and Willowpaw." Spottedfall replied. "Lightningpaw and Streampaw are also against Pearlstar by the way."

"Thank you." Raindapple said quietly

"For what?" Spottedfall replied

"For everything." Raindapple answered

"No problem." Spottedfall replied. "But Pearlstar must be stopped."

"But how can we stop her?" Raindapple replied

"We must have Starclan give you and the other medicine cats a real sign that will say that Pearlstar and Leopardclan must be brought to an end. This means that since you have the strongest connection to Starclan, you must ask them to send you and the other medicine cats the sign." Spottedfall replied. "Then after announcing your sign then you'll confess that Pearlstar forced you to fake the sign that started Leopardclan."

"You can't just ask Starclan for a certain sign!" Raindapple scolded

"Well do you have any better ideas?" Spottedfall replied

"Well I like your plan but I would rather have Starclan choose to give us a sign, we shouldn't force stuff upon our ancestors." Raindapple argued

"I guess you're right." Spottedfall sighed "But we need to act soon."

"I know. I think that I should go." Raindapple replied before padding away and back to the island

When she got back to camp Lightpaw and Pikepaw padded up to her.

"Hey, guys, what's happening?" Raindapple asked

"Oh we'll tell you what's happening! We know everything! So give us one good reason why we shouldn't tell Pearlstar where you're hiding Willowpaw?" Lightpaw said

"You guys are with her!" Raindapple exclaimed

"Of course we are! And we won't hesitate in telling Pearlstar so give us one reason why we shouldn't!" Pikepaw demanded

"Heres a good reason! Let me think... ooh! Because if you dare reveal where Willowpaw is then when I next visit the moonpool I'll tell the whole clan that I had a sign from Starclan that told me that you two must be killed for treason." Raindapple growled

"Let's take her to Pearlstar." Pikepaw suggested

Then Pikepaw and Lightpaw grabbed Raindapple by the scruff and her dragged her to Pearlstar's den. There in the den Raindapple saw Pearlstar sitting menacingly in her nest. Pikepaw and Lightpaw both let go of Raindapple scrambled onto her paws.

"Raindapple, Raindapple, why does it surprise me that you didn't listen to my warnings? Anyways, in case you're wondering, I'm not going kill you, but the same may not go for your friends and family." Pearlstar announced

"Please don't hurt them! They didn't do anything wrong!" Raindapple pleaded

"But what else could we do as punishment, we can't exile or kill you cause then I won't be able to use you to make this plan of mine work?" Pearlstar replied

"Pearlstar? What are you talking about?" A cat asked from behind them

Raindapple turned around and saw that it was Summershine.

"Tell me what you're talking about." Summershine demanded when Pearlstar didn't answer

"I'll let my dear friend Raindapple, explain." Pearlstar replied

"Raindapple, tell me what's going on." Summershine ordered

"Pearlstar blackmailed me and forced me to fake the sign about Leopardclan, she also lied about the code breakers." Raindapple confessed

Pearlstar then got up and pushed past Raindapple and Summershine before climbing up the ok and onto a branch.

"Cats of Leopardclan! Today I exile Raindapple and Summershine for making up lies about me betraying the clan! Raindapple and Summershine, get out of my sight!" Pearlstar announced

"Well if that's the case then I'll leave with them!" Spottedfall anounced

"Same with me." Willowpounce agreed. "All who wish to leave with us please join us."

Than Thunder, Blackpaw, and all the deputies and medicine cats joined them along with Blackfang, Lilyclaw, and Rabbitrace.

"Very well, then leave before we make you." Pearlstar growled, flexing her claws as she said 'make you'

"Gladly." Raindapple retorted before padding out of the clearing

Raindapple led her friends off the island and through the territory.

"Um, Raindapple with all due respect, do you know where we're going?" Summershine asked

"Yes I do, that was very considerate of you to ask." Raindapple replied

Suddenly the she-cat let out a yowl of pain and collapsed onto her side.

"Summershine, what's wrong?" Raindapple asked in a concerned panic

"I've been expecting for a while now." Summershine confessed

"What?! How long?" Raindapple asked, struggling to keep her cool

"I think about nine moons?" Summershine replied

"Okay, that means right now, you're in labor." Raindapple told her

"We need to get her to the tribe!" Spottedfall demanded

"No time, these kits are coming now!" Raindapple replied. "Somebody get me a stick!"

"On it! Thunder replied before racing away

"Raindapple, you must feel Summershine's stomach for the kits, then try to push them out." Lilysong ordered

Raindapple did as she was told.

"Okay, Summershine, you need to give me a heave for me, okay?" Raindapple ordered

Right as Raindapple said that she realized that she was losing Summershine.

"She's losing too much blood!" Raindapple cried before turning her head to the rest of the group. "She's not going to make it"-she turned back to Summershine-"but her kits might."

Raindapple then unsheathed her claws and carefully began to slice Summershine's body open.

"What are you doing!" Blackfang demanded. "She's our clanmate and you're not going to even try to save her! You're a worthless excuse for a medicine cat!"

"Hey! You heard what she said! She wasn't going to make it anyways! So she's trying to save your kits! So you should shut your mouth if you know what's good for you!" Blackpaw snarled

Though she didn't show it, Raindapple's heart shattered at Blackfang's words. Raindapple then just silently continued to slice open Summershine's body. Raindapple then reached inside the dead queen's body and grabbed the five kits that were in there. Raindapple then nipped all of the sacks open before handing every cat in the group a kit.

"Lick them til they are warm and begin to squirm." Raindapple ordered before she began to lick and groom the kit she held in her paws

Then Raindapple's kit began to move and squirm around and squeal so Raindapple drew her head back. Now that the kit was dry Raindapple could see that it looked like a copy of her mother. The little she-kit let out another mew.

"Um, Raindapple, our kits won't move." Blackfang announced

Raindapple's heart stopped as she ran over to the kits. Raindapple place a paw on each kit's chest. They're dead. Raindapple realized. They're dead and its all my fault, I failed them, and I failed Summershine.

"I know this is my fault and I'm so sorry, they are dead." Raindapple said with sorrow. "All except that one." She flicked her tail towards the she-kit who resembled her mother

"Well I think Raindapple deserves to be the once cares for the kit, if it weren't for her none of the kits would have made it, including Summershine." Spottedfall decided, all of the other deputies nodded

"M-me? Are you sure, it's my fault she died." Raindapple replied

"I'm sure, so will you accept?" Spottedfall asked

"Well I guess it's the most I can do." Raindapple muttered. "Yes, I accept. But now we should take these bodies so we can have a proper burial where we won't possibly die."

Raindapple then waited for Thunder to come back, explained what happened to him, pick up the she-kit who survived before going to the tunnels with the rest of the group carrying the dead bodies.

"Raindapple, who are these other cats and why are you here?" Frsot adressed

"These are my clanmates and we were exiled, Summershine was expecting but sadly she and four of her kits died, only one kit survived. So would it be too much if me and my friends were to stay here?" Raindapple requested

"No, not at all, as long as they will be willing to hunt for themselves then I will allow you to stay here." Frost accepted

"Thank you so much." Raindapple thanked, respectfully dipping her head

"Hey Raindapple! Shouldn't you name the kit?" Blackpaw asked

"Yeah, I'd rather not have to call her kit forever." Thunder agreed

"I guess I should, I think I'll name her..Flowerkit!" Raindapple announced

"I like it!" Thunder complimented

Raindapple then settled in for the night with Flowerkit before going to sleep.

Chapter seven

Raindapple immediately knew she was in the dark forest before she even opened her eyes. Raindapple looked around and saw Poisonthorn.

"What do you want?" Raindapple snapped

"I know what happened," Poisonthorn replied

"So?" Raindapple retorted

"I know more about the situation though. More than you." Poisonthorn replied. "Pearlstar knew that Summershine was about to go into labor, so she exiled her so Summershine would be able to have ny herbs to help her give birth. Pearlstar both wanted and knew that Summershine would die."

"And what am I supposed to do about it?" Raindapple replied

"I think you know the answer to that question," Poisonthorn replied. "And imagine how mad Summershine would be if you refused to avenge her."

"I guess you're right," Raindapple muttered. "But how?! I'm not even a warrior yet and Pearlstar is a full-grown cat with nine lives!"

"You ill be able to if you accept the help of the dark forest." Poisonthorn replied. "So young one, you in?"

Raindapple thought about the offer for a minute before answering. "I'm in."

"Fantastic because even if you said no I wouldn't let you get out of this." Poisonthron replied. "Now I'll give you two choices, kill Flowerkit, or mentor her so you can recruit her into the dark forest. Which will you choose?"

"I'll recruit her." Raindapple replied

Just then Raindapple snapped awake and saw that Flowerkit was awake beside her.

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