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NOTE: If you have not read Bluestar's Prophecy, read at your own risk. There are spoilers for this book here.

(This is a poem about Bluepaw's first battle. Read on, if you dare... It is in Bluepaw's direct POV.)

This is rated Moderate, for moderate violence.

I feel the excitement,

As I travel across the moor at night,

It's my first battle

Against those rabbit-munching things that fight.

The battle yowl rings through the air,

"Attack!" is Pinestar's call,

We all rush through into the WindClan camp,

Soon warriors start to fall.

"Leopardpaw's been wounded!"

Robinwing's call is shrill,

Snowpaw and I rush over, dodging warriors,

Now that is a real true thrill.

"Hawkheart!" a cat yowls.

"They're destroying your medicine supply!"

The medicine cat doesn't rush in,

I'll believe that when hedgehogs fly.

Hawkheart sprints as a cat pads out,

Her silver shape doesn't detect,

As Hawkheart pounces, the cat below falls,

Destroyed to dust, a threat.

"Moonflower!" I yowl. She doesn't move.

"Moonflower!" I repeat, touching her fur.

"She's dead, Bluepaw," a cat meows.

"No!" I scream, 'cause I already miss her.

"Retreat!' Pinestar's call splits the air.

"ThunderClan, retreat!" says his booming yowl.

Heatherstar pads up to my Clan of warriors,

"Get out of our camp," says her snarling meow.

Now we return, along the moor,

Tired, bloodied, and feeling bad,

Moonflower's body is on our backs,

Now we will grieve, and the Clan will be sad.

That was my first poem, so don't criticize me harshly!

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Thank you!

--Bramblefire3118 Blazing Through the Forest 05:43, June 30, 2014 (UTC)

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