I was fueled by rage

And didn’t know what to do

But then you said to me “Hey,

I have something to show you.”

You show me a plan

You show me a plot

I didn’t think it was right

But I didn’t say “absolutely not”

I plotted with you

Now I would get rid of my rage

But if I knew this was for you

I would have made a change

You stalked off evilly

With other things on your mind

I didn’t want to do this the hard way;

I wanted to be kind

We struck in the dead of night

My clanmates didn’t know

That with your evil mind

I could stoop so low

In the dark sky above us

Starclan yowled their pity

But I thought “What do they know?

They’re just a bunch of dead kitties.”

Lightning flew from the sky

I tried to stay on track

But that tree hit me

And the world went black

By: Cleverpelt (warriorlover12345)

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